Obianuju – Episode 31

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 31

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The first rays of sunlight lit up my room.The dawn chorus of melodic b£d song drifted in.

I gro-ned out of sleep when the light hit my face and rubb£d my bleary eyes as I sat up in the b£d.

Yawning, I picked up my alarm clock on the low stool and looked into it .

“Ugh! 7:40am ! why is it so early?” I placed the clock back on the surface and laid down on the b£d again, straightening myself out.

A good thing Faith was no longer my roomie , now I can sleep on my b£d in peace!

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My phone suddenly rang and I reached for it to check out the caller and noticed it was Demilade.

Smiling, I received it and held the phone to my ear

“Good morning Ade”. I greeted first

“Morning priceless”. he responded. “how was night?”

I blushed . “It was lonely without you”

“how? I mean you were the one who insisted on spending the night at your place”

“I didn’t want to disturb your night reading na and moreover Kewe was there to keep you company”. I explained my reasons

“uhm! or is it because of the abstaining from s€×ual sins bla bla bla your pastor preached about?”he asked teasingly

so he even heard , I thought he was listening to music throughout!

“It is not that oooo”. I laughed. “Is Kewe still there with you?”I changed the topic

“Nope, he left a few minutes ago”

“Oh! he must be an early riser”. I observed

“Sure”. he agreed. “so what are your plans for today?

“erm”. I sat up in b£d. “I will be going to school this morning to submit my research assignment”

“You done with it?”

“Yes, I worked on it over the night”

“That is my baby”. he remarked coolly and my blush deepened.

“you nko, what are your plans for today?” I threw the question back at him

“nothing much”. he replied: “but I will go check on Tobi today”. he quickly added

“Alright! help me to greet him”

“sure I will”

“and also ,drop the house key under the foot mat, I will come over to your place as soon as I leave school”

“Alright baby,” he said in a hollow voice . “I love you”

“I love you too”. I

replied and ended the phone call.

I smiled sheepishly and k-ssed the phone , about to put it on the low stool when another call came in , this time around, it was Shakirat.

I received it immediately.

“Juliet ! her loud voice rang through. “I have been dialling your number since morning , but all I got was a busy signal”.

“Don’t mind me Jare, I was on call with my boyfriend”

She giggled. “I thought as much . so what time will you be leaving for school?”

“time! time ….uhmmm……that will be around…erm before 12 sha”

“12:00pm! she retorted. “It is late nau, the professor wouldn’t even be on seat by then”. she queried and yes she was right.

Professor Deji only attends to student in the morning, how could I forget that!

I heaved a sigh. “so are you already in school?”

“school ke! no ooo, I am in

Usman’s place”.

“but on your way to school right?”I wanted to be sure.

There was a pause and then she exhaled deeply

“I don’t think I can make it to school today, my boyfriend is sick and I need to take care of him”

she got to be kidding me!

“Is taking care of your boyfriend more important than your grade?”

“Please na, try and understand me”. She begged

“Fine”. I agreed . “but what if the professor ask about my partner?”

“he won’t jor”. she assured

“okay ooooo, I will say you said so”

“Thanks bestie”. she k-ssed the phone before ending the phone call.

Funny girl ! I just hope and pray this her Usman is real, else I won’t hesitate to kill the idiot.

Lazily, I crawled out of the b£d and walked to the bathroom .

I pulled off the only clothing on my me, my nighty , dumped it into the cloth basket and stepped into the bathtub.

Turning on the tap, I almost ran out, the water was freezing cold.

Ewoo! how will I bath now? I wondered, looking around.

An idea suddenly came to me , why not have it your own way?

my way? I grinned evilly. yes , my own way.

I fetched water into a bowl and began sprinkling it on my body.When done , I washed my “under”thoroughly and jumped out of the bathtub.

Boom! I am all done!

I reached for my towel and tied it around me and returned to the room to find Funmi ransacking through my bag hanger.

“Funmi!” I called out and only then did she notice me.

She smiled. “Uju! how are you?”

“I am fine ooo”. I went over to the wardrobe. “what are you looking for?”

“A bag”. she plainly answered

“obviously.” I rolled my eyes. “which of the bags?”

she spun around to face me. “The black Gucci bag”

“oh that, it is at Ademilade’s place”. I replied , my hands inside the wardrobe as I rifled through it for clothes.

