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The morning sun that made its way through the sky of Orrander felt marvellous, as it warmed the heart people of the people in Orrander, it was the day of the Hayest festival and the village was as it’s busiest.
Royal guards and servants filled the streets of Orrander to set the village at its beaut as they hung beautiful decorated lanterns on a rope like above every cottage. And by nighttime when the lantern will be lit, it will set the village at its brightest.
The Castle seemed busier than ever, servants walking back and forth every passageway of the castle. Every servants wore a smile on their faces as they got everything ready for the Hayest festival, everyone was at their brightest, as the festival was truly made to bring joy.
The Queen could be seen with Cornelius in front of a royal carriage.
“Now… As promised… The girl needs to be back.” The Queen breathed out.
“Yes your Highness.” Cornelius bowed.
“I am sure Hasting will want to be greedy towards her. But make sure to remind him where he stands and make sure you remind him about her neck he almost divided” The Queen smiled and Cornelius gave one last now before stepping into the royal carriage and leaving the castle of Orrander.
“Oy, Garam!” Collin yelled behind Garam as he walked out of his home only to see Garam in front of him.
“Garam.!” Collin yelled one last time, causing his best friend to turn to him.
“Oh Collin.” Garam smiled as he watched Collin run up to you.
“What are you doing? What are you up to? Where are you going?” Garam questioned.
“One at a time Collin. And I am going to the castle.” Garam beamed.
“The castle.?” Collin asked, a bit surprised.
“Yes, I was chosen as one of those men strong armed men that will be working at the castle today” Garam stated, proudly, slapping his biceps.
“You’re indeed lucky Garam, only few people gets to see the castle or even work at the castle, but it’s like something you could do even without trying. I envy you.” Collin sighed.
“Oh Collin. You’ll come around, just try to work hard” Garam nodded.
“Get the hell out of here!” Collin snarled.
Garam laughed hysterically. “I have to go Collin, I cannot waste any minute with you.”
“I understand.” Collin nodded.
“I’ll see you Tonight?”
“Yes of course.” Collin smiled, before tapping Garam and walking away.
Rosanne walked down the passageway that led to the prince’s room, with a smile on her face. She was dressed in a beautiful lilac dress and had given her hair some dashing braids she had gathered behind her head and into one lovely braid. That exposed her beautiful face.

Rosanne stepped into the crown prince’s room and her smile faded immediately.
“Your Highness.” she called.
Quietly sitting on his bed, the crown prince turned to the door to see Rosanne looking like one of the flowers in the garden.

“I presume the carriage from Orrander will be here soon, and you do not look like you’re ready to leave.” Rosanne frowned.
“And how do you define ready?” The crown prince’s thick voice filled the room.
“Getting properly dressed and just looking your best. It is a festival after all.” Rosanne beamed. Her smile lightening up the whole room.
“I Will be attending how my body pleases.”
“But what if you create strange awareness?” Rosanne asked.
“I do not care then.” The crown prince replied.
“Then why don’t you just try to at least… Uhm do something with you hair, it’s a little too wild and…
“Are you saying I am wild?” The crown prince interrupted.
“That is not what I am saying, your Highness.” Rosanne shook her head with a nervous laugh. “Mine looked a little too wild this morning too, but I gave it some simple braid that put it together.”
The crown prince snarled. “My hair is just fine!”

Rosanne let’s out an easy smile that warmed the whole room. “And I do know that, now your Highness may I…?”
The crown prince paused, as he watched the maiden’s golden smile in front of his face mesmerize something beating inside of him.

He threw his brows up at her question. “May I…? What?”

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“If you let me, I promise I’ll be gentle, let me try something to your hair, to make it less wild.”

The crown prince said nothing as his Emerald eyes watched Rosanne, the smile still lingering around her pouty lips.

“I promise I’ll be quick and gentle.” she promised.

“No one has ever touched my hair”

“it’s not too late to try something new your Highness, you’ll love it” Rosanne persuaded.
Seeing how persuasive she was his Highness finally gave up.

“Fine. And make it quick.” He snarled.
Rosanne beamed as she walked behind him, standing at the edge of the bed, with all courage, her hand gently grabbed his thick dark long hair and brushed it all back with her fingers…
With her touch in his head the crown prince felt his blood boil and his body tingle under her touch but he remained calm and emotionless.
Making two tiny braids behind his ears, and moving the hair backwards before colliding the braids that held his dark hair all back, some strands of hair fell back to the prince’s face, and immediately Rosanne brushed them back gently with her fingers.
Suddenly she felt his hot hand grip her hand as he slowly took it down. “Enough!” he growled.

“I’m sorry your Highness. I’m done” Rosanne bowed before stepping in front of him.

Seeing how his face became more exposed and composed after touching his hair Rosanne’s lips curved up into a smile.
“You are beyond handsome your Highness.” she complimented.
The crown prince gazed at her like she had just released fire out of her mouth… Leaving Rosanne to wonder if there was something on her face.
T. B. C
BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸 🌸. Yes I Don come back. Hospital and convulsion no sweet at all. 😅

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