Obscure episode 34 – 35


Rosanne bowed at his Highness, stylishly slipping the letter below her bow so the crown prince would see it and get her message that she was still as dumb as ever when reading or writing.
Rosanne straightened her body and looked sideways when the crown prince said nothing.

“Are you hungry, your Highness?” Rosanne asked, not knowing what to say.
“I ate not to long ago.” He replied grumpily, his voice deep and low.

“Oh, alright, sorry” Rosanne apologized.

The ballroom was quiet and the silence was making Rosanne feel awkward, the crown prince wouldn’t speak and she couldn’t bring herself to tell him about the letter, he was someone with multiple personalities.

“I’ll take my leave now.” Rosanne bowed when the silence became extreme. Walking past his Highness when she heard his voice.
She paused.

“Is that a new letter?” He asked.
Rosanne swallowed her smile as she turned around.
“Yes it is”.
“From your father? Already?”

“No… From Garam.” Rosanne beamed.
“Garam? Garam Lon. The one mentioned in your letter?”

“Yes, yes your Highness, you have such amazing retentive memory” Rosanne almost jumped.

“And have you read it?” The crown prince asked, sucking in his attractive bottom lip as his emerald eyes gaze at the letter in Rosanne’s eyes.
“Of course not. I clearly do not know how to read your Highness” Rosanne smiled.

“Then why are you smiling?” The crown prince asked causing Rosanne to stop smiling. “You’re dumb. There’s nothing to smile about”
Rosanne blinked rapidly taking in the almost truthful insult from the crown prince.
“Well I certainly am.” Rosanne shrugged.

The crown prince said nothing as he watched her. He raised his furious looking brows at her, not understanding the gesture, Rosanne had to ask. “what?” she blinked.

“Hand it over” he ordered.
Rosanne bit her smile as she handed him the letter.
His hand slowly brushed against hers and he took the letter from her and Rosanne gasped when she felt how hot he was, just from a little touch.

“is there something wrong?” The crown prince asked staring at his hand since Rosanne gasped at it.

“N..no.. Just your body’s a little hot.” Rosanne swallowed.
“Nonsense. My body is fine.” The crown prince scoffed, causing Rosanne to stare at his shirtless body at the mention of ‘body’. She mentally hit herself when her eyes came across his stomach packs and arm biceps. He needed to learn how to put a shirt on.


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listen carefully, I only read once” The crown prince said sternly.

“I understand your highness!” Rosanne gave a light bow and smiled as the crown prince’s deep voice took over the room, while reading Garam’s letter.

“Dear Rosanne, my very own Rosanne, the sunshine that brightens up my day, the flower that beautifies my garden and the only woman that will ever cause happiness just from her smiles.” The crown prince paused as he gave the letter a strange look, he turned to Rosanne to see her smiling.

“is there something wrong your Highness?” Rosanne asked.
“Why does he write this way?” The crown prince asked.


I do not understand what you mean your Highness, in what way do you mean.?” Rosanne swallowed.

“How are you supposedly a sunshine and a flower.?” The crown prince asked. His voice angry.

Rosanne almost rolled her eyes, but held back. “I do not know how to reply that your Highness, to sum it up, I am Garam’s happiness.”

“You can’t be someone’s happiness”

“Yes you can. Thinking of my father, I am happy, thinking of Garam, I am happy… And… Well thinking of when you help me read my letters nicely, I am happy, there you have sure made me happy, and just like Garam who causes me to smile every minute of the day, he is my happiness just like I am his. You can be someone’s happiness. ” Rosanne’s smiled.

“People are awful, they only think of themselves.” The crown prince spat.

“Oh no your Highness. My father thinks of me first, he is trying to be selfless just because he wants me to be happy. Haven’t someone made you happy before?” Rosanne shook her head.

The crown prince said nothing as he turned back to the letter. He ignored Rosanne’s question and continued reading. And Rosanne didn’t care, she wanted to listen to more of Garam’s words.

“I am so curious of how your days are, over there in Castle Sylph, I hear the crown prince is helping you with letters how unnecessary generous of him.”

Rosanne blinked at that statement but decided to ignore it and she listened to more words escaping the lips of His Highness in front of her.


do hear, you wear and eat expensive over there, but every day without you here in Orrander, I feel like I’m losing it, I would love it if you write me back if you see anyone who’s willing to help, and I hope you can get a chance to come back, even if, just for one day, I miss you, Rosanne Hathaway. The love of my life, I want to hold you in my arms and bless your face with thousands of kisses” The crown prince stopped and turned to Rosanne to see her all red and flustered up, her eyes on her feet.

He ignored her and continued reading the letter “I want to see you when I wake up and when I go to sleep, I cannot wait for us to get married and have children that will look as lovely as you. The day you will return from castle Sylph and to Orrander, shall be the day we get married, we will get married in a garden just like you’ve dreamed. I cannot wait to see you again Rosanne Lon, soon you shall be called that. From the bottom of my heart, I love you, from your lovely soon to be husband Garam.“
The crown prince closed the letter and handed it back to Rosanne who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you, your Highness” Rosanne bowed with joy.

Straightening her body, Rosanne raised her head to look at the crown prince to see him staring at her.
She blinked rapidly.
“Thank you?” Rosanne shrugged.

“You’re getting married?”.

“You’re getting married?” Said the crown prince to Rosanne.

“Yes, I am!” Rosanne smiled.

“To this Garam Lon.”

“Yes. Your Highness” Rosanne beamed…

“Give the letter to me” The crown prince ordered, stretching his hand forward.
“W..why?” Rosanne moved back.

