Obianuju – Epilogue

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Written by Princess Juliet
Three years later

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The luminous sun casted a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden f-ngers of sunlight lit up the h-uge but crowded hall.

I sat there in the centre seat of the back row , crossing and uncrossing my legs , as I listened to the Vice chancellor make his convocation speech.

“It is with great delight that I join the chancellor and pro-chancellor to welcome you all to the 30th convocation ceremony………..”

“30th ke! this school is old oooo”. Shakirat who was seated beside me said in a husky whisper.

I nodded slowly, my gaze wandering back and forth the special seat reserved for medical students, but there was no sign of my boyfriend.

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Is he even around? I don’t know

“Shakirat!” I called in whispers


“Do you by any chance know if Demilade is around?”

“Nope”. She answered, popping the p.

I let out a deep sigh .where in the world is he? nawa oooo, isn’t he going to attend his convocation?

“Call him na”. Shakirat suggested

“I have done that several times , but his number is not connecting”.

“Oh! maybe he is on his way”

“he should”. I shrugged lightly and shifted my attention back to the Vice -Chancellor….

“This set could be regarded as the best the school has ever produced. A total of thirty students came out with first class honours and among them is the “graduating students repres£ntative” for today——-Ademilade Adeoye.

A thunderous applause , bravos and cheers rang out through the large hall , and I smiled proudly clapping my hands together as loud as I could.

“He is my boyfriend oooooo”. I scre-med

“Idiot”. Shakirat hit my shoulder playfully. “You could have use microphone na”

I rolled my eyes , ignoring her mocking remark.

After all, I did not lie , or did I?

The Vice chancellor continued. “Ademilade, can you please step up to the podium”

“He is not around”. a voice wove out of the crowd.

“Oh! If that is the case , can the “second best graduating student “Kewe Phil-ips” please step up to the podium.

Loud cheers and clapping broke out as Kewe who was dressed all in black walked to the podium.

“Isn’t he so cute”. Shakirat remarked

I threw her a sideways look and saw her drooling over Kewe.


“he has a girlfriend ooo”. I said quietly

She frowned, meeting my gaze.

“Girlfriend! are you talking about that…that … proud Susanna.

“hum! hum!” I nodded

“Impossible!”she muttered. “I mean how can Kewe date his best friend ex!

” I don’t know ooooo, but I sha do see them together”

“That is because they are both top models”. she retorted in a huff

hmmmmm! this one that she is getting all pissed , I hope it is not what I am thinking.

“Do you like Kewe?” I was forced to ask

Her eyes widened a moment in surprise and then she laughed

“well! I like him , but not in the way you are thinking. I am in a serious relationship remember???”

Oh right!a serious relationship with her dearest Usman , how could I forget that!!

“Okay oooo”. I plainly said and faced front , watching Kewe who was set to begin his speech .

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen”. he cleared his throat. “Firstly , I would like to apologise on Ademilade’s behalf. He is not here today as a result of his busy schedule and just so you know , he just began his medical internship at one of the biggest hospital in Lagos…………

The crowd began clapping and cheering again , but this time around , I sat glued to the chair, my mouth hung open in disbelief.

Demi is in Lagos,and he didn’t tell me! unbelievable!

Suddenly, my phone beeped signifying a text message.I took it out of my hand bag to check out the s£nder and noticed it was —-Demi.

I clicked on it and read it

“Come outside”

Come outside to where! Is he pulling my legs ni?

“who is that?” Shakirat asked .

“Demi”. I replied , holding the phone up for her to see

A smiled played on her l-ips . “You should go to him”

“before nko”. I retorted, “he will have to explain to me the meaning of his hide and seek game”

with that , I sprang up to my feet and pushed my way through the crowd , clutching my hand bag t¡ghtly in one hand until I got outside the building.

Phew! I breathe a sigh of relief and looked around for Demi.

I sighted him leaning against a red Venza, his hands tucked into his pocket , watching me with a smile and bright eyes.

Instantly, my so-called anger faltered and I rushed to hug him.

It has been two weeks, two good weeks that I haven’t seen “my baby” and I missed him bad.

“Ade mi!” I held t¡ghtly onto him , inhaling his scent .

He chuckled lightly and hugged me back

“I miss you baby”

“Like seriously”.I pulled out of the hug to stare at his cute face.

“why then didn’t you come yesterday as promised? why didn’t you call me? why wasn’t I able to contact you?”

he sighed softly. “I am sorry. I got an urgent call from Tochiba hospital yesterday so I took the next flight down to Lagos. I should have called , but my battery was flat”.

Oh! that explains everything!

“It is alright”. I brushed it aside . “so how is the place? do you like it?”

he shrugged lightly. “not really, it is not as big as the one my Dad linked me to in Abuja”

“Simple! Then you should do your internship at Abuja”. I suggested

“No”. he shook his head slightly. “Abuja reminds me of painful memories. My mum died in Abuja and ………….

“but she already got Justice”.I cut in , staring intently at him. “Her murderer, your step mum is currently awaiting execution.

He was quiet for a moment and then he sighed

“She even asked to see me”

Who?” I arched my eyebrow

“The witch”

“And did you go see her?” I retorted softly as my searching gaze ran over his face

He nodded. “She apologised to me and also confessed all of her wrongs”

“Oh! I looked away , not wanting to probe further

It was all in the past , so it should remain that way!

