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Not human episode 4 – 5


Not Human.
Episode 4.

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The guy bit Doctor Simpson’s arm then Doctor Ken took a golf stick and hit the guy on the head, the guy tried to stand up and Doctor hit him again and again till he was sure that he was dead.
Without no further warning, they both sprinted out of the office and headed downstairs but moved with caution, they sneaked passed some zombies that was eating Doctor Milan, they passed them and was heading towards the exit door when Doctor Simpson stopped, he began feeling pains on his head, then suddenly there was a snap as he fell to the group, his body was shaking at a speed rate.
Doctor Ken was surprised, he wanted to carry Doctor Simpson but as soon as he stepped a foot near him, Doctor Simpson stood up with eyes now yellowish, he screeched signifying the others and ran after Doctor Ken who bolted out of the place and entered his jeep and sped away, by now all the zombies start chasing his car till he was out of sight.
Three Months Later…
Somewhere in Vietnam.

A group of soldiers set up a camp in the forest.
They were on a peace keeping mission.
They were sent to a village to protect the natives staying there from terrorist attack.
Seargent Richard O’neil a.k.a Ghost was on the camp having fun with his bestfriend, Seargeant Justin Peter.
They were both friends right from the beginning they joined the U.S Army, this was their third mission.
The group was filled with happiness as Private David Shelton a.k.a Joker, was telling them a joke which they all laughed to, he was the group’s comedian.
Though he likes acting funny but he is smart.
They sat round the camp fire, as he stood in the middle, telling them an anecdotes.
The night was getting darker so they retired to bed while Seargent Braun Dave and Lieutenant Gary Mose kept watch.
“You know, this mission will be easy” Justin said trying to get his friend’s attention.
“Maybe, let’s just see what tomorrow brings for us.” Richard said and Justin Nodded before they both slept off.

Not Human.
Episode 5.

The Next day….
7:58 a.m
Vietnam forest.

“We’re under attack!!!” shouted Lieutenant Mose. “Everyone to the frontline”
Richard and Justin got up and geared themselves, they took their rifles and headed to the war front. The Terrorist are attacking them.
David also stood up and got prepared, the place was filled with gunshots, the army was winning, the terrorist now, seeing they lost more men decided to retreat into the bush, some of the soldiers were killed while some of them were injured including Lieutenant Mose.

They began to celebrate over their short victory before they heard some snarlings and looked towards where the dead terrorists are, surprisingly they stood up and started running towards the soldiers’s camp.
As usual, Captain Vance Abby ordered them to fire, but bullets couldn’t stop them as they kept running towards the camp until they got there and started diving the soldiers.
Sergeant Richard and Sergeant Justin immediately stood up from their cover and started to shoot the dead terrorist but that only attracted the zombies to them.
Sergeant Richard brought out his dagger ready for an attack, as the dead got close, Richard grabbed his neck and used the dagger to stab the guy’s rib, but surprisingly nothing happened, there he saw his eyes and he knew immediately that they are no longer humans.
The dead now was trying to bite Richard, he was almost closed before Justin put his hand across the guy’s neck to pull him back from Richard but that gave the Dead the chance to pierce his teeth into Justin’s hand, Justin screamed then Richard took his pistol and shot the dead on the head, the dead fell down and Justin was groaning in pain.
The camp was overrunned by the dead and Richard wanted to escape from their, Richard and Justin took the east road to exit from the camp but stopped as Justin screamed and hold his head before Richard heard a snap before Justin fell, Richard wanted to get close to his best friend but was surprised as his body was moving at a speed rate then he stopped shaking and stood up, Richard looked into his friend’s eyes and saw that that was no longer his friend, he was right as Justin ran and dived Richard whom lost balanced and fell, Justin was trying to bit Richard’s neck but Richard was struggling until a bullet ran through Justin’s head, when Richard looked up, he saw the face of David who was offering a hand which he accepted. David lifted him up and gave him a rifle before they ran out of the camp.

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