NYSC: My s£xvice

NYSC: My s*xvice – Final episode

NYSC: My s€×vice

Episode 16

Omoh I can’t believe I let a 7 minute quickie spoil my day like this. Wetin I been dey think sef? Which kind devil enter me sef? Mtcheeeew.

When I and Juliet arrived at the school gate after the s€× at my house and my female colleague at the school called informing me of the visitation from the ministry of education, I began regretting what I did.

By now, am pretty sure that the principal would have been looking for me everywhere now. But sha, go no go, na me still win at last. Now that I have finally been able to “s€×vice” Juliet, I hope to cut off my ties with her so as not to give Ella room to spread rumors and gossips against me.

Juliet entered the school before me, tactically maneuvering the gate man like she did at first. Then few minutes later I also followed.

As Juliet been they go, I just dey eye her slim body with her thick nyansh. Kai! Na dis girl wey I been think say na V-rgin bad like this o, Omoh Naija girls are badt! Sha, I shake head enter school.

I was met by my angry and furious principal. She was really mad at me for leaving the school premises when I shouldn’t have. I apologised and apologized until she finally calmed down her nerves when I told her that I had rushed to the nearby pharmacy shop cuz I was extremely down with fever.

My s€×capade with Juliet
was the first and last time I had anything to do with either Juliet nor Ella as I couldn’t afford risking any more troubles cuz even Ella don give me her own share of wahala. But that never stopped me from pursuing the other girls who gave me greenlight anyhow. Wetin concern Agbero with overload.

I was still in school that day when a text Message entered my phone. It was from Sandra.


I don’t know why but I had never felt so uneasy before in my life as I opened the text message sent from Sandra.
It read as follows ;

“Dear copper, I want to thank you for the wonderful time and company you gave me, you’re the first man to ever make me feel like this… Like a woman. I wish we could have spent more time together. Am sending you this text message from half way around the world now. Don’t worry, I promise to give our child the best money can offer. My husband and I are very grateful for act of generosity, I hope you’ve received the credit alert of 20million . We promise to keep this child safe. Thanks and goodbye, and please don’t try to track me cuz am already across the world by now, ”

Chai I don suffer, no wonder I knew something just didn’t add up about Sandra. She is very beautiful, caring, good In bed and most of all a good cook. It was pure foolishness for me to have believed that her so called “boyfriend” broke up with her cuz a girl like Sandra is very hærd to come across these days.

I was shocked when my phone beeped again with another text message.. It was a credit alert with a breathtaking 20million. OMG.

So everything from when I met her was all planned out by both she and her supposed husband and to think that their main intention was for me to get her pregnant. Chai, and now she’s Indirectly telling me to forget about the unborn child. Guy’s fear Naija girls ooooooooooooooooo.

After careful an-lysis, I came to the conclusion that probably her husband was impotent and could not have a child on his own which then caused them to involve me. And the main reason why Sandra agreed to still continue the marriage even when she knew that her husband was impotent was probably because the husband was bastardly and stinking rich.

I tried calling her line but it wasn’t reachable.. I couldn’t think again.. I closed from school and for almost a week, after failed attempts to reach Sandra, I gave up..

At the end of my NYSC Service sorry “s€×vice” Year in that all girls secondary school , I had slept with not more than 25-30 girls.

My last day of teaching in the school was almost like the best day of my life.

During school hours, the girls didn’t allow me to teach o, Omoh na so so gift and present them they shower me throughout that day. Even Ella and Juliet carry gift come give me, sotay I come dey wonder whether no be the same two girls I been dey avoid all these while.

As school close that day, Ella and Juliet talk say them must follow me go my house say e get something wey them wan give me as goodbye gift. I tell them say the gift wey them don already give me don do but lie lie, them still insist to follow me go house.

Omoh as we come reach house, Ella with her big b-obs and the innocent looking Juliet give me gift wey I no go ever fit forget.

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Omoh that night, my bed never remain the same. Na so so shout the bed dey shout all through the night, the thing been too sweet sotay I no even fit begin they tell una for here sef. You sef code jare, Make I no bore una with tori.. Lol.

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