November 29, 2021

Obscure episode 57


The day was becoming a little darker and with Rosanne practicing her so called tedious embroidery lesson, a knock came in at the front door of the cottage.
Standing up to get the door and seeing Garam, Rosanne sighed…
“Rosanne’ Garam called.
” Garam. ” Rosanne folded her hand angrily stepping aside for Garam to step in.
“How are you?” Garam smiled.

“Leave that” Rosanne scoffed angrily shutting the door.
“you’re angry Rosanne, did I do something wrong?” Asked Garam.
“Garam, you did a lot of wrongs and I’m angry as you can crystal clearly see” Rosanne snarled.

“is this about me kissing you in front of the crown prince.?” Garam scoffed.
“Part of it” Rosanne shrugged.
“Part of it? What else did I do wrong?” Garam shook his head.
“Oh you know you did do something wrong you know it was wrong, but yet you did it. Why Garam. Lying about serving the crown prince, trying to challenge his words, trying to disrespect him by trying to show your love to me or what ever it was you were trying to prove there. I’m disappointed in you Garam. I do know well that boys don’t do the meal servings” Rosanne shook her head.

“Damn you Rosanne. What was I supposed to do.?” Garam scoffed stepping in front of her.
“I was jealous.”

“jealous. Why would you be jealous.” Rosanne huffed.

“How could I not, cause according to the rumors in the castle, the crown prince is cursed and somehow he only listens to you and wants you by his side all the time, of course you’d expect me to be jealous, why would he want you by his side, you are betrothed for crying out loud, if you were in my ugly shoes you’d do the same thing.”


let’s do this… Shut your jealousy, because you’re thinking wrong, the crown prince wanting by his side is not true, because if it was true, then I won’t be here, I would still be with him, are you trying to say he’s possessive of me, he is cursed alright but I’m not tied around in his birches.” Rosanne yelled.

“You do not want to do this Rosanne, I feel like you both have something going on that you’re both hiding, why would you flake my kiss, disrespectful or not, you’re getting married to me.” Garam yelled back.
“Doesn’t mean you should be disrespecting him ye old nimcompoop”.


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are you defending him this is about us.” Garam scoffed.
“I am stating what you should do and what you shouldn’t do here.”
“Ye not my mother” Garam grimaced in anger.

“You never listen, I shut my ugly mouth then.” Rosanne huffed hitting Garam and walking past him.
“Rosanne we shouldn’t do this.” Garam sighed.
“Do what? We are doing it already”

“Bullshit!” Garam cursed.
“Manage your words” Rosanne warned, anger in her breathings.
“I will not stand here and watch you worship some royal cursed boy.”
“Worship.? Garam what are you saying? You know what, I am sick of this silly bicker, you can eat my home, good night” Rosanne stated, and with an angry walk holding her dress, she exited the cottage.
The lanterns were starting to get lit up, in the whole village, keeping Orrander at its finest and at its finest, some people had already started to lit lanterns to lit up to the sky and make a wish. It was one of the activity that held so much to the people.
Rosanne’s way to the castle was more then bright as every part she took was litted up with lanterns.
The crown prince was sitting alone trying to fight the voice in his head when he felt the presence beside him.
“Why are you trying to push me away, why? We need to be in this together, this is our chance to destroy Orrander. Wake up Hasting. Wake up.”


I do not need to be woke, Rosanne will be here and she does not need to see the devil that almost killed her more than once.” The crown prince breathed out.
“You do not need her, why do you care so much about that mortal, she will lead you to your doom, join me work with me, lets end this festival in blood.” The presence laugh.
“End the festival in blood.” the crown prince repeated.
“Yes… That’s it end it and let blood and tears be shed, they will regret ever going against the great beast of Orrander, and do not wait on Rosanne, I’m sure she has better things to attend to, like spend time with her dear Garam, cuddle him, kiss him, be with him forever, she doesn’t see you and will never see you, waiting on her tonight, is like waiting for an ocean to dry, let’s get on to what we came here for.” The presence added.

” Let’s get on to what we came here for. ” The crown prince added getting on his feet.

Just as he was about to take another step forward, a knock came in at the door and before he could say anything, the door opened and Rosanne’s head popped inside the room.

“Your Highness” she called with a smile, before stepping into the room fully and the crown prince felt the presence vanish.

“Rosanne” the crown prince called, his anger slowly disappearing.
“It’s me, good evening your Highness.” Rosanne bowed.
Her smile.

“What are you doing here?” The crown prince asked.
“I promised to come by tonight and I did.” she replied with a smile.
Noticing the shirt on the floor, Rosanne bent down to pick it up.
“What is this?” She asked. Looking at the shirt carefully…
“I was supposed to wear that and wouldn’t feel like I wore anything.” the crown prince explained bitterly.
“Really, you should try it on.” Rosanne smiled.

“I don’t want to” the crown prince snarled.
“But it is special and if you do not like it, you take it off, I’ve always wondered what you’d look like in a shirt.” Rosanne batted her lashes attractively without trying.

And with no further ado, the crown prince listened to her putting on the shirt.

T. B. C
BY your sweet ruthie Lee

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