“The white one nko?”

“Demi’s place”

“Nawa ooo!why not carry all your property to his place?”

I smiled lightly , ignoring her sneer

after all, it is my bag and I can keep it wherever I like.

“Chai! what will I carry to Tobi’s place now?”she mumbled , but I heard her clearly.

“Tobi!” I looked at her in surprise. “are you dating him?”

A smile lightened up her face and she nodded

“really! since when?”I was curious to know

“Saturday night”. she replied shyly

“and you didn’t tell me”. I queried her

“Haba! it is not like that , i wanted to tell you yesterday,but you left immediately after the service”. she explained

“Okay oooo Tobi’s wife”. I smiled teasingly. “sha make use of that bag”. I said , pointing to the red clutch bag I recently bought.

“but its nylon is still on it”. She retorted, looking puzzled

“I know”. I said quietly. “you can take it”

“as in you dash me?”her jaws dropped.

“hum! hum”. I nodded . “I have a lot of bags and ………..she rushed to hug me , before I could complete my words

“Thank you bestie , thank you so much”

I laughed softly. “It is nothing dear”

“No it is”. she dis£ngaged from the hug. “not everyone can give out something new, even me I can’t.

“Oh! was the only thing I said as I was short of words.

Giving wasn’t a big deal to me!

“you are a one in a million”. she praised and reached for the hand bag .

“okay oooooo”. I muttered , a soft smile on my face.

She clutched the bag to her chest and made for the door, then stopped all of a sudden to face me

“ehen! lest I forget, did you see Faith Face yesterday?”

“Faith face! what happened to it?”I asked , curiously.

“hmmmmh”. she made a disgusted face and clapped her hands lightly. “the side of her face was all swollen and her eyes were bruised”

“han han!” I folded my hands across my chest . “did she have an accident ni?”

“me I don’t know oooo”. she shrugged . “I tried making a conversation with her , but she completely snubb£d me

“Eyaaa! poor girl”. I shook my head in pity

“what! don’t tell me you are taking pity on the devil?”she asked, staring intently at me

I averted my gaze , looking in the wardrobe

“No”. I lied

“Okay oooo”. she opened the door and left the room.

Faith! what exactly is going on with you?

Taking a black gown out of the wardrobe, I checked it out . it was a long floral satin gown, the type Popularly known as the “Indiana gown”.

This will be perfect!

I towelled off , put on my undies and hurriedly changed into the gown; I put on my shoes, grabb£d my already packed handbag,picked up my phone and car keys and scurried out of the room, locking the door.

I kept the key inside my hand bag and walked through the long passage and climb£d down the short stairs to my car.

“Hello baby”. I opened the door and slid into the driver seat closing the door behind me ; then I started the car and slowly drove out of the bumpy compound, up the busy street as I headed to school.



By the time I got to school, it was already past 10.

I drove down the tarred road to my Faculty and parked out in front of the h-uge building.

Alighting, I stopped in surprise

Faith , my ex-roomie was standing right in front of me , her face covered with heavy makeup.

Has she been waiting for long!

“Ah! Uju, thank God you are here”. she adjusted her cloth . “I almost left thinking you wouldn’t be coming today”

“how can I help you?” I asked , staring at her ugly face.

I could still see the bruises through the heavy makeup!

“erm nothing much”. she twisted her f-ngers shyly . “I erm just need a little favour from you”

“Okay”. I nodded , urging her to continue

“Can you please help me with #20,000?”she begged , rubbing her hands together.

“No”. I answered and bang the car door shut

“Please Uju, you cant do this to me. I know I offended you badly, but I really need your help right now”. she pleaded shamelessly

“and why should I help you?” I retorted, seething with anger

“erm because you are my………

“sister”. I completed and she swallowed h-rd.

“did I not warn you never to call me that ! did I not warn you never to disturb my……..

“I am suffering”. she cut in , tears rolling down her eyes . “My boyfriend has turned me into a punching bag , he has turned me into a slave , the bas***d has no regard for my any longer”.

her words touched me and I felt pity for her!

but still , she wronged me bad and doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.

“So? what should I do about that?”I asked , trying to control the waver in my voice.

“help me please” she pleaded, clutching onto my arm.

“Get lost”. I shook my arm free and walked past her to the building

“Uju please”. She scre-med and that was it, my emotions got the better of me.

