November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 56


Walking inside castle Orrander Martha was more than thrilled seeing inside of the castle, it has changed so much since the last time she came there. Everything was not only different but beautiful.
Arya lets out a bright smile seeing her mother and father and the king and queen of Orrander.

“Arya… You’re here” Queen Audrey sighed stepping in front of Arya and Martha.
“We were just talking to the king and queen to send royal guards to come find you” King kenth added.
“I got a little lost, but worry not mother and father, my good friend Martha showed me the way” Arya introduced and slowly Martha did a perfect curtsey for the first time.

“Martha… Such a sweet name.” Queen Audrey smiled. “Thank you for helping our daughter.”

“It was nothing your Highness” she smiled…

“Then there’s no need to summon my guards, princess Arya is here safe and sound.” king Archibald chimed in, making everybody nod in unison.
Just at that moment, Rosanne stepped out of the castle elegantly, a smile on her face and did one of the most perfect curtsey seeing the two royal families standing together with Martha.

“Rosanne dear.” Queen Adalind stepped in front of her…
“Why are you not with Hasting?” she asked very low, almost in a whisper.
“He sent me off, he said it will be best if I’m happy being home.” Rosanne replied.
“He did that, that Lad is being good to you even without realising.” Queen Adalind tsked, shaking her head…
“Well I shall have my leave now your majesties.” Rosanne bowed.


you leave. Join us for our short feast, you and princess Arya’s new friend should join us. It will be a very short one, that’s also thanking sweet Martha.” The Queen smiled…
Rosanne nodded with a smile, knowing fully well she cannot say no…
Turning to her side she breathed out Martha’s name with a smile.
“Rosanne” Martha acknowledged her calling. “Nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you again too” Rosanne beamed.

“Well I’ll be shocked, they know each other” Queen Adalind smiled.
“Hello” Arya began. “I’m princess Arya of Greenore”.
“Pleasure meeting you, Rosanne of Orrander.” Rosanne curtsey.
“Well then shall we go in for our little feast, I’m starved” king Archibald added, making every smile.

Of course what the king and queen had called a little feast was bigger than what Rosanne expected, and without eating much because of this strange excitement bulging inside of her, Rosanne had the tiniest meal before dismissing her presence with the king and queen and finally leaving the castle…


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friend left, are you leaving too?” Arya had asked Martha immediately after the feast.

“I have to.” Martha smiled.
“Will your absence worry your mother and father?” she asked.
“It will but I have the grace of going anywhere today for it is the Hayest festival, but honestly I do not just feel free in the castle.” Martha breathed out sincerely.

“Your parents are angels, you have the grace of going anywhere today, I’m sure mine won’t mind me exploring the whole village of Orrander just for today, leaving the castle too, if you leave then I’ll have no one to talk to, I want to come with you and then you can show me your favourite places in Orrander” Martha grinned happily.
“Okay then, I’ll be pleased.” Martha smiled.
“But first, I need a juicy confirmation from my mother, my father will have no problem with it, let me ask my dear mother” Arya smiled before walking away to her parents.
“I’m home” Rosanne yelled happily as she stepped into her father’s cottage.
“Rose… Rosanne?” Zackary called from the small kitchen in the cottage, rushing out to see Rosanne and almost stumbling over a sack of potatoes..
“careful father.” Rosanne laughed.
“Oh, it’s so good to see you again Rosanne.” Zackary said pushing aside the sack and pulling his daughter into a hug.
“I missed you father” Rosanne breathed out in the hug.
“I missed you too my peach. Are you hungry.?”


really, just had a feast at the castle and my excitement is clogging my guts” Rosanne laughed.
“That’s sad, I was making your favourite” Rosanne sighed. “I’ll try to eat”
“That’s more like it”. Zackary beamed.

“Father, what was Garam doing at the castle, I saw him at castle Orrander today.” Rosanne asked.
“He has been honourly asked to work with royal guards and Servants for today” Zackary smiled. “Isn’t the lad well off, not everyone gets invited to be something at the castle, he sure is lucky, if he continues this way he can become a royal guard himself, it’s already there. He just needs to grab it.”
“Well Garam was being obnoxious today” Rosanne hugged.
“He was!”.
“Yes, and I’ll reprimand him for that when he gets back.” Rosanne shook her head slightly.
The sun had begin to set when the crown prince started to feel indifferent, his body was starting to boil hot, his head was thinking about nothing but ending the queen and if possible the whole villagers of Orrander, he was finally in Orrander and his thoughts were only on ending the queen.
Growling and drowning himself in anger, a light knock came in at the door.
“Rosanne?” He thought.
Letting out a come in. He was more than angry when a male and a female servant walked in.

“Your Highness.” they greeted in unison standing at the door and not dreaming of going close.

“The Queen has ordered us to give this to you, it is a shirt” the female stated raising the shirt, it is designed especially for you to wear, wearing it feels like wearing nothing you will still feel like you ar-
“Leave!” the crown prince growled.
“Leave!” He yelled again, frightening the servants and causing Them to leave the room, leaving the shirt with him.
The crown prince was disappointed. He wanted someone else.
. He wanted Rosanne

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