Obianuju – Episode 26



Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 26


Now I know why you always told me to be know that one day I would need the strength to bear your loss.

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Despite your pain, you still showed us love. Despite your silent tears , your love was always with your children and losing you is one of the deepest sorrow a heart can know.

But your goodness, your caring and your wisdom will live on like a legacy of love that will always be with me ……


Untold hours have passed, and I was still in my mum’s room.

I sat there on the bed , patting Chichi to sleep,thinking how unreal everything seemed

My mum is dead!she is dead! she is really dead!

Haaaah!who will listen to me now? who will advice me when I am broken? who will I confide in when I am down?

I forced myself not too cry so as not to make Chichi cry again!

Speaking of which, I shifted my gaze to her and found her staring at me

Like seriously , I expected her to be dozing by now!

“Hey!” I smiled lightly

She returned the smile and looked towards the door

“where is Chidi?”she spoke in a croaky whispers

“He should be in his ….I paused when i remember he shares a room with my mum

I shrugged . “he would be somewhere in the house scattering just like he always do”

“She chuckled lightly. “The baby boy got no worries”

“And see who is talking, aren’t you also a baby? I asked teasingly

“A baby!”she furrowed her eyebrow in a light frown. “no sis, I am a thirteen years old adult”

I rolled my eyes, but smiled inwardly at her funny words.

I was glad she was breaking out of her shell!!

She continued. “but Uju, do you think daddy will marry the fat woman?”

I let my body go limp as I was a bit taken aback by the question

Marry the fat woman! In this house! no f**king way , he will have to disown me first!

“No baby, that won’t happen”. I assured her as I played with her hair

“Daddy won’t do that , he loves us so much”

She scoffed. “Love us! If he really love us as you said , why then did he cheat on mummy?”the sound in her voice was a mixture of anger , disgust and grief

Why did he cheat of mum? I asked myself as I was confused

“erm that erm that is because…..

“he is stupid”. she butted in

“Haa! Chichi! that is too harsh , how can you call your father a stupid man?”

“he is not my father”. she retorted in a huff and I sighed deeply

“he is your father and there is nothing…. I stopped mid- sentence when i heard a loud noise that sounded like a pained-filled yell

“Where did that come from?” I thought and said aloud

“I think It is from daddy room?” Chichi answered,a worried look on her face

Dad’s room! what could be happening!

Hastily, I got off the bed and made for the door; then looked back at Chichi

“Don’t follow me”. I warned and with that , I ran out of the room , through the long passage to my Dad’s room….

Entering, I stood rooted to the spot

My dad and my eldest brother, Uchenna were engaged a heated argument , their loud voices literally tearing down the room

Uchenna! when did he arrive?? I wondered

“And what is this suppose to mean?”Uchenna thundered . “hen! tell me ,why in the world would you bring another woman into this house?”

“Hmm! ask him oooo”. Arinze butted in and I looked in his direction

He was leaning against the wall, right beside Obiora whose eyes had a distant faraway look, like a sailor staring out to sea

Interesting! I really can’t wait to see the end of this!

Uchenna continued. “for Christ sake , you are meant to be mourning your wife and not laying idle on bed with this ugly vulture

“What!”the fat fool who was now seated on the chair shrieked. “how dare you call me a vulture!


scoffed , moving closer to her

“say a word more and I swear you will regret it”

“Regret kwa! she stood up in a huff,adjusting her clothes for a fight when a hand slapped her from behind.

I gaped in surprise, it was my —Dad

“How dare you disrespect my son!” he roared, shooting daggers at the fat fool , Angela

“Henry!”she held her cheeks , her eyes widened in shock as she stared at my dad. “did you just slap me?”

Eyaa! It shock her!

“Yes I did , and I will do it again if you don’t leave this room right now “.My dad retorted in a huff

“Henry!”her voice was barely audible

“Leave Angela”.my dad stood on his words. “I need to talk to my children”…

Embarrassed, she reached for her bag which was on the bed and ran out of the room, crying…

A tiny smile played at the corners of my lips and I nodded in satisfaction

That serves her right!!