I turned around, facing her

“I will transfer the money to you”. I promised , and with that, I climb£d up the long stairs to the Professor’s office, Professor Deji…

I knocked on the door twice before entering

“Good morning sir!” I greeted the fat man behind the desk

He raised his head and looked at me

“Yes, how can I help you?”

So rude!

“I am here to submit my research assignment”

“Okay!” he nodded , “what about your partner?”

“erm she .. she is sick”. I lied,

He stared at me long and h-rd , as if to figure out if I am lying or not.

I maintained a straight face , holding his gaze.

“Alright!” he sighed. “Let me take a look at it”. he stretched out his right hand

I reached in my bag for the “paper work” and placed it gently on his palm.

“and you are?” he asked , his eyes fixed on the paper

“Obian…. erm I mean Juliet sir”. I stuttered and but my l-ips

he smirked. “which of the two should I believe?”

“It is Juliet sir”

“Juliet”. he placed the paper in between a big book. “You can go”

“Sir!” I called out in surprise

Just that!

“I said you can go”. he repeated, his voice surprisedly calm.

“Alright sir?” I retreated my steps and walked out of the office.

“And tell your sick friend to come see me when she is alright”. he called after me

“Thank you sir”. I answered

Gosh! what am I even saying!

climbing down the stair, I got outside and saw a man on black leaning against my car.

who is this one? I wondered as I walked over to the car.

“Can you please excuse me sir ?” I asked politely

he looked at me and flashed me a grin.

“You are obianuju right?”

I froze in shock. how in God’s name does he know my name?

He laughed. “you are surprised right? don’t be , I am a good friend of your boyfriend”

I stared blankly at the scary looking man with green teeth

how can he be Demi’s friend?

“Your boyfriend s£nt me to you”. he continued. “he asked me to esc-rt you back home and ……..

“what is his name?” I cut in , watching him closely.

His smile became a confused glare.

“I don’t need to know his name or do I?”

I shuddered, fully aware of the danger that lay ahead.

“who..are … you?” I moved backward , attempting an escape , but he swiftly pulled out a blade knife from his trouser pocket and pressed it down my skin.

“Come with me quietly or I will kill you”. he threatened.

My mouth felt suddenly dry and goose bumps sprang all over my bare arm.

Do I want to die? hell no!

I nodded ob£diently, “I will go with you”

“Good girl!” he remarked and opened the car door.

“Get in”. he barked and when I did, he closed the door , walked around and climb£d into the pass£nger seat .

“can I have your phone?” he asked smoothly,trailing the knife edge against my throat.

Fear gripped me , like vice around my gut.

I reached in my bag and took out my phone , handing it to him.

he swiped it and lifted it slightly.

“Say cheese”. he grinned

what! he wants to take a picture!

“Are you deaf?” he barked . “I said you should say cheese”

My bottom l-ips quivered and tears rolled down my eyes

“Cheese”. I grunted and he clicked the camera, taking a picture of me with his knife pressed down my neck.

He smacked his l-ips and smiled

“Perfect! you look like a queen in here”

I nodded abs£ntmindedly, a thousand and one things running through my mind.

does he want to kill me? rape me? scare me? who s£nt him to me? am I safe? Is ………

“do you know Itamerin Junction?” the bas***d asked , interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes!”i bit my l-ips to keep them from quivering and blinked my eyes to get rid of the tears.

Crying won’t solve anything!

“Good! I want you to start the car and drive down to the Junction”. he spoke slowly.


he smirked. “to wait”

Wait! what does he mean?

I was so scared , my hands trembled as I placed them on the steering wheel before starting it.

stepping on the brake, i

moved the car forward.

God please take control. I prayed silently.



The water was freezing cold so I turned on the heater and had a long bath, easing my stiff limbs into the warm water.

Satisfied, I turned off the heater , reached for my towel and returned to the room , drying my hair.

I went over to the wardrobe, searched through it for thick clothes and soon found one.

A black sweat shirt and sweat p-nts!

hastily, I put on a brief and hurriedly changed into the cloth.

The weather was f**king cold!

how will that “girlfriend of mine” cope?I wondered, a smile on my face . I could bet my life that she didn’t have a proper bath.

I picked up a comb and ambled to the mirror stand, looking into it as I comb£d out my curly hair.

