Obscure episode 30


Rosanne cleared her throat as she announced his highness lunch behind closed door.

“Your Highness, your lunch is ready!”

Rosanne sighed tiredly when she heard no reply after waiting for another ten seconds after the first one and she was about to knock on the wooden door when she heard his deep voice say “come In”

Taken aback by that, it was the first time she’ll hear him say something like that, Rosanne smiled. At least he was showing her his soft side.

She held the tray in her right hand firmly and opened the door with her other hand before slowly walking inside.
She saw his highness on his usual spot beside the window, and this time he wasn’t looking out the window, he was actually staring at the door.
Rosanne got really uncomfortable as she felt the crown prince’s eyes on her as she took massive strides towards his bed to place his tray of food.

Poising a bow, Rosanne quietly raised her head up to look at the crown prince, for there was a favour lurking at the back of her mind.
She blinked rapidly, when she saw that the crown prince was still staring at her, she gave a nervous grin as he continue to gaze her not saying or doing anything. She noticed his hair had grown a little longer and noticed how his eye lashes bat over his bottom lashes, rapidly taking his emerald eyes out of sight as he blinked at her.

“Sorry for the inconvenience your Highness” Rosanne swallowed.
“As you had suggested earlier. You offered to help me write a letter today,”

The crown prince said nothing and watched her.
Rosanne gulped getting nervous, she had to be honest, his silence was annoying, he literally just said come in minutes ago.
“I’ll.. Take my leave then.” Rosanne stuttered when she got another moment of silence from his highness and was about to walk out of the room when the crown prince said something.

“Get the paper and ink ready, I’ll write whenever I want to” He stated.

Rosanne gasped and turned to him immediately. She bowed all the way down almost to her ankle.
“Thank you, your Highness.” she said gloriously and as she raised her head up, her golden brown hair followed, falling over her shoulder like water.


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exited the room grinning from ear to ear, she wanted to see nothing more than this side of the crown prince


Father, remember the letter we were supposed to write to Rosanne.” Garam started over lunch with Zackary.

“Aw yes, I completely forgot, but it’s alright, after lunch I’ll get the papers ready, I just want you to write a letter to Rosanne, I’m sure she’ll be pleased seeing it come from you”.
“I’m sure she will” Garam smiled, taking a sip out of his water in a silver cup.

“So father, ever been to the castle Sylph the one Rosanne works.?” Garam asked, patiently waiting for an answer.
“No not really, to be honest I don’t even know where it is needless to say been there” Zackary smiled.


do you care to know where it is?” Garam pushed his thick brows up.
Zackary gave him a look.

“Not really.” Zackary shook his head. “I do know that Rosanne is living well and why do you ask this though.?”

“I mean, sooner or later you’ll get tired of recieving and giving out letters, won’t you like to see her for real.?”

“I know you miss her Garam but you have to try to let her be.” Zackary smiled.

“You don’t understand” Garam muttered under his breath, that Zackary barely heard.
After lunch, Zackary handed Garam one of Orrander’s best selling papers and ink, as he has promised to write for his lovely bethroted.
The day was getting dark and Rosanne had served the crown prince hours ago, but he still didn’t show no sign of helping her with her letter even after he had promised and Rosanne was disappointed.
Sitting on the slippery floor of the ball room, her body arched and almost all the way to the floor, but her elbow laying on the ground and her palm against her cheeks, restrained her body from touching the cold floor.

Rosanne sighed at the paper in front of her eyes. And then at the ink beside the paper.
“How could he not keep such a simple promise” Rosanne yelled, refraining herself from cussing.

“Father always say, real men are those men that keep their promises so how can His Highn–
Rosanne stopped talking when she felt HIS presence.

She gulped and turned to her side, hidden in the room’s shadow, she saw the crown prince and immediately got on her feet to give a bow.
He walked close to her shirtless like always, he looked a little less furious as he slowly sat in front of the paper and ink, telling her to sit too.
Rosanne slowly took a sit on the cold floor.
He glanced at her before grabbing the brush and dilating the brush with the bitch blank ink.

