Obianuju – Episode 19

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Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 19

Love & pain


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

My head was upside down ,my mind clouded with panic and anger. I was finding it difficult to concentrate, all I wanted to do was leave the class ,but no, there is an “old looking” lecturer standing in front and I must listen to him..

Swears!Demilade is so annoying, dating two girls at the same time.Is he trying to be smart or what?….hmmmmmh!this rubbish must end today ,it is either he dates me or Susanna…..

“but what if he chooses her over you?”My subconsciousness asked mockingly , making me bit my lower lips in anger

No he can’t, he dare not try it or else I will kill……

“Juliet!” Shakirat called softly , bringing me out of my thoughts

quickly , I composed myself , shifting my gaze to her

“The lecturer”. she nudged me to face forward and when I did, I met the puzzled gaze of the Lecturer

I swallowed hard, nervously

“You alright?”the lecturer asked flatly

“Yes sir”

He huffed . “then why are you shaking your head here and there like a mad person, Are you worried about something?

“Ask her oooo, she is probably worried about her forseen failures “. Susanna was was seated at the extreme end drawled ,giving me a hard stare…

“Says the person who has numerous carryovers” I blurted out and then caught my breathe as a ripple of laughter ran through the class..

I never intended to make fun of her but her loud mouth pushed me into it .

Nevertheless, I smiled inwardly , leaning back on the chair

now let’s see who has the last laugh!

“You bas***d!” She sprang to her feet , about to attack me but the Lecturer was quick to stop her…..

“Are you sure you are alright? how dare you raise a ruckus in my class”. he thundered

“but sir , she was the one who started it first”. Susanna rasped , shooting daggers at me …

“No young lady! You started it first”.

“I didn’t, she was the one who was….. Susanna tried arguing but the Lecturer cut her off

“Get out of my class”

“What!” She exclaimed with shock written all over her face

“I said get out”. The lecturer repeated,showing her the way out

“Fine! I will go”. she hissed loudly and picked up her books , fiercely glaring at me

I looked away with a smile on my face ,she got what she deserved!!!






The LLT3 ground was unusually crowded as students were trooping out of the Lecture hall in groups , shaking their heads as they whispered among themselves …

“What is with the sad faces?”I thought aloud,looking out of the window

“I think something bad happened”. Kewe answered as he drove into an open space , parking

Opening the door , I stepped down in a slow motion as my eyes wandered around, curiously…

what in the world is going on?

Just then , I heard someone call my name ; quickly I turned in the direction of the voice and saw a female course mate of mine, Zara by name , running towards me..

“Chai!this girl just dey fat everyday!”Kewe remarked , leaning against his car as he stared at the girl

“Sure! I agreed, “she wasn’t as big as this the last time I got her laid”

He chuckled. “Wallahi! Demi you are overly crazy , so you f**ked Zara”

“Yes! but that is all in the past , I am now a changed person”

“hmmmmm! I can see that “pretty girlfriend of yours” has taken over your brain”.he laughed and said teasingly

“not only my brain but also my heart”I mumbled to myself, my gaze fixed on Zara who was now in front of me..

She was covered with sweat , and was panting fiercely

“Are you guys still here?” she rasped , mopping the Sweat from her brow

Kewe and I exchange puzzled looks

“Actually, we are on our way to the Laboratory”.Kewe replied

“Laboratory ke!”she laughed, clapping her hands lightly

” you better don’t waste your time , there is no practical class today

“why?” I asked ,looking towards the white building

“That is because professor Jibola was rushed to the hospital”

“Professor Jibola!” Kewe and I chorused in shock , ” what happened to him?Is he sick or what?”I half yelled


was already getting hysterical!

“No oooooo! he was beaten savagely by some boys right outside the school gates”

“Boys! savagely”. I muttered under my breathe

“It is Dave “.Kewe said in whispers and I turned to face him , meeting his gaze

“How sure are you?”

