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NYSC: My Sexvice – episode 13


NYSC: My Sexvice

Episode 13

Me- “….Ella’s friend, what’s your name?”

Juliet- “so you have forgotten my name again.
How many times will I tell you my name?”

Omoh, too many girls to remember. So most times,
I can only afford to remember the ones whom I a
have close relationship with. Even Einstein no fit
recall all the names I hear on a daily basis.

Me- “I’m sorry. I won’t forget again. I promise

Juliet- “ok o. My name is Juliet”

We became friends and Ella spotted us talking on
a few occasions but she didn’t suspect anything,
or so it seemed.

A few days went bye and she was always checking
on me every single day. One day, she collected my
number and said she would call me that night but
I didn’t hear from her. Next day, she said she
was sorry that she didn’t have airtime to call as
promised. If I hear say I use my money buy credit
for naija girl … God forbid!.

I just collected her number and called her at
night. During the call, I asked if she had a
boyfriend and she said no. I asked if she ever had
se:x, she said no that she’s a virgin (I pray o!).
I told her that se:x is the sweetest thing in the
world, she said her friends says so but that she is
scared. Brothers, the lies that naija girls blow
surprises even the devil himself. I then told her
that I wanted her to visit me sometime she said no

One day, Ella walked into my staff room and
didn’t greet me. I was alone. She started running
her mouth and saying that I had betrayed her.
She said she took Juliet’s phone and saw our call

I didn’t really care, but I didn’t want any
gossips flying around, I needed to keep a low
profile. I tried to brain-wash her but she didn’t
let me. She just left angrily. That’s when I knew
I had to sexvice Juliet soonest and close her
chapter or face Ella’s wrath and gossips.
Next day, Juliet didn’t check on me as usual so I
knew that something was wrong… they probably
must have had a quarrel or something. That night
I called Juliet:

Me- “hi. Can you pay me a visit tomorrow?”

Juliet “sir, you’re sounding too serious. I hope
there is no problem”

Of course! What’s more serious than f**king?.
Oh, my bad…. dying is more serious though.
I kept fantasizing about the different positions
that would suit her slim figure, devouring her
small firm breas:ts, busting a nut on her innocent
face, getting s—-d by her thin lips. Ironically,
this was as serious as death…. I was dying to
f**k her.

Me- “no, no problems. I just wanted you to come
around and help me with some academic work”

Juliet- “are you sure it’s just that?”

Me- “maybe. I guess so”

Juliet- “I’m always busy on week days cuz I have
siblings to look after till my mum gets back from
the market. I’ll visit you on a Sunday. Hope
you’re not angry?”

Me- “no I’m not. Sunday is fine by me. Take

I remember that it was Tuesday night and I could
not wait till Sunday to fulfill my fantasies about
the very bad but Innocent looking Juliet. Just
maybe, I could get lucky tomorrow and land a
new girl to sexvice.

I had like 20 of them on my ‘hit-list’ and all of
them were willing.

I went out to one of the neighbouring rooms in
my compound to meet my homeboys. My close
friend David travelled for a job. These were also
my friends too, all three of them were sharing one
room. These guys were hustlers trying to make
something out of nothing.

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Life wasn’t fair but I guess I was a little luckier
than them. I could relate to their struggle
though. They were smoking w**d, getting high,
watching a movie and playing music at the same
We talked and joked about a lot of things (girls,
money, flexing) and they were really funny. They
made me laugh and in that moment, all my worries
were gone. F**k cash, f**k girls… nothing
compares to my homeboys. I stayed with them till
it got real late and then decided to go in and get
some sleep.

In my room, i put on Joe budden’s ‘mood muzic 3’
mixtape and lay on my bed. Me and hip-hop
again… food to my soul.
I thought about Sandra. I hadn’t being seeing
her as frequently as before cuz she was going for
a baptism program or something like that. Last
time she called she said “I still love you”. Yeah,
right. You can say that again
I was missing her but I was also gradually
learning to move on. Days of our lives. Minutes
later, I drifted to dreamland.

*Wednesday at school*

I didn’t have any class to teach so I was just
jisting and having good laughs with Mrs venny (a
teacher and my staff-room mate).
We never talked anything about my relationship
with the numerous girls that used to bug and
flock around me. I wondered if she suspected

Around 10 a:m, I sighted Juliet, she walked past
my office and waved, swinging her hot slim frame.
I waved back. My fantasies came alive again. At
that moment, I just wished that everyone in the
school would disappear so I could f**k her right

Around a few minutes to break-time, I sent for
Juliet. Mrs venny and nkechi (my two staff-room
mates) were out to teach different classes. She
came in, smiling.

Me- “do you have anything doing during break?”

Juliet- “nothing.”

Me- “ok. I want us to go to my house. I want
you to….”

Juliet- “no problem, I will go with you”

D–n! I don’t know where I got the courage
from but it worked!. The break lasts for only 30
minutes but that would be enough for a quickie.
This was possibly my only opportunity. Odd times
calls for odd decisions.

Almost immediately, the bell went off. Break-
time. More like prison-break but this was real life
and guess who’s playing Michael?. Lol. You know
as e dey go na.

I would have to ‘break’ Juliet out of the school
compound and take her home for a quick sexvice.
I was nervous but my dic:k wasn’t … that nigga
was erect as a cable pole… No conscience
I looked Juliet in the eyes:

Me- “can we go now, are you ready?”

Juliet- “let me go and drop my books in class”

Two minutes had gone already, twenty eight
minutes left. I was waiting for Juliet….

To be continued

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