“Give it!” he spat causing Rosanne to place the letter on his hand. And immediately the crown prince walked away. Rosanne turned to the direction he walked past and gave a sigh.

Sitting beside a small river and trying to joggle some set of tiny stones, Collin walked towards Martha and threw a pair of trousers on her Hands, causing her stones to drop.
Martha gasped, standing up.
“Thank you so much Collin” she beamed.
“You better not ask for a favour like this next time, my father wondered what I was doing with an extra pair of trousers when I have one on already, I used Garam as an excuse, if he finds out that you’re the one wearing it, I’ll be dead.”

“Worry not, alive you shall remain, no one ever comes here, this place being the most discarded place in Orrander, I’m safe” Martha smiled. “Now turn around” she ordered.

Collin sighed. “I might as well go home” Collin said turning around.

“Don’t, I do not want to be in a place like this all by myself” Martha snarled as she pulled the trousers up her legs.

“And you ran again from home, why?” Collin asked, staring at the tree in front of him.
“My father was being obnoxious like always”.
“Still wants you to get married to Gregory?”
“Well, I talked to Gregory and he told his father he doesn’t want to get married to me which angered my old man.” Rosanne sighed.
“Sad.” Collin laughed.

“How about you? Is Anastasia being any nice.?” Martha asked.
“No. She told me she doesn’t like me right in front of my face, she loves Garam.” Collin shrugged.

“Loves?” Martha gasped, taking off her dress.

“Yes. She made it clear to me, but I don’t mind, I’ll just get married to her and make my mother and father happy”.
“How sweet and pathetic of you Collin, I know you do not like Anastasia” Martha spat untying her hair.

“I do not, but what choice do I have” Collin frowned.

“Okay, you can turn around now I’m done.” Martha exclaimed.
Collin slowly turn around, and seeing Martha in his trousers and a thin fabric shirt that barely covered her shoulder and both her arms.

“Exposing your arms. You’ll be in trouble young lady” Collin Said sitting down in front of the flowing river.

“Shut up and let me just enjoy what I’m happy with, wearing dresses and tight shirts are annoying just like your nags” Martha said sitting beside Collin.

“Well, you do what you like” Collin smiled.

Hearing footsteps all of a sudden Collin almost jumped, but Martha Smiled. “It’s just Garam do not panic, and besides I’m the one breaking the rules, not you”.

“I’m just looking out for you, and since when did you know what Garam footsteps sounds like?”

“Since forever” Martha smiled and watched as Garam came into sight.

“You’re both here,” Garam stated immediately he saw his friends.

“Well, what you know us.” Collin shrugged.
“And Martha what’s with the glare this morning?” Garam asked, sitting down and Martha standing up.

“I was just being me.” Martha shrugged.
“Her father yelled at her.” Collin spilled.
“You never shut up do you.” Martha shook her head.

“Considering the type of girl Martha is, I understand why he has to yell, look at her” Garam smirked, as he and Collin watched the skinny pale skin girl walk into the river barefooted.

“Hey be careful.” Collin spat, as Martha almost fell.
“I know now be quiet” Martha said, walking into the shallow water.

“How rude” Garam rolled his eyes.
“Nobody asked for your opinion Mr. Sunshine” Martha rolled her eyes, not seeing the small giant rock inside the water and tripped.
Both boys fell out laughing when Martha fell into the water.

“I’ve been waiting for that” Collin smiled.
“You have no idea.” Garam shook his head.
Martha got up from the water, her face scrunched in anger. “idiots” she barked.
“We warned you sweetheart” Garam smiled.
“But you chose to listen to yourself, and look where that got you” Collin clicked his tongue shaking his head.
Martha rolled her eyes “well I don’t care, it’s refreshing anyways.”.

Breathing out a smile, Martha moved her shoulder length hair backwards and moved to the direction of the sun still in the water, her clothes had gotten w€t and was now sticking with her body, the thin fabric shirt glued with her upper body, almost revealing too much, and the dripping water glistening on her body with the sunlight causing her to shine under the sun, Collin found himself staring at the girl in the water, he never really saw her to be someone attractive, he had always seen a boyish girl in front of him, but at that moment, he was seeing not just a girl, but a woman, and he found himself gazing at her.
Garam suddenly cleared his throat. He had Been staring too.

“Martha,” he called standing up.
Martha head snapped at him immediately.
“Put on my shirt, that is in appropriate” Garam said, losing the knot on both side of his shirt.
“What is inappropriate?” Martha asked.

“That.!” Garam looked down at her chest. And Martha eyes travelled down her chest, to see her cloth had glued to her chest, almost revealing it bared.

“At least, put on chest straps like other women do.” Garam sighed,
Martha looked away shyly as she took his shirt.
“Thank you” she cleared her throat.

“It’s nothing,” Garam said sitting back Down.

“Well, you’ve always Called me a boy, how are you calling me a woman today” Martha smiled.
“Do not make this weird Martha, letting a man see your… Is definitely not appreciated” Garam nagged.

“You’re not a man.” Martha shook her head. “And quit talking about my [email protected] that way you pervert,” Martha yelled splashing water on his face.
“I am indeed a man”. Garam sneered.

“Please, both of you, quit saying such perverted words like it’s nothing, I’m dying here.” Collin huffed.

“Really? What’s killing you?” Martha smiled.
“Should I help?” Garam chipped in.
“You’re both the worse” Collin sighed and shook his head as Garam an Martha laughed at him. Weren’t they fighting minutes ago?
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