“Well!he shrugged , “Last night at Dave’s place , he was ranting about Professor Jibola failing him and all that but I never expected him to act so……

“Inhumane”. I completed with a scoff and began walking down a sloppy path….

“Guy! Where you dey go?”kewe asked , following behind me

“And where does it look like to you”I snapped at him

There was a pause and then he huffed

“The Leisure centre? no Demi , that is suicidal”

“I don’t care, I don’t bloody care”. I half yelled

“Really?”he jumped in front of me , blocking my path

“And what do you intend doing? do you plan on starting a fight”

I scoffed.”who said anything about picking a fight, I just want to question the bas***d about ….. my voice broke and a tear slid down my face

“I just want .. to know the .. reason why he .. hurt the old man , you know he is my mentor”.I muffled in between tears

Kewe sighed. “I know how you feel , but confronting Dave isn’t the right thing to do “

“Why? because he is a human god”. I jeered

“No, because he is the gang leader and ……I pushed him out of the way before he could complete his statement and ran as fast as I could to the Leisure centre ….

I was pained , I was hurt , I wasn’t even thinking straight. All I wanted was for Dave to give a good reason why he beat up the old man…..


By the time I got to the Leisure centre, I was covered in cold sweat and hastily , I climbed up the short step to the brown building.


at the entrance, my eyes wandered around for “the bas***d” and I saw him seated at a table in the corner with three of the gang members —Bola , Tobi and Prince

I marched towards them

“Dave!” I called in anger and they all looked at me

“Demi! Awfar na?” Dave greeted as I huffed

“You bas***d! what did the “old man”do to you?i half yelled

He appeared taken aback and then he composed himself, smiling

“what man?”

I scoffed , is he for real?

“I am talking about Professor Jibola, why did you hurt him ?” I fired at him and to my upmost surprise, they all laughed

“Chai! Demi , is this the reason you rushed down here sweating like this ?”prince retorted , laughingly and I looked daggers at him

“I am not talking to you , i am talking to the bas***dly Dave”

“Be careful with your words , that is not the way you talk to the number -1”. Tobi warned, staring intently at me …

“I huffed. “Number I my foot! he is nothing but a cold- blooded beast who takes advantage of ……::

“Shut up!” Dave thundered , eying me coldly

“And what if I don’t , will you shoot me? I sneered

“No I won’t shoot you but will shoot the person who you Value most in life”.he stated with an evil smile, making my heart skip in fear ..

Obianuju! why must he bring her into this?

“Now let me tell you the reason for my action”. he added , motioning me to a seat and I sat down, obediently

“Good!” he remarked,sipping out a little of his drink before he continued.

” I did what I did to teach him a lesson and nothing more”

“A lesson! at the expense of his life”. I said , staring at him in disbelief

He laughed. “I could have easily killed him but I didn’t, and do you know why? It is because of you Ademilade

“Because of me”. I muttered

“Yes! I know how much the “old man” means to you . The gang protects its members not hurt them so get that to your stubborn skull Demi and accept the fact that you are a part of us ….

“Tell him oooooo”. Prince drawled , attracting a cold stare from Dave

“I am sorry”.he quickly apologised

“Better!” Dave said lowly and then faced me

“So what will you say?”

I huffed silently, say? Is he expecting me to say sorry? no way..


won’t happen again”. I simply replied and he nodded , smiling

“You see Demi, I really like you but you are….he paused trailing off , his gaze fixed behind me

“Isn’t that the Microbiology genius?” he directed the question to no one in particular

I quickly turned back and saw Rinzy standing at the entrance with an ugly dark girl , Obianuju’s room mate …..

Why is he asking about him???

