November 29, 2021

Obianuju – Episode 18




Written by Princess Juliet


Episode 18







“Uju na! stop crying”. Funmi begged , patting my shoulder as she tried to console me but I was too panic stricken to listen , the tears kept on rolling down

Demi is out there about to take an oath and it is all because of me!

Oh God! why is all this happening? why can’t that “bas***d let him be? Is it by force to be a ….argh! I couldn’t even spell out the name as it sounded so deadly….

I decided to ask Funmi about it …

“The oath ,what is it all about?” my voice came out hoarsely

“I don’t really know”. her voice was a bit strained , “all I know is that it is some kind of initiation to join a gang”

“Gang”. I repeated, urging her to continue

“Yes! A gang is a cult group and Dave’s gang is the most feared and respected in this school.They go around humiliating students and lecturers alike

“For real!”I retorted with wide -open eyes of shock , ” and the school did nothing about it?”

she hissed silently. “what will the school do! they are all from rich and well-connected families…..

“oga oooo!… hmmm! so you knew all this and yet you dated the beast..

“erm that is because I erm wanted to feel among”. She stuttered

Oh right! and see what it resulted to , a messed up face!

Suddenly , the door was flung open and Demi stormed in with…..Tobi

Like seriously! when did Tobi get here?

“Stand up, let’s go”. Demi gestured with his hands, his voice was coldly monotonous but soft …

I swallowed hard , trying to stand up but fell back to the bed ….


was so weak!

“You are alright?” Demi and Tobi asked in unison

“Yes, but my friend isn’t”. I replied, pointing to Funmi who sat there staring at Tobi

“Oh!”Demi shifted his gaze to her “who is she?”

“Dave’s girlfriend, the one he used in luring Juliet out”. Tobi replied, looking at Funmi with disdain

“Ah!” Funmi gasped audibly in shock as she mumbled some inaudible words.

“Don’t mind him , she is my friend”.i quickly butted in

“Friend indeed”. Demi scoffed and then faced Tobi

“Will you drive her home?”

“No!” Tobi replied bluntly

“Then why are you here?”Demi snapped at him

Tobi sighed. ” I just wanted to be sure Juliet is alright”

I stared puzzled at the two “pretty boys”

What is wrong with them?

“D**n! Demi cursed silently, then how the hell will she get home?”

“She can come with us…I mean we stay in the same hostel”

“Same hostel”. Demi muttered, staring hard at Funmi

Obviously! he didn’t recognise her!


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is Funmi”. I added and his eyes grew wide in surprise

“Funmi! you are Funmi?….. argh! he folded his fist tightly, “Dave is a beast, how could he beat a woman up like this?”

“Be careful with you words”. Tobi warned and Demi huffed , ignoring him

“Can you walk?” he asked Funmi

“Yes!”Funmi answered shyly

“Good!”he moved closer to the bed, picked me up bridal style and then Faced Funmi

“Let us go”

“Shuu!it is late na , why can’t you just spend the night here?”Tobi suggested

Spend the night kwa! In this hell hole! No way!

“No Thanks!” Demi simply said and walked past him , out of the room into the sitting room where the “vile creatures” were partying hard …

I buried my face in Demi’s chest to avoid seeing their faces , especially that of Dave as I was so scared of him …..

“Good night Demi!” An icy voice bade

“Good night!” Demi grunted his response, walking out of the house into the cold night ; then he put me down on the floor and opened the doors to his car with the key …..

“Get in!” he instructed Funmi and I and when we did , he climbed into the driver seat , started the ignition and drove off ….


The drive to my hostel was a silent one as we were all lost in thought…well! not me as I wasn’t even in the right state of mind to think

I just sat there, my phone in my hand , staring at Demi who kept his eyes on the road as he mumbled to himself , hitting the steering wheel at intervals


was angry and I knew it!

but why! Is it because of the Dave! the initiation!……..or wait , is it because of me?

Chai!Uju, see what your stupidity have caused, no, no, I can’t let him stay angry at me..

I took a deep breathe. “baby!” I called softly

“hum ..hum!” he answered without looking at me

“Can I spend the night at your place?”

“Why?” he asked

Seriously! did he just ask me why? I became nervous all of a sudden

“erm that is because I am scared”

he sighed. ” yes you …..he paused , “erm I mean No”

My heart churned in pain , is he trying to push me away?

“you can sleep over tomorrow”. he quickly added

“Okay!” I muttered , leaning back on the seat and looked at Funmi in the rear mirror to see her crying silently….

I looked away knowing she was in pain!!!


It was way past midnight when Demi parked out in front of my hostel ….