“wait! wait! wait! wait”. Uchenna gestured with his hands as he continued. “do you think sending her out of the room will change a thing? no dad,it won’t change the fact that you disrespected my mother”

My dad shook his head abjectly. “I didn’t disrespect her , I was only trying to give you kids a new mother”

“New mother!” we all gasped audibly in shock

“Yes!”he nodded . “Your mum had been battling cancer even before Chidi was born and I was always there for her. I did everything a man ought to do for his woman , I bought her expensive things, took her on vacations and was ready to tour the world with her, but not until last year when the cancer got to its last stage”. he paused for a moment to stare at us before he continued


got scared and kept on thinking of how to take care of you kids when she is finally gone”

“and boom! a saucy fat woman becomes the solution”. Obiora butted in, his expression a fifty-fifty mixture of pain and anger. “see dad, it is best to keep your bullsh*t story to yourself because whatever you say won’t right your wrongs”

My dad anger faltered in an instant and sorrow filled his face

“what then do you expect me to do? you kids needed a motherly figure,most especially Chidi , Chichi and Obian……….

“I can take care of myself”. I screamed before he could spell out my name

He scoffed. “I didn’t ask for your opinion young woman”.

“and I don’t need your permission to do a thing”. I fired back at him

A flush of anger spread across his face and that was it , he became a mad man again!

“how dare you talk back at me”.he yelled , charging towards me but Uchenna was quick to stop him

“It is alright”. he sighed. “Arguing won’t solve anything, we need to look for a solution to this mess”

“Solution! hun! and what will that be?” I asked, seething with rage

“Are you gonna let this man have his way?”

“No”. Uchenna shook his head slightly. “I called grandma this morning and she agreed to live here with us”

Better! I smiled inwardly

” and also , she will be arriving here tomorrow with a few relatives , Mum’s burial will hold next week”

“Next week! My dad repeated with disbelief written all over his face. “No way! that can’t be possible!

“and why can’t it be sir”. I drawled

He looked at me with anger filled-eyes

this man mean me no be small!

“Stay out of this matter , it has nothing to do with a little kid like you”

“Little kid! I laughed bitterly. “no dad! I am the first daughter of this house and I have every right to contribute to everything being discussed here”

“Okay oooo! shameless first daughter”. he mumbled the latter part but I heard him clearly

I huffed . did he just call me shameless??

“at least I am not as shameless as you”. I blurted out ,eying him coldly

If this man knows how I despise him right now hen, he would avoid me!!

“You fool”. he thundered. “do you think you are above the age of beating?”

Beating kwa! did he just say beating!

“then beat me now”. I moved closer to him. “ehen!beat me , or wait do you think I am scared of you?”


called,moving towards me but Uchenna stopped him with his thick


“Let her be!”

That is my big brother for you ,he loves to hear people speak out the truth and now I am going to tell this annoying father of mine a part-truth about me..

I stood , staring boldly at my dad as he searched through my gaze

” as you know , no one has ever struck this face of mine, well! not until yesterday when a man foolishly did and do you know what happened to him? I smirked evilly. “a bullet went straight into his skull”

The room went quiet in an instant

“…trying …to …threaten me?” my dad picked his words

“No”. I shook my head slightly. “I am only telling you to think and act straight. My mum burial is gonna hold Next week and if you don’t like the idea, kindly take a walk”

“It is not like we even need him”. Obiora chipped in and yes he was right ,we don’t need him, he can go to hell for all we care”

For a moment, the old man looked confused and then he replaced it with a light smile

“you kids seem to have forgotten that I own this house”

“No, this house belongs to me”. Uchenna retorted , and my dad looked in his direction

“You signed it in my name, remember?”

“erm I did erm I know”. My dad stuttered his response

Uchenna continued. “The other buildings too are in my sibling names, so don’t think of doing anything stupid or else………………

“we will kick you out of your house”. I completed and began walking to the entrance

“where are you going?” Uchenna calmly asked

“my boyfriend”. I merely said and walked out of the room

“boyfriend! did you hear that?” I heard my dad loud screams

Na wa ooo! did he want to scream down the whole house!

Heaving a deep sigh, I climbed down the straight stairs into the sitting room and met four women crying loudly . Among them was —-Faith mother.

The anger in me exploded in full force and I found myself marching towards her

“Mama Faith”. I called as she turned her head in my direction

“Eew! Ada!”she looked at me with apprehension and pity. “how are you?”

I scoffed silently. Is she really asking me that?