Jeez! I really need to get my hair trimmed, but that will be right after I check on Tobi.

quickly, I Put on my sl-ippers, picked up my phone and car keys and walked out of the room, out of the house; then I locked the door, put the key under the foot mat and climb£d down the balcony to my car.

opening the car door, I climb£d into the driver seat and was about starting the car when my phone rang.

I looked down at it to see the name Prince flashing on the screen

That old fool! why is he calling?

I received it half way through the second ring and held the phone to my ear.

“Hello Demi! he greeted first.

“Why are you calling? I asked, ignoring his greeting.

he chuckled lightly. “do you hate me this much?

“No”. I lied . “why are you calling?” I repeated , but this time around with a calm voice.

“I need to see you”

“see me! why?”

“where are you?” he ignored my question.

I exhaled deeply. “I am on my way to Tobi”s place”


“Is anything wro…. I stopped mid s£ntence when I noticed the call was no longer connected, he hung up on me .

he must be really crazy!

I tossed the phone down on the seat with a weary sigh, started the car and drove heading to Ajebo, Tobi’s hostel .


After a fifteen minutes drive, I got to Ajebo and drove down the un tarred road till I got to a cream building.

I drove through the h-uge gate into the compound and parked out in front of Tobi’s apartment, right beside his car.

Alighting, I found him seated in the balcony, a light smile on his face as he watched me.

“Demi money!” he hailed as I moved closer to him.

“Tobi!” I smiled . “how are you?”

“I am fine oooo”. he replied . “it is just this sickness that wants to kill”

“Taarh! It won’t kill you in Jesus name? Amen”

He paused , staring at me like I was some ghost.

“Demi! when you turn pastor?” he asked , a serious look on his face .

“I went to church yesterday”. I stated proudly.

“Unbelievable! devil in the church”. he mumbled, but I heard him clearly.

“at least I am better than you”. I muttered and he smirked

“but why are you seated outside?” I changed the topic.

he hissed lightly. “Is it not my girlfriend that wants to burn down the house with her international cooking skills?”

“Girlfriend!” I repeated in surprise. “you have a girlfriend?”

“hum! hum!” he nodded . “Funmi”

“Funmi… Funmi… which of the Funmi?” I asked, clearly confused

“how many Funmi do you know?” he retorted. “the same Funmi you know …

“My babe friend?” I asked to be sure.

he nodded slowly.

“Do you know love her?” I was forced to ask.

he shrugged lightly. ” I am learning to love her”

Good! I smiled inwardly, now he will erase all the feelings he has for Obianuju!

“Kewe nko?” he prob£d on

“he went to his tutorial class as usual”

“hmmm! Kewe the brainiac, how I wish I can be like …….. he trailed off , his gaze behind me.

“what is this bas***d doing here?”

I quickly turned and saw Prince Jogging toward us.

I wouldn’t call that running cos he was half running.

“Oh! he said he wants to see me”

“See you! why?” he asked , squ-eesing his face in disgust.

“I don’t know!”

“Tobi! Demi!” Prince grunted , stopping in front of me .

“hi!” I grunted back while Tobi ignored him, looking away.

“erm”. Prince cleared his throat, staring intently at me . “Can I talk to you in private?”

“No, say whatever you want to tell him here”. Tobi butted in

“I am not talking to you”. Prince looked daggers at him and then faced me.

“Dave wants to see you”. he spoke quietly so Tobi won’t hear.

“I am busy”. I retorted in a huff

“No,you are not”. he took his phone out of his pocket, unlocked it and held it up for me to see.

I stood rooted to the spot , my eyes widened in shock.

My girlfriend, Obianuju seated in her car, tears in her eyes , a knife against her neck , looking so terrified.

I opened my mouth , trying to speak, but no word came out

I was damn frightened!

“You better not try anything stupid or else she would be a dead girl”. he threatened

I nodded slowly. “what do you want me to do?”my voice was barely more than a whisper.

“Simple! Just come with me quietly and she will be safe”

“Fine!”I agreed . ” but you have to tell me where she is”.

he smirked . “do you think I am a fool?”

“where the hell is my girlfriend?” I yelled and Tobi stood up in a huff .

“what is wrong? he asked , wanting to interfere but I gestured with my hand for him to stop.

“Tell me where she is and I will go with you quietly”. I said to prince .