“we will see later today”. he simply said

“Alright!” I agreed , opening the car and slid my legs out one by one as I alighted ; then I waited for Funmi to climb down and when she did , we began walking towards the house..

I kept my ears open, expecting to hear a goodnight from Demi but was disappointed, all I heard was the sound of his car starting as he drove off…..

“Ah!he is angry at me” I said aloud bitterly , shaking my head in dismay

“No Uju! he is only confused”. Funmi corrected , “give him a little time to clear his head”

with that , she took my hand into hers and gently pulled me as we climbed up the short step, walked through the long passage to the room next to mine , her room ..

I was in no mood to face that annoying Faith!

Entering , I collapsed on the bed .

I unlocked my phone and dialled Demi’s number but it rang until his voice mail picked up .

Eeehe! what is happening??why is he not picking up ? I was so overly worried…

“babe!It is past 2am , let’s sleep”. Funmi called, yawning

Sleep ke! when my boyfriend is still mad at me!

“You can sleep”. I told her , dialling his number again but it was the same ….

Yay! I said it , I said it now , Demi wants to start avoiding me ooooo.

Ha!What will I do? ehen , I need to take his hurt away , I need to find a solution to this mess …

Just then my brain clicked and the words of his step mum played inside my head

“Call me whenever you feel something is amiss”

Yes! Yes! she is the solution, I need to call her right now!

with shaky hands, I Scrolled through my phone for her number and when i saw it ,I clicked on it, dialling

She picked it on the second ring

“Hello! who is this ?” her sleepy voice rang through

“it is me Juliet”. I replied , nervously

“Juliet! Juliet! which of the Juliet?”

“erm your step.. erm I mean your son’s girlfriend”. I stuttered

“Oh! Juliet”. she sounded so excited , “how are you? I have been expecting your call . Is anything wrong, why did you call by this time of the night?”

I broke down in tears . “It is Dave”

“Dave! the cult guy!!what happened to him?” She asked in a rush

“he ..forced …Demi ..into .. joining ..his gang .. and .. it .. is .. all .. because of me”. I muffled in between tears

There was a pause and then she said

“This is too bad, do you have his number?”


is she asking me that?

“No!” I replied

“Han! Han! you want me to help you and you didn’t have his number”. her voice sounded so harsh, “hmmmmmm! nawa ooo”

“Ma!” I called ,pleadingly

She sighed. “Fine!do you have the number of anyone close to him?”

“No I don’t ….I paused trailing off when I remembered I have Tobi’s number”

“Yes!Yes! I have his friend number , but I really don’t know how close they are”

“It doesn’t matter , send it to me so I can start working on it”…..

“Ah! Thank you ma, thank you very ma”. I appreciated, sighing in relief

she chuckled lightly. “It is nothing , and one more thing , Let this conversation be a secret between us

“Secret!”I repeated , confusedly

“Yes ! Don’t tell Ade about it , you know how arrogant he can be at times”she stated and yes , she was right

My boyfriend can be annoying sometimes !

“Alright ma, I won’t tell him”

“Good girl!” She remarked, “and don’t forget to send the number

“Yes ma!” I agreed and ended the call….

Phew! A big relief!

Sharply, I scrolled down for Tobi’s number and when I found it , I copied it and sent it to her ; then I laid on the bed beside Funmi, fiddling with my phone absentmindedly when a message from Demi popped up .

Immediately, i clicked on it

“Good night baby”

My heart exploded with happiness, Demi texted me , he isn’t angry with me , he still loves me …..

with a smile on my face , I drifted off to sleep….



Next morning



The voices in my head became more and more insistent and i groaned out of sleep . I slowly opened my bleary eyes and saw Funmi curled up in a corner of the bed, beating her chest as she cried

I hissed silently, is this still about Dave?

Lazily, I sat up in the bed and moved closer to console her

“Funmi! stop crying na, what has happened, has happened”

“No Uju! you wouldn’t understand how pained I am” she said softly, meeting my gaze

her face was all red and swollen!

I sighed softly “I understand it is painful but you have to move on , the “bas***d isn’t even worth your tears”

she shook her head negatively. “You got it all wrong there. I am not crying because of Dave , i am crying because of Tobi”

“Tobi! why will you cry because of him?” I asked, clearly confused

“That is because I still love him”

Love kwa! what the hell is she saying?

She continued. “Do you remember the handsome guy i told you about , the one who used and dump me”

“Hun! Hun! ” I nodded my head with keen interest

“It is Tobi”. she said in an unclear voice

“Tobi!” I repeated to be sure I heard right and

she nodded slowly

“So Tobi was the one who de flowered you?” I asked, still finding it hard to believe


“Haba now! this is no right… Ahhh! and still he treated you like trash”. I retorted,shaking my head slowly in pity….:

She snuffled . “you saw it right , you saw the way he looked at me … argh! Tobi hates me , he really hates me …..