“I am not fine”. I replied bluntly and she appeared to be taken aback by my blunt response

“how will I be fine when your ungrateful daughter conspired to gang raped me”. I huffed and that was it, the women stopped wailing and began whispering

“Tufiakwa!” one of them spat at Faith mum. “Your daughter is a devil incarnate”

“Devil incarnate kwa! no ooo, she is worst than that”. I stated . “So do me a favour and call her to leave my room before I …….::

“Please my pikin”. Faith mum cut in , tears welling in her eyes. “no send am out , she no get where to go , I go talk to am , na your elder sister….:

My heart churn in pain as I listen to the woman pleas but what can I do? nothing, Faith can’t stay with me any longer and that is final….

without saying a word, I turned around and ran out of the house to the big compound where I saw Demilade

He was seated on a low bench,Chidi on his laps and they were whispering and laughing like age mates

So Chidi has been with him all this while!

I walked slowly to them as I listened to the sound of my heart beat , it was beating so fast, threatening to explode out of my chest .

I was scared , I was hurt , i was pained , I wanted to escape from reality………..

“Uju!” Chidi squealed interrupting my thoughts and only then did I realise I was standing in front of them

“Chidi”. I quickly composed myself. “how are you?”

He jumped down Demi’s laps and rushed to hug me

“I miss you so much”

I pulled out of the hug and bent to a squat

“I miss you too baby”

His smile widened to a smirk . “Is that why you are crying?”

“Crying! Me!no ooo, I am not crying”

“Why then is your face so red?”

“erm actually that is erm because……….,

“You are crying”. he completed, staring intently into my face

Phew! how will I handle this smart boy!

Smiling , I brushed his girly hair off his face

“You should go inside”

“No”.he frowned. “I want to stay with brother Demi”

“Brother!” I raised my head to look at Demi

“how did you do it?

He merely shrugged and averted his eyes from me as he looked down at his phone

Oh right! I bet he bribed him because the Chidi I know doesn’t have “brother , sister or Aunty” in his dictionary , he calls everyone by name.

I shifted my attention back to Chidi to see him staring at me with puppy eyes

“Please na, let me stay with him”

I laughed lightly and ruffled his hair.

“Fine!” I agreed. “but that will be when I am done talking with him”

“Yaaaay”. he screamed excitedly and then faced Demi

“Talk to her fast oooo”

“I will”. Demi nodded , smiling lightly

“And don’t forget the spider man toy”. he reminded and ran off, hopping and skipping as he went

spider man toy! hun! so that is what the bribe is all about!

I followed him with my eyes till he entered the house and then I faced Demi who was watching me silently

“How are you feeling now?” he asked calmly

“Bad”. I answered truthfully

He stood up and pulled me closer to him such that I could hear the sissing in-draw of his breathe

“Do you need me to do any thing?”

“Let’s take a stroll”. I said in whispers

“Stroll! he glanced down at his phone . “hope it won’t take long cos I will soon be on my way”

I shot him a surprise look. “Are you planning on leaving me here alone”

“you should know I would never leave……..

“then stay here with me”. I cut him off . “stay here till my mum burial next week pleaaasee”. I begged

He scoffed . “do you even know what you saying?”

“Yes!” I insisted. “I also stayed in your family house for two days, remember?”

“Simply because you are a woman”. he half yelled. “I am a man for crying out loud and I can’t possibly stay in your house”

“Please Demi”. I pleaded with him not to go”. “don’t leave me here all alone, I wouldn’t be able to cope with all this”

“fine! fine! fine!”. he exhaled deeply. “Is there an hotel around here?”

I frowned . “You want to lodge in an hotel?”

“hum!hum!”. he nodded . “that is the only way out”

“Alright”. I sighed softly.

it is at least better than him going back to school

“but you will spend the night here ooooo”

“Whatever”. he muttered. “can we take the stroll now? I also need to straighten my leg

“Sure”. I agreed and held out my hands to him

He reached for it , clasping it tightly and together we walked through the gate , down the untarred road to my mum’s quiet spot, a big river……






The river was wide and deep with clear and transparent water. It was so quiet and calming that one could hear the birds singing and cricket chirping.

I stood there at the river bank ,my right hand tucked in my pocket , staring in awe at the canoes moving through the water

“Wow! this is beautiful”. I remarked loudly

“Of course it is”. Obianuju who was standing beside me agreed. “My mum do come here whenever she feels down and she sometimes do bring me along”

“Oh!”I exclaimed breathlessly as I shifted all of my attention to her

The sun was glowing in her face, making her look like a goddess …..or wait a minute!

Is she from the marine world? my heart skipped a beat. Is that why she brought me here? I shuddered at the thought and decided to ask her about it!

