Obianuju – Episode 30

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 30
True love

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My eyes were stiff , devoid of emotion. My face pale and whitish. For seconds I did not move ,I just stood there , staring blankly at the sight in front of me.

Demi kissing another girl right on his bed ,so heartbreaking!

It was like the whole world was breaking crumble apart around me and I had to lean on the door to stop myself from falling.

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“Demi!”I called out in shock and only then did he notice me. He pulled away from the girl in an instant and sat up in a huff , looking as if he has just seen a ghost.

“Uju!”he wiped his face . “when …did get… here?”he picked his words.

“You crazy bas***d”.I cursed at him and ran out of the room, crying.

my heart was racing so fast I thought I might pass out , it was burning with pain and anguish.

how could he do this to me! how could he cheat on me! I was hurt beyond words!

Disoriented , I made for the front door, opened it and was about running out when a hand roughly dragged me back , holding me tight.

“let me go”. I screamed and kicked , throwing my finest temper tantrum

“No i won’t”. a shaky voice whispered into my ears , making my head explode anger and I turned around to face the cheat.

“why? I eyed him coldly. “are you tired of kissing your newest girlfriend?” I yelled hysterically.

his brown eyes widened in total fear, and his face turned a ghastly shade of white.

“girlfriend! no she isn’t , she is erm just a girl erm a girl.. I met in the hotel”

“and you brought her into your room?” I asked in disbelief. “what kind of guy does that?only a stupid and an irresponsible one”

He ran his fingers through his hair, a confused jumble of emotion burning in his eyes

“I can explain babe”

“explain what?” I fired at him

“everything that happened between us”. he replied .”erm i was in the gang party and she..she ..came over to seduce me and ………

“Let go of me”. I said , cutting him off .

I was in no mood to listen to his stupid story!

“no no you have to hear me out please”. he begged, his voice strained and sad.

“I said let go of me”. I repeated , but this time around with a hard voice and he did, reluctantly though.

“Good!” my lips curved Into a ghostly smile . “I am sorry for barging into the room , go continue with your fun”

“Fun!” he repeated, searching through my gaze . “what are you trying to say?”

“Simple! I want out of this relationship”. I spelt it out

he froze in place , staring at me in disbelief

“You want to break up with me?” his voice was barely audible

my bottom lips quivered and big tears rolled down my cheeks

do I really want to break up with him? I felt so confused at the moment

“Yes!” I replied, not sure of myself.

“baby”. he called , attempting to hold me , but I took a step backward, and forced a smile

“let us end it here”

He studied my face with a confused eyes, and his mouth twisted into a cold smile.

“Is that what you want?”

Is that what I want? I asked myself, nodding slowly

“then fine”. he screamed so loudly that it echoed through the room . “leave.

go ahead and break me , go ahead and shatter my heart”. he collapsed on the sofa , buried his face in his palm and began to sob silently.

“I.. was .. a fool …to have given ..all of my heart to you”. he muffled in between tears , his body shaking as he cried.

I stood there watching him , my eyes wide open in surprise.

I have never seen him cried like this before!

but still, he cheated on me and doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.

I took few steps forward and then stopped abruptly, facing him

I couldn’t do it , I couldn’t leave him alone , I couldn’t even break up with him.


is in my bone , my blood and my heart and I would have to tear myself open to let him go.

“Ademilade”. I called out his name in full and flung myself at him, crying in his arms.

Though the world I know is falling apart, there is only him in my heart.






she came back to me, I couldn’t believe it. After all the pains I caused her , she is still here in my arms .

pulling out of the hug , I stare dazedly at her messed up face and only then did I realise how much I needed her in my life.

I could never get enough of her and I was a fool to have brought that cheap slut into my room, our room.

what came over me sef?I was horny , fine! but does that mean I should cheat on my her? d**n! a good thing I haven’t f**ked the b**ch.

“Ade”. Obianuju called, interrupting my thoughts .

“Yes!” I smiled lightly, caressing her cheeks softly.

