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“That’s it, I don’t care if I have my head cut off, I’ll talk to the Queen and king, you are never going back to sylph or work for his Highness”. Zackary yelled at Rosanne.

“What? Why?” Rosanne gasped.
“Because He carries the beast mark and nothing is more dangerous than a man with the beast mark. Your life shall not be ended by him.” Zackary yelled.
“i know how a person with the beast mark works. The crown prince is not dangerous.” Rosanne back fired.

“He is, I know what I’m talking about here. The beasts are feared Rosanne and their curse are no jokes here in Orrander. No wonder he’s being isolated, because he’s a danger to all” Zackary scowled.
“Then if the crown prince is all dangerous, why did his eyes glow when he touched my birth mark? Why? If it’s just a birth mark then why?” Rosanne took a step forward.
“I bet it was just a coincidence nothing at all.” Zackary suddenly calmed down.
“I bet it wasn’t father.” Rosanne huffed.

“Forget about your birth mark to stay safe Roseanne, why do you always have to be so nosy” Zackary sighed.
“It is not just a birth mark… To stay safe? Really father? Tell me. Why is there a mark on my shoulder that looks exactly like the beast mark?”.

The crown prince paced around his room in anger, his shirt lying tattered on the floor, his eyes at its brightest red and his brows furrowed in anger.
Feeling the presence beside him, all he could think of is how angry he was at that moment.

“Go!” The presence ordered him. “Go!
“I will not go” The crown prince replied.
“You need to work with me and end the rulers of Orrander. It’s now or never.” The presence yelled.
“I will end no one.” The crown prince replied sternly.
“You do not understand, the people of Orrander are our enemies, we need all we can to put them in the ruins, we need to destroy hasting. You can never resist me but still work with me.” The presence growled.
“You are also trying to put me in your ruins.” The crown prince added.
“I am not. We are one here, remember that. Don’t worry we’ll end everyone and keep your pretty little Rosanne. She will stay alive, for you, I will keep her under our control, she activated us tonight, which means killing everyone she’ll be an exception.” The presence explained.

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“Is she cursed? She activated you tonight.” The crown prince states.
“She is not cursed but she bears the mark of the beast, she bears my mark.”
The crown prince turned around to nothing. “Then how is that possible how does she bear your mark and not cursed. How is that possible.”

“That is not my place to speak but my place is to end the king and queen of Orrander.” The presence yelled, and with all the forces of the world, it pushed itself into the crown prince’s body and his Highness eyes glowed red.

“To end the king and queen.” The crown prince repeated before walking out of his room.
“Archibald I’m telling you that girls is like a gold we struck on hasting accidentally, you should see the way he obeys her like she has something on him, I was over shooked” The Queen shook her head.
“He’s just being stupid.” Archibald snarled.

“Arch…” The Queen sighed adjusting the robe on her body. “You’re always like this.”

“I am just saying, he’s cursed, he doesn’t listen to gets angry to the part where he kills and suddenly this girl shows up and he listens to her. He has been smitten by her”

“You’re saying he’s in love?” The Queen scoffed.
“If not that, then what else, everyone falls in love be it cursed or not, hasting is human too, and his human side is chasing the girl’s tail.” The king smiled cunningly.
“Well then I will not argu-

The Queen stopped talking when she heard a thud on the door before someone finally kicked the door to the room open.

“Hasting?” The Queen called shocked, looking at her shirtless angry son.
“This is the end.” Hasting repeated before taking a massive step forward.


do not need to know about the curse mark. Or your birth mark or anything” Zackary yelled at his daughter.
“What are you hiding from me father.” Rosanne yelled back.
“I am hiding nothing from you.” Zackary concluded.

“But you told me to forget my birth mark to stay safe, what do you mean by that?” Rosanne was getting angry.
“Because it is the best way.” Zackary replied.
“What best way exactly… You’re hiding something from me about this mark, just tell me. Why do you want to leave me in the dark about this mark. Why?” Rosanne yelled.
“Because it is the only way and best way”
“But I want to know.” Rosanne sighed. “I want to know why I have this mark and why it made the crown prince’s eyes glow and why it has no effect on me, I want to know why and you know something.”
“Rosanne… Listen to me as your father, you always listen to me, you’re never like this. Where is this attitude coming from tonight?” Zackary sighed tiredly.
“Maybe I am tired of always listening, maybe it’s time someone else listens to me, just yell me father, what in the world are you hiding?” Rosanne sighed.

Zackary remained quiet for a while before breathing out a long sigh.
“Fine… You want to know what your birth mark really is. It is not just a birth mark, it is just a cursed mark.” Zackary spilled.

“That is already obvious, more details father.” Rosanne shook her head.
“You will not speak to anyone about, this is between you and I..” Zackary lowered his voice. “The day after the crown prince was born, you were born, and your mother and I were surprised because you bared the cursed mark. Everyone was so focused on the death of the crown prince that they failed to acknowledge any new born, and then your mother and I decided to hide it from everyone.” Zackary expounded.

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“Then how does it not have any effect on me.?” Rosanne asked, slowly reaching to touch the mark on her shoulder.
“Rosanne, you do not need to know that, okay…” Zackary sighed.
“But I d-
Immediately Rosanne’s fingers brushed over her mark, she stopped talking and in light speed, collapsed onto the wooden floor. Frightening Zachary. .