“Do you believe in marine spirit?” I started

“Mammy water! she nodded. “I believe in it an hundred percent”

Ahh! this one that she is so sure!hmm! let me still ask!

“Are you one of them?”

she chuckled lightly and began dabbling her feet in the water

“Do I look like one?”

Is she really asking me that?

“Yes”. I replied . “you are beautiful just like them”

Her blush rose and she hit my shoulders playfully

“Go away jor! you talking as if you have seen one before?

“Of course I have, and she is right beside me”. I mumbled the latter part

She continued. “My mum said staring at the water kind of heal the spirit

“And how is that possible?”I retorted , gazing back at the water

“Well! she shrugged lightly, let’s me try it first!

Try what!

with my eyes widened in shock, I watched her waddle into the water and then she stopped at a shallow end, holding her hands next to her mouth as she screamed

“I love you mum”

Her voice echoed loudly around us and she jumped excitedly, clapping her hands

Did it heal her spirit? I wanted to try it too!

rolling up my trouser legs to knee length , I slowly waddled into the water, careful not to fall

“Do you want to try it also?” she asked , turning her head to face me

I nodded

“Good! take a deep breathe first”. She instructed and when I did , I screamed loudly

“I love you Obianuju’s mum”

She giggled and held her hands next to her mouth

“I love you Demilade’s mum”. She screamed again

I froze for a second and then smiled and hugged her from behind

“I love you obianuju”. I whispered into her ears

We stayed like that for some minutes, staring at the water and then she asked

“how was your mum like?”

“My mum!” I grinned from ear to ear

To tell the truth, I don’t like talking about my mum with anyone but with her ,it was different

“hmmmmh!she is beautiful just like your mum and also caring like your mum”

“Awwww! you must be missing her”

“Sure!” I nodded my head slowly

“what about your step-mum?”She probed on

Step mum! that witch! why must she bring her into this conversation!

“I don’t know”. I simply answered

“Han!han! It is not fair na, that woman only wants to be a mother to you”

I scoffed silently. what does she know?

She continued. “She told me herself, she is worried about you and even exchanged numbers with me”

I heard a loud bang in my head. “She did what? I retorted , trying to sound calm

“She exchanged numbers with me”. she replied, wanting to look back at me but I held her firmly

I didn’t want her seeing the anger in my eyes!

“Did she call you?” my voice was so cold

“No, but I called her”

“what! was the only thing I could say as I was so shocked

She called the witch , and didn’t tell me about it unbelievable!

“Yes I called her”. she repeated . “erm actually it was on that day, erm the day Dave initiation you”

And that was it , the curiosity in me increased and I turned her around , making her face me

“what happened after that? what did she say?”i asked in a rush

she looked troubled , and hesitated a moment before answering

“She asked for Dave number”

“Dave number!” I repeated in disbelief “. why?”

“she said she wanted to deal with him but since I didn’t have it , I gave her Tobi’s number”

I gritted my teeth in anger .Is the witch trying to monitor me? If yes , why? F**k! I really need to inform my dad about this!

“Alright!” I simply said and wrapped my hands around her

She went limp on my chest and began to sob

What is it again?

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked in between tears

“No baby”. I replied softly, “but don’t ever hide anything from me again”

“I won’t”. she promised and hugged me back tight, it felt so right….





The church was full of life and energy as its whole members were dancing and singing along to a praise song led by a fat short lady on white and black ….

I sat in the window seat of back row, my eyes darting back and forth the choristers stand as I searched for Obianuju but she no where in sight, she wasn’t even in Church…

han! han!but Funmi told me she will be singing today na! oh God! does this mean I just wasted my precious time!

Chai! Funmi must pay for deceiving me!

Speaking of which, I shifted my attention to her , she was literally throwing her body up as she danced like a mad woman

Like seriously! Is this what this church is all about? dancing dancing dancing!

Just then a fat man on black suit climbed up the podium and the church became quiet in an instant!

“uhm ! uhm! The man cleared his throat. “It is time to receive the word of God!

Word of God ke!

Hastily, I stood up, pushed my way forward and stormed out of the church in a huff

what a boring way to start a new week!

Opening my car door , I was about climbing in when I heard my name. I turned in the direction to see Funmi running towards me

Oh right! I knew she would come!

“Tobi!” She called again , breathing hard .”What is wrong? why are you leaving so early? did someone offend you?”

