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Nora batch 8



”didnt u noticed the people staring at u,u look more handsome,what is the secret man, introduce me,”Chad said and laughed making Freddie laughed also ”but whatever u re doing keep it up ok,”Chad added while Freddie rolled his eyes, just then Lynn walked in with her hands folded she sighted freddie and gasped, ”wow wat happened to freddie,he looks so handsome Lynn thought and smiled,Freddie noticed Lynn gaze on him and immediately removed his eyes, Lynn held her bag firmly and walked up to Freddie, ”good morning Freddie,u re looking smoking hot,”Lynn said ”thanks,” Freddie replied and smiled ”i brought ur neckless,”Lynn said while Freddie smiled and said ”great”, so Lynn handed the neckless to him, ”thanks”, Freddie said ”u re welcome”, lynn said and walked happily to her seat,just then Nora walked in looking beautiful as ever,Freddie suddenly felt happy seeing Nora same for Nora she felt more alive and happy seeing Freddie, ”good morning,”Nora said immediately she sat down, ”morning to u too,”Freddie reply and they both smiled staring at each other, ”i am over here,thank u for noticing,”Chad said sarcastically while Nora laughed and said ”oh sorry, good morning Chad,” the three of them laugh as a time, Lynn looked at them and suddenly became jealous, so she got up from her seat and moved to a seat beside Chad,but Chad didn’t notice including nora and Freddie, Freddie turned to Chad and said, ”chad I want u to have my neckless,I don’t need it again,” ”oh really,have u guys done the bonding stuff or whatever u told me,”Chad said while Freddie and Nora nodded, ”bonding,”Lynn thought, Freddie unzipped his bag and brought out the neckless and immediately threw it on Chad body,………

Freddie unzipped his bag and brought out the neckless and immediately threw it on Chad body, ”i can’t touch it,it hurts but I don’t understand why I can’t touch it,I touched it second ago but nothing happened but now that I touched it I feel tiny fire trying to rip my skin apart,” Freddie said, ”i told u before Freddie as long as u re bonded with me,the pain I feel u feel it too,the numbania neckless is a great threat to us and so it will be to u,u re part of me now,”Nora explained, ”what?Lynn yelled from her seat and they all turned to Lynn directions, ”what do u mean by u re now part of me now,”Lynn asked referring to nora ”look Lynn just shut up and go back to ur seat,”Chad said while Lynn gave him a glare, ”what did u do to Freddie,Freddie wat did she do to u,”Lynn said with a soft voice, ”it is none of ur business ok,”Freddie said and Lynn gasp and angrily walked up to her seat with her hands folded across her chest, morning work started as their maths teacher walked inside the class and told them to solve some random on maths he wrote on the board, and everyone started solving it, while solving it Nora started feeling awkward,she was getting a hint of something,just then she heard her mother voice calling her and she knew her mother was about to mind communicate with her, ”are u feeling that,”Nora asked Freddie ”yeah and I heard ur name,who is that calling u,”Freddie asked, ”it my mother,she wants to mind communicate with me and u, and u re going to be there also,” Nora said and Freddie nodded nervously ”here,hold my hand,” Nora said and Freddie did so, and suddenly Freddie saw himself in a red empty room with Nora and a very beautiful woman and three girls who were d–n identical and who looks so much like Nora,there were, (Nora mother and Nora three sisters) ”i said it,Nora did the bonding with this human boy,” Nina the first daughter said, ‘.

”i said it Nora did a bonding with this human boy,”Nina the first daughter said, ”nora I can’t believe ur stupidness can reach up to this level,how can u do this ,”the queen said, ”i have done it and there is no going back,”Nora said boldly making Freddie to breath a little ”well u have left me no choice honey, I am going to kill u,”the queen said threatening, ”i know mother, u re free to kill me,but am not giving up that easily and u know that,u re just a siren but I am a siren and a witch,so I don’t think u can bring me down that easily,” Nora said and Freddie gasped at her boldness, ”speaking of witch Nora,ur sister Nina just killed that old witch u re staying with, that ur so called granny,so then why didn’t she save herself,”the queen said and Nora gasped ”u killed granny,”Nora yelled at her sister Nina while Nina smiled and said ”yes Nora I killed that old witch cause she is a bad influence on u,”Nina said, Nora was boiling in anger that her hair turned red including Freddie’s hair but he didn’t notice it, Nora looked at Nina with her deadly eyes and Nina begin to choke on her own breath,the queen immediately used her eyes to make a shield for Nina so Nora wouldn’t choke her to death, ”u started this mother but I will surely finish it,”Nora threatened and the queen laughed and so did her sisters except Nika the second daughter who looked Nora in a way that says *I am sorry* Nora nodded and then held Freddie’s hand and then they both came back to reality.
”ok everyone submit ur book,” the maths teacher said and everyone went to submit their note on his table, ”i have to go now,”Nora said to Freddie, ”why, but ur mother will kill u,”Freddie said ”i know Freddie,u can’t win without a fight,they killed my granny and I will make sure they feel my pain,”Nora said, ”but only u cannot fight the four of them,” Freddie yanked, ”my sister nika will help me I trust her,Freddie pls just trust me on this one,”

