Obianuju – Episode 15



Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 15

Confession 2


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I kept on shaking my head in denial as I was so confused . I was not thinking straight and only wanted to get home and question that “flirty” father of mine…..

My mother didn’t die of asthma! she was poisoned!

who could have poisoned her???

I was pained ! I was hurt! I was running crazy!

And to think she travelled down to Nigeria because of me stirred up a guilt feeling inside of me , making me feel like I killed her …..

“Arrrrrrrgh!” I grunted in anger , gripping the steering wheel more tightly as I stepped on the brake,speeding!

Swears! My dad must give a meaningful explanation to this or else hell will let loose!


I wasted no time in getting home as I broke the speed limit , driving as fast as I could .

honking twice , I drove through the gate into the compound and parked out roughly in front of the opened garage; then I alighted ,looking towards the “relax house” for my dad but he wasn’t there…

Oh right! I bet he is in his room upstairs!

hastily, I rushed into the house and climbed up the spiral stairs to his room and on entering, I found him laying on the big bed……

Seeing me ,he sat up ,smiling as he rested his back against the head of the bed

“how did it go Son?”

I scoffed. “My mum! what happened to her?”I asked coldly,ignoring his question

Instantly,his smile faded and a faint shadow passed over his face

“Your.. mother , .. her?”he stuttered and I huffed

“Don’t play games with me dad, what killed my mother?”

“asthma!” he replied incoherently as I clutch my jaw ,trying so hard to stop myself from yelling

“Asthma! really dad, are you gonna keep on lying to me?”my voice was surprisedly calm as I stared hard at him , holding his eyes

he chuckled nervously and looked away

“what are you talking about?”

“I am talking about my mother, who poisoned her?” I yelled as I couldn’t control the anger in me again….

“poisoned!no son… he tried to say but I cut him off

“Was it you?”

“Me!”he exclaimed with disbelief written all over his face , “and why would I do that? no way,your mother was my favourite wife who i loved so much….

“Favourite!” I repeated , shuffling my feet towards him as I laughed bitterly

I don’t even know what else to believe anymore!

he loved my mother yet he hid the truth about her death!

“then why did you lie to me? why?” I screamed ,clutching to my chest as the tears rolled down freely

“That is because I was worried about your feelings. you were just a kid of 15 and I never wanted you to be devastated “. he explained as he got off the bed , moving closer to me …

“Devastated!i muffled in between tears

“Yes son”. he replied , trying to hold my hands but I took a step back ward

“Don’t! I warned, shooting daggers at him and he sighed

“I know how you feel Ade but believe me when I say I had no other option , that was the only way I could protect my family from them…

I frozed on the spot. “Them! who are they?”

“My political rivals! though I am not quite sure”. he shrugged lightly

I stared at him blankly , what the heck is he saying?

he continued. “I know I might sound stupid and I sure do sound stupid”. he exhaled deeply as he ran his hands through his hair ”

He was clearly confused!

“See Ade! to tell the truth, I really don’t know who poisoned your mother and I am equally as pained as you…..

I snuffled. “Pained! did that word just come out from your vile mouth?”

“Yes! I am deeply pained by her death and do you want to know why? Your mother was not only my wife , she was the pillar of my wealth”. he yelled , pausing for a moment to steady his breath and then continued

“I was just a young man who was trying to make ends meet in fact I had nothing except a nagging wife and two hungry daughters.Coming home to my family was like a war zone to me as my wife wouldn’t let me rest , calling me all sort of names as she compared me to other men .i became depressed, unhappy and even had a thought of ending my life but all of this changed when I won a visa lottery ticket to travel to Canada ..


was so desperate about changing my financial status that I vowed to become rich even at the expense of someone’s else pain and that was exactly what I did …….


“Unbelievable !” I scoffed, leaning against the table as I tried to digest what I just heard …..

he gave a deep sigh as he continued. “I met your mum who was the only child to one of the richest business magnate in Canada , she was a fresh man in college with no experience in love or there about so I decided to use her to arch my evil plan…

I pretended to love her and being a novice , she fell hard for me that even when her dad advised her against dating me , she threatened to leave home ….

seeing the way she loved me , I used the opportunity to propose to her and to my greatest surprise, she agreed..

She didn’t look down on me for being a black man, she didn’t look down on me for being a mere waiter in a bar , she accepted me for whom I was and that stirred up a feeling in me ….

To cut the story short, we had a quiet wedding and a month later , her dad who was her only surviving parent died leaving her with a massive wealth ………..


she sighed in your name”. I completed and he nodded with a far way look in his eyes ….

I shook my head in disgust. “That is pure wickedness Dad! how could you be so heartless? how could you play my innocent mother whose only crime was to love you?”