“You hurt me really bad”

“I know”. I agreed. “I will do anything to right my wrong?”

“anything?” her face lit up and her eyes flashed

I nodded slowly and she smirked evilly

“I want that b*tch out of this house right now”

I laughed inwardly, as if I knew she was gonna say that.

“Alright ma”. I lifted her , gently placing her on the sofa ; then I stood up and marched to the room.

Entering, I found Dumebi in front of the mirror stand dancing, she wasn’t even bothered with all of the happenings.

“you are back”. she smiled, staring at me in the mirror.

“Yes, and I need you to leave”

“but we have not done anything yet” . she queried and turned around to face me

“I am not interested again”. I simply told her

She stayed quiet for a moment and then she sighed.


it because of that girl?”

“my girlfriend”. I corrected, my eyes darting up and down her exposed flabby body.

how in the world did I get attracted to her in the first place?”

“Oh I can see”. she nodded slowly. “she is really beautiful”

“Thanks”. I grunted , tapping my right foot on the tiled floor impatiently .

I just wanted her to leave my house!

“erm it is already late , can I please pass the night here?”

“No”. I answered and went over to my drawer; I opened it and took out a wad of bank notes

“take this”. I tossed the money at her. “that is #40,000”

“#40,000”. her eyes widened as she stared down at the money.

“now leave my house”. I barked

“alright”. she nodded excitedly and began wearing her clothes.

I leaned against the wall and watched her slip into her gown.

she wasn’t even wearing undies, just a red g-string pants.

jeez!no wonder her body was all bouncing!

“Thanks for the money”. she appreciated, grinning widely as she buckle her sandals

“It is nothing”. I waved it off and opened the door widely.

without a word , she grabbed her bag and walked past me ,out the room.

I followed quietly behind her till I got to the sitting room , then I joined “my baby” on the Sofa , sitting down beside her.

“crazy b*tch”. I heard her curse, her angry gaze on Dumebi as she walked through the front door.

I smiled lightly and reached out my hand and drew her near to me.

“what else do you want me to do?” I asked calmly

She spin around to look at me , and her gaze softened, a smile touching her lips.

“uhm hmmmmh. she shook her head slightly, as if thinking. “I want you to change the bed , the bed sheet , and every other thing the b**ch laid her hands on”

“Including the walls abi?” I asked jokingly.

She frowned. “are you doing or not?”

“I am doing ooo”. I replied , laughing and she nodded sharply.


I brushed the hair back from her face and stroked her cheek gently

” I didn’t sleep with the girl”. I said softly,

I just wanted her to know!

Her eyes bored into mine , as if searching for answers

“why did you cheat on me?” her face crumpled , tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to fall.

“because i am a fool”. I answered truthfully, got off the sofa and dropped on my knees next to her.


am sorry for hurting you, I am sorry for being selfish, I am sorry for…………

“shush”. she placed a finger on my lips . “I am also to be blamed here, I shouldn’t have called you a s£x addict”

“but I am a s£x addict”. I stated , feeling ashamed of myself

She shook her head. “no you aren’t, you were just a boy on heat and I am really sorry for hurting you”

her words burn into me and I felt better in an instant

“thanks”. I muttered and got up off the floor ,sitting on the centre table in front of her.

“have you eaten?” I changed the topic

she nodded . “Shakirat served me one black eba like that”.

“black eba …. black eba…. you mean Amala?”

“Yes oo”. she giggled , clapping her hands excitedly. “ah! It is very very delicious and I want to eat it tonight . Amala and ekwe…erm ekwensu

ekwensu ke!

“It is called ewedu “. I corrected her

oh! yes! yes! amala and ewedu”. she quickly corrected herself.

I smiled lightly, staring into her innocent face

“but I thought you told me you can speak Yoruba”

“of course I can”. she smirked. “knowing how to speak a language doesn’t mean I should know the language food.

“Okay oooo”. I raised my hand in defeat . “the lawyer has spoken”

“So will you order the food for me?” she cupped her chin, making a puppy dog eyes.