I scoffed . “why the hell did you lie to me?” I fired at her . “you told me yourself that Obianuju will be singing today right? so why didn’t I see her”

“Uju! Is she the reason why you are here?”her voice was levelled

“before nko! why else would I be here? to sing and dance”. I said sardonically. “why did you even invite me her in the first place?”

“to see your face”. she half yelled and I became a bit calm as I was a bit taken aback by her response

what is she trying to say??

“I know Uju is the only one you listen to and and that was why I made use of her name to get to you”. she explained,traces of sadness in her voice .

The feelings of guilt lay heavy on me and I sighed softly

“but still, that doesn’t mean you should lie to me”

“I didn’t lie to you”. She retorted. “Obianuju was meant to sing in the choir today but I don’t know why she is not in church. I have tried calling her but she is not picking up!

“Oh! maybe she haven’t fully recovered from yesterday happenings” I mumbled to myself

“hen! what did you say?” Funmi asked

“I said you should greet her for me when she finally picks up”. I lied

“hmmm!okay oooo”. she exhaled deeply. “even her roommate sef , I have not seen that one since yesterday afternoon”

“a dark curvy girl ba?”I asked to be sure and she nodded

“do you know her?”

“I have seen her before”. I simply answered and climbed into the driver seat

“You should go in , your pastor have started preaching”

“Okay!”. She smiled shyly . “when will I see you again?”

“I will call you”. I told her

She frowned, shaking her head slightly

“that was what you said the last time but you never called for once , I was the one who was doing the calling”

“Don’t worry, I will call you this time around”. I assured her.

I just wanted to get out of this place as fast as possible!

“Okay!” She merely said and rushed into the building!

My phone suddenly rang and I took it out of my pocket to check out the caller and noticed it was Dave

Dave! I tingled in fear,why is he calling?

I received the call and held the phone to my ear

“Good morning”. I greeted first

“Is Demi with you?” he asked , ignoring my greeting

“No”. I replied . “Is anything wrong?”

“I have been calling his number since morning but he refused to pick up”

“Oh! may be he is still sleeping”. I made an excuse for Demi

He scoffed . “sleeping?”

“erm yes erm you ……

” You and Demi should come over to my house right now”. he said and ended the phone call

I hissed loudly. crazy fool! why is he upset? or is he thirsty for blood again?

quickly, I scrolled through my phone for Demi’s number and when I saw it, I clicked on it and dialled it

He picked up on the first right

Is this not the person Dave said is not picking up ?

“hello Tobi” . he greeted first

“Guy! awfar”. I responded. “where you dey? Dave don dey para oooooo”

There was a pause and then he said

“I am at the river side with my girlfriend”

I laughed long and hard. “w€tin una go do for there? una wan baff ni”

“No, we went to look at the water”. the tone of his voice was strained , like he had been crying

“You alright??”

“Yes!”he replied . “just feeling a little bit down”

I scoffed . “don’t dare lie to me Demi! you have been crying right?”

There was a pause again and then he sighed


I became alarmed. “what happened? Is everything okay? Obianuju nko, is she alrig……

“She lost her mother”. he cut in and I froze on the spot

“Lost her mother! when did that happen?” I managed to ask

“Yesterday morning, I am even at her home right now”

“home! as in pretty queen’s villa?”

“No, her father’s house”

“Oh!i exclaimed softly. “how is she feeling now?”


“Can I talk to her?”

“No, she doesn’t need disturbance”

Despite my gloomy mood, I was forced to smile

Demi! the overprotective boyfriend..well! I wasn’t surprised, I will also do the same if the pretty girl was mine!

“Alright say me hello to her”. I said

“Okay bro I will do…….ehen! lest I forget, did any strange number call you?”

“Strange number!” I repeated, clearly confused

“Yes , a strange woman”

“woman! woman! no I don’t …….I paused mid-sentence when I remember the call on that fateful day

“Yes! yes! a woman called me and asked to speak with Dave”

“Bingo! that is the one, what did you tell her?” he voice sounded so boyish and eager

“Nothing, Dave was beside him so I gave the phone to him”

“do you have any idea about what they discussed?”, he probed on

“No”. I answered truthfully

“Alright”. he said and ended the phone call

What is wrong with him? I wondered as I tucked the phone back into my pocket , Did he also know the woman?”

with a heavy heart, I started the car and slowly drove out of the bumpy compound, up the tarred road as I headed to Dave’s hostel……

I just hope and pray Obianuju gets over this in time!


At last! after a fifteen minutes drive , I got to Dave’s hostel

I drove through the huge gate and parked out in front of his apartment, right beside him car; then I alighted from the car and walked up to the front porch.

