NYSC: My s£xvice

NYSC: My s*xvice – episode 8


NYSC: My s€×vice

episode 8

It was David (my Guy), uju and Sandra!. I let
them in, then i sat down on my reading chair. Too
surprised to speak. My Guy and uju sat on my bed
while Sandra lay on the bed, behind them. My
room was dark except for the light from my TV.
We all chatted about a lot of things.

We had some good jokes and Sandra was talking
now, and she was actually very funny and lively
too. Mostly importantly she was nasty, really
saying nasty things and That raised my hope of
I guess she slept a little, cheered up and somehow
changed her mind about not coming to my room.
My words finally made an impact on her
psychology. I started playing some rhythm-&-
blues. David and uju, were all over each other,
playing and k-ssing.

I kept myself busy with my phone … away from
Sandra. Then Sandra asked me to come close that
she’d like to use my legs as pillow. I did that and
held hands with her. We talked about
relationsh¡ps and heart break, and I found out
that she was really intelligent.

That amazed me, and I began to have some
respect and likeness for her. David and uju had
slept. I and Sandra slept too, holding hands.
When I woke up in the morning, it was already 5
am and I couldn’t find David and uju. It was just
I and Sandra in my room!

I started touching her a little: palms, arms …
then she woke up. Told me that I promised that
this wasn’t about se”x, that she believed me and
that she was beginning to find comfort in me. I
felt a little guilty so I re-assured her that I was
just trying to keep her warm, and that I really
liked her.

She turned, smiled at me, gave me a Peck on the
forehead and we held hands. She said my palm
was really soft and that she loved it. Eyes
closed, not speaking… just soul-mating.
Somehow, we slept again and she woke me up
when she was trying to arrange the dishes she
washed for me.

She had already swept and cleaned my room too.
She asked me to start preparing for school. She
went to see uju, came back minutes later and told
me she was leaving. I walked her down to the
main road to take a cab to her house. When we
got a cab, I brought out #1000 and gave her for
transport but she declined.

I tried to persuade her but she still refused. Just
before she got into the cab she held my palm and
told me that she’d call me. Things just didn’t add
A girl who was willing to blow my money on an
expensive wine last night has now refused to take
cab money from me.

She did washing and cleaning for me, but she
didn’t look like the type. Not at all.
Inspite of all the nasty things she loved to say,
she still was a very emotional person.
Everything was contrasting, I just couldn’t
comprehend the wh0le drama. I dressed up and
went to school, avoiding the girls as much as I

Before break-time, Sandra called me, told me she
missed me and wanted to check on me and that she
would come to my house at night. Sweetest voice
I ever heard in my life. I liked her, buy hey, I
was dying to f”uck her too.
It’s gotta be tonight, omoh, no dulling. Naija
girls no be people wey person fit trust.

I was in David’s house when I got the call, It
was a few minutes after 7 pm and Sandra was on
her way to my house… I was thinking about the
things I wanted to do to her… love don’t live


I heard a knock around 8 pm. I knew it was
Sandra, I let her in. She brought me beverages,
canned drinks and apples. She probably found out
my beverage containers were empty and decided to
buy for me. Again, I was too surprised to say
anything… not even “thank you”. I shut the
door and stood still, just looking at her. I
remember her saying:

“Did I something wrong? I’m sorry.”

“No, no”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I just don’t understand you”

“No. Your are the only one who understands me
right now. That’s why I’m here.”

Then she came forward, and I hugged her. Her
bre”asts comforted me but I wasn’t ar-used. This
wasn’t normal. I didn’t even feel like touching
her fat @ss. This wasn’t about s€×, at least for
She just apologized for something that wasn’t her
fault… that was unique. Then she started
sobbing and I told her not to cry that I would be
there for her. I doubted that though, but I knew
I liked her.

I already bought some things for stew so she
helped me cook it. Another surprise: she was an
excellent cook… and she didn’t look like it, she
looked like these blackberry babes that’ll rather
just eat out for the rest of their lives. Later on,
we took a walk down my street.