“erm”. I glanced at the huge clock on the wall and shrugged. “9;00pm, the cafe should take night orders”

“woo-hoo!”she screamed loudly, almost blocking my eardrum

I chuckled lightly. what kind of carefree girl is this?

Her phone suddenly rang and she took it out of her bag

“unsaved number”. I heard her say as she received it!

“hello! who am I speaking to please? yes………..Dave……:

Dave! I heard a loud bang in my head, which of the Dave?

Impulsively, I grabbed the phone out of her hands and looked into the phone.

this number, I could recognise it anywhere——Dave’s Mtn number.

why the hell is he calling my girlfriend?

I placed the phone on my ear and listened to him

“Yes Obianuju, I just called to check up on you as promised”.

as promised! what business do they have together?

I shifted my gaze to Obianuju and met hers

“what!” She mouthed at me and I looked away

let me take care of this bas***d first!

Dave continued. “Is everything alright? are you okay?”

“Yes she is okay”. I answered and the line went quiet.

Ah!Ah! It shock the fool!

“are you there?” I asked to be sure and he heaved a sigh

“Demi! how are you?”

“why did you call my girlfriend by this time?”I fired him , ignoring his greetings

“erm I erm just wanted to erm to check on her”. he stuttered

I scoffed silently, he is unbelievable!

“I appreciate your concern, but don’t ever call this number again”. I screamed into the phone

“Did you just shout at me?”

“Yes, and I will do more than that if don’t stay off my girlfriend’s path”. I warned .

I was trying so hard to control my anger!

“be careful with your words Demi and don’t….I hung up the call before he could complete his words .

how dare he threaten me!

“how did he get your number?” I questioned Uju immediately.

“actually he gave me a ride to Shakirat’s place and asked for my number”

“and you gave it to him? I stared at her in disbelief.

“erm”.she scratched her hair. “I am sorry, i didn’t know it would get you upset”

I took in a deep breathe , calming down

“It is alright, but I don’t want you talking to him again”

“Is it because of what he did to Susanna?”

So she knows about it!

“not that, I don’t just trust him, he is kind of erm……. will I put it now……..”

“dangerous”. she butted in and I nodded

“exactly! he is dang…. I stopped -mid sentence when a question popped into my head

“why did you come rushing here?” I threw the question to her

“why did I come rushing here?” she repeated , clearly confused

“I mean you wanted to sleep over at Shakirat’s right?”

“Oh that!” she nodded , finally understanding the question. “a strange number messaged me


“yes, you can check my phone”. she pointed to the phone in my hand.

quickly, I unlocked the phone and scrolled down to her text message, clicking on the first one

“Demi is home with a girl , you should confirm it” . I read it out.

I dialled the number to confirm who the sender was, but it wasn’t going through,it wasn’t even connecting.

really! did someone set me up? If yes , why?

“Is anything wrong?” obianuju asked

I forced a smile. “Yes”

“why then are you looking so pensive?”

“nothing”. I leaned over to kiss her forehead. “promise me that you will never leave me”

“why the sudden promise?” her searching eyes roamed over my face

“just do it”

“Fine! she sighed. “I Obianuju Juliet promise never to leave you Ademilade Troy till death do us part”

“are you reading a marriage vow?” I asked teasingly

“Is it not you that ask me to promise ni?” she frowned

I smiled lightly and pulled her close in an embrace

“thanks for coming into my life, thanks for making me smile like crazy and thanks for making me happy”






I paced up and down the sitting room, looked outside at the enveloping darkness , sat down , stood up , sat down and stood up again.

I was so restless!!

Demi picked up Obianuju call! Does it mean they are still together?

“Argh! this is bullsh*t”. I screamed and began pounding my fist into my hand.

“Guy calm down or do you want to hurt yourself?” Prince who had been watching me quietly asked , a worried look on his face

“I don’t care, I really don’t care”. I half yelled, panting with rage .