“No son!” I couldn’t play her anymore as I was already in love with her”. he hushed , making me gasp audibly in surprise

“Yes! she stole my heart without me even knowing. I only realised my feelings when she told me she was pregnant with you”


“The news got me all confused and I was forced to tell her the truth about me which I immediately regretted”

“Why?” I asked , my voice coming out hoarsely

“That is because She felt betrayed and asked for a divorce and when I refused to grant it , she pushed me out of her life and only kept the communication rolling because of you”

Oh right!

“And the wealth, you didn’t return it right?” I asked , curiously

“Yes! Your mom orders , she told me to make an investment for you here in Nigeria”

“Mum!” I mumbled, nodding slowly

now I understand why most of his properties are signed in my name!

I sighed softly, the story is a bit understanding but still, it didn’t give the answer to the question “who poisoned her?”, it still didn’t take my guilt away , all it did was to fuel up the anger in me …

D**n! my innocent mum gave her whole life to a man who doesn’t care a f**k about her, a man who loved politics more than his life …….

“Ade! Please forgive your selfish father”. he pleaded, burying his face in his hands

I stared blankly at him

Forgive! Is he for real?

“Please forgive me “. he repeated and this time around there were traces of tears on his face, “I promise to dig up the truth, I promise to get to the bottom of her death”.his voice sounded so desperate…

Opening my mouth, I tried to say something but no sound came out so I simply retreated my steps and walked out of the room …..

“Ade! Ade! Ade!” I heard my dad call but I ignored him as I absentmindedly climbed down the stairs to the bar….

confused, I sat down in the bar and reached for an alcoholic wine, pouring its content into a glass cup and that was when i found my voice again ….


I screamed so loudly without minding the curious stares thrown my way .:

I was just too pained to care, no I was broken!!!







The hip hop music playing on the car radio was bursting my brain and I kept on bobbling my head in time to the rhythm as I drove heading to Limelight hotel…..

It was a Saturday evening and just like always , there was a small weekend “party” for the gangs ……..well! I won’t really call it a party, it was more like a flexing …..


Getting to the hotel , i drove through the opened gate to the compound where I saw “my friends” seated around a table, outside ….

I parked carefully beside a red Benz —Dave’s car and I alighted from the car, closing the door behind me as I briskly walked up to them ..

“Tobi! Tobi! our able NASS president!”.They hailed ,almost in unison as I sat down

“Dave! Bola! Prince! Kunlezy!Tony!” I called out their names one by one, hitting my chest as a form of greeting….

“Guy! Awfar , why you take long na?”Dave queried, breathing out a puff of smoke

I chuckled lightly. “Don’t mind me Jare , I was busy ……

“drilling a whore” he completed and I smiled lightly

he knows me too well!

he laughed heartily as he handed me a lighted cigar

“Like seriously! I don’t know who is a greater flirt between you and Demilade”. he stated and they all laughed…

I scoffed silently. Why must he bring Demi into this?

“But Dave!I think Demilade has repented”. Prince butted in , ” or haven’t you guys notice the way he is always hovering around that asthmatic girl…hmmm……what is her name again?”

“Obianuju!” Dave answered and I shot him a surprised look

How in this world does he knows her native name?

“I have been stylishly getting information about her “. he quickly added and my heart skipped a bit….

“From who?” I asked , curiously and he smiled, his gaze fixed behind me

“Speak of the devil! here she comes!”

I quickly turned back to see a short skinny girl walking towards us and I huffed, shifting my attention back to Dave…..

“Who is she?”

he smiled lightly. “My s£xual partner”

s£xual partner! Unbelievable! the Dave I know doesn’t like skinny girls!

“But you don’t do Skinny girls”. I queried him

“Sure!”. he agreed, “I love pretty curvy girls like ….Obianuju”

I bit my lips in anger, why must he make mention of that name again?….or wait! did she also capture his heart just like the way she captured mine? .. no way! I doubt he even has a heart!!

Opening my mouth, I was about to question him but stopped when i noticed the girl standing in front of him…..

“Good evening!” She greeted,looking around and when her gaze met mine , she went stiff

“Tobi!” She mouthed, her eyes boring into mine for a split-second ; then she looked away,facing Dave….

I stared at her puzzled

Do I know her? I don’t think so!!!

“So guys, this is my girlfriend Funmi”.Dave introduced, smiling slyly as he caressed the girl cheek

“Ah! Dave! Your girlfriend fine die”. Bola who had been drinking quietly, slurred

“Yes ooo! she too fine” prince agreed as the other guys laughed…..

The girl blushed. “Thanks so much”. she muttered shyly and I scoffed silently

Ode!Is she blind to see they are only teasing her?

“Okay Dave! I need to be on my way now, I came here only because you pleaded”. The girl said

“Ah! ah! baby why are you like this now?”Dave retorted , frowning

From the sound of his voice , I could tell he was Just joking around!!