Lonely, bright night. While we walked we talked
about everything. Sandra was actually almost
perfect, I wondered why her boyfriend left her.
Maybe it was the se”x because that was the only
side that I’m yet to experience. Then we got back
home together, watched a movie, started playing
ps2 and I think I just left her and decided to
have some rest. I was enjoying her company and
oddly, it meant more to me than se”x.
This girl was different but I was not in love. My
feelings are never deep. At night, I woke up and
found her arms around me… she held me even in
sleep. We got closer as days went bye: frequent
calls, texts, visits, gifts, hugs and all that but
no se”x.

Exactly a week after we met, Sandra decided to
pay me a visit as usual.( It was on a Saturday,
around 2 pm. She was putting on a short pink
gown, simple and s€×y as ever. I doubt if any Guy
would be strong enough to resist the urge of
looking at her behind. Too much junk in the

It was just the two of us in my semi-dark room,
watching a TV series. We were lying down in bed,
me behind her in a 99 position. I used my elbow to
support my head so I could see the TV from
behind her.
I placed my hand on her h¡p, then rubbed her
soft, big @$s. She asked me to stop that she
wasn’t in the mood for se”x, and it was too early
in our relationsh¡p. Relationsh¡p? Haha! I dey
laugh you. Na you and who dey for relationsh¡p?.
I stopped rubbing her @$s, got my phone and
started playing some p–n cl¡ps.

I had a few Intimate cl¡ps, that particularly was
on kitten eating… That’s my selling point. The
mo-ning caught her attention and she told me
that she’d like to see what I was watching. I
gave her my phone and she started watching the
cl¡ps too.
I noticed that she became a little quiet and paid
more attention to the p–n than the TV series she
was watching. Most girls become quieter when
they are getting horn’y. I took advantage,
placed my hand on her h¡p, started rubbing her @s
$ and this time she didn’t react.

Wow!! See soft sweet nyash!! After like 10
minutes, she asked me to stop that she’d soon be
going and that she would hate to leave me with
an er-ct di’ck. We laughed about it… she didn’t
leave yet but I had stopped rubbing her as$. I
can’t loose my pride over se”x.

However, I’ve learnt that most naija girls say
things that they don’t really mean, especially
when they are about to get laid. Actually, just
smooching her was heaven, I could imagine what
it’ll feel like to do the actual f#ckin.

Like 20 minutes later, she dropped my phone and
just lay down, watching TV. We weren’t speaking
and I knew she was horn*y. The p–n cl¡ps had
turned her on. I had stopped smooching her too,
so we just lay there, not speaking. We both
wanted to get down but we were both too proud
to initiate it.

Hours past, Sandra still hadn’t left but she kept
saying “i would soon be leaving oh”.
Three hours gone I still hadn’t done “anything”
cuz she kept saying she would soon leave and I
didn’t want to look like a desperado. It was
evening now, probably 5:30 pm when she told me
that she wanted to check up uju at my guys place
before she finally leaves.

She left and I started playing some music… my
soul food. Thirty minutes gone and she still
hadn’t come back. Then she flashed my number. I
went to my Guy’s room to see what was up. Guess

I met my Guy, uju, Sandra getting high on beer
and they were smoking wee*d too. Sandra!! I
just couldn’t understand this girl. She was good
and bad at the same d–n time. Ironically, that
was actually who I was … good and bad.
Omoh, no time oh, I poured beer for myself and
we kept passing wee*d around. David was holding
uju, while I was holding Sandra. We were getting
high and sharing k-sses and car-ssing each other.
Gangster love, nothing felt better at the time. As
hours went bye, We got higher and even crazier.
Sandra would gulp a mouth-full of beer and k-ss
me so we would drink and k-ss. We talked,
laughed, drank, smoked…

It was fun and crazy.
What I loved most was the feeling that Sandra
was going to spend the night with me.
Suddenly, uju climbed ontop my Guy and started
banging him cowgirl style … nobody cared, we
all too high to care. Then Sandra asked me to
give her the key to my room that she needed to

Omoh, my Highness kon low small oh… I
follow Sandra for back, with my standing abunna
dey go my room..