The door was slightly open so I pushed it wide and walked in to see the whole member of the gang in the sitting room , Demi excluded …..

“Where is Demi!”Dave who seated in one of the small cushions thundered

“he won’t be able to come today”

“Why?”his eyes glowed with anger

I hesitated a moment ,should I tell him or not? I decided to tell him!

“his girlfriend lost her mum and he needs to be with her”

he sprang up to his feet in an instant . “Obianuju! Is she alright?” his face held a worrisome expression

“You alright?” Prince who was seated on the centre table smoking , asked

“erm yes erm I am alright , I erm was just worried about Demi”. he stuttered in rapid succession

Kewe , Bola and I exchanged puzzled look

What is wrong with him? I thought within

He cleared his throat and began talking

“I called you all here to decide the fate of the two b**ches who tried to hurt obianuju, too bad Demi isn’t here . So guys , what do you think, should we kill them or not?”

“Let’s waste their lives”. Prince suggested

Fool! that is the only thing he knows how to do!

“No that is not fair”. Tony objected. “we already killed the men and burnt their bodies beyond recognition so I think we should just punish the ladies”

What! they burnt the dead bodies! I shook my head in disgust. Oh God! help me please

“Fine!” Dave nodded in agreement. “what punishment do you suggest we give them?”

“Simple! make we do them the same thing they wan do the innocent girl”. Prince responded, grinning like an idiot

“You mean rape”. Dave asked to be sure and prince nodded

“Okay! the girls are in the room , you guys are free to do anything with them”

Prince and Tony jumped up to their feet and rushed into the room , acting like they were being pursued

Shuuu! Na so the thing hook them!

“Han! Han! what about the rest of you , aren’t you interested?” Dave asked, his gaze fixed on Kewe

“No thanks, I am in my period”. Kewe replied Jokingly

Dave laughed lightly. “and what about you?”he shifted his gaze to Bola

“I am not in the mood”. Bola simply answered

“And what about you?” I threw the question back to him

he slowly shifted his gaze to me and smiled

“someone special to me lost a family member so I want to mourn with her”

Someone special! is he talking about Obianuju! he must be overly crazy!

“Do you have her number?” he suddenly asked

“No” I lied

If he wants her number , he should get it from her!!!





My heart was throbbing in my ears, loud and irregular , but I barely heard it , for my mind was clouded with fear ..

Faith and I had been locked up in a room since yesterday and I was so f**king scared!

What will happen to now? will I get killed!

I shuddered at the thought and began to cry silently

Oh God! what kind of wahala did I put myself into? why did I even listen to the ugly witch?

Speaking of which , I looked in her direction and saw beating her chest in grief

Oh! so she can cry!

“Ekwensu(devil)” I cursed at her and she turned her head sideways to me

“Ahhh! Susanna, this one that you have been calling me devil since morning, me I don’t like it ooooo”

“Are you not a devil?” I fired at her

“You nko, are you also not a devil?”she fired back at me and that was it , I smacked her hard across her face

“Eeewo!” She screamed and was about retaliating when the door flew open and two boys rushed in

One was tall and hefty while the second one was tall and lanky , they were among the group of boys who followed Demi to the club yesterday.

How did Demi come across this rough looking guys? I wondered

“Tony! which one you go take first?”I heard the hefty one whisper to the lanky one ……

Ahh! are they planning to rape us??

“Please , Don’t rape me sir”. I pleaded for myself alone as I do not care what happen to the ugly face , she can go to hell for all I care

“It is prince”. the hefty boy said , smiling sheepishly as he moved closer to me

I swallowed hard . “Please prince don’t rape me”

“I won’t hurt you if you co-operate just like your friend”. he promised

My friend! I shifted my attention to Faith and my Jaws dropped

She was pulling off her clothes in a seductive way and not only that, her hand was resting on the lanky boy d**k

Is she a prostitute?

Yay! Chimo! Susanna, see what you have done to yourself? how am I going to get out of this mess?

“Lay down”. the guy , Prince instructed

“No”. I shook my head vigorously and what followed next was a heavy punch on my face

My body went stiff from the blow, my blood racing

“I said lay down flat”. he barked and this time around, I did without any complaint

“Good girl!” he remarked as he rolled up my gown and ripped off my pants

“No oooo” I screamed loudly, trying to sit up in the bed but he held me down with his heavy legs , quickly unbuckle his trouser and brought out the biggest d**k I have ever seen in my life

I gasped audibly in shock. Is this a d**k or a snake?”

