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Not human episode 6 – 8


Not Human.

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Episode 6.
05:75 p.m
Williams High School.
A day before Zombie Night.

Jace a 25 yrs guy was the football captain, he is blond and fair complexioned, he was in the hall way looking for Andy, his brother, before he bumped unto Harley, Andy’s girlfriend.
“Hey Jace, preparing for Zombie night” Harley said as she went closer to him and gave him a hug,”.
“Yea, it will be fun,” Jace said smiling, “Where’s Andy?”
“Andy should be in the Hockey court now, he loves hockey sports,” Harley said.
“Ah! C’mon let’s go watch hockey,”
“Hmm, your brother will be fine.”
“I Know but let’s go watch some after all your is girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriend, where’s Elena.
“Behind you,” Elena said interrupting Jace’s speech as she gave him a warm kiss.
The trio talked for a while before they headed for the hockey court.
Elena is 22 and brunette girl with a fair complexioned while Harley was a brunnete but a dark complexioned girl but was still beautiful.
They spotted Andy sitting with Reuben cheering the Williams High hockey team.
They made their way in the isle and got sitted near Andy and Reuben.

Not Human.

Episode 7.

The match was interesting, the audience was cheering their favourite teams.
Williams High was winning with two points in a row, then suddenly a guy ran inside the court and dived the keeper, everyone was shocked at the outcome, Pete friends tried to help him but the guy bit one of them before he starts opening Pete’s stomach, Pete now was screaming, Greg took his hockey stick and hit the guy’s back but nothing happened, now the court was overruning with zombies now as Pete and the other guy stood and starts tearing the rest flesh, everybody started running out of the court as the dead now was climbing the isle.
Jace and his friends seperated into different paths.
He was running as one of the dead has spotted him, he ran like hell then suddenly he slipped and hit his head on the tiles, his eyes were now blur as he tried to stand up and fell down again, now the dead was gaining up on him.
Then a gunshot was heard, he looked at the direction of the dead but saw him lying down, a guy in army uniform came and carried him.
Jace was blurting out his brother’s name.
Then he regained his senses and everything became clear to him.
“Hey, hey can you hear me?” he heard the voice asked and he turned his attention to the guy and said “Yea, but I have to look for my brother,” Jace said.
Then the guy stopped and introduced himself as Sergent Richard O’neil.
Jace nodded and also introduced himself as Jace Simon.
Then he thanked the guy and was heading back to the school.
When Richard tried to stop him, Jace said he wanted to go back for his brother.
Richard taught for awhile before handing him a pistol. “Hope you can use a gun?” Jace nodded.
“Okay, let’s go,” Richard said as he headed back to the courtroom.
“Andy!! Andy!! Elena!!” Jace was shouting at the top of his voice when Richard motioned him to keep quiet, he hesitated and kept shouting then Richard gripped him and told him to keep quiet, “Listen, someone is coming our direction,” Richard said as he cracked his RMT gun and points it towards the direction.

Not Human.

Episode 8.

“Don’t shoot,” Andy voiced out.
“Andy?” Jace said as hugged Andy, he was glad to know that Andy was safe.
“Where is Elena and the rest?” Jace asked.
“I dont know but those things tore Reuben apart, I and Elena with Harley barely escaped but later got seperated.
“Ok, am going to look for her, stay with him.”
“Woah, woah, I can’t let you risk your life,” Richard said.
“You don’t have a such, I’ll have to go alone,”
“Jace it’s risky!” Andy said.
“I know but I’ll be fine,”
“We will all go then.” Richard interrupted.
Jace wanted to argue but Andy supported Richard.
Richard gave Andy his hand dagger then they were set to move.
They headed to the court but were cautious.
The court was now bloody now. They moved up the stairs and opened the door that led to the Library.
Richard took the lead as he went slowly, he peeped inside the hallway and saw only five zombies, he wanted to take them out silently, he signalled Jace to come forward and Jace saw it there he saw Elena with a guy inside the lab over the far side of the hallway, he motioned Richard to take a peep again.
Richard towards the lab and saw David with a girl, so he needed to act fast. Richard saw the axe hanging on the wall, he took it and motioned Jace and Andy to keep quiet, as he crept out of hiding towards the zombies swinging the axe.
He got close to one and beheaded it.
The second zombie turned and saw Richard then he snarled. The othes zombies now turned to see Richard, Richard seeing this, threw the axe which sliced the head of a zombie, he rolled over between the zombies as he removed the axe from the wall.
He smiled to himself as the zombies now were running towards him.
One came close and he flunged the axe really hard that the head flew upwards.
Richard wanted to act again but was too late as the remaining two zombies had met up with him.
They hold him up.
Richard kept struggling until a gunshot was heard.
It was from Jace while Andy stabbed the other one at the head.
Richard was glad he didn’t get bit.
Then David and Elena walked out of the room.
“Where’s Harley?” Andy asked.
“She didn’t make it,” Elena replied. “Those things tore her apart.
It was him that came to my aid,” she said pointing to David.
Andy didn’t say anything, for a moment there, he nearly fainted but he held himself.
“Let’s move out,” Richard finally said walking down the hallway, through the isle and got out of the building.

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