November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 52


Rosanne took a step back when his Highness got on his feet and with a smile on her face, she watched him walk around the room before going towards the window to stand alone.

“I would love to be alone now.” He concluded.

“Of course, the carriage from Orrander will be here soon anyways.” Rosanne replied before giving a light bow and exiting the room.

The crown prince lets out a loud sigh as he stared at the flower outside his window, his hand slowly moved up to touch his hair and just by the slightest one could tell how his lips almost twitched into a smile which ended immediately it appeared.
“Mother I can’t breathe” Martha gasped for air as her mother tightened the corset ropes around her waist.
“Neither can I” Betty snarled.
“I am serious here mother” Martha sighed.
“And so am I… Today is the Hayest festival and my only daughter will not go out looking like a Lad, the neighboring villagers Will be attending, and maybe then for heavens sake you’ll finally see someone you’re into” Betty ranted.

“I…” Martha sighed.
“I am into someone.”

Betty paused. “You are?”
Letting out a small nod Martha gulped, Betty smiled. “Who is it?” she questioned.

“I do not want to tell you” Martha mumbled..

Betty’s smile faded immediately. “You stupid child! Is it Garam?”
Surprised Martha gasped. “How did you know mother… I haven’t mentioned it before.”


haven’t but you’ve made it so obvious and besides I am your mother, I know everything going on in that head of yours” Betty boasted.
“You do not”.
“And silly you, eliminating your feelings or whatever you have with Garam is the best, he is betrothed”.
“I know that Mother. And you comparing me to Rosanne every minute of the day isn’t helping.” Martha rolled her eyes.
“I promised already, I’m dropping that, look all I want is your happiness my sweet Martha.” Betty sighed adjusting the strands of hair on Martha’s head.
“I know that, anyways when you’re done I need to go, meet Collin.”

“Meet with a girl instead Anastasia, I heard Rosanne’s coming home today” Betty smiled.

“You’re doing it again mother” Martha sighed walking four feet away from her mother and adjusting the corset underneath her bossom.

“I won’t say a word anymore then.” Betty sighed. “Just go out, have fun, when night falls the lanterns will be lit and that’s probably when the king and the rest of the royal family makes a heavenly parade around Orrander saying hello to the villagers” Betty explained.
“Well good for them” Martha huffed before stepping out of the cottage and bumping into Collin.


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Martha gasped.
“Martha goodness, I didn’t see you there, I’m sorry”.
“It is okay,” Martha smiled..
“wow” Collin paused. “You look breathtaking”

Martha rolled her eyes. “All credits to my dear mother, this dress is so big and uncomfortable”

“But if you have the slightest idea of how you look then you wouldn’t say that” Collin smiled.
“Don’t…” Martha shook her head.
Rosanne was seated quietly in her room when she heard the clear sound of horses hooves hitting the thick soil from afar.
“They’re here” she gasped to herself, getting on her feet and rushing to the crown prince’s room.

Barging in without any notice Rosanne gave an apologetic bow when she bumped into the crown prince, her head hitting his hard rock [email protected] chest.
“I’m deeply sorry your Highness, forgive me, I was too excited I forgot to announce my arrival.” Rosanne rushed her words.

“You heard the neighs coming from the horses.?” the crown prince asked.
“Their hooves” Rosanne replied. “The carriage is here to take me to Orrander and if you just… Forgive me for saying this, but if you just put a shirt on that would be appreciated and appropriate”.


do want I want” The crown prince snarled.
“I understand” Rosanne said nothing much.

“I’ll go wait in the ballroom for the guests, would you like to do that too your Highness?” Rosanne asked…
“Leave” He ordered angrily.

“Yes… Your Highness.” Rosanne bowed.
Walking out of his room….

Standing in front of the castle’s exit door, Rosanne squeaked when she heard a heavy knock that was placed on the door of the gigantic castle…
Carefully opening the door, Cornelius stepped in and lets out a smile seeing Rosanne.

“I see you’re all dressed and ready to leave” Cornelius smiled.
“it is the Hayest festival after all” Rosanne shrugged, her heavenly smile brightening up the day.
“Okay then, how is his Royal Highness?” Cornelius asked…
“Yes one thing, the crown prince stated that he would love to come to orrander for the Hayest festival” Rosanne announced startling Cornelius.

“The-The crown prince said that?” He stuttered.
“Yes I may not know what must have made him change his mind but he agreed to come with me” Rosanne smiled.
“Holy Mother of Orrander and where is he if I may presume.” Cornelius was excited and nervous at the same time.

“He’s in his room but I’ll go-
” I’m right over here?” His thick grumpy voice said behind Rosanne startling the young lass before coming into sight. His height towering Rosanne and being a few inches taller than Cornelius.
“Y-Your Highness.” Cornelius stuttered before hurrying to bow to the shirtless boy in front of him and two other royals guards.
Rosanne turned to smile at his Highness but his stern face caused her smile to fade, but the excitement she felt never fade. She was going to Orrander And that was all that mattered.

“Get the coaches ready immediately his Highness is coming with us and let the queen know before we get there” Cornelius ordered quietly and immediately one guard left the premises.

“Smile.” His Highness ordered Rosanne surprising her as they both watch Cornelius walk away.

“Huh?” Rosanne was a bit confused.
“I thought you’d be happy I’m coming with you to Orrander. Smile then, you do look your best when you do”.

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