Taking a deep breathe, I was about saying something when a knock sounded on the door ….

“Who is that? Funmi asked , wiping her tears from his eyes

“It is me, Ademilade”

My skin tingled with excitement.

Ademilade!my boyfriend!Omoo! he came this early just to see me!

quickly, I got off the bed and rushed to the door and opened it to see my boyfriend standing in front , he was dressed in black and looked handsome as always..

“Ademilade!” I called , jumping on him ,I was just so excited to see him

He chuckled softly , holding me firmly as he walked into the room;then he put me down on the carpeted floor , facing Funmi

“hi Funmi!” he greeted, “I am sorry for coming unannounced, I just wanted to see my girlfriend .

“It is alright”. Funmi assured , smiling lightly and as for me , I was grinning from ear to ear

Awwww! my baby is so romantic!

“but how did you know I was in here?”

“I kinda figured it out”. he shrugged , glancing at his wristwatch as he frowned lightly at me , “it is 7;50am,why aren’t you dressed for school?”

I scratched my hair , I completely forgot about my morning lectures!

“Erm i don’t think i will go today”

“Why?”he furrowed his eyebrow in a deep frown .

“I need to take Funmi to the health centre”. I replied and Funmi gasp audibly in surprise

“Uju!”she called softly

“No!I object to that”. Demi stated , shaking his head “it is way too early for you to start skipping classes”

“but Funmi needs someone to…….I tried to say but he cut me off

“Don’t worry , I will take her there myself”

“Really?” I asked , staring at him in surprise

“Yes babe! go and bath”

“Thanks!”I mumbled, leaning forward to give him a quick kiss ; then i walked out of the room to my room …

“And be fast about it”.he called after me

“Alright Ade mi” . I replied , excitedly…..


The door to my room was wide opened and I walked in just in time to see Faith rush out of the bathroom..

“cold ooo! cold”. she muttered , shaking like a leaf.

I hissed loudly as I ambled to the bed side , pulling off my clothes

“Han !Han!Uju , this one your face is like this , are we fighting?”she asked , pausing for a moment to stare at me …

“No ooooo!” I simply answered , walking into the bathroom as I had no time to batter words with a snitch!

Stepping into the bathtub , I brushed my teeth and had a quick bath ; then I reached for my towel, wrapping it around my body as I returned to an………empty room.

Amazing!So she did not even wait for me ..hun!okay ooooo, she can go to hell for all I care

Opening the wardrobe, I searched through it for a black gown and soon found one .

A short designer gown I bought in Abuja!

This will be perfect!

Humming a “Celidion” song , I towelled off , put on an undies and hurriedly changed into gown; then I brushed down the long hair and put on a black sneakers.

I grabbed a white bag , shoved my books into it and rushed out of the room , locking the door …

“You looking beautiful!”a voice remarked from beside me ………..Ademilade

I smiled lightly as I turned sideways to him

He was leaning against Funmi’s door, his hands in his pocket , as he stared at me with a spark in his eyes

“Why are you out here?” I placed the key under the door mat and moved close to him

“Waiting, your friend is bathing”

“Haba! then you should have come into my room”

“No! I prefer it here”. he said with a light smile

I faked a frown. “You saying you don’t like my room?”

“I didn’t say so”. his voice was a bit strained , like I was boring him

“Oh!” I chuckled nervously and quickly changed the topic

You know , I don’t want to spoil the mood!

“So will I wait until Funmi is done ?”

“Yep!” he replied , popping the p “except you know how to drive”. he mumbled the latter part but I heard him clearly

I scoffed silently, is he kidding me?

“I know how to drive”. I huffed and he shot me a surprise look


“Yes! My dad taught me how to drive . I learnt so fast that he promised to buy me a car”. I stated proudly

“So did he buy you the car?”he asked calmly, brushing the hair off my face

I sighed sadly, “No, he bought cars only for my three elder brothers..

“Oh dear! I bet you were so heart broken” . he said with a note of laughter in his voice ,

And from the smug look on his face , I could tell he was Joking around …

“Go away Jo”. I retorted, giving him a playful punch…

“Fine! Fine!Fine”. he took his car key out of his pocket and handed it to me

I looked down at the key and then back at him

“What should I do with it?”

He smirked. “Isn’t it obvious

Like seriously! he wants me to drive to school

“Then what about you?”

