Obianuju – Episode 25

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 25
Mothers are priceless
The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, it comes from those who are close to you…
Life is not about who is real to your face , it is about who is real behind your back ..

The anger was hot in my gut, and all I wanted to do was cry and scream and let it all out because it was killing me inside. but can I do that? hell no, my girlfriend is right in the room and I don’t want her getting all worried.

I clenched my fist tightly and began marching to the kitchen

Susanna and her “ugly friend”must pay for all of the pain they caused her!!

Entering the kitchen , I opened the pot on the gas and looked into it , it was empty ….

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I sighed in frustration, what will I do now?

I let my gaze wander around the kitchen and noticed the tins of beverages sitting in the cupboard.

Perfect! I am gonna make her tea

quickly , I reached for the electric kettle which was at the top of the cupboard, rinsed it out ,put a little water inside it and was about plugging it when I heard a loud piercing scream——Obianuju!

I rushed out of the kitchen in an instant and dashed into the room where i found her curled up in bed , crying

“Baby!” I moved closer to her. “what is wrong?”

There was no response , she acted like she didn’t hear me!!

Oh God! Please help me!

“Obianuju! I softly called her name as I crouched beside her. “why are you crying?”

Still there was no response. She just sat there, turning her head from side to side as she cried …

What is wrong with her?

“Baby! I exhaled deeply. “Is this still about Dave?”

She shook her head in slow motion

” then what is with the tears?”I asked calmly, brushing a wisp of hair away from her face

“My mum”. her voice came out in whispers

“What happened to her?”

“I don’t know”

I stared at her , confused

“You don’t know what happened to her?”

I said I don’t know”. She yelled and began kicking her legs around all wild and viciously

I became alarmed, Is she running crazy or what!!

“Uju!”I put my hand on her shoulder and rubbed it slightly. “Look at me please”. I pleaded and when she did , I saw the hurt in her eyes …

“My… mummy!” She whimpered. “I have a feeling …that .. she …is ….not ….okay”. she struggled her words in between tears

“why did you say so?”

She snuffled . “My sister called me just now and she was crying”

Her sister called her and she started crying, I still couldn’t get her points!

“So?” I searched through her gaze . “that isn’t enough reason for you to conclude that….I stopped mid- sentence when I heard my phone ring..

I took it out of my pocket to check out the caller and noticed it was …..Rinzy

My heart skipped a beat and a strange feeling

Surged through me .

“Who is that?” Obianuju asked

I received the call, ignoring her question

“Guy! Awfar?” I greeted first

“Demi! he called with a cracked voice. “Is my sister there with you”

“Yes!”I replied and glanced at Uju who was staring at me curiously

He snuffled. “I need a favour from you bro”

“Okay!” I said , urging him to continue

“Can you please bring Uju home tomorrow morning”

“Why?” I asked and held my breath waiting for his answer

“My mum is dead”.he dropped the bombshell and my heart literally stopped beating

“she died of cancer this morning”

Cancer! This is too bad!

“Where are you?” I managed to ask

“Home”. he replied. “I travelled as soon as I got the news . We never wanted to tell Uju till we fixed the burial date but my little sister spilled ……..he paused , breathing hard

“Rinzy!” I called and immediately regretted it

“My brother?” Obianuju asked, clinging unto my left hand . “what is he saying?”

I turned away as tears welled up in my eyes

“Rinzy!” I called again. “You alright?”

“Yes! he snuffled. “I am just …….


understand”. I cut in . “I will bring her home tomorrow”

“Thanks so much man”

“It is nothing”. I waved it off . “and please don’t …he hung up on me before I could offer my condolences

A good thing he did as I don’t even know what to say!!

“What did my brother say?” Obianuju repeated her question, but this time around with a cold voice”

I bit at my lips not knowing how to break the news to her!

She continued. “It is about my mum right??”

“No”. I lied

” why then did he call you?”she half yelled, her eyes boring into mine

“he wants me to bring you home”.