“ahh! nawa ooooo”. he clapped his hands lightly. “don’t tell me it is because of that …that….small asthmatic…girl you are getting all worked up”

I bit at my lower lips, ignoring his insulting remark.

he wouldn’t understand the way she makes me feel , no body will. It was like my heart has been ambushed, like I was hovering between sanity and insanity…..

“You should call Dumebi and ask her what really happened”. Prince suggested

Bingo! why didn’t I think it?

hastily, I reached for my phone which was on the centre table and dialled her number

She picked it on the second ring

“hello Dave!”her girly voice rang through

“where happened? why are they still together?”I asked in a rush , ignoring her greeting

she sighed deeply. “everything was going well oooo, not until his girlfriend showed up”

“and so?” I retorted. “that was the plan na, or didn’t she see you both together”

“she did”

“why then are they still together?”

“ahh even me myself cannot explain that one , their love is so strong. if you see the way they were both cuddling each other ……I hung up the phone before she could spill out more nonsense

cuddling each other! is she trying to upset me the more?

“what did she say?” Prince asked

“they are in love”. I replied and he scoffed

“love my foot! I bet she is sticking with him because of his money”

“Money?”I repeated to be sure I heard right

“Yes!” he nodded . “are you too blind to notice the way Demi spoils her with his money. that girl gets anything she wants just by asking, do you think you stand a chance with her?”

“Shut up!” I barked at him, “how dare you insult me”.

“I did not Insult you , I am only telling you the truth”. he stated and yes , he was right

Demi was far richer than me!

how I wish I had just a quarter of what he has then i will be……my thought trailed off when I remembered his step mother offer .

“Kill my step son and receive a million dollars”

I smirked evilly , a perfect deal!

unlocking my phone , I scrolled through for her number and when I saw it , I clicked on it and dialled it .

She picked up right away!

“haba Dave , why did it take you so long to call me?”

“I was busy with lectures”. I lied

“Alright. so have you thought about our discussion?”

“that is the reason I called, I am interested”

“Good!” She sounded excited. “we have to act fast before my husband Wills his entire property to him”

“Okay!” I said , urging her to continue

“I want his death to be a brutal one , I want it to more painful than his moth….she stopped mid- sentence and chuckled lightly

“erm hope you understand me?”


” I will pay you the money as soon as you are done with the Job”

“No way!” I objected . “I must get an half-payment before carrying out the task”

There was a pause and then she sighed

“fine! she agreed

I smiled inwardly . “so when will I get the money?”

“I will call you”. she simply said and ended the phone call.

Crazy b*tch! she should better call me on time!

“Who was that?” Prince asked

“Demi’s step mother”. I answered truthfully

“Okay!” he nodded. “and what were you both talking about?”

I stared blankly at him, wondering if I should tell him or not

“don’t dare lie to me”. he warned

“fine!” I chuckled. “she wants me to get rid of her step -son”

his face grew pale all of a sudden

“and you agreed to it?”

“Yes!” I smiled. “I will also be needing your help”

“my help! no way!hurting ourselves is against the con fraternity code”

“I made the code so I can easily bend it to suite myself”

“but still , this is not ………

“$300,000”. I cut in and smiled when I saw the confused look on his face

“what will happen to $300,000?”

“It will be all yours if you agree to help me”

he licked his lips and scratched his hair , as if contemplating if he should agree or not.

“I will do it”. he agreed

“Thanks bestie”. I smiled. “and remember, no one else must know about this , not even Tony”

“sure”.he nodded . “what is the plan? you are not going to kill him in an open place or are you?”

“uhmmmm”. I shrugged lightly. “not at all, I will lure him over to a secluded place and get done with him”

“which of the secluded places?” Prince probed on and I was forced to laugh

Chai! this guy can ask question no be small!

“the refugee camp in Oru, I will make use of…….I trailed off when I heard a faint noise from outside, it was like the sound of a confused foot shuffle.

“did you hear that?” I faced Prince and he nodded .

slowly,I made for the front door and on opening it , I came face to face with the angry face of an extremely beautiful——wait a minute! is this not Demi’s ex girlfriend, the one who prince raped! what is that her name again? ….uhm ….Susan..

