Obscure episode 37


“For I have scripted this only for you your Highness, I couldn’t close my eyes when I found this out yesternight I was so pe–
“Just read Gartmore.” The queen interrupted.
“Ah, yes” Gartmore smiled.

“According to Jonathan Kruger, one of the most dedicated researcher in Orrander’s history, he stated that he once had a particular cursed prisoner which he observed daily, the beast curse lives in the soul, mind and every part of the body, the beast inside its host can be very powerful and at the same time remain very powerless.”

“Powerlessness? The queen repeated.

“Yes your Highness, listen the curse beast can manipulate the mind into doing something dreadful, but at the same time if the host doesn’t want that, that’s where the beast is powerless, the host can resist but resisting the manipulation of the beast curse is like trying to pull out of from from something inevitable, it’s like forcefully shedding your own skin your Highness, and only about a few or three people in the past history have managed to resist the beast curse. Now I do not want to bore you my queen, but letting me go to castle Sylph with you is surely the greatest idea, it will give me time to understand how his Highness is keeping up.” Gartmore smiled.
“I know, now do speak more of this resisting of the beast curse, you do not bore me at all” Ordered the queen.

Rosanne was going to lose it any time soon, watching the crown prince lie on the floor of the kitchen was causing her to gasp for breath.
“Your Highness” she had called multiple times. Those days when he passed out, he would wake up before she could try to do anything but now he wasn’t waking up.

Moving across to kitchen and grabbing a wooden basin, Rosanne left the kitchen and walked in immediately with the basin filled with water.
If it was one thing she had learned, it was that, water was strong enough to wake someone who passed out.

Splashing the crown prince the cold water from the well, his eyes went open immediately startling Rosanne who moved back a bit.
Breathing out a light cough, Rosanne fell to her knees.
“I thought you almost died your Highness.” Rosanne cried.

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The crown prince slowly stood up, with his brows furrowed in anger, he Turned to Rosanne, who was breathing out breath of reliefs.
Gazing at Rosanne and saying nothing, Rosanne got on her feet and gave a light bow.


am so glad you’re alright your Highness” Rosanne sighed.
Giving Rosanne one last look, the crown prince walked out of the kitchen without saying anything.
Rosanne refrained from throwing mind curses at him, since she was already aware of his shallow attitude.

The day was finally dark and the young night was cold.
Sitting quietly in between Collin and Garam in front of a tree, Martha frowned when Collin sighed and got on his feet. “It’s late, I need to go home Martha”.
“Just stay a little longer” Martha added.


go home, I’m sure your father will do nothing”. Collin sighed.
“You don’t know my father” Martha scoffed.
“Running away from home won’t help or staying out late” Collin breathed out.
“I know, but I’m not ready to face him yet” Martha scratched her forehead. ” I know what my father will do.”

“Well, I know what my father will do too, I have to be home too. Goodnight Martha, and do go home.” Collin smiled.
“Please Collin.” Martha sighed.
“Garam is here, good night” Collin added before walking away.

“How rude, he never listens to me” Martha pout, leaning her head against Garam’s shoulder.

“Get your rock head off my shoulder now Martha.” Garam warned.
“No, and I guess you’re going to go home now, and leave me out here in the cold” Martha sighed, wanting to sound pitiful.
“You have both your legs to take you home, just go home, receive an ear ful from your father, and then go to bed, the next morning get married to Gregory and you’ll thank me later”.

“Ugh.” Martha shook her head, sitting up. “Getting married to Greg is the last thing I want to do, or I better not do that either”.