“bring me home?” her eyes widened and her face turned a ghastly shade of white . “Why Demi? why?”her voice was strained

i stared at her , contemplating whether I should tell her or not , I decided against it!

“Answer me , why did he ask you to bring me home?” her trembling voice rang in my head ..

I sighed softly and sat on the bed

“Should I make tea for you?” I asked changing the topic , as I myself was also looking for a distraction!

she scoffed. “are you trying to avoid my question?”

“No”. I shook my head slowly . “I only asked if should make tea for you”

“I am not hungry”. She hissed loudly .

“Okay then , let’s sleep”

With that, I laid on the bed and pulled her close in an embrace, making her lay her head on my bare chest

She clung tightly to me and began sobbing

“My mum Is dead right?”

“You will see her when you get home”. I simply answered

“Really?” there was a little smile in her voice and a feeling of guilt hit me in an instant

I am lying to her , I am f**king lying to her!

“you lied because you were scared”. a tiny voice in my head whispers and yes , it was right


am scared right now , scared of how she will react…

“Baby!” She interrupted my thoughts


“are you really going to follow me home?”she raised her head and looked me in the face

“hum! hum!”I nodded

“Alright!”She merely said and looked away. “Good night”.

“Good night baby”.i bade and leaned in to kiss her forehead..

I switched off the light bulb and as if waiting for a signal , my tears came down pouring

That pretty woman dead, unbelievable!

I buried my head in her hair as i just couldn’t stop crying and only then did i hear her soft sobs

She was crying too!

Did she figure it out? I wondered , listening to her cry till I drifted off to sleep!


The next morning


I opened my eyes slowly allowing them time to adjust to the blinding light coming in through the window, it was already morning…

Stretching, I turned my body sideways to Obianuju but she was not beside me , she wasn’t even in the room

Where the hell is she?

I sat up in a huff, my bleary eyes darting around the room.her pink back bag was sitting at a corner of the room, a white handbag on top

Like seriously! she has already packed her bags!

Lazily , I dragged myself up from the bed and ambled to the mirror stand

Staring at my reflection , My jaws dropped

Who is this boy I see. staring straight. back at me? why is my reflection someone I don’t know? who is this red puffy eyes boy? It is

definitely not me!

“Demi!” a tiny voice suddenly called

quickly, I turned my head in the direction of the voice and saw Obianuju standing at the entrance the bathroom,[email protected] ,with water dripping down her body..

So she was bathing!!

I forced a smile and moved closer to her

Good morning babe”

“Morning!”I heard her mumbled response as she walked past me to the wardrobe. “Go and bath, we are already running late”

“Late! I glanced at the wall clock . “but it is just 7;05 am”

She scoffed and turned her head towards me

“So what time do you want us to leave? 10:00pm”

“No! I just………

“Then shut the f**k up and go and bath”. she cut in,her voice filled with anger

Jeez! Is she angry with me? If yes , then I have to take the chill pills!

“Alright ma!” I drawled and went into the bathroom

Pulling off my clothes, I stepped into the bath tub , brushed my teeth and had a long bath, washing away all of yesterday stress!


done , I reached for my towel , dried up my body and returned to the room just in time to see Obianuju zip up a short blue gown!!

“Are you really gonna wear this home?”

She nodded slowly, a far away look in her eyes

“Really?” I continued. “won’t your mu…dad query you”

“I don’t care”. she retorted, her eyes sparkling like fire

What has gotten into her?

heaving a sigh, I went over to the wardrobe, opened it and began searching for clothes

“I packed up a few clothes for you”. she said softly

Pack clothes for me! why? Is she expecting me to sleep over at her home, impossible!!

“Alright!” I merely agreed as i didn’t want to anger her spirit

I pulled out a sweatshirt , trouser and brief and hurriedly changed into it; then I wore a black sneakers, combed out my hair , picked up my car key along with my phone and faced her

“Let us….I trailed off, my gaze on her disheveled hair

“Aren’t you gonna take care of your hair?”