“Susanna right?” I asked , but there was response from her.

she just stood there, glaring at me ,her eyes flashing with deep contempt.

Oh right! she must really despise me!

“why are you here miss?”

“to kill you”. she growled in a deep , menacing voice and only then did I notice the small knife in her hand.

I chuckled lightly, opening the door wider

“come in”. I instructed and when she did , she flew at me and attempted to stab my chest , but I caught her hand and twisted it hard

“Let me go”. she screamed and began kicking me

I smacked my lips ,staring at her exposed cleavage.

“You are quite tough hun”. I pinned her wrist above her head with one hand and forced her harder against the wall.

“You bas***d!” she cursed, looking daggers at me. “I will make you pay for what you did to me”

“what did I do to you?”

She looked at Prince and then back at me

“do you know how miserable my life is right now? do you even know how broken I am?” her voice spat venom.

“Is this about the rape?” I asked, clearly confused.

“you are truly a heartless bas***d”. she half yelled

I smiled inwardly, so it is about the rape!!!

“but I didn’t instigate the rape , Demilade did”. I lied

her eyes grew wide in horror. “Demi did what?”

“everything”. I answered. “he wanted you to pay for hurting his girlfriend so he………….

“destroyed my life”. she completed, her voice barely audible.

“Yes!” I nodded. “so get a hold of yourself and let’s punish him together”

I watched as the anger in her eyes became less, and soon enough they were filled with fear once more.

“You want to punish Demi?”


“then I will help you”. she readily agreed. “what do you want me to do?”

“nothing”. I smiled mischievously. “just be my b*tch”

She swallowed hard. “only that?”

“hum hum!” I nodded . “and in return, I will help you gain back all what you have lost”.

I let my hand slipped to her side ,gently exploring upward until it reached her [email protected] .

“are you in or not?”

“I am in”. she replied with a shaky voice.

“Good! I put an arm around her and lifted her up

” can you take in my d**k?” I asked , staring at her beautiful face

why does Demi always get the best of everything??

she shook her head . “my “under”is still hurting”

“I won’t be hard on you”.l promised and walked to the room, smiling

I will use her to satisfy my s£xual urge and kick her out as soon as Obianuju becomes mine!


The little pain in my head got sharper and harsher .

I groaned out a sleep and slowly began to sit up.

what kind of headache is this?

I stood up and staggered to the bathroom , as sleep continued to fog my brain.

I washed my face with plain water and looked in the mirror to see a pale faced boy staring back at me .

Sh*t! I really emaciated , no doubt about it!

Returning to the room, I collapsed on the bed and reached for my phone which was on a low stool.

I scrolled through and saw 30 missed calls

“5 from Demi, 2 from Kewe , 2 from Bola and 21 from ——-Funmi

Jeez! did she want to run down my battery?

I switched off the phone and put it back on the stool

I was in no mood to receive calls!

suddenly ,the door opened and Funmi entered, panting hard

“Funmi!” I called out in surprise. “what are you doing here?”

“you weren’t picking my calls so i came here to check on you”. she replied, her voice so low

“by the late hour?” I glanced at the wall clock. “what if something bad had happened to you?”

she chuckled. “It is just 9;45 and nothing bad will happen”

“Oh! was the only thing I said as I stared at the short skinny girl who was acting all tough!

“so how are you feeling now?” she asked and joined me on the bed , sitting beside me


“have you eaten?”

I shrugged lightly. “something like that?”

“what do you mean by that?” she frowned, squeezing her face like a baby and I was forced to smile

“I have eaten”

“Good”. she remarked ,and with that , she placed her hand across my forehead,checking my temperature.

she was close , so d**n close and swears, I could hear the sound of her heart beating widely.

does she love me this much?

“Tobi”. she called , but her voice sounded distant as I was lost staring at her full lips.

I wanted so badly to kiss her!

