November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 54


The crown prince watched clearly as Garam pulled Rosanne into a warm embrace with beautiful and happy smiles on their faces.

The Queen watched her son and noticed no expression was detected rather than his normal angry expression, but his eyes never left Rosanne and Garam.

“It’s so good to see you again.” Garam smiled.
“You saw me about three days ago” Rosanne laughed shaking her head.
“Well welcome back for the one hundredth time then” Garam beamed.
“Well thank you very much sire” Rosanne joked and she and Garam shared a healthy laugh.

The crown prince said nothing and after her short meet up with Garam she took and excuse and walked back to the crown prince, as his personal servant, her work wasn’t quite over yet.
“Lead the crown prince and his servant to his room, offer him anything of his heart desire, be it food or the girl” The Queen whispered to Cornelius.
“Yes your Highness” Cornelius bowed before walking say to do what the queen had ordered him to do.
“Ah, I’m so bored.” Martha complained to herself by her favourite riverside staring at her reflection in the waters.
“Mother really did well dressing me up but I’m sorry this ugly dress has got to go” Martha snarled about to rip her dress off her body when she heard a little hello.
“Hello… Excuse me.”


to her side, a pretty Lass with long blonde hair came into sight, her big round chestnut eyes looking at Martha like she had something on her face.
“Ye-ss hello.” Martha replied at the unfamiliar beautiful face getting on her feet.

“Hello” The girl smiled again. “I’m Arya” The girl introduced.
“I’m Martha.” Martha rushed her words.

“Sorry for the headache I might be causing, but I am from the neighboring village, I am here for the Hayest festival, on my way to castle Orrander with my mother and father, I got a little lost due to my wild curiosity, so I am a little lost, would you be kind enough to show me where castle Orrander is, I’ll forever be grateful.” Arya explained.
Looking at the lass whose dress looked like she had bathed in gold and whose eyes looked like they were made from diamond, Martha nodded. The girl looked around her age, so she decided not to act too casual but causal at the same time, because she looked like she’s either from a royal family or a noble blood.


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have nothing to do anyways, of course I’ll show you where castle Orrander is” Martha smiled throwing a perfect curtsey.
“Oh well, thank you” Arya did another polite curtsey.
“I can walk with you there…not showing you. Walk with you there” Martha offered.

Arya gasped “Oh that would be so nice. Thank you so much, thank you”
“It is nothing” Martha smiled shaking her head.
The crown prince was asked to go in his newly cleaned out room, and as he was guided to the room, he gave the queen one last glare before walking away, and turning his back to his mother, there she suddenly saw the beast mark of the horn and lets out a loud gasp, signaling Cornelius to come over.
“Yes your Royal Highness!”.
“Bring Gartmore here right now!” The Queen ordered.
“Yes your Highness.” Cornelius bowed before walking away.

“What a shame.” The king suddenly started from behind.
The Queen turned Around.
“My son finally arrived and didn’t even notice me. I felt like a mere shadow standing amongst the crowd, this is embarrassing.” The king scoffed…
“You never came to see him, he barely recognizes you, but I hope he’s here and here to stay, as long as we have Rosanne with us I feel like everything is a little under control, strangely he listens to that girl a lot, no matter how angry he is.”.
Sitting alone on his new unfamiliar bed, the crown prince turned to Rosanne standing at the door, they were both alone for he had ordered he didn’t want anyone inside his room apart from himself and Rosanne his servant.


seem quiet.” The crown prince spat angrily at Rosanne.
“I certainly do not know what to say your Highness, and your expression is not one to talk with, it is the Hayest festival you ought to smile, you did tell me to smile earlier” Rosanne ranted.

“I am not smiling, because I do not care about any stupid festival.”.

“But you’re here after all.” Rosanne beamed.
“I hate it here, it’s all crowded, noisy and the eyes, the staring, I hate it, it’s all bright and-

“Your Highness” Rosanne interrupted with a bow. “I’m sorry for interrupting you, I know very well you’re trying to adapt for just today but let me tell you the little things you do not know about Orrander, Orrander is well known for being noisy, it is a small but lively village you see, and the people are always happy that is why it can never be quiet, because a happy place is a noisy place, and Orrander is well and best known for sunlight, it’s always super bright even during the evenings, so your Highness you’re in one of the best place ever” Rosanne explained.

“I cannot wait to leave”.

“well I want to stay” Rosanne beamed.
“You hate it at sylph don’t you.” The prince stated angrily.
“What? No! Of course not, I love it at castle sylph. I just, I grew up here your Highness. My days started from Orrander not Sylph, and I’d have to go… Soon I’ll be leaving here and going home to my father when the festival begins at night. I’m sure he misses me. ” Rosanne beamed…

“He should be here instead, why should you go to him?” The prince asked in his angry state.
“Because it’s called home, where you belong, the castle isn’t my Home.” Rosanne replied.
A maid was on her two feet walking briskly to the room Rosanne and the crown prince was, ready to go serve them food just like the queen had ordered when someone ambushed her.

” Goodness who are you? ” the maid asked the fine gentleman who had stepped in front of her.

Garam lets out a mischievous smile. “The Queen had ordered me to let you go free and serve the crown prince and his servant”.
“Oh really?” The maid seemed a bit relieved.
“Yes… But speak to no one about it” Garam added taking the tray from her.
“Well thank you and the queen. I was a bit nervous.” The maid smiled before walking away.

“And that’s more like it” Garam added before continuing the journey.
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