“No”. She bluntly replied

with that, she picked up her bags and walked out of the room.

Oh right!

I followed behind her till we got outside the house ; then I locked the doors and climbed down the short step to the car…

Using the key, i opened the car door and slid into the driver seat

“Sango right??” I asked obianuju who was seated beside me

“Yes … eem …. no”. She stuttered

“what exactly are you saying?”

She exhaled deeply. “The bells Ota”

I nodded slowly and began programming the GPS

“Have you found it?” she asked

“Nope”. I answered popping the p. “what I am seeing here is erm….Iyana……

“Iyesi”. she completed and I nodded

“Ehen now, the bells is after Iyana iyesi”

“Iyana iyesi!” I mumbled. “Do you live in a bush?”

“Taarh!” she gave me a playful punch. “If you see where I live ….hen…you will bow your head in admiration”. She boasted

I chuckled lightly hearing the smile in her voice

“Then it seems the estate doesn’t want to be found, if not …. i stopped mid- sentence when the red dot blinked twice

“I found it”

“Thank goodness!”she sighed in relief

Smiling , I buckled my seat belt and was about starting the car when my phone suddenly rang

I reached for it and saw the name “Dad” flashing on the screen

I received it , holding the phone to my right ear

“Ademilade Adeoye”. his baritone voice rang through . “Is this the way to …….

“Dad”. I cut in . “I have it in mind to call you today, I really really need your help”.

“My help!” he repeated, “and what is that?”

“I want two ladies out of the school”

“Han! Han! Ade”. he retorted . “You can’t possibly expect me to destroy someone’s future just because they offended you”

“It is not about me , it is about my girlfriend”. I half yelled . “Those devils conspired against her , they wanted her gang-raped

“What!” he gasped audibly in shock

“yes dad . you really need to see to it that they are punished”. I begged

There was a pause and then he said

“Send me their full names”

Bingo! exactly what I wanted to here

“Sure, I will do that as soon as possible”

“Good! so how is your girlfriend, I hope she is alright?” he changed the topic

“Yes”. I glanced at Obianuju who had a dazed expression on her face. “she is very much alright”

He continued. “and you?””

“I am fine”

“Okay son!I just called to check up on you”

“Thanks dad”

“And don’t forget to include their level and department”

“I won’t”. I said and ended the phone call

“And what is the call all about?”Obianuju fired at me

I sighed deeply, facing her

“Can we Please talk about it later?”

“No”. She shook her head. “I want to know the ladies who conspired against me

“but baby you are … I tried to say but she cut me off

Is it Susanna?”

I shot her a surprise look. how in the world does she know??

“Oh! so it is Susanna”. she answered herself . “so tell me , who is the second lady?”

I searched through her gaze and saw the tears burning her eyes

She was clearly in pain!

“Who is she?” she yelled

I let out a deep breathe I never knew I was holding

“your roomie”

She grew stiff and cold in an instant

“Faith!She muttered. “no!no! no! that is not possible, Faith is my sister and will never do it”. She screamed, throwing her hands carelessly

Is she trying to hurt herself!!

“Hey! Hey! Babe”. I held her to me . “you don’t need all this, instead you should be grateful that nothing went bad”. I said trying to calm her down and it worked , she became a bit calm..

“Faith betrayed me”. she whispered

“I know”. i brushed her cheeks lightly. “and I am gonna make sure she regret it”

“by sending her out of school?”

I nodded slowly

She was quiet for a moment and then she shook her head

“Please don’t”. She pleaded. “I don’t want anyone crying because of me”

I scoffed silently, how can she be so naive!

She continued. ” i want to be free , I want to live my life without guilt and worries , I just want to be happy”

“Is that what you want?” I asked calmly

“Yes”. she nodded . “Judgement belongs to God”

Now she is going all religious!”

