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Not human episode 12 – end


Not Human.

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Episode 12.

Jace, Elena and Richard decided to have a barbecue so Richard and Elena went to fetch some woods for the roasting while Jace stayed behind.
The zombies were drawing closer now as Andy and Mira walked to a spot.
“Hey, do you hear that?” Andy asked as he walked to a stop.
“Hear what?” Mira asked, obviously couldn’t hear anything.
“The bush! Something is moving in the bush!” Andy said as he brought out his barreta 9mm pistol, he removed the safety and before he could point to the direction three zombies came out of the bush and dashed towards Andy and Mira, Andy was lucky as he quickly pulled the triger to the head of the two zombies that was coming after Mira, before he could shift his gun to the direction of the dead, the dead has jumped on him and Andy began struggling with it, his gun had fell off from his hand and rolled towards Mira who was gazed at what is happening, her mind haven’t notice the gun.
Andy kept struggling then he shouted “Mira!! The gun!” that was when Mira jolted out of her senses, she quickly picked the gun and aimed at the dead before pulling the trigger which made the dead to stop snarling and it’s blood plastered at Andy’s face.
Andy quickly cleaned his face and shove the dead off him, before he stood, more zombies had entered the scene now as Andy took the gun from Mira and they both ran back towards the camp.
Jace was alone in the camp, lost in his own thought when he heard the gunshot, he quickly sprinted up, then he heard a twig near him as he saw zombies running towards him, he quickly brought out is Uzi and start shooting at the incoming zombies, then he went back into the arsenal camp, where the guns are and took a shot gun and his bullet case and an automatic rifle with extra bullets, he dropped the uzi and took a 9mm pistol gun before he came out and saw thirteen zombies invading the camp, he had to look for his brother now as he fought his way through the east.
Richard and Elena had gathered some woods, and was returning back when a zombie ran over her and was about to bite her when Richard acted fast by pulling the dead of her, then he pushed it down and use his boot and smashed the dead’s head, then he carried Elena up.
“Let’s get back to Camp.” Richard said as he removed the strap of ak-47 from his back and cocked it before he starts moving towards south east.

Not Human.

Episode 13.

Richard and Elena got to close to the camp and saw that it was overruned with zombies, then he thought of Jace and prayed he survived, but Elena was devastated, she was downcast as she saw the multitudes of zombies, then her mind drifted to Jace, she prayed he had notice them before they got close.
Then somehow, the zombies noticed them, and was coming towards their direction, they had no option now than to run.
Richard tapped Elena, then they both ran into the forest but the twigs they stepped on made the zombies to be in pursuit.
Jace was shouting the name of his brother as he was fighting through the little of hordes of zombies, he kept running and screaming which brought more zombies to his direction.
Andy and Mira too was on the run, they need to get out of the bush.
They ran to a two way path in the forest, then Andy wanted to follow the left path, when he heard his brother’s voice, he abruptly stopped, then suddenly one zombie from nowhere crept out behind Mira and was about plunging his teeth into her neck when Andy replaced it with his hand, Andy screamed as the dead tore his flesh when Andy shot it.
Jace heard his brother screamed, he intensified his running, then he met them.
Andy was in pain, he looked up and saw his brother.
Jace became angry and sad, he saw Andy’s hand, he was shocked too, then he hugged his brother immediately, he didn’t know what to do.
Mira was now crying, Andy had saved her, but he was going to die.
Both brothers cried then Andy whispered to his brother, “Do it!”
“No, brother, I can’t” Jace said between sobs.
“You have to, I don’t want to become one of them.”
“Andy, I can’t stand to lose you. Your the only sibling I have. When mum and dad died, I promised to protect you, so I can’t,”
“I know brother but please, do it, they’re coming, we don’t have much time.”
Jace became saddened as he shifted back from his brother, with tears in his eyes, he aimed at him, then after much persuasion from Andy, he pulled the trigger, and the bullet went through Andy’s head.
Jace slumped to the ground, he was crying and cursing himself, Mira went over to him, crying too, she knelt beside him. She was the cause, she said to herself.
Three zombies came dashing towards Jace and Mira, then Jace quickly stood up and shot them.
Then he held Mira’s hand as they both ran till they came out of the bush.


Richard and Elena kept running, then Elena fell down, Richard stopped almost immediately, then went back for Elena, he lifted her up, then she was running infront of him, he kept shouting for her to increase her pace.
They came to a dead end as there came across a hill slump.
The zombies now was gaining in, so Richard and Elena ran up the hill,
the zombies now were now a yard behind them, they ran to a water fall.
No way again, then Richard turned back and saw the multitudes of zombies three feets away, he pushed Elena into the water fall and as he was about to jump, a zombie cling unto him as they both fell down the cliff.
Jace and Mira took a car they saw along the road and headed towards California.

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