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Not human episode 9 – 11


Not Human.

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Episode 9.

“Where are we going to?” Jace asked.
“To a safe place.” David said.
“Where Exactly?” Elena jumped in.
“To Z Haven,”
“Where is that?”
“That’s a long ride,”
“Yep! It sure is,” Richard said.
“How do we get there?”
“With this!” Richard said as he removed some leaves to reveal a jeep.
“Get in Everyone, we’re going to California.” David said as he entered the jeep.

“What about Home? And dad and mum?” Andy asked.
“There weren’t really our parents.” Jace said as he crossed his hands on his brother’s shoulder.
Andy kept quiet.
David was driving the jeep when they saw a figure waving at them in the road.
Due to the darkness">darkness, David didn’t see the girl on time so he maneuvered the jeep into the bush as the bonnet came across a big tree.
David hit his head on the steering while Richard was the glass.
The trio in the back passed out.

Not Human.

Episode 10.

Jace crept out of the jeep as he struggled to drag Andy out of the jeep, he looked around and saw the lady that had caused the accident.
He shifted his mind as he came back for Elena and Richard, he took them near a tree where he kept Andy, then he went back for David, the jeep exploded with David inside.
Richard stood immediately and ran to the sight.
Their guns were inside.
Accept the handgun on him, he was now angry and sad.
Angry that he couldn’t help his friend, and sad that, the person that had saved him, died.
But neither the less, there was hope.
Everyone was now at their feet.
The girl came close, and saw that their were angry with her, she need no one to tell her to apologise, she immediately invited them to her camp where she stayed with her boyfriend, and that, she has food and some weapon at their disposal.
At first Richard and his friends refused, but after much persuasion, they considered it their best choice.
They walked to the main road and crossed to the other side of the forest.
As they saw a bonfire from a close range, they were filled with smiles.
They sat down and the girl who was later known as Mira, gave them some canned foods, which they raided at a supermarket.
She apologised to them once again, before they all slept.

Not Human.

Episode 11.

Next day. . . .
Richard and Jace woked up from the shout of Mira, the dead had made way into her tent that morning and tore her boyfriends tummy, Richard grabbed his baretta 9mm gun and cocked it then Jace also took his U5 gun and entered the dead trying to eat Mira, Richard shot it and it fell down, Mira now was sobbing, she looked towards her boyfriend body and wanted to get close to him before he starts shaking at a speedrate, Jace and Richard knew that he was in transictioning into one of the dead and they didn’t wanna waste time, Jace wanted to end it but Mira stopped him and said, “He’s mine, let me do it.” Jace nodded and gave her the gun which she took then she watched him opened his eyes and was getting up now, Richard and Jace didn’t wanna shoot it nor get bitten by it, so they retraced their step back a little.
Mira now was scared but as her boyfriend noticed her, he snarled and was about taking a step forward to her as she pulled the triger, that second shot sent sinal to all the dead around, and sooner they started moving towards the camp direction.
Richard and Jace walked out of the tent and sat down at a log of wood.
Later Elena came out and gave Jace a warm smile.
The gunshot had already woked she and Andy but they figured it was from their camp and shouldn’t worry.
Elena cleaned her face with a bottle water that Mira and her dead boyfriend also raided.
Later, Andy and Elena was told of what happened.
Mira also came out and said she needed a walk in the forest, they didn’t agreed to the idea but when they saw the seriousness on her face, they decided to let her be, then Andy asked her if he could give a walk round and also to keep her safe, she nodded but Jace was against the idea and had wanted to go with Mira himself but Elena and Richard told him to let Andy go with her which he reluctantly agreed but not without giving him a barreta pistol loaded with bullets and an extra clip just in case.
Andy and Mira left the camp and started heading east, the same direction the zombie horde were coming from.


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