“Carefully say what you want to tell your father and I’ll write it down.” The crown prince stated, his voice, low and deep.

He listened as Rosanne spoke with joy, thanking her father, telling him about some days here, talking about how the crown prince was a very good person by helping her write, and the crown prince did stop when she complimented him, but picked up his pace immediately.

“Thank you so much your Highness!” Rosanne grinned after the letter was complete and filled with ink.
The crown prince said nothing, but nodded in approval.

“My father is going to be happy” Rosanne grinned.

“You speak so highly of your father, it surprises me.” The crown prince suddenly said,
“Yes I do speak highly of my father, because no one else is like him, he is a good man and has been the one taking care of me ever since my mother’s death.” Rosanne smiled.

“You lost a mother.” The crown prince breathed out. “How did she die?”

Rosanne was surprised by the question but answered anyways.
“I do not know, I just know she’s dead.”

“How pathetic” the crown prince scoffed, almost earning a glare from Rosanne.
“But I am indeed happy with my father, and it not as pathetic as you had said your Highness.” Rosanne smiled.

The crown prince remained silent and watched her fold the letter with a smile.

Rosanne raised her head up and with curiosity reeling her eyes she asked.
“Can I ask a question your Highness?”

The crown prince paused and his brows furrowed in anger. “Go on.” he ordered.

Rosanne bowed before asking. “Why don’t you always put on a shirt?”

“Do you find it disturbing?”

“No, I mean yes. I mean it’s very inappropriate you see, in Orrander it is inappropriate for a lad to be shirtless in front of a lass, there, people view it as a start of… A start of…
Rosanne was finding it hard to breathe her last word.
“A start of?” The crown prince threw his brows up.
Rosanne glanced at his Emerald eyes letting out a nervous grin.

“A start of fornication.” Rosanne breathed out. Regretting ever asking him that question.

“Fornication? And what is that?” The crown prince asked.
Rosanne shot her head up in a snap not believing the crown prince.

“You do not know what to fornicate means?” Rosanne blinked, slowly moving back.

“I do not”.

“Well” Rosanne laughed. “let’s forget I ever mentioned that.”

“Of course not!” The crown prince barked and Rosanne flinched. “You spiced up my curiosity and don’t you dare thinking you won’t spice it down, now speak of this strange word i do not know” The crown prince was angry.

“I’m so sorry your Highness, I did not mean to get you angry, I mean you’re very good with words and then with writing and then reading, but you do not know such common words.” Rosanne apologized.
“As you can Clearly see, I live alone in this castle, so your view of common is not the same for me.”

Rosanne nodded when she understood where the crown prince was coming from, and wait, he was having a conversation with her, or has he forgotten how obscure he was. But at the same time it was a good thing to finally have someone to talk to besides her self.

“To Uhm.. Fornicate… Your Highness means…” Rosanne sighed nervously, scared to explain to the charming young man in front of her what the foreign word to his hear means.

The crown prince glared at her and she shut her eyes immediately and opened them back.
“To fornicate means, when two people, a lad and a lass are not married yet and then.. Uhm” Rosanne scratched her head. “When two people engage in activities that includes, touching each other and going a lot farther than that, whilst being [email protected]

“I still don’t understand!” The crown prince uttered.

“Oh goodness” Rosanne Turned to her side to roll her eyes, so she wouldn’t get seen by the crown prince.

“Your Highness” she sighed. “Before you were born your parents had both enthral in activities like that and that is why they had you” Rosanne smiled trying not to sound embarrassed. The crown prince was not so smart in all aspect after all.

“So I have no shirt on means I want to fornicate, with you?”

“No!” Rosanne almost screamed. “Certainly not your Highness” Rosanne shook her head frantically.

“Then why does me being shirtless pertubes you?” The crown prince asked.

“Because it is disrespectful” Rosanne giggled nervously. “But it’s okay, I don’t mind, not anymore”.

The crown prince remained silent and after seeing how Rosanne was looking for a away to escape the silence, he finally spoke up.
“I do not wear a shirt, because of the curse I carry”.

Rosanne turned to him in awe.
“A curse?” she repeated.
… T. B. C

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