In a swift move , I planted a short kiss on her lips . she looked surprised by my action, but did not complain.

I smiled inwardly, I will take that as a yes!

Staring into her eyes , I lightly slid my tongue across her bottom lips and kissed her deeply.

“Tobiii”. she breathe into my mouth and returned the kiss passionately. I deepened the kiss further , slanting my head from side to side , giving more, receiving more. I could feel her hair swinging against my face , cooling my skin . I could feel her deliberately moving against my hardness.

I smiled knowing that she wanted me, we were s£x stared.

quickly, i unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor; then I fell backward on the bed , pulling her down with me and we rolled together,leg tangling, arms reaching, lips seeking.

I unclasped her bra and my hands went exploring , touching her arms , cupping her [email protected] , then lower, to her special place .

Her eyes went huge , mesmerised and she clung to my shoulder as if they were a life line .

“what do you want?” I gasped . “Tell me….”

“You know ……I want you inside me, Tobi”. she curled her legs around me , seeking to get closer. “I need you. I want to take you in … I need you….

I rose up then, and hastily pulled off my clothes and slid down her panties

she bit her swollen lip between her teeth as my thigh gently pushed her legs apart; then I took her n!pole into my mouth and began suckling on it ….

“Tooooobi”. she m0aned loudly

I lifted my mouth from her [email protected] and gave her a little smile . “what??”

“Are you deliberately taking your time?”


“Don’t”. she begged , her nails , digging into the skin on my back . “I am going crazy”

Jeez! she is really crazy!

I kissed her mouth with tenderness, then entered into her , making her gasp

“you are so tight”. I whispered and began thrusting into her , deeper and deeper, careful not to hurt her.

She was so delicate and fragile!

“You are all right?” I asked , holding her eyes with mine as I rammed into her hard

“Yes. No. Please…..”. She raised her hips, drawing invisible circles on my chest as she let out a loud cry.

I chuckled lightly, watching her and a surge of emotion welled up inside me —- a mix up of utter astonishment, joy and love..






After eating the delicious “Amala and Ewedu”, I packed the paper plates into a nylon bag , tied it up and then dragged my feet to the kitchen.

I was filled up!

I dumped the nylon bag in the trash can , washed my hands thoroughly and scurried out of the kitchen to the room .

Entering, I found Demi stretched out on the bed , hands clasped behind his head as he stared at the ceiling.

“urm! urm”. I cleared my throat to get his attention and it worked, he shifted his attention to me.

“You done eating?” he asked

I swallowed hard , watching the water drip down his bare chest

“I am talking to you”. he snapped at me and I quickly composed myself, blushing with embarrassment

“erm yes I am done eating”. I stuck my tongue out at him and padded to the bathroom. pulling off my clothes , I dump it into the cloth basket , stepped into the bathtub and had a long and refreshing bath .

when done , I reached for a towel and wrapped it around my body as I returned to the room.

“should I switch off the light bulb?” I asked Demi who was now typing into his phone .

“no, leave it”. he replied

“Okay!” I joined him on the bed , laying down beside him

“who are you chatting with?” I looked into his phone

“oh! Kewe”. I answered myself and snuggled into his shoulder, forcing him to look at me

His eyes raked down my body and back up ,he didn’t even try to subtle it.

“Do you want to sleep with a towel?”

“No”. I shook my head vigorously

“why then are you on a towel?”

“erm”. I twisted my fingers nervously. “I want you to erm ……..

“F**k you”. he completed and I gulped down hard

why must he be so raw!!!

“Yes!” I answered with my tiniest voice

He chuckled lightly and drew me nearer to him

“no baby!you don’t have to do it , let’s us sleep”

Sleep kwa! with this tension inside me!

“I want you to F**k me”. I stated boldly

A slow , languid smile crossed his features,one that made my body flush and ache .

Oya na! what are you waiting for? my subconsciousness screamed at him.

slowly,he loosened the towel and trailed his fingernails lightly over my [email protected] ,pulling my n!poles tight and zapping.