For a moment he stared blankly at me and then exhaled deeply.

“your phone”. he stretched out his hands

“I left it at home”. I lied . “you can check my pocket”

he felt through my pocket and as expected found nothing.

“So where is my girlfriend?” I prob£d on

“she will be fine”. he retorted

“No, I am not leaving here until I am sure she is safe”. I insisted

“Fine! he sighed . “she is at itamerin Junction.

An old fool indeed!

I faced Tobi. “you heard that right?”

he nodded , a dazed look on his face.

“Please make sure you find her”. I begged , moving close to him.

“I will”. he promised

“and also , my phone is inside my car”. I whispered softly into his ear. “call my dad and…. I stopped mid s£ntence when I heard the c*cking sound of a gun.

D**n! this is worst than I thought!

“Let’s us go”. Prince barked and I covertly tuck my car key into Tobi’s pocket and faced the bas***d

“Sure”. I faked a smile

“Move”. he grunted ,pointing the gun at me and I did ob£diently, walking beside him till we got outside to a red Benz—-Dave’s car.

He opened the car door and instructed me to get in and when I did , he slid into the driver seat, started the car and drove off to God Knows where.



After driving for what seems like forever to me , he parked in front of a compound covered with thick bushes.

“Where is this place?” I thought and said aloud

“your death place”. he replied , grinning evilly

death place! Is Dave trying to kill me?

“Get down”. he thundered and I did in a slow motion, my eyes darting around for an escape.

He c*cked the gun. “Move”.

I paused , s-cking in a deep breathe , and then threw my hand up in the air in defeat.

“Fine!” I agreed and marched into the house, prince followed closely behind me.

He stopped abruptly in front of a small room , opened it and roughly pushed me inside.

“what is the meaning of all this?” I asked calmly, ruffling my hair in confusion.

the wh0le thing still seemed strange to me!

“Dave will explain to you better”. he replied and with that , he banged the door and locked it from outside.

I slid down to the dusty floor , bringing my knee to my chest.

what exactly is going on? I wondered





I drove as fast as I could, honking and over taking cars in order to get to Obianuju on time .

I was scared and confused at the same time!

what the hell Is happening? why did Dave want to see Demi? Why did prince threaten him with a gun? where in the world did the bas***d take Demi to?………….

The sound of my phone ringing disrupted my thoughts and I fished it out of my pocket to see the name Susanna flashing on the screen.

why is she calling? I received it , keeping a wary eyes on the road

“hello Tobi”. she greeted first, sounding so worried

“Speak”. I grunted

“where are you? Is Demilade with you? I have been trying his number, but he is not picking up”.

Oh! so she is the one who has been calling Demi’s line!

“what is it?” I asked , ignoring her question

“It is Demi, I think he is in trouble”

“Okay!” I said , urging her to continue

“I overheard Dave telling someone on the phone to lure Demi out by using his girlfriend”

I became alarmed, so this is what it is all about?

She continued. “If they have in any way succeeded, then Demi’s life is in danger”

Danger ke! as in death! no way!

“Do you know where Prince is taking him to?” I scre-med into the phone

I was already getting impatient!

“The refugee camp at Oru”. she answered. “Please do something fast about it , I don’t want anything … to …my”. she broke down in tears.

F**k! I bit my l-ips in anger

“hey! calm down”. I pleaded with her. “Demi will be fine and …….. “but wait a minute! how do you know all this? I was starting to get curious.

“I am in Dave’s place”. she replied , her voice so low .

“Did he kidnap you?” I retorted, clearly confused .

“No, I willingly became his s€× partner to drag him down.


“so please and please make sure he doesn’t get away with this”

“I won’t”. I promised and ended the phone call.

Dave must pay for his crime!

Sharply, I scrolled down my phone for my uncle’s number , the DPO , Ago-Iwoye division and when I saw it, I clicked on it and dialled it .

He picked up right away!

“Oluwatobiloba”. he called out my name in full. “how are you?”

“I am not fine sir”. I replied . “my friend’s life is being threatened.

“Threatened by who?”


“Han! Han! that same Dave”. he retorted. “but I thought you said you have no business with him”

“I lied sir”

he scoffed . “and why would you do that?”

“he threatened to kill my younger brother and I was scared”. I answered truthfully

There was a pause and then he sighed

“which of your friend did he threaten?”