“Yes!he is the one”. Prince replied , “his name is Arinze and his alias name Rinzy …

Dave Smiled. “Interesting! what about his financial status ,how wealthy is his father?” he asked , fixing his gaze on Bola

“Well!” Bola shrugged , “the last time the media team interviewed him , i got to know his father is a senior Lecturer in the a popular private university, Covenant university to be precise and also the CEO to an architectural company…

What! CEO! Jeez! I never knew my girlfriend was this rich…..but wait a minute! why is Dave interested in knowing all this…

“But why are you asking all this?” I queried him

He shrugged .”Nothing!i was only contemplating if I should introduce him to the gang”

“No Dave! You can’t do that”. I blurted out ,nervously

“Why?” he asked, staring intently at me

“That is because, that is because, that is because”. I stuttered not knowing what to say until Tobi came to my rescue

“he is a student pastor”

“Student pastor! hell no! I don’t need religious freaks in the gang”.Dave retorted in a huff

I smiled inwardly and shot Tobi a grateful look

“Thanks!” I mouthed and he looked away , smiling

Suddenly , my phone beeped signifying a text message

I took it out of my pocket to see the name “Priceless Treasure” flashing on the screen

I smiled lightly, clicking on it

“I am done with lectures ooooooo, where are you?”

Still smiling, I stood up and faced Dave

“I need to get going now”

but why? did I offend you with my words?”

“No! I have important things to take care off”.i replied in disdain and being a dumb skull, he didn’t notice the scorn in my voice

“Alright!”he simply said ..

with a curt nod , I began walking towards the entrance….

“And don’t forget we are now brothers”.he called after me

I scoffed silently

Brothers! It sounded like sworn enemies to me!!!!!






With a little smile, I followed Demi with my eyes till he walked out of the building and then I faced the table ,picking up my drink as i sipped out of it …..

“but Dave! why you allow Demi go like that , you for teach am small lesson”. Prince slurred

he was clearly drunk

Dave smiled. “he is a kid and I expected him to behave that way

Idiot!so he knows he is a kid and yet he forced him into cultism

“But don’t worry, I will make sure to cut that wings of his”.

Oh right! I bet he would!!

“Tobi!”he suddenly called

“Yes Dave!” I answered, looking at him

“That fine babe wey I see you with this morning, I need am Abeg”. he begged …

“Which fine babe?” I asked , arching my eyebrow

“That babe na! the fair one with big ass”

“big ass! big ass! big ass!….. oh! Susanna! haba!she is not my babe oooo , she is Demi babe ….

“Demi’s babe!” he repeated , staring at me like a Zombie , “but how is that possible, I thought the “innocent looking girl” is his girlfriend…

“Yes she is, but erm you see , Susanna is like his……..

“Side chick”. he completed and I shrugged

“Something like that”

He laughed.”Ah! Demilade will never cease to amaze me , how can he have a “pretty girl” like that and still be keeping a side chick”

Pretty girl! Did he Just call Juliet pretty?

“Swears! If I have a girlfriend as pretty as her … mehn! I will cherish her forever”. he added

Dazedly, I opened my mouth , about to say something when my phone rang…..

I reached for it and checked the caller , it was an unsaved number

Who is this? I wondered, receiving it

“Hello dear!” a female voice rang through

“Who is this please ?” I asked politely

She chuckled. “You are Dave’s friend right?”

“Dave!” I said aloud and Dave shot me a curious look

“Who is that?” he asked

I shrugged , removing the phone from my ear

“I don’t know ,but it seems the person knows you

“Oh! Let me have the phone”. he said , stretching out his hands and I placed the phone gently on his palm

quickly, he put the phone on his ear

“Hello! who is this?”…………Moremi ! who?

Instantly , he sprang to his feet and moved a short distance away

Does he knows the person? If yes , why did the person call my phone?…. wait sef!how did the person get my number?

“Tobi! who be that?”prince slurred and I shifted my attention to him, meeting his dull gaze

“how do you expect me to know?” I snapped at him

he scoffed . “I only asked a question na , why are you so harsh?

“That is because I hate you” My subconsciousness screamed and I smiled at it

If only the fool knows how much I hate him ehen , he won’t talk to me ever !