”no my sister nika will help me I trust her,Freddie pls just trust me on this one,”Nora said while Freddie sighed and nodded,Nora stood up to go outside when Lynn suddenly shouted, ”excuse me sir,Nora is going outside without ur permission,” ”seriously Lynn,”Chad said quietly while Lynn eyed him, ”stop right there Nora,”the maths teacher yelled at Nora,Nora was running out of time so she sighed and some incantations under her breath and everything paused,no one moved or breath or even blink an eyes, except lynn,Freddie and Chad, ”wat is happening here,why is everyone mute,”Lynn panicked, ”i stopped time,”Nora replied and was about to head out of the door when Freddie stopped her and walked close to her and held Nora’s hand ”be careful out there,”Freddie said and surprised everyone by kissing Nora,Lynn almost passed out while Chad just watch in anticipation, ”thanks,”Nora said and as they disengage, ”i have to go now,” Nora said, ”but who is going to unfreeze all this people and time,”Freddie asked, ”u remember u re now part of me, so anything that I can do u can also do it,”Nora said and immediately disappeared,freddie turned to the class,he close his eyes and then breath all of a sudden everyone came back to life, ”i did it,”Freddie said and smiled, Nora arrived by the water side and saw her mother and her three sisters all looking scary,she wasn’t scared at all, ”wow how nice of u to join us, Nora I thought u wouldn’t come,” the queen said while Nora rolled her eyes and said ”i am not here for u to give me rubbish,mother where is my granny,”Nora said, ”oh shut up,”the queen said,so Nina casted a spell immediately the old witch appeared with a rope tied all over her body, ”let her go now,”Nora commanded ”never,”Nina replied, ”oh really? Nora said angrily and used her eyes to control Nina who started to cough out blood.

Nora use her eyes and control Nina who started to cough out blood,but this time the queen used her trigent power to blast Nora on her chest and Nora fell helplessly on the floor but stood up again fumming in anger and her hair turned red, ..Freddie was quiet watching the maths teacher teach and so did Lynn and Chad,the three remain quiet with Lynn staring at freddie watching his every moved,all of a sudden Freddie felt a very sharp pain in his chest,he held his chest and groan in pain ”dude re u ok,”Chad asked ”i..I think so,”Freddie replied when the pain cooled down,Lynn figure something was wrong when Freddie felt that pain Lynn watch more closely to know wat was actually going on,all of a sudden freddie hair turned red, everybody was shock and surprised except Chad who knew the deal,Lynn was also surprise, ”freddie can u explain to us why ur hair suddenly turn red,”the maths teacher asked Freddie but Freddie didn’t reply instead he tried to control the anger burning within him,and he also knows that Nora is not safe, so he manage to say, ”it is the shampoo I used,it has a chemical reaction that makes ur hair changes colour,”Freddie lied ”oh really, cause i also teaches chemistry and I haven’t see a chemical like that before,would u tell me the name of the shampoo and chemical u used,” the maths teacher asked and Freddie eyes grew wider thinking of a lie to give to him,all of a sudden Freddie heard Nora’s voice saying ”freddie I need ur help,” ”oh my God,”Freddie said to himself, ”dude re u ok,”Chad whispered to Freddie while Freddie shook his head negatively ”nora is in trouble and she needs my help,”Freddie whispered back and Chad said ”well I think u have to go and help her,” ”no talking in my class,”the maths teacher yelled referring to Freddie and Chad, all of a sudden the bell rang and the maths teacher period was over, he grabbed his books and walked out of the class, ”i have to go now,”Freddie said

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