“ouch”. I cried out in painful pleasure and rolled on top him.

I licked the shell of his ear and sucked on his earlobe , pulling on it with my mouth

he chuckled. “who is teaching you all this ?”

“no one”. I grunted my response, my hands on his er£ct d**k as I played with it through his brief.

“D**n!” he cursed and reached for the bed switch to switch off the light bulb ; then he rolled me over , pinned me to bed and suckled on my neck.

My hands fisted in his hair, unable to control myself when he suckled , kiss and nibbled my [email protected] , neck , skin and abdomen..

“Deeemi! I want you now”. I m0aned , wriggling my body in pleasure.

quickly , he removed his brief and gently slid his d**k into my “under” stretching me wide and open.

“oh my gawd!” I gasped and he paused to stare at me

“are you alright?”

I nodded , throwing my head in pleasure and he resumed his thrust , thrusting in and out of me harder and harder.

The only light in the room came from a generous full moon slanting through the window . It bathed us in cool shadows , illuminating our faces and bodies..

“Baaaby”. I screamed, curling my legs around him as I felt my organm building up.

“let it out”. he whispered into my ears and when I did , he wrapped his hand around my waist and increased his pace, taking me to another level.

he f**ked me roughly this time around,and in what seems like forever, he pulled out of me , releasing his stuff on me..

I was so damn weak and I found myself dozing off

“Good night baby”. he bade , wrapping his body against mine.

“Good ni……… I drifted off to sleep.



Next morning



My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing.

who is this na? I hissed silently and groaned out of sleep, reaching for my phone which was at the head of the bed .

I opened my bleary eyes to checkout the caller and noticed it was Chichi.

Chai! this girl again.

Ever since Demi got her a phone , she has been acting as my personal alarm clock , always disturbing me early in the morning.

smiling lightly, I received it

“Don’t tell me you are still sleeping”. her loud voice rang through

“Ah! Chichi, is this why you called , to query me?”

“No, I called to gist you”

“Okay!” I said , urging her to continue

“uhm! uhm”. she cleared her throat. “Daddy bought me big teddy bear and guessed what!”

“what?” I asked with keen interest

“I named it after you”. she screamed excitedly. “her name is Juliet”

what the heck!

“and you happy ba?” I asked sardonically

” oui bebe ( Yes baby)”. she replied in french and I was forced to laugh

she and this her french!

“what of Chidi?”I changed topic

“Grand ma is dressing him up for church”

daddy nko?”

“he has taken Uchenna to the airport”

Oh! I completely forgot he is travelling back to Canada today!

“Alright! you are home alone with grandma and Chidi…..

“and Aunty Helen”. She added .

So that one is still around!

“okay oooo! extend my regards to her”

“Sure”. she agreed. “what of Demi?”

“Demi! Demi!”. I let my eyes wander around the room but he was no where in sight

where could he be??

“are you still there?” Chichi asked , snapping me out of my thoughts

“erm yes sure I am still here”

“Demi nko?” She repeated her question

“he is fine”

“Alright! help me kiss him”. she giggled and ended the phone call.

Funny girl!

stretching, I sat up in the bed and glanced at the wall clock

“7:30am! time to prepare for church!

I picked up the towel from the floor, wrapped it around my body and was about getting off the bed when the door flew open and Demi walked in , dragging a big foam

“baby! you got a new foam”. I exclaimed, my eyes wide open in surprise

“you asked for it right?”he retorted , panting heavily as he finally pulled the foam into the room.

I stared on at him smiling, knowing fully well he only wanted to make me happy.

“aren’t you going to church?”he asked

“I am going oooo”. I dragged myself up from bed and began walking to the bathroom when he said

“I am going with you”

I stopped in my steps , facing me

“You said what?” I wanted him to repeat himself

he smirked . “I said I am going with you”

“really! I jumped excitedly and rushed to hug him .

he chuckled and held me to him tightly

“I am willing to change for you”



The best love is the one that makes you a better person,without changing you into someone other than yourself.



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