He continued. “I don dey shine teeth for you, na the reason why you no know your mate abi?

Chissos! chissos! who brought age into this matter?

“I just dey look una since, if no be Dave ehen I for don clear una tay tay ”

“Hmmmh! Capon! Capon!” Bola hailed him and then signalled me to apologise

I scoffed silently, looking away

Me! apologise to this Agbaya( big fool), over my dead body!

“Tobi now!”Bola called , kicking me under the


I hissed loudly and pointed to him , wagging my fingers

“Wo! leave me alone or else…..

“Or else what ?” Dave butted in ,smiling as he sat down

Oh! he has finally returned!

“So who was that?” I asked , curiously

He bit his lips , licking it

“No one important”. he stated , handing my phone back to me …

“Oh!” I exclaimed softly, scrolling through my phone and noticed, he deleted the number


“Demi! is he from a polygamous family?” he asked , it was more like he was talking to himself but nevertheless, I answered him


He scoffed . “The b***h must be crazy” . he mumbled but I heard him clearly

What b***h? I wondered……






I kept on running until I got to the Faculty of Law and then I steadied myself with my hands on my knee, panting …..

“Demi!”i heard a familiar voice call

Smiling, I looked in the direction of the voice and saw “my baby “….. marching towards me, her hijabite friend beside her …

And from the darkened frown on her face , I could tell she was angry and when I say angry , I mean boiling with rage ……but why?

“Baby!”. I called ,moving closer and the gap between us closed ; leaning forward, I wanted to hug her but she pushed me away ….

“Don’t touch me you flirt”. She warned , shooting daggers at me

I stared at her , puzzled

What is wrong with her?

“Here! “ she tossed my car keys to me and began walking away from me when her friend called her

“What!!” She faced her friend,frowning

Her friend smiled. “I know you are angry but you need to hear him out first”

hear me out! What did I do?

“Nooooo! she screamed loudly, attracting some curious stares

“I can’t listen to this Cheat”

“Cheat!” I managed to say as I was so confused

I just stood there , speechless, staring at her with my eyes wide opened

“Yes Demi! You are a cheat! how could you sleep with another girl after taking away my pride”

“Girl! What girl?”I asked , taking a step to her

“Susanna! you slept with her”. She half yelled , breaking down in tears

F**k! how will I deal with this?

“Fine!Fine! you are right, I slept with her after taking your virginity but all that stopped when I fell in love with you”

She swallowed hard , staring intently at me


“Yes baby! that is the plain truth”

“Why then is she still spending the night at your place?”she snapped at me

I froze on the spot , How the hell did she know about it?

Oh right! I guess the loud mouthed b***h told her about it!

“Erm that is because she arrived at my place late and erm you know I can’t possibly send her out “. I stuttered as she snuffled , searching through my gaze

“Please believe me , I will never ever cheat on you”. I pleaded so desperately

She scoffed. “believe you! did I just hear you say that? tell me , how will I do that when your “precious girlfriend” disgraced me in front of the whole class? how will I believe you when she always pick a fight with me all because of you?”

I folded my fist in anger , Susanna must answer to this !

“Tell me what I should do to take away your hurt” I begged

I wasn’t use to all this emotional bla bla bla ,but I couldn’t bear to see her cry

“Take away my hurt! Are you for real? okay! Fine!Tell the whole world how much you love me”. She replied with a straight face

“And how will I do that? should I use a mega phone or microphone?

“No!”she smiled lightly, “go down on your knees in front of all to see and scream at the top of your voice that you are in love with me”

“What!” I exclaimed in shock and she nodded

“That is what I want!”

“but Juliet that is much now , how do expect him to kneel in front of a Faculty building “. her friend queried and she smirked

“I will begin my counting”

“What counting?” I asked , looking around the crowded Faculty

“1….2…. 3……4……

Like seriously! Is she for real?”

She continued….5…..6…. 7…..