“Ademilade ……..,

“Adeoye”. he completed, his voice filled with anger

“Yes Sir!”

“where is he right now?”

“Refugee camp”. I replied , trusting on Susanna words.

“Alright”. he plainly said and ended the call.

stepping on the brake, I increased the car speed .

Obianuju! please be safe!


Finally! after a rough drive, i got to itamerin and slowed down when I sighted obianuju car, it was parked in front of an abandoned filling station.

Thank goodness! I muttered, sighing in relief

I pulled out of the road and drove slowly, parking beside her car.

Swiftly, I opened the car door and rushed to her car.

The window was wind up so I knocked on it,but there was no response.

Is she sleeping?

“Obianuju! It is Tobi”. I said softly and instantly, the door opened and she jumped on me, hugging me t¡ghtly.

“Tobi”. She broke down in tears. “the man .. he ….said I shouldn’t leave the … car ..or else he ….would kill me” . she struggled her words in between tears

“What man!” I pulled of the hug to stare at her face , it was messed up.

“The man who kidnap me”. she replied, her wh0le body trembling as she looked around.

” don’t be scared”. I wiped off her face. “you are safe”

She nodded vigorously, looking toward Demilade’s car.

“where is Demilade?”

“he is fine”. I lied

” fine”. she muttered. “then why is he not here?”

I bit my l-ips not knowing what to say to her!

“Is he alright?” She asked , her searching gaze ran over my face.

I swallowed h-rd , wondering if should tell her or not .

“where is he?” She yelled loudly, attracting some curious stares

I decided to tell her the truth!

“he is in danger”. I said , holding her shoulders .

her mouth gapes as her eyes bulge

“where is he?” her voice was surprisedly calm

“refugee camp”. I answered. “but he will be alright”. I quickly assured

she stayed quiet for a while and then exhaled deeply

“he will be fine”. she muttered, it was more like she was talking to her self .

uhhhm ! this one she did not react , I hope I am safe!

“Are you alright?” I asked to be sure

she nodded . “can you please get me something to eat? I am famished”

“Sure!” I agreed and began walking to a provision store adjacent to us when I heard the screeching sound of a tyre .

I turned around just in time to see her car zoom off.

D**n! the little girl played on my intelligence!

I rushed back to Demi’s car and slid into the driver seat.

what should I do now? I hit the steering wheel, as I tried to think.

Demi’s word suddenly played in my head

“Call my dad”

With shaky hands , I reached for the phone which was on the pass£nger seat and swipe it opened

luckily for me , there was no password!

I scrolled down his contact and saw the number he saved with as Dad.

I clicked on it and dialled it .

The man picked up on the second ring .

“Ade ! Is that you?”his shaky voice rang through.

“uhm! uhm”. I cleared my throat. “Good afternoon sir. This is Tobiloba , Ade’s friend”


“Ade is being threatened….I tried to explain but he cut me short

“I know . The D.P. O just called to inform me . I am already on my way to your school, the commissioner of police is also with me so please keep me informed about the updates”. he said in a rush

“I will do that sir”

“Thanks son”. he said and ended the phone call

So my uncle knows his father , a good thing though.

Starting the car , I drove speeding off to the police station.

I needed to make sure they are on track , nothing must happen to Ademilade and Obianuju…..:






I paced up and down the room restlessly, trying to put my thoughts together.

My breathing was heavy and laboured and my heart racing in fear.

Is this the punishment Dave was talking about? Is he Dave trying to kill Demi? If yes , why?

my wh0le body shuddered at the thought of it!

Oh God! Please protect Demi!

Suddenly , the door knob twisted and I collapsed on the b£d , picked up a book and looked into it , pretending to read.

The door flew open and the bas***d , Dave walked in, smiling.

“you are reading”. he observed

“Yes”. I faked a smile. “for the upcoming exams??”

“Oh!he leaned in to me, brushed his l-ips against my ear and whispered ,

“I will be out for a while, I need to take care of something”.

Something! my heart skipped a bit

“I want to go with you”. I said with my softest voice .

“No you can’t”. he moved his f-ngers up to my ribs , then lightly pinched my n-pples”

Crazy bas***d! I cursed inwardly, trying so h-rd to maintain a smiling face.