“I am sorry babe but I need to be in church like right now”. The girl replied , “but I can come spend the night with you if you want”. She quickly added

“No! Don’t!” Dave quickly declined

Aha! Aha! I bet he is tired of her plain body!

“Alright then! If you say so”. The girl bit at her lower lips , she was clearly embarrassed….

“Okay babe! I love you so much “. Dave told her and instantly, her eyes lit up

“I love you too” She responded , leaning in to receive his kiss …

“Okay!” Dave simply said, waving as the girl took her leave….

I followed her with my eyes till she walked out of the huge gate and then I stood up, bringing my phone out of my pocket

“I need to make a call”. I told Dave and without waiting for his response, I made for the gate and got outside just in time to see the girl flag down a bike …..

“Please wait!” I pleaded and she paused ,turning sideways to face me

“Oh! You are even the one , what do you want?” She asked , shooting daggers at me as I moved closer

what is with the angry look!!

” I am sorry to disturb you but I really need to talk to you”

“Talk to me! me eeee! why?”she retorted, touching her chest as she eyed me coldly

“It is about your friend Obianuju”. I replied and that was it , she flared up

“Obianuju! what about her!ehen tell me , do you want to use her Just like the way you used me too”

“What!” I exclaimed in shock and she scoffed

“You pathetic flirt! I can see you don’t remember me again …. well I am not surprised, since you told me yourself that I wasn’t your type..

I stared at her , puzzled

when did i tell her ……I paused, trailing off when my brain clicked…oh God!

“Arewa!” I called slowly as I wasn’t so sure .

The Arewa I knew was so calm, Innocent and gentle but this one standing in front of me was the exact opposite …

She scoffed . ” so you even still remember that name … argh! Tobi you are a bad person, after using me finish , you still no remember me”. she said, biting her middle finger in anger…

I exhaled deeply. “I understand how you feel but this is not the time to talk about this , Obianuju might…. I tried to say but she cut me off

“You are nothing but a crazy flirt and I deeply regret giving my virginity to you”

And with that ,she climbed on the bike and motioned the bike man to drive off which he did.

This is bull sh*t! I remarked aloud ,running my hands through my hair in confusion…

what will I do now? I wondered,fiddling with my phone

Should I tell Demi or not? …. Yes I have to tell him as I couldn’t sit back and watch Dave hurt the poor girl….

scrolling through my phone, I was about dialling his number when I heard a familiar voice ask from behind me

“Your younger brother is in his second year right?”

I froze on the spot

Dave! when did he get here?

“Try dialling that number and his dead body will be the next you will see of him”. he threatened and instantly, my heart skipped in fear……






“Wow! Juliet you are so beautiful”. Adesewa remarked and I smiled lightly, watching the hair stylist in the mirror as she rubbed an oily lotion on the long weavon ….

The weavon was so long that i was left wondering if it won’t be heavy for me “to carry”

“I am done miss!” The stylist announced .

smiling, I stared at my beautiful self in the mirror for a moment and then faced her ….

“how much is your money?”

She returned the smile. “400k for both the hair and workmanship….

I stared at her , confused

“400k! as in #400?”

“Han! Han! sister you are too funny! #400 ke! no, it is #400,000”. She spelt it out making me blink my eyes in surprise..

“#400,000! for hair! when it is not gold”. I said still finding it hard to believe…..

Adesewa laughed. ” Chai! Juliet ! I swear you funny die , pay her jo and let’s get out of here ”

“Like seriously! I should pay her that huge amount for Just an ordinary weavon”

“It is not ordinary, it is called bone straight”. She corrected as she snatched the atm card out of my hand , handing it to the girl

Bone straight! what are they boning straight!

” your pin miss?”the stylist asked and I absentmindedly typed in the pin …

I was seriously worried about how Demi would react when he finds out i spent more than half a million in less than three hours?

Firstly on some stupid skimpy clothes and bags Adesewa forced me to buy and now on this stupid bone straight hair …

Chai! I am done for!

“Thanks miss for trusting me with your hair”. the stylist appreciated as she handed the ATM card back to me, “I will be expecting you next time”

I hissed silently, no be me and you!

Grabbing the big fancy bag , I faced Adesewa

“Let us go”. I said and we both walked out of the saloon to a Black Benz where Demi’s personal driver , Kingsley had been waiting for hours…

Opening the car door , I got in and Adesewa did the same from the other end ….

“You are looking takeaway miss”. The driver, Kingsley remarked

“Yes ooo! help me tell her”. Adesewa butted in, “this one she is squeezing her face , me I don’t understand ooooo

“And why won’t I squeeze my face”. I snapped at her ,”do you know how much query i am gonna receive from your brother?”

“What query?” She arched her eyebrow in a little frown ..::

“about the money I spent na”. I replied and to my surprise, she erupted into laughter

“heeeey! Juliet you won’t kill me!which money did you spend?…..Ah!!nawa oo! It seems you don’t know how much your boyfriend is worth?”