“Fine!” I agreed and slowly dropped to my knees

Instantly,the whole place became rowdy and the screams of a thousand people could be heard, even the Lecturers were not left out , the stupid ones among them were even taking pictures….

“Come and see the Mr OOU ooooo, he is kneeling for a girl”. I heard the whispers but do I care? no, i was so much in love with the girl in front of me and I wanted her to be happy …

“I love you so much Obianuju”. I screamed just like she asked me to and her eyes watered

“Demi! she called softly

“can I stand up now? I asked and she nodded sheepishly, holding my hands as I got up off the floor

“but why did you do that?”She queried

“Why did I do what?” I retorted

“Kneel for me ” she said softly, making me huff

Like seriously! Is she really asking me that?

“You asked me to kneel miss or have you forgotten?” I asked in sarcasm

“I haven’t … I mean I never believed you would do it”

Oh right! and she asked me to

“Get into the car”. I simply instructed and when she did , I climbed into the driver seat , nodded at her friend who was still watching us with a smile and on starting the ignition, I pulled out on the road and drove off speeding to my hall…….



I wasted no time getting home as I took a short cut to avoid the afternoon traffic rush hour .

I drove through the huge gate to the compound and parked out in front of my apartment, right beside my Buggati Divo……

but why didn’t you make use of the big car?”Obianuju asked , referring to the Bugatti

“That is because i don’t want to get lynched”. I replied and she bounced on the seat , excitedly

She was like that all through the drive and I guess you know the reason why .

Opening the car door, I alighted from the car and she did the same at her own end; then we climbed up the short step to the balcony and unlocking the door , we both walked in to the sitting room

“home sweet home!” She giggled , tossing her hand bag to the sofa

“I am famished , is there something edible at home?

“Nope! I replied , popping the p

She frowned. ” why na! what will I now eat?”

“Food cooked by you”. I simply said as I walked through the sliding door to the room and she scoffed , following behind me

“What do you mean by that? do you want me to eat poison?”

“Poison! Are you saying you can’t cook anything?”I snickered , placing my “keys ” and phone on the table and then turned around to face her

She was quiet for a moment and then she smiled

“Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare something”

I scoffed . ” you and who?”

“You now or is there someone else in the room”

“No thanks! Exam is in two weeks time and I have to read”

“Aha! Aha! how does cooking affects examination?”

“In many ways”. I stated , gesturing a large size with my hands

She laughed. “Stop Jor, Let’s us go and cook”

“Alright!” I agreed, “Let us go”

And with that , we walked out of the room to the Kitchen

“So what should we cook?” She started, looking around the kitchen

I shrugged , leaning against the door


“hmmmm!… anything…… do you have pepper?”

I pointed to the refrigerator

“Meat nko?”

No! but I have grilled chicken and it is inside the refrigerator

“hmmmmh….rice nko?”

“The bag of rice is behind you”

She looked back , nodding

“Perfect! we are gonna make rice and stew”. She stated and I recoiled in fear , fearing for my life

The rice and stew sounded like poison to me!

She continued. “but wait sef!do you go to the market your self?”

“No , Susan..erm I mean …….

“You don’t need to lie”. she cut in , smirking

“Alright!” I plainly agreed as she continued

“But don’t worry , it won’t happen again because i will be spending most of my night in this house”

I widened my eyes in surprise, I never knew she was this Jealous

“To read for the exams”. She quickly added

Read for Exam! why then does it sounds like monitoring me!

“So enough with the talk , Let us start cooking”

“Alright ma!” I drawled

She was the one doing the talking and still the same person reprimanding

“Oya Demi! Slice onions for me”. she instructed, stepping on her toes as she brought down a very big pot

Chai! which kind of girl is this? Does she want to cook for the whole world?…… well! Let me still be watching…..

“Han! Han! what are you waiting for? Slice the onions na”. She queried and without saying a word , I dragged my tired self to the cabinet , opened the cupboard, took an onion out of a big basket, picked up a knife along with a plate , washed the onion and began slicing ….