“Alright!”I agreed and with that , I started the car and drove out of the compound, down the busy road as I headed to her family home ….

I will deal with the two b**ches in my own way!!!


” I love you Obianuju, always remember that!”

These were the words my mom said to me two days ago and it kept on ringing in my head…

Yes! My mum loves me so she can’t leave me alone right!

I laughed loudly, bouncing on the seat excitedly

“You alright?” Demi asked

I shifted my gaze to him, meeting his for a split- second

“Yes baby”. I squealed and began nodding and singing along to the song on the car radio


I don’t want to hear say

I don’t want to hear you say you dey with another man

The wey your body rotate

I no like am if I see you with another man……….I stopped when I heard Demi’s muffled laughter

“What!” I glared at him

“Nothing babe”. he smiled lightly. “I am just happy that you are happy”.

I stared at him hard and long

There was something about his smile, it looked so blank, like he was forcing it!!

“You sure you are alright?”

He glanced at me wearing the same strange smile


“No”. I shook my head vigorously, I wasn’t convinced at all . ” you still worried about Susanna and Faith?”

He chuckled softly. “I should be asking you that”

Asking me kwa! no ooo, they are the least of my problems!

I continued. “or is it about my mum?”

Instantly, his face grew pale and he clutched the brake tightly, staring straight ahead of him….

A strange feeling hit me , forcing my heart to pound

Is my mum really dead? no no, it can’t be possible!

“Will I see her when I get home?” I asked , staring intently at him , I just wanted him to assure me that my mom is alright….

he sighed softly. “Yes”

I nodded slowly and leaned back on the seat

My mum is alright”. I assured myself but deep down in my heart , I knew she was far from alright , that I was only deceiving myself ….



Finally! after four hours drive , we arrived at the Junction by my house, The bells Junction and per my direction, Demi took a right turn and drove down the tarred road till he got to a brown duplex , my house

The gate was wide open so he drove through it into the compound parked out in front, right beside a red Camry ——-My immediate elder brother, Obiora’s car

So he is around!

Opening the car door, I slid my leg out one by one , my gaze fixed on the handful of women standing on the balcony …

A wave of self – doubt and fear hit me, making my heart beat erratically

Is my mum really dead?

“You should go inside”. Demi said in thin whispers

I nodded absentmindedly and walked slowly to the building .

Seeing me , the women started whispering among themselves

“Ada”was the only word I could pick out from their hush whispers

“Good morning!” I greeted , climbing up to the balcony

“Morning my pikin”. a fat woman responded. “how is school?”

“Fine ma!” I replied

“hmmmm!”She sighed deeply. “Ndo ehen , It is God that gives and also takes away!!

Ndo! why is she telling me sorry? oh! no!

Impulsively , I shoved the woman aside and rushed blindly into the sitting room

“Mum! I screamed loudly. “I am home , please come out”

There was no response , all I heard was the inaudible whispering of voices

I stood there on the spot ,my eyes rolling to the back of my head , it was like I was in a trance…

Is this really happening!

“Mummy”. I screamed again , scratching and tearing my hair out

I must be going crazy!!

Just then , I felt a hand wrapped around me and I wriggled my body as I tried to struggle out of the hold but the hand held me firmly, pulling me closer

“Leave me alone”. I screamed

“No Uju, I won’t”. a familiar voice said and I calmed down instantly———Obiora

I turned around , facing him

“Obi!” I called softly, staring into his face

his eyes was puffy, his nose red and there was tears in his face

“Uju!” he smiled lightly. “how are you?”

I shook my head. “I am not fine , I want to see my mummy”

He sighed deeply . “Mum is in a better place”

“A better place?”I feigned ignorance

I was just hoping that all of this should be a dream

“she is in the….he stopped mid- sentence , his gaze fixed behind me

“Ademilade”. he muttered

quickly, I turned around and saw Demi leaning against a Sofa, his left hand tucked in his pocket as he silently watched us

“Obiora!” he smiled lightly

So they know each other…Amazing!