“I will be back soon”. he said quietly and walked out of room

I kept my ears open, listening closely to the sound of his heavy footsteps and when I was sure he was gone , I sprang up to my feet , put on my sl-ippers, grabb£d my hand bag, picked up my phone and rushed out of the house .

I wanted to make a report at the station myself, only then will I be at peace .


getting to the street Junction, I flagged down a bike.

The bike man pulled out of the road in an instant and stopped in front of me .

“Abobi police station”. I called out

The man nodded . “Your money na ……..

“I will pay you #1000”. I cut in . “just make sure you drive fast.

“Sure”. he licked his l-ips .”enter make we dey go”

Sharperly , I climb£d on the bike and the man kicked the engine and drove off in full speed.


We wasted no time in getting to the station and the man halted in front of the gate.

paying him , I jumped down the bike and rushed inside the gate into the compound where I saw police men with big guns.

“Are they shooting an action film?” I wondered, looking around and sighted Tobi talking in whispers to a fat man.

“Tobi!” I scre-med and ran all the way to him.

“Susanna! how are you?” his voice was strained and sad.

I shook my head vigorously. “I am not fine at all. what is going on here?”

“The police are on their way to the camp”. he replied and I nodded, my eyes wandering around.

“but why are they much?”

he sighed. “the matter seems to be more complicated”.

“how?” I asked , clearly confused.

“Obianuju might be in danger as well”

“Obianuju! you mean Juliet?” I wanted him to repeat his words

He simply nodded and reached in his pocket and handed a phone to me——Demi’s phone.

“what should I do with it?” I looked down at the phone and then back at him .

“Demi’s father is on his way here , keep him updated”

“Okay!” I readily agreed.

I was willing to do anything to make sure Demi is safe!

“and don’t leave this place till I am back”.he warned and walked past me to a black Camry.

Leaning against the wall , I watched him climb into the car and then I looked up at the sky.

God! everything is in your hands, take control!






Untold hours has passed , and I was still here, locked up in a scary – looking room like an animal.

My face was pale, my eyes dull , my nostrils flared, all as a result of excessive thinking!

what will happen to me now?

Suddenly , the door flung open and Prince entered , a gun in his hands.

“Dave is already here”. he grunted. “Let us go”

“To where?” I asked weakly

he smirked. “to a bigger room”

Without a word , I dragged myself up from the floor and followed behind him as he led me to a big spacious room where Dave was leaning against the wall , smiling.

“hello Demi”.his smile deepened

“why did you bring me here?” I asked , staring intently at him

“To kill you”. he held out his hand to prince , who plunked a gun into it

my eyes grew wide in shock and my heart skipped in fear.

“no personal reasons though”. he quickly added.

no personal reasons! what is he talking about?

“Did someone order you to do it ?” I asked confusedly

“Yes!” he nodded . “I was paid a million dollars to kill you”

“by who?” I retorted, still finding it h-rd to believe that I was about to die .

“your step mother”. Prince butted in , earning a cold stare from Dave

“Did I call you into the conversation?” Dave snapped at him.

“erm I am sorry , I just wanted him to know who s£nt us”. Prince explained, but his voice sounded so distant.

my step mother s£nt them! she wants me dead! is this the reason why she asked for Dave’s number!

I staggered backwards and held the wall to stop myself from falling.

“Say you last prayer boy”. Dave smirked evilly and c*cked the gun , about to pull the trigger when we heard a loud piercing scre-m.

quickly, I turned in the direction and saw———-Obianuju.

my heart stopped pounding, and my breathing was halted to only leave me to begin to shake.

“what are you doing here?” I yelled at her

“Demi”. she muttered, tears rolling down eyes.

Sh*t! I turned around to Dave and met his cold gaze.

“what is going on here?”he asked , looking daggers at me

Is he really asking me that!

“how did she get to know this place?” he half yelled

“my heart led me here”. Obianuju replied, her voice barely a whisper.

“Your heart”. Dave repeated , anger sparkling in his eyes .

“Don’t mind her”. I took a step forward. “I am the one you need so please let her go”

“Fine!”he growled and aimed at me , pulling the trigger.

I closed my eyes t¡ghtly, anticipating my death , but it didn’t come. What I felt was a hand w-rapped around my neck and a “liquid like” substance splatter on my face , I licked it , it tasted metallic.

The moment I opened my eyes, my blood froze in shock, and I couldn’t move.




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