“And how much is he worth?” I asked, curiously and she smiled, fixing her gaze straight ahead as she motioned the driver to move and when he did, she leaned closer to me and whispered

“Billons of dollars”

“Billions of dollars”. I repeated in surprise

“Hum! Hum!”. she nodded , “So chill! Bro Demi won’t eat you up because of some measly cash”

Measly! did she just call half a million measly! Unbelievable!


At last! after a long drive, we arrived at the mansion ; then the driver drove through the gate into the compound and pulled up to the garage …

Alighting from the car, I was about grabbing the fancy bag when Adesewa stopped me with her voice

“I will take that in, go settle with your boyfriend”

I shot her a grateful look before I headed straight to the house

I need to tell Demi about the money !

Entering the sitting room, I met no one and was about climbing up the stairs when I heard someone call my name……Demi!

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw him seated in an opened room in front of the kitchen;shaking, I counted my steps as I walked slowly to him…..

“hey baby!”he greeted lazily and I swallowed hard, staring at him…

There was something odd about him, his eyes was a little red….Chai! he was drunk!

“You look different!” he remarked as his eyes raked down my body and back up , he didn’t even try to subtle it …

“Thanks!” I muttered as my eyes wandered around the “small room” filled with assorted wines and drinks ..

Oh! a home bar!

“So how much did you spend?” he asked ,bringing me back to my worry

Oh God! see what Sewa sweet mouth have caused!

“erm it is erm half a erm a million naira”. I stuttered and he smiled, shaking his head

“It is #520,000, more than half a million”. he corrected

I gulped down hard. “how did you find out?” I asked foolishly and he smirked

“I receive alert , remember?”

“Oh!” was the only thing I could say as I was short of words

“Can I please have my card back?” he stretched out his right hand and without wasting time, I took it out of my pocket and placed it gently on his hand

“You should have a college degree in spending”. he drawled and I shot him a surprise look

Really! Is that all? Isn’t he going to scold me?i thought within as I searched his gaze for traces of anger but found none!!!

Yay!just like that!

“Thanks baby!”i said aloud as I jumped on him excitedly …

he chuckled lightly, wrapping his hands around me and buried his face in between my b00bs..

“No Demi! we can’t do this here, let’s go to the room”

he lifted his head and gazed at me as if repressing a laugh

“You want me to f**k you?”

no oooooo”. I screamed as he laughed

“Fine! Fine! then let’s go clubbing”


“Yes babe! I am just too excited”

“hell no! you are drunk”. I snapped at him

“I ain’t drunk babe , I am only tipsy”. he corrected.

And with that, he stood up, picked up the car key and held my right hand tightly as we both walked out of house to the garage….

“you going to drive?” I asked in surprise as he opened the door to a black jeep

“Yes! Any problem with that?”

“No”. I replied as he smirked

“Good! then get into the car”. he instructed and when I did, he turned around, got into the driver seat ;then started the ignition and drove off ,speeding….






I just wanted to escape from reality….I mean I wanted to get out of my head , I wanted to be fine and most importantly, I wanted to be happy……


Stepping on the brake , I made a left turn and drove down a sloppy road ,parking in front of a white building pumping with deafening music and flashing disco lights, two hefty men on black standing at the entrance….

“This is gonna be fun!”Obianuju remarked as she wriggled her body excitedly…..

“Can you dance?” I teased

“Ah!are you really asking that? me that i can dance to anything danceable”. She boasted

I scoffed silently, i just hope she is not planning on dancing!

Alighting from the car, we walked past the heavy bouncers to the club and saw a fairly large crowd of people dancing…..

I looked away from them to the bar section sparsely-filled with people

“Come!Let’s go sit down” I said loudly, expecting to hear a response from Uju but got none…

quickly, I turned sideways to her but she wasn’t beside me…

Where the hell is she ? I wondered, looking around the club to see her on the dancing floor,twisting her flexible body to the slow rhythm of the music being played ….

Really! I never knew she loved dancing this much!

I briskly walked up to her , smiling as I held her waist from behind

“Ademilade!”she called in whispers as she twisted her waist, shaking her ass as she danced

I chuckled. “how did you know I was the one?”

“Your cologne!” She replied and I smiled lightly, pulling her closer as I watched her grind my d**k with her waist…

Mehn!she was killing me slowly!!!

Just then, the Dj changed the music to a faster one and she chuckled, turning around as she wrapped her hands around my neck tightly….

“Why?” I asked , searching through her gaze and she smiled

“Nothing! I just want to stare at your face”

I returned the smile as I leaned forward to kiss her..

She returned the kiss passionately and when I pulled my head back , she gaze up at me , smiling………..

“I love you Ademilade”

“I love you too baby”. I whispered softly




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