I shifted my attention back to my brother who was still staring at Demi

“Where is mum?” I repeated, but this time around with a harsh voice

He looked at me and swallowed hard

“Mum is Dead”.

My head literally exploded and a deep feeling

of anger and hatred surge through me

“Where is Daddy?” I asked coldly

“That man!” he hissed loudly . “he is in his room”

With tears rolling down my eyes, I ran up the stairs to my Dad’s room

my mum is Dead, she is dead, she is really dead

I was still finding it hard to believe!

Entering my dad’s room, I found him seated on his bed , a fat lady beside him

Who is this orobo? I wondered

“Daddy!” I called softly as he looked in my direction

“Uju! how are you?

“Fine!” I replied flatly, my intent gaze fixed on the fat woman . “who is she?”. I blurted out

he scoffed. “Is that the way to greet an elder?

who the hell is she?” I yelled , making him gasped audibly in surprise

“You shouted at me? he mumbled but I heard him clearly

The woman chuckled softly. “No cause for alarm , i am only here to sympathise with your dad”

“On his bed”. I jeered

“Shut up”. My dad barked at me . “how dare you say such ungodly things”

Ungodly Kwa! see who is talking!

“Han Han!” the woman butted in . “You don’t need to shout at her , you know she just lost her mother”

You b**ch! I subconsciously screamed at her

My Dad heaved a deep sigh and got off the bed, moving closer to me

“I am sorry for shouting , I am just too pained by your mother’s death”

“What killed her?” My voice sounded tired strained

“Cancer”. he replied , wiping the crocodile tears away from his eyes

Cancer! My mum had cancer! Is that why she looked pale! Is that why she was always tied scarfs ,so we won’t see her falling hair!

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“It wasn’t my decision”. he sighed. “it was your mum’s”

“Mum!” I muttered

He continued. “Don’t be mad at her, she just wanted you all to be happy and likewise me”

“You!” I repeated with disbelief written all over my face

“Yes child”. he nodded . “tell me whatever you need and I will get it for you….oh! I promised to get you a car right!!!

Like seriously! Is he trying to bribe me with a car?

“No thanks”. I politely declined. “I already got a car”.

“A car! he shot me a confused look. “who bought it for you?”

“My boyfriend”

“Are you talking about that…that…brown skinned boy who came with you?” he pointed to the window, seething with anger

Oh right! he saw us through the window!!

“Yes !” I answered and that was it, he flared up

“How could you Uju! how could you accept a car from a boy! for crying out loud, he is only after your virginity”

“I have already given him that”. I retorted bluntly , I was just too pained to care about what he thinks!

“You fool”. he thundered and raised his hands to slap me but I quickly dodged it ,

I laughed bitterly. “you want to slap me , but why?”

He opened his mouth in surprise and faced the fat lady

“Angela!did you see what just happened?”

Angela! I heard a loud bang in my head. so she is the Angela!

“You b**ch”. I cursed at her. “how dare you come into our home?”

The woman and my dad exchanged confused look

“Did I do anything wrong?” the woman asked

I simply ignored her and began walking to the door

“You walking out on me?” My dad retorted, his voice coming out in whispers

I stopped in my step , facing him

“No”. I faked a smile. “but the moment you bring in this “bimbo” to the family , forget about me!!

With that , I walked out of his room and dashed into the next room , my mom’s room

Pushing the door opened, I walked in and found Chichi seated on the tiled floor , crying , a white paper in her hand

“ChiChi!” I rushed to her ,holding her tightly …

“Uju! when …did ….you ….arrive”.she struggled her words in between tears

“Not quite long”

She continued. “have you seen that man?”

I pulled out of the hug to stare at her face

“That man! he is your father , remember?”

“He is a not my father”. she retorted in a huff . “he is just a man who pretends to be my father”

I shook my head. “Don’t say ……..