He entered into me without warning, stretching me open and wide

I started crying and sat up as he rammed himself into me. I pleaded with him to stop . he was hurting me so bad.

My body felt numb as he kept on thrusting himself hard inside me , I couldn’t take it any longer, my head was spinning, eyes dilating ,mouth quavering

with a loud cry , I fell back on the bed and went out like a light





It was already evening and the sun was setting

I sat on the sand, holding obianuju in my arms as we watched the sun set

It felt like everything paused for a moment and colours were flying in the sky just to paint the world. The rays seems so friendly, I couldn’t feel it yet it glared hope, a hope for a better tomorrow

“Do you think my mum is watching us?” Obianuju suddenly asked , speaking with a full mouth

I smirked down at her. “Chew up thoroughly before you talk.

I only used that as an excuse to avoid her question, Is her mum watching us? I asked myself the same question

“Is this one food”.she hissed loudly and took a big bite of the sausage roll

Her lips gleamed with frosting as she slowly chewed

“mmmph”, she said , and swallowed . “do you still want to eat more?”

“No thanks, I politely declined. “I am filled up”

she chuckled lightly. “water nko?” She held up the half-filled bottle of water for me to see . “we can get more from the hawkers if this isn’t enough”

“do you have a tank inside your stomach?” I asked sardonically. “you have successfully consumed six bottled water

“Is it my fault?”she retorted with a frown. “Are you not the one buying everything for me?”

“that is because you…. I trailed off when I heard my phone ring and I snatched it out of Obianuju hand to check out the caller and saw the name Rinzy flashing on the screen

“It is your brother”. I told her as I received it

“Awfar! Demi, where are you guys na? It is already getting late”. Rinzy said in a rush

“we are on our way”. I simply replied

“Alright don’t be long”

“we won’t”

He continued. “ehen! and lest I forget, you will be sleeping in Obiora’s room , is that okay by you?”

“Sure” I muttered softly and ended the phone call

I really hated the idea of sleeping over but what can i do? my pretty girlfriend here wants it but it is gonna be just one night”

“baby! It is time to go home”. I told obianuju

She frowned, shaking her head

“Oh oooo! I don’t want to go to that house”

“neither do i, but it is already getting late and we got no other option”

I forced myself up and reached down and pulled her up

“So which direction are we taking?” I asked, looking towards the jumbled looking paths in front of us

“Right!” She answered

Taking her hands into mine, we walked up the scary looking road to her house….


By the time we arrived at the house , it was dark

The gate was still wide open as the entire yard was filled with people

“Jeez! are they all gonna sleep here?” I thought aloud

Obianuju shrugged. “they are members of our church so they can sleep wherever they like”

“Ada! Ada!” some of them called as we walked past them and obianuju waved , smiling lightly at them

She is very good in concealing her true emotions !

“You are Ada?” I asked and she nodded slowly

“It means first daughter”

“First daughter”. I mumbled as we climbed up the balcony into the sitting room where we met a fat man———-Obianuju’s father

I grew quiet all of a sudden and stared blankly at the man as he stared back at me

“And you are?”he asked, his gaze not leaving my face for once

“My boyfriend”. obianuju replied and her dad scoffed

“I wasn’t talking to you young lady”

“But dad I … she tried to say but her dad cut her off.

“Go to your room”

She shook her head negatively , about to object but I quickly whispered to her

“Listen to your father, I will be fine”

“Really!” her searching gaze ran over my face

I nodded slowly

“Alright!” She sighed and ran up the staircase

Now I am all alone with this angry looking man!

“So you are the one my daughter now listens to “. he jeered

I stood on the same spot, without making an attempt to move

“you are also the one who bought her a car and took her virginity?”

I smiled inwardly, is this what the angry face is all about?

“I am talking to you , can’t you talk?” he barked

he wants me to talk , fine, I will talk!

“Yes I was the one who took her virginity”. I answered truthfully

He sprang up to his feet in an instant

“You devilish soul”

I nodded my head slowly. “I might be a devilish soul but at least I know the value of your daughter”

His chin wavered and his old lips tighten over his mouth and he fell back to the sofa, he got my point.

For a moment, I stared at him contemplating if I should continue or not and I decided to continue

“I met your wife some few days back and she really is a nice woman”

“You met my wife?” he retorted in surprise.