“Hasting… What are you trying to do?” The Queen asked, taking a step back with the king in front of her.

“Ending you.” The crown prince replied.

The king and queen glanced at each other. And the queen swallowed hard. “Why?” she asked.
“Because you’re both rulers of Orrander and it is my duty to end you both” The crown prince replied, giving the both of them death glares.

“End us? What manner of foolishness is this.” The king was panicking.
“What manner of foolishness? Arch… Shut up and let me handle this.” The Queen chimed in, stepping in front of the king.

“Hasting”. she called, “Listen to me, I know you’re angry and the only thing you’re thinking of is ending us, but we’re your family and you need us. You will regret pulling through with This, let’s just go through this night and by sunrise tomorrow you will leave for castle sylph.”
“You’re both rulers of Orrander and I must end you b-
The crown prince suddenly stopped talking, and looked down at his hand.

“I am in control.” He mumbled to himself. “Rosanne…. Said, I am in control of myself”

The Queen glanced at the king before turning back to hasting. “Yes. Yes you are in control of yourself.” The Queen helped.

“And by sunrise, I will leave Orrander and go to castle sylph with Rosanne.” The crown prince breathed out.

“Yes… Yes you will.” The Queen smiled.
And just like that, slowly, the crown prince made a turn.
But suddenly felt the presence beside him.


them now. Do not go against me.” The presence yelled.
The crown prince ignored it and continued working.
“End them!” The presence yelled, but the crown prince continued to do or say nothing as he kept walking away.
With another full force, the presence got back Into his body, controlling every Fibre of his being to take a turn and Storm towards the king and queen again.
Surprised, the queen gasped when her son caught her by the neck, his eyes glowing in full red.
“Guards!” The king yelled.

“Stop… C-call no one” The Queen choked behind her son’s hand on her neck.
“This monster is trying to hurt you.” The king yelled, slowly taking massive steps back, to grab the emergency sword on the wall.

The crown prince’s head snapped when he heard the word monster.

“He’s not a monster, he’s my son.” The Queen choked, and looking at his mother in the eyes. The crown prince watched her emerald eyes tremble in fear, and not understanding what he saw, he let go of the queen’s neck immediately.

“No…” He cried out. “I am in control.”

The Queen paused to catch her breaths.

“I am in control.” The crown prince repeated, trying to get rid of the motion that was trying to bring his hand up to his mother’s neck again.
“Leave me be!” The crown prince yelled covering his ears in terror.

The Queen almost cried as she watched her son battle with something, only he could see.

“I am in control!” The crown prince yelled. “Get away from me!!”
A tear dropped from the Queen’s eye as she watched the crown prince Mark glow red. His eyes changing colours between his emerald green and blood red.
“Step away” The kings suddenly interfered, pointing a sword at the prince.

“What? Arch… Get that away” The Queen stated.
“No. He was trying to hurt you, I don’t care if he’s my son or not, we will end him now, before he ends us.” The king stated, taking a step forward.

“No don’t do this Arch… For crying out loud. He’s still our son.” The Queen sighed.
“I do not care”. The king said about to take a step forward when the queen yelled.
“Look at him.”
“Take a look at our son Archibald, he is battling with what we cannot see. He is suffering, we are not the only ones suffering here Archie.” The Queen sniffed.
“He tried to hurt you.”
“And I will hurt myself if you don’t put down the sword.” The Queen threatened, and the king suddenly had no choice but to put the sword down, always knowing the queen will always stand by her words.

They both turned to the crown prince to see him still yelling and trying to resist whatever was trying to take control of him, and it was horrific for the queen as she couldn’t stand it.

“Father… Where is she?” Garam rushed his words, as he walked into the cottage with Zackary.
“Over here.” Zackary said, directing Garam over to where Rosanne laid lifeless.

“Holy Mother of Orrander.” Garam breathed out, getting on his knees to meet with her face as he slowly placed his ear to her nose.

“She breathes not father.” He yelled.
“Calm down. Do not yell.” Zackary was panicking but was also trying to keep a straight mind.

“What happened to her?” Garam asked.

“Listen to me now Garam.” Zackary started, turning Garam’s shoulder to face his. “This is the part where things get Rocky.”
“I am deeply confused, what do you mean by that father, where are things getting Rocky, is Rosanne dead?” Garam felt like releasing a tear.
“Right now I do not know her state, but you need to remain calm, hopefully she is not dead. She is not breathing, her heart’s not beating, but she is fine. Trust me.” Zackary stated.

“What… What do you mean?” Gara asked, bewildered.
“I need to tell you something, and this must stay between the three of us okay.” Zackary added, making Garam nod, making Zackary trust him.

Zackary began. “This has happened before. When Rosanne was about eight years old, she died but came back. You see She was born with the beast mark.”
“The curse mark of Orrander?” Garam was shocked.
“Yes and I have been keeping it a secret from her until now”
“Wait… You mean Rosanne is dead.?” Garam almost yelled.
“Partly.. Yes, but she will come back to life, I need you not to panic but help me with someone. He will bring her back.”
“Father… I do not understand” Garam said getting on his feet.
“There are so many secrets I will have to unlock to you Garam before you can understand, but first, let’s get Rosanne alive.”
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