“Take a look at this “. She cut me off and held the paper up for me to see

It was my mum medical report!

Sharperly , I snatched it out of her hand and skimmed through it

My mum had been battling cancer for 7 years and according to the report, she still have roughly two years more to live

“why then did she die now?” I said aloud

“That is because daddy never gives her peace of mind”. Chichi replied . “he keeps on bringing that stupid Fat woman into the house”

My eyes grew wide in surprise. “Does mum knows Angela?” I wanted to be sure

“Before nko. She sniffed . “She kept quiet and did nothing about it and see where it led her to…..mortuary “. she broke down in tears

“Mortuary!” I mumbled under my breathe and that was when the deep realisation hit me

I am never going to see my mom again

“Mummmmmmy!” I shrieked in pain and began to cry!!






The sitting room was flooded with tears. loud wailing sound and quiet weepings filled the house and flowed like a river..

I just sat there on the sofa , a sick feeling stirring deep inside me

I wanted to leave this place as fast as possible as I was not used to staying long in people’s homes !

But I need to see my girlfriend first, I can’t leave without bading her bye!!

Speaking of which! where is she sef? have she forgotten all about me ?or wait! is she still crying? D**n! I bet she would…..

“Demi”. a voice interrupted my thoughts

Slowly, I turned my head in the direction and saw Obiora standing at the entrance, a faint smile on his face

“I am sorry for leaving you all alone”. he apologised. “I had to see my friends off”

“I understand! so how are you?” I changed topic

he moved closer and collapsed on the sofa

“I am just managing to be fine”

I stared at the pretty boy in front of me and smiled

“It has been three years right?”

“Nope! he shook his head. “we finished secondary school last four years”

“Oh! that is true!”

he smiled weakly . “So tell me , how is Abuja”

“Well! I shrugged lightly. “Abuja was fine the last time I visited”

“oh I see!so you are now an Ago iwoye boy..Hun!the one who is dating my sister”. he teased but I was quick to detect the sadness in his voice …

he was obviously forcing the conversation!

“Don’t push it , be free with me”. I simply told him

He was quiet for a moment and then he sighed

” I am not happy Demi , I am not happy at all. I am only pretending to be.

“I know!” I said softly and he nodded, looking towards the women who were seated in a corner of the sitting room, whispering ; then he smirked

“Come with me”

“what did you say?” I wanted to be sure I heard right

“I said come with me”. he repeated and with that , he stood up in a huff and made for the door

Where is he going to now?

Hastily, I sprang up to my feet and followed behind him as he walked out of the house to the compound; then he stopped in front of a small bench , sitting on it

“Sit!” he gestured , tapping the bench lightly which I did ,without saying a word

There was a short pause and then he asked

“The garden is beautiful right?” his gaze was fixed on the garden in front of us

I nodded slowly

“My mum set up the garden all by herself and looking at it now just reminds me of her”. he said with a hint of tears in his voice …

“Oh! was the only thing I could say as I was lost of words, I wasn’t used to emotional stuffs

He continued. “she would pray for the family , cook for the family , in-fact she did everything for this family but what did she get in return? betrayal!

“Betrayal! I shot him a confused look. “Who betrayed her?”

“My old man who is up in his room with another woman”

I laughed inwardly as the whole thing seemed so funny!

“wait! wait! you mean your dad is in his room with another woman?” I wanted to be sure I heard right

“Yes!” he nodded

“And you did nothing about it?” I retorted, staring at him in disbelief

He sighed softly. “what can I do about it?”

Ahhhh! Is he for real!..hmmm! I trust myself on this one, I would have burn down the whole house!

“Nothing!” I simply answered as I didn’t want to get involved in this family mess …

Too bad my girlfriend is also a part of the family!