“So what next?….. hmmmh”. she tapped her fingers lightly on the cabinet, as if thinking and the next thing that followed was her screams…

“Yes pepper”

I laughed inwardly, my eyes following her as she rushed to the refrigerator, literally struggling with it ..

“Be careful!” I told her and she nodded , bringing out the bowl of blended pepper and tomato….

“Are you gonna make use of everything?” I asked

“No! Just a little “. She replied, placing it gently on the cabinet ; then she rinsed out the pot, lit up the gas and placed the big pot on it …..

“Where is the palm oil?” She asked, looking into the hot pot

“Beside you”. I replied , pointing to a smaller cupboard”

She turned sideways, reaching for the Palm oil and then poured almost a quarter of the keg into the pot ;immediately , she picked up the plate of onions and poured it into the cold oil

And that was the height of it , I couldn’t take it any longer ….

I moved closer and turned off the gas

“Why did you do that?” she frowned

“Nothing babe! I just don’t want you stressing yourself , I will call the “cooking lady”tomorrow to come prepare edible food for us , so manage the Junks in the refrigerator for today”

She shook her head. ” No baby ! tell me my mistake so I will learn”

Learn! from who!

“You don’t have to learn, you are perfect”. I said sardonically , walking out of the kitchen ….

“Ah! Ademilade is angry”. she mumbled but I heard her clearly

“I am not angry oooo”. I replied and heard her laugh

“Don’t worry i will prepare something delicious for you”. She called after me and I scoffed ,ignoring her as I collapsed on the sofa …

I rested back on it , my mind drifting back to the happenings of today

Firstly, the assault on the old professor and secondly, the “tell the world you love me” stuff my lazy girlfriend asked me to do…..

Jeez! Today was one hell of a day!

Suddenly, my phone rang and I reached for it , checking the caller

It was Susanna!

“F**k!” I cursed silently as I declined the call….

Almost immediately, a message from her popped up on the screen

I clicked on it and read it

“Are you home now?”

I huffed , what is she trying to do ?

quickly, I clicked on her message, typing

“Don’t dare try to come around, I am with my girlfriend”…….. and that was the exact moment, Obianuju came out of the kitchen, holding a tray

“Food is ready! Food is ready!” She kept on singing till she got to my front , then she placed the tray on the centre table

I stared at the “coloured indomie” and my appetite suddenly grew wings and flew ….

“What is this?”

“Indomie!” She replied ,squeezing her face like a baby

“And why is the colour like this?”

She smiled lightly, sitting down on the arm of the sofa …

“Just take a spoonful”. she said and when I did, i spat it out

“Did you add salt to it ?”

“Hum.. hum..” She nodded , “ I also added palm oil”

Now I understand why the indomie is coloured!

“Oya jor! Let us eat “. she picked up a spoon and began to eat

“how is it ?” I asked

“It is so delicious”. She remarked and continued munching on the food

tsk… tsk… tsk… I never knew she was this worst in cooking!


After we finished eating, or should I say after she finished eating since she was the one who ate most of it …. well! Which ever of the two,

she parked up the used plates to the kitchen and then returned to the sitting room, touching her flat stomach ……

“My stomach ooo” my stomach oooo”

I stared at her , my expression a mixture of concerned and confusion as she sat down beside me

“ what is wrong? Are you hurting?”

She shook her head .”No! It is filled up”.

I smiled lightly, averting my gaze from her as I shifted my attention to the television..

She is the perfect definition of a clown!

“Ehen! Demi ,do you know where i can fix my nails?”She suddenly asked

“Yes!”I nodded , my eyes still on the television, “why are you asking?”

“erm you see i want to fix mine”, she answered and I shot her a surprised look

Fixing! when did she start doing stuff like this?