Garam laughed. “Why?”
“Why? You’re really asking me that.” Martha huffed.
“of course, it’s a question, I don’t see anything wrong with it.” Garam laughed.
“I already let Gregory call off the wedding, there is no way we’re both getting married, not in our next life and we don’t even like each other to begin with”. Martha shrugged.
“In Orrander you get married to who you got paired up with, it’s a must” Garam blurted.
“I know, but with me, I think that is one idiotic rule, look at you and Rosanne for starters, you clearly love Rosanne and she’s head over heels for you, that is what I want, not some marriage I’ll get forced into” Martha ranted.
“You mother did it, my mother did it, she got forced and fell in love with my father after giving birth to me, your story could change.” Garam shrugged.


just saying this because you are getting married to Rosanne whom you already love” Martha rolled her eyes…

“Take Collins for example he’s clearly in my shoes, now what would you do if you were forced to get married to me.?” Martha asked. Patiently for one of his horrid answers.
“Get married to you then.” Garam shrugged…
Martha scoffed angrily. “You’re just saying that because you’re not, now try to picture yourself getting married to me, like me…” Martha slowly said, letting the image appear in Garam’s head, as she watched him squint his eyes.

“Yeah I’d probably hang myself to death” Garam shook his head.

Martha gasped loudly punching his arm. “What? You told me to picture it and I did”. Garam spat, rubbing his arm, as expected Martha’s punch wasn’t girly or friendly at all.

“But really, in Orrander, it’s why should you care about love” Garam sighed. “If Rosanne and I didn’t like it each other, I’d marry whoever I didn’t like, or love, just for the sake of Orrander without a choice”
“Stop making me feel worse about going home” Martha sighed.
“Really. You have to get married, exhibiting ladylike or not, you’re a girl.” Garam breathed out and Martha could swear she felt her heart flutter.
He just acknowledged her gender.

“I just want to get married with someone I love okay, Gregory is out of the list” Martha shook her head.
“Harry, what about Harry.?” Garam asked.
“Who said anything about Harry, Harry is a total show off, he’s annoying and good thing my father doesn’t like him , or else he would have been the chosen one yuck.” Martha laughed.

“Okay, literally to you all lads are gabbage, do you even like any one here in Orrander, is there someone you wish to get married to?” Garam asked, inquisitively.
“Well… There is” Martha smiled.

“I’ll be damned. She likes someone, may I know who?” Garam sat up.
“No” Martha replied.

“How sad, which means you’re lying.”.

“I am not” Martha defended.
“Then tell me who this lad you wish to get married to is.” Garam scoffed.
“It’s between Martha and I, I am not saying a word about it to you” Martha added dramatically.

“I’ll take a wild guess, it’s Collin isn’t it”

“Collin. Please” Martha laughed. “Collin is the last person, I want to get married to.”
“Okay then, is it Harry? Noel? Edward? Henderson?.
“No, no…. No” Martha replied to all Garam’s mention of all the names of the boys in Orrander that she knew of.

“Then Garam? Me?” Garam asked and Martha paused. She sighed and got on her feet.
“This is hopeless, I better go home”.

“See I knew you were lying” Garam smirked, standing up, his height towering Martha’s height.
“I’ll be Heading home now” Martha said, and before Garam could speak up, she left.
Wondering what suddenly changed her mood, Garam gave a tired sigh before heading the opposite direction.
Seated quietly in her room, staring at the lantern on the floor, Rosanne paused and Turned to the door when se felt someone’s presence standing by the opened door.
Seeing the crown prince, she got on her feet and gave a bow.

“Your Highness. It’s late” she reminded him. A bit scared.
She hasn’t seen him all day, since after he passed out.

“Here” The crown prince said, his voice quiet. And slowly he stretched his hand forward to reveal Garam’s letter.
Rosanne gasped. She strode across the room and in light speed took the letter from the crown prince, thanking him.

“Rosanne” The crown prince, just when Rosanne was about to walk back to where she was seated.
Surprised by the way he called her name, it was the second time, he’d be calling her name, but yet she couldn’t tell why it sounded so magical in her ears.

“Yes, Your Highness

“This letter speaks about nothing less but love, from your own perspective, what do you think is love?”
… T. B. C

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