A black Camry suddenly drove into the compound and parked right beside the garden

“My brother”. Obiora muttered

“Is it Arinze?” I asked

Right at that exact moment, Arinze and a dark young man stepped out of the car

“That is my eldest brother, Uchenna”. Obiora told me . “he flew all the way from Canada”


“That is your birth country right?”

So he remembers!

I nodded slowly, my eyes following the

young man as he marched towards the house with heavy steps….

Jeez! with all this children, the man still have the gut to cheat,he must be an ingrate!!

“Demi!” I heard Rinzy call and I shifted my attention to him

He was walking towards us with a tired smile on his face .

“Haaaa! Rinzy”. Obiora started. “Why didn’t you tell me Uju’s boyfriend is Demi?”

I scoffed silently. what is this one saying?

“You know each other?” Arinze asked ,looking at me and then at him

“Yes now, we used to best friends back in secondary school”. Obiora replied

Best friends! we were more like academic rivals!

“Really? Rinzy widened his eyes in surprise. “so you schooled at The International school Abuja?”

“Yup! I nodded and his face brightened up a little bit


“It is nothing”.i waved it off . “I would have brought her over even if you didn’t ask”

He smiled lightly and then faced Obiora

“Is the fat fool still inside the house?”


“That b**ch “. he folded his fist tightly and started running towards to the house

“You should go with him”. I told Obiora

“No”. he shook his head . “I don’t want to”

“You have to , you have to go defend your late mom”

“Mum!”he mumbled and broke down into tears

“Hey! Hey! don’t do this”. I held unto his shoulders as I tried to calm him . “You have three younger ones and you need to be stay strong for them”

“I know”. he sniffed. “I am trying to but I just can’t stop myself from crying”

“It is alright”. I pulled him into an embrace and patted his back lightly

“It is gonna be alright!!!!”

“Obi!” a tiny voice called

I pulled out of the hug and looked in the direction of the voice and saw a very beautiful skinny little girl , staring at us

Is this ChiChi? If yes , she is way more prettier than her sister !

“Obi!”the girl called again. “Uchenna is calling you”

Obi! Uchenna! unbelievable!

“where is he?” Obiora asked

“In his room”

“Okay!” Obiora said and then faced me

“Do you want to come with me?”

“No”. I politely declined . “I will wait out here”

“Alright”.he nodded and with that , he stood up and dragged his feet as he walked to the house

I followed him with my gaze till he climbed the balcony then I shifted my attention to the little girl who was staring at me curiously

I smiled lightly. “Fine girl! how are….::

“I am a boy”. he cut in. “and my name is Chidi”

My Jaws dropped , so this pretty girl is a boy!

hmmm! beauty sure runs in the family!

“Who are you?” he fired at me

I smirked , what a rude brat!

well! Since he wants to know my name, I have no other option but to tell him

“My name is Dem.. no! My name is Brother Demi”

“Demi!” he called excitedly, throwing the “brother” away

Like seriously!this tiny boy!

I held his hands and drew him to me

“See Chidi, i am a Yoruba man and in my culture, small children like you respect elderly people like me”

he was quiet for a while and then he frowned

“Is this about the brother?”

I nodded slowly

I was expecting him to correct himself but he didn’t , instead he scoffed and snapped at me

“did your mum put brother in front of your name ni?”

“What!” I retorted somewhat in shock

This baby needs to be flogged

“Demi! he called again, as if daring me. “hmmm! so you are the Demi that my mummy use to pray for”

“Pray!” I repeated

“hum! hum! he nodded . “she included your name in her prayers on ……hmmmmh! I can’t remember the date”

Really! So Obianuju’s mum do pray for me!

“But don’t worry, when my mom comes back I will ask her”. he added

I frozed on the spot , he still thinks his mom will come back!

He jumped up excitedly and continued

“My dad told me she will come back after she wakes up from sleep”


My heart churned in pain and I sobbed inwardly not for myself , but for this little kid who doesn’t even know what is going on!!!

Mothers are indeed priceless!



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