“I will make use of a taxi”. he replied glancing at his wristwatch, “by what time will you by done with lectures?”

“11:oo am!” I replied

“Good!”I will come to your Faculty after my class then we will go to my apartment together , you will be spending the night with me

I smiled inwardly

“That is if you want to”. he quickly added

Chai!the boy can kill someone mood!

“I want it oooo”. I rolled my eyes and he laughed

“Alright!run along , and don’t get into any mischief

“Okay sir”. I drawled, slinging my handbag over my shoulder as I walked through the long passage, out of the house…

Climbing down the short stairs, I jumped a gutter to the white Venza ; then I got into it and honk the horn loudly , telling the girls taking pictures in front to vamoose …

Abi now! Or shey they did not see me ni!

I press the break pedal and on starting the ignition, I pulled out of the road and drove the car down the bumpy road as I headed to school ….:


Getting to school , I drove through the huge gate , down the tarred road until I got to my Faculty—The faculty of Law and then I parked out in front .

I alighted from car and began walking towards building when a dark girl blocked my path , so I cannot pass …

“Who are you?” She snapped at me

I stared at her puzzled , do I know her? not at all!

She continued. “Why are you riding Demilade’s car?”

Chai! is this the reason why she stopped me?….nawa ooo… well! since she wants to know , I will have to tell her …

“I am his girlfriend so I have the right to ride his car”. I replied , holding the keys for her to see

“Are you satisfied now?”I asked mockingly and without waiting for her response , I shoved her aside and walked into the building, climbing up the long stairs to the Lecture room

What nonsense!!!!


As expected, the lecturer was already in class so I passed through the back door to avoid attention, but still all eyes were on me including the lecturer’s

“And why are you just coming to class by this time young lady?” the woman in front of me thundered ….

I swallowed hard nervously, glancing at Shakirat who was staring at me with her mouth wide open .

“Erm my friend was sick and I erm had to erm take her to the hospital”. I stuttered

That is a big fat lie”. My subconsciousness screamed at me and I felt guilty all of a sudden

But did I lie? no Funmi was sick right !

The woman scoffed. ” Do you think that Is an excuse? by the way , what is your name ?”

“It is Juliet …….”

“Obianuju “. she completed and I nodded slowly

how did she know?

“Wow! I have being earnestly searching for the writer of the article on the notice board and here she is ,the beautiful and brilliant writer….

I blushed . “Thanks ma”

“Don’t mention dear, Just keep on with your good works”. She said, averting her gaze as she faced the class

“We will continue from where we stop in our next lessons”

Having said that , she picked up her books and left the class

I widened my eyes in surprise, Just like that!oh yeah! I must be very late !

“Juliet oooooo!” Shakirat called , motioning for me to come closer which I did , sitting down beside her ..

“Ah! babe! See the way you are shining ! see your gown , your bag, your shoes… argh! even you hair….

“It is called bone straight”. I cut in, smiling proudly

“Mogbe ooo! so this is what they call bone straight…ah! I don’t know”. She screamed, brushing the hair with her well-polished nails

I stared at the nails with admiring eyes, making a mental note to fix mine also

Shakirat continued. ” so how much did you make the hair?”

“400, ooo”. I answered truthfully and she knitted her eyebrow in a frown

“So you mean you spent that huge amount of money for hair.. haba! Juliet, it is not right”

I shrugged lightly. It is not my fault na and moreover , my boyfriend didn’t complain ”

“Even though, you still….she paused, trailing off , her gaze fixed ahead of her

“trouble is coming”. She muttered and quickly, I followed the direction of her eyes and saw Susanna marching towards me , the “dark girl” following behind her

Oh!now I understand why she questioned me, she is Susanna’s friend!

“You this asthmatic patient , leave my boyfriend alone”. Sussanna screamed out her lungs as soon as she got to me

I hissed silently, which kind of embarrassment is this na

She continued, “Why is it so hard for you to listen? Is it because of the money he is spending on you ? Oh! or because you now ride his car … hmmmh! ah! Demi cannot use you to do anything, he is just using you”

“Then let him spell it out to her himself”.Shakirat snapped at her and She scoffed, eying Shakirat coldly

“did I talk to you?”

Shakirat smirked. ” it is obvious you are shameless if not , you wouldn’t be here fighting for a boy that have left you tay tay”

“Yes! I nodded my head in support

Susanna clapped her hands lightly as she laughed

“and who told you that? Incase you don’t know, I was in Demi’s place last night”

“You liar! he was with me all through the night”. I blurted out, clutching my fist in anger

How dare she lie to my face!

