November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 53


Rosanne slowly lets out a forced smile as the crown prince had ordered her to smile saying she looked her best when she smiles, and of course she didn’t want to let such compliment slip by.

“Thank you” she murmured swallowing back her smile.
Cornelius stepped in front of Rosanne and His Highness and after a short bow, he stretched out his hand.
“Rosanne, your Highness. The carriage is this way”.
“Thank you” Rosanne smiled taking a step forward.
Just as the crown prince stepped out and under the sun, he breathed in a heavy sigh that looked like it affected his lungs, the red marking on his body illuminating under the sun, his breathing getting hitched and his eyes flickering between red and Emerald green.
Noticing this, Rosanne suddenly stepped in front of him.
“Your Highness… Are you okay?” She asked watching his eyes.
“I am fine…” He growled.
“Your eyes…”
“I am fine… We have to get to Orrander.” The crown prince yelled.
Rosanne breathed out a sigh before glancing at Cornelius who gave her a look to act like nothing just happened.
The royal carriage was prepared and as Rosanne got in, the crown prince stepped in too holding his breath to the unfamiliar environment, the carriage was big enough but it still felt new and uncomfortable to him.
“Tell the coachman to hit the soil.” Cornelius ordered before rushing inside the carriage at the front seat, leaving Rosanne and the crown prince at the back.

“My son is coming to Orrander?” The Queen yelled upon receiving the news about Hasting.
“Yes your Highness.” The royal guard bowed. “The royal announcer Cornelius had sent me here to tell you about it before their arrival, they’ll be arriving anytime soon”.


this is huge, what changed his mind? How did he come of this? How in the world. Silly me I shouldn’t be saying all these. My son is coming back to the village. Quick I give you permission order some servants. Get a room ready! The king needs to hear this” The Queen rushed her words.
“Yes your Royal Highness.” The guard bowed before watching the queen sprint off happily.
Everyone could be seen more than busier in the castle and the rumors of the crown prince returning home spread like wild fire.

“I thought he was dead.” said a maid cleaning the windows to the new room being cleaned for the crown prince.
“He died during Birth, is there something the royal family isn’t saying” said another maid as she immediately pursed her lips upon seeing a silhouette by the door.
Garam suddenly came into sight as he placed a pail of water beside the girls. He wiped his forehead and with curiosity lingering over his eyes, he asked.
“Did you just say the crown prince is returning home?”
“I never said anything” declined the first maid.
“I’m a secret keeper. Now do tell me” Garam instructed.
The maid sighed, pushing some strands of hair back, her fat cheek getting flushed as she spoke quietly.
“Rumour has it that a secret maid was sent to a castle outside Orrander to watch the long lost crown prince and now he is returning home today, and everyone knows he clearly died during birth” The maid shook her head.
Garam said nothing and just lets out a nod before walking out to continue his works in the castle.
“Hasting is what?” king Archibald’s voice was more than thunderous as he repeated what his wife had said.
“Hasting is coming home.” The Queen beamed.
“Wait… When… How… Why?”


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do you mean why?” scoffed the queen. “He is finally coming home all because of that girl if I may presume and you’re asking why. You don’t even know what he looks like and just to be clear he looks a lot like you but you know, the younger charming and tall version not this”. The Queen added gesturing her hands around “this” to the king.
“Comparing me to my own son when he’s not here yet Adalind” The king shook his head.
“I am ovewrought, forgive me, I deeply do need to calm myself down now” The Queen shook her head.
“You need to” Added the king.
The son was at its brightest and above Orrander when the carriage finally arrived in front of the castle, the king and queen stood in front of hundred of royal guards and servants who had all come out to await the arrival of the crown prince and Rosanne.


many people waiting, just to see you” Rosanne gasped peeking outside the window from the carriage

“And why would they do that.” The prince growled.
“Because you are their crown prince” Rosanne beamed.
Watching amongst the crowd standing right beside the royal guard, Garam watched with a smile on his face how the carriage stopped and how Cornelius dashed down to get the door for the rest of the people inside. Respectively Rosanne and hasting.
All eyes watched as Rosanne slowly stepped down from the carriage with a smile on her face, her eyes and lips beaming with excitement as she saw the curious eyes on her.
The Queen quickly rushed up forward to give Rosanne a warm hug and after that Rosanne custsied a bow.

“Welcome home.” The king added.
“Thank you, your majesty”.

Everyone’s eyes suddenly shifted to the carriage as it made a sound and slowly the crown prince stepped out to the unfamiliar world in front of him. The eyes, the way everyone held their gaze to his royal Highness made him feel a little bit strange.
Everything was strange to him except Rosanne.

“Goodness the crown prince is gorgeous” a maid slipped out by mistake hiding amongst the crowd for her honesty, some female servants looked away shyly due to the fact that his Highness wasn’t putting on a shirt.

“Rosanne…” The crown prince called.
Rosanne turned to him.
“Tell everyone to leave” He ordered.

Upon hearing that, with one look at Cornelius, he had all the servants and royal guards leaving the premises immediately.
Rosanne suddenly spotted Garam’s smile amongst the crowd and with a loud call onto his name, he beamed.
“May I?” Rosanne asked for permission to go over to Garam from the queen.
Glancing at the crown prince, the queen nodded, watching carefully at her son’s reaction as Rosanne slowly walked up to Garam who pulled her up in a warm embrace.

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