I nodded

He was quiet for some seconds and then he sighed

“you are right, my wife was a nice woman”

Like seriously! did that word just come out from his mouth?”

“she was also caring, prayerful , dill…. he stopped mid – sentence when we heard a throat clearing sound

quickly, I turned in the direction and saw Obiora on the stairs , leaning against the railings

“Obiora!” I called , smiling

“It is already getting late , Let’s go to the room”. he said, facing me

“room! but your dad is still talking to me na?” I queried

“Don’t worry, you can go in and sleep”. the

man calmly

“Sir?” I wanted to be sure I heard right

“I said you can go in and sleep”. he repeated with a deep sigh

obviously,he was in deep thoughts!

“Alright sir”. I turned away from him and began walking across the room, hesitated , and then stopped , facing him

“you should ask your kids for forgiveness,it will relieve you”. I said in whispers and with that , I ran up the stairs to Obiora who had a curious look on his face

“what were you two discussing about?”

“Your sister”. I replied

“Oh!” he exclaimed softly and led the way to a first room by the left , his room.

Entering, i leaned against the wall as my eyes wandered around the room

It was big and spacious just like a typical boys room

He chuckled lightly. “don’t mind the spider man wall paper oooo, Chidi pleaded with me to put it up here”

That tiny boy and spider man!

“It is nice”. I remarked and walked over to a small table, placing my car keys ,wallet and phone on it . “where is the bathroom please?”

“It is over there”. he pointed to the only door in the room

“Thanks!” I muttered and climbed up a block pavement into the sparkling clean bathroom….

Pulling off my clothes , I folded it neatly and put it by the window side ; then I stepped into the bath-tub, had a quick shower, turned my brief inside out , wore it and returned to the room

“It is freezing cold , you should put on this”. Obiora said as he handed me a thick blue pyjamas

“I haven’t worn it before”. he quickly added

I looked down at the pyjamas and yes, it was still new.

I shot him a grateful look and hurriedly changed into it!

He continued. “What should I get for you?”

“Nothing”. I collapsed on the bed . “I am already filled up”

“hmmmm! and what did you eat?junks”

“Well! I shrugged lightly , something like that”

An awkward silence for more than ten minutes occurs , then he laid on the bed and sighed

“Thanks for talking to my dad”

I shot him a surprise look. “You heard our conversation?”

“hum! hum!” he nodded . “I was sitting on the staircase”

Oh right!

The door suddenly creaked opened and Obianuju walked in , holding a big teddy bear

“Can I sleep here please?” She asked with a tiny voice

Obiora and I exchanged puzzled look

“And what happened to your room?” her brother snapped at her

“It is empty”. she squeezed her face in a little frown. “Chichi and Chidi are in Uchenna ‘s room, hovering over him”

“Then go and Join them”. Obiora drawled

“No, it is you I want to stay with”

“Me”. he smirked. “or Demi?”

She nodded slowly. “It is Demi I want to stay with”

Ahhhh! this girl should not put me into trouble oooo!

“Alright ooo , Demi’s wife , sha come and sleep”

that was all she needed , she tossed the teddy bear aside and literally flung herself on me

I stared at Obiora in surprise, how in God’s name will he agree to something like this?

“Does your father have a gun?” I wanted to be sure I was safe

Obiora chuckled. “You scared he will show up here right?”

Bingo! how did he know?

“You don’t need to , my dad doesn’t even know the colour of my room”

meaning he doesn’t come in here , that is a bit fair!

but still , I shifted my body a bit to create space for Obianuju

“Lay here”. I tapped the bed and when she did , I made her lay her head on my chest

She is just too stubborn! what kind of girl prefers to sleep with her boyfriend in her father’s house?Is this the reason she asked me to stay over? to get myself lynched? unbelievable!

“Ade!” She called softly

“Yes!” I answered without looking at her, my gaze was fixed on the beam ceiling

“You want to marry me??”she asked with the same soft voice

Marriage! It has never crossed my mind for once . But if that will make me own her forever then I would love to marry her!

“Yes!” I nodded

“okay! actually erm I want one of our kids to bear my mum name”

“Ahem! Ahem!” Obiora faked a cough. “why not marry him now”

I was forced to laugh, “stop jor”. I hit him playfully and then faced “my baby”

“Is that what you want?”


“Alright so be it”. I agreed and held her close to me with my eyes closed….

Water is always a support or a healing thing apart from , you know, love or peace of mind ……




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