“I want a well- polished nail just like my friend Shakirat and also fixing my nails will prevent me from eating my fingers “she gave her reasons , her stupid reasons as I would call it but what can I say? I Just wanted her to be happy and if some nails will make her happy , so be it ….

“There is a lady in the next building who does stuffs like that”. I told her.

“Bingo!” She got off the sofa , facing me

“Please take me there”

“Like seriously! Do you want to do that now?”


“Fine!” I agreed , heaving a deep sigh as I stood up

“Let,s go”. I said , dragging my feet as I made for the door.

Opening it , I stopped short

Tobi , my frenemy was standing right on the front porch with his hands made to knock

When did he get here?

“Good afternoon”. he greeted politely

I scoffed. “Afternoon! why are you here?”

he shrugged. “Nothing much, I just want to spend some time with you

Spend some time! with who??Why is he even acting friendly?

“That is because he is your friend”. My subconsciousness replied and yes , it was Kinda right

Tobi was still my friend …. I mean we never had any serious issues right!

I exhaled softly, opening the door wider

“Come in bro

He smiled lightly,”Demi my man”. he hailed

“Yeah !yeah!”I raised my hands in response, “wait for me, I am coming”

he shot me a curious look . “You going out?”

“To the next apartment, my girlfriend wants to do some “painting”.

“It is called Fixing”. Obianuju butted in

“Oh!She wants to do some fixing”. I corrected myself

“Better!” She remarked, walking past me,out of the house …

“Oya ooo!! Let’s go”

Stepping out of the house , we climbed down the short step and began walking to the next apartment..

Hun ..Hun…she cleared her throat and i increased my walking pace knowing what will follow……Jamb questions”

“Ah! Ah! Why are you walking fast?” She queried, taking quick steps to catch up with me

I ignored her and continued with my “fast steps’ till we got to a building with a pink door

“Is this the place?” She asked , panting hard

“Knock on the door”. I simply instructed and when she did , a busty lady opened the door

Seeing me , her eyes lit up

“Han! Han! Demi , Awfar?” She greeted , looking at Obianuju and then back at me ….

“I am fine oooo. my girlfriend wants to paint…erm I mean wants to Fix her nails”

The girl laughed. “No wahala na , I will do it for her fine fine”

“so how much is it?”

“It is not expensive, just #3500”

“Alright! send me your account details on WhatsApp, I will make the transfer ASAP”

“hmmmmm! Demi! Demi! make sure you add something on top oooooo”

“Okay ooo”. I replied and then faced Obianuju

“Chioma here will fix the nails for you so when you are………:

“Chioma!” She cut in , “is her name Chioma?”

I nodded slowly

“Wow! she bears the same name with my mum “. She jumped up excitedly

“Oh! Okay! When you are done, come meet me at home”. I completed

She frowned. “Wait for me na”

“Then what about Tobi?”

“Oh!oh ! That is true , I will come Join you guys when I am done”

I sighed in relief

“Thank goodness she understand!”I muttered, taking few steps forward when she said

“My mum said you should call her”

I stopped in my steps , facing her

“Your mum! why? does she know me?”

“Yes!I told her a lot about you”. She replied and my curiosity increased

“A lot of things! Like what and what?

She laughed. “Don’t worry , we will talk about it later”

“Alright!” I agreed and took a sharp bend to my apartment; then I climbed up to the balcony, pushed the door opened and walked in to see Tobi seated on the sofa , playing the PS 3 game

“Oh you are back!”. he observed, smiling

I nodded , joining him on the Sofa

“Juliet nko?”

“Still at Chioma’s place”

“Chioma! Chioma! Chioma! Oh you mean that busty lady , the one you screwed”

“Who you also screwed”. I fired back at him and he dropped the pad on the centre table , laughing

I smirked. “Idiot! If you like don’t go and find love

Immediately, he stopped laughing

“I have someone who I love already”

“Really! who is that?” I asked excitedly and he smiled lightly

“Someone I will never ever have”




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