“Dave nko, did you see him?” I asked out of curiosity

“No”. he replied , brushing the few strands of hair off my face. “he lives under the ground”

“As in under ground prison?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes! he nodded.

Chai! so someone’s son will live under the ground for 20 years , what a pity!!!

“What of Prince?” I continued. “did you see him?”

He smirked , I didn’t come here for questioning, I came ………….

“For the convocation”. I butted in

“No”. he smiled lightly. “I came because I wanna show you something”

” and what is that?”

“Get into the car”. he simply instructed, ignoring my question.

“Okay oooo”. I easily said , “but I hope we are not going far?”

“We are”. he replied coolly and I sh-ot him an angry look.

He laughed. “Fine Fine!!we are going to my dad’s home town at Ijebu Remo”.

hmmmh! Ijebu Remo! I really can’t wait to see whatever it is he wants to show me.

Opening the car door, I was about entering when a familiar voice called my name.

I quickly looked in the direction and saw a “bloated” Funmi walking towards us , her boyfriend following behind her like a body guard.

“tsk…tsk.. tsk…. this is so gonna be tough for Tobi”. Demi remarked , propping his elbow on the car roof.

“Shut up”. I gave him a playful glare and moved closer to Funmi, closing the gap between us.

“Hey baby”. I gave her a quick hug . “how are you?”

“Bad”. she replied and let out a sigh. “I feel like a bloated pig”

“how? I asked , clearly confused. “Is it the pregnancy or what?”

“Yes oooooo”. she leaned against a random car . “I can’t wait to push this stubborn girl out and get back to shape”.

“but your fiancé is not complaining now”. I glanced at Tobi who was now talking in whispers to Demi.

“That one”. She hissed and clapped her hand lightly . “the only thing he cares about is his baby, anything other than that sounds gibberish to him”.

I laughed and touched her belle

“Baby! Please come out fast ,your dad wants to meet you”

“Tell her oooo” . a voice said behind me—-Tobi

when did he get here?

I turned around, facing him

“Hi”.i smiled lightly

He returned the smile. “Obianuju, how are you?

“I am fine , and you?”

“hmmmh……..just managing, but I thank God sha”

“I understand, it is not easy to be an expectant father”

“A young expectant father”. he corrected . “Sometimes hen , I would just sit and wonder how my baby will look like , if she will take after me , or her mother.

My smile deepened hearing the excitement in his voice.

Is this what expecting a baby feels like? If yes , I want to get pregnant too.

“I am Jealous of you”. I blurted out , then gasped as I realised what I have done.

I never intended to say it out loud!

He chuckled and clasped his hands together

“Don’t be, yours is coming soon”

“Amen”. I muttered and he nodded , facing Funmi

“Let’s go inside the hall”. he held out his hands to her.

Oh! I completely forgot she is graduating also!

“Bye!” Funmi waved and reached for his hands and they both began walking to the building.

I followed them with my gaze until they entered the hall and then I walked back to the car.

“I want to get pregnant”.I told Demi

He appeared to be taken aback by my bluntness, but he quickly composed himself, smiling

“I will do that as soon as you are done with school”

“That is in a year time ooo” .I reminded

“I know”. he nodded and slid into the driver seat

I followed suite and sat down beside him.

Almost immediately, he started the car and zoomed off .



By the time we got to Ijebu Remo, it was already mid- afternoon.

Demi drove through an untarred dusty road to a very h-uge building, uncompleted though and parked out in front of it .

I looked out of the window, staring at the building in awe when all of a sudden , something caught my attention. It was golden inscription at the top of the building.

I hastily got down from the car to get a better look at it.

“Theresa-Louisa”. I read it out .

“Do you like it?” Demi asked from behind me

“What is this place?” I asked , my eyes still fixed on the wordings

“Our hospital”. he replied and I slowly shifted my gaze to him.

“and the names?” I continued , I wanted him to spell it out himself

“Our mother’s name”

Tears burned my eyes and my Lower l-ips trembled

“Theresa! how .. did …you .. know .. my .. mum’s English name?” I struggled my words in between tears.

“Are you really asking me that?” he retorted. “you have told me that countless number…….I flung my arms around him before he could complete his words

“Thanks you baby, Thank you very much”

“I am glad you like it”. he held me close to him. “I will “open” it as soon as I get my medical license”.

I smiled inwardly at his reasonable thoughts

“And also”. he stepped back , reached into his pocket and brought out a small box.

My stomach fluttered and my heart began to beat fast

Propose! he wants to propose to him oooo!

“Obianuju!” he dropped to his knees and opened the box

Wow! my eyes glimmered as I stared at the diamond ring.

He continued. “I am in this for a long ride,I am here to make you laugh and smile, I am here to stand by you at every corner , I am here to go on a journey to life with you till the end of time. I am here now , I am here forever . Will you marry ……….

“Yes! Yes! Yes”. I scre-med loudly , my eyes filled with tears of joy and happiness.

“Thanks”. he muttered and sl-ipped the ring on my f-nger

I held out my hand , admiring it

“Is this real?” I said and thought aloud

“Of course it is”. he said softly, pulling me in a warm embrace.

“I love you , and I will love you until I die, and if there is a life after that , I will love you then”……


OBIANUJU has finally come to an end, thanks for reading.


I still remain your humble Authoress , Princess Juliet….

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