She stared at me puzzled for a moment and then she smirked

“oh! so you were the one he went to see last night…Han! Han! Interesting!.. I guess he got tired of you and that is why he returned to me in our house”

“Tell her ooooo”.her friend butted in and they both laughed…

“What! was the only thing I could say as I was so confused

How did she know Demi left his house at night? was she really at his place last him? Is Demi still dating her?If yes , is that the reason he refused me following him home last night …

Placing my head on the table, I stopped my ears as I closed it to the harsh mocking sounds rolling up and down the hall…

I felt so ashamed, like I was dating someone else boyfriend……Demi must answer to this !!







Behind my smile is a breaking heart,behind my laugh, I am falling apart , behind my eyes are tears.Look closely at me and you will see the boy I am ..isn’t me.

I am just trying to be fine, no, I want to be fine….



Alighting from the taxi, I paid the driver and held the door open for Funmi and when she climbed down , we walked through the gate to the ever-crowded health centre…

“Jeez! how do sick people breathe in the kind of environment”. I thought but said aloud and Funmi laughed

“Don’t tell me you have never been here before”

I Shrugged. “Well! Just a couple of times , and that is for research works

“Oh! you are a medical student , I completely forgot”

“I nodded absentmindedly. ” so how did you meet Dave?” I blurted out , and then caught my breathe

I never intended to ask the question but I guess my curious self got the best out of me …..

“You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to”. I quickly added

She gulped down hard . “I know you are still angry, i know you feel it is my fault , I know you only pretending to like me because of your girlfriend”

Bingo! how did she know!!

“But believe me when I say I am deeply sorry for everything….

Sorry! and what will sorry do? will it takeaway the pain in me? no, but what can I do?nothing ….

I sighed softly. “It is alright”. I assured and her eyes lit up


“Yeah! so I will be leaving now , i have a morning Practical to catch up with”

“Alright Demi, Thanks for everything”

“Okay!” I simply said and began walking to the gate when she asked

“Can I get Tobi’s number?”

I stopped in my track , turning to face her.

“Tobi! do you have any business with him?”

She shook her head negatively

“Why then are you asking for his number?”

“Erm that is erm because I need to eem talk to him. she stuttered

I scoffed silently, talk to who? that betrayer!

“A word of advice miss , treat up your swollen face before Jumping into another mess”

“But I really need to talk to him”. She insisted and I huffed , ignoring her as I walked through the gate, out of the health centre ..

If she wants his number then she should ask him!

Standing in front of the huge gate , i was about flagging down a taxi when a black Camry pulled up in front of me….Kewe

Like seriously! What does he want? he has been disturbing me with calls , all of which I ignored….

“Demi!” he called , rolling down the window

“What do you want?” I asked coldly

“I need to talk to you bro”

“I am not interested”. I barked, expecting him to drive off but instead,he alighted from the car and walked over to me

“Please we need to talk”

“Just get the f**k out of my way”. I yelled

“No I won’t”. he retorted, standing right in front of me “i know you are angry , but you really need to listen to me ….

“So you can betray me again”. I jeered

“I didn’t betray you and never will I”.he half yelled and that was it , I exploded

“You bas***d! I took you as a friend, I confided in you and told you everything f**king thing about me , how dare you snitch on me …Hun! Is that why you advised me to give in to Dave?” I yelled not minding the scene we were creating

“No Demi! I also joined the gang a few days back”

“You just joined?”

“Yes! do you remember the day you called to tell me about your late mother being poisoned”

I nodded

“Good! I was in Dave’s house that day , the bas***d threatened to Kill my elder sister if I don’t take the goddamned oath”

I froze on the spot.

“why didn’t you tell me?”my voice turned to whispers and I looked at him , conflicted

“Dave told me not to tell you”. he exhaled deeply, ” I was so scared, I couldn’t sit back and watch my sister die”

“D**n!” I bit my lips and tried to hide my pain by burying my face in my palm …

This was becoming way too much, what is the “bas***d “gaining from all of this?

Kewe continued. “We need to fight back Demi, we need to break free from Dave grip”

” We! who are the we? me and you”

“Not only us, there is Tobi , Bola and even the SUG president is not left out”

“And how do you know all of this?” I questioned him

he shrugged . ” well! Let me say , I made a research

Oh yeah!he is a smart one but not on this , Dave is a beast and won’t hesitate to wipe us out if we dare go against him..:

“Can’t you see Demi…………

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”. I cut in , “Can we please get going now or we will be late for classes”

he smirked. “You are just too stubborn!

“You can say that again”. I smiled lightly , breathing a sense of relief, a relief knowing that my best friend is my best friend



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