As we entered my room, Sandra removed her shirt
and jumped on the bed. I’m not a regular smoker
and neither was Sandra but we just wanted to
have fun. I was high as as a helicopter and just
was wanted to see what I looked like when high.

I went for the light switch and put it on, then I
walked to the mirror on my wall. I looked at
myself but I was too far away, It felt like
looking at yourself from a mirror 20 kilometers
away!! My se”x urge disappeared in an instant.
I looked at Sandra, she was smiling at me with
nothing on except her p-nties. Suddenly, my
memory of the past few hours were gone and I
was trying to figure out how she got into my
room. I couldn’t remember seeing her today. I
remember saying:

“Sandra, How did you get in,side here?”

She laughed, like I said something really funny.
That’s when I knew that there was something
funny going on in my mind…. I felt like I was
loosing my mind. Sandra stood up, put off the
light and dragged me into bed.

She was k-ssing me and rubbing my di-ck but I
was feeling numb all over. She was saying “do all
those things you talk about, I want it now”. I
couldn’t remember making any promises.
My Guy later explained that I smoked too much
wee*d. I could feel her reaching for my di-ck,
s-cking it, putting her breas*t in my mouth but I
couldn’t respond in any way. I just lay
motionless. It felt like I was watching someone
else in my own body.

Then, She started licking the tip of my di-ck …
and it felt like I was falling down from a
plane… in the air, falling down. I started
whispering “please, don’t let me die”. Sandra was
just laughing and still devouring me with her
mouth and all. I don’t know what happened
after but I woke up around 4 pm with the
strongest headache I’ve ever had in my life.

I and Sandra were Unclad under the sheets and I
was horn*y as ever, my di-ck was rock hærd (all
the beer had cleansed my system off sugar). I
guess Sandra had undressed me to sed-ce me into
s€× but I was just too high to play along.
I covered her with the sheet, put my boxers on
and got up to take drugs for my headache. Then I
wanted to brush my teeth because I had this
bitter taste in my mouth.

After brushing my
teeth, I came back in,side and she said:
“Corper, good morning”

“Good morning”

“Corper, don’t ever smoke again o”

We talked about last night’s adventure and also
laughed about it. She said she was s-cking my
di:ck and watching movies at the same d–n
time! Oh lawd, I wished I wasn’t high!!.
What a miss!!. This got me hornier so I asked her
to do it again. She said she was too tired, that
the she needed to sleep, cuz she was watching
movies all through.

I understood. I put on some music and also my
play-station 2. I was playing a driving game
(GTA- San Andreas). She loved games too. She
watched me play for a while and later decided to
join me.
She sat beside me, Unclad except for her p-nties,
her boo:bs were bouncing as she was moving her
control pad from side to side. I kept crashing my
car, and it kept making her laugh. This was fun.
All my worries were gone … at least for the
moment. I wished life could go on like this.
Around an hour later, we went to bed. She
hugged me from behind, her bare breas:ts pressing
hærd against my back.

Words cannot describe that feeling. We slept that
way, woke up around 10 a.m. it was Sunday
morning and I wasn’t going to church. God would
understand. I mean, I was trying to accomplish
the closest feeling to heaven… or maybe better
than heaven (to me).

Then, something came up that spoilt the day
though: Sandra got a call that her mum was
critically ill. They had been trying to call her
since last night (na me bin off her phone to avoid
story. Lol). She hurriedly dressed up and left.
I didn’t hear from her for a while, probably like
5 days and her number was switched off all
through. I was worried, but her house was a no-
go area. I was missing her. Sandra: bad girl with
a good heart.

One day, I and my Guy went to buy some food
stuffs from the market at town. I got a call from
“Corper, where are you”

“I’m at the market. Are you at my house?”


“How’s your mum?”

“She is getting better now”

“Thank God. I would back soon”

“Ok. I’m waiting outside for you”

Omoh, most of the things wey I plan to buy just
erase from my memory.  We buy the ones wey i
remember then I hurry my Guy make we dey go
house sharparly!.. Sandra dey wait for me…

To be continued

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