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Oh my candy episode 11


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Episode 11

♥️ SEAN💋

What is that bastard doing here? I noticed Candice doesn’t look happy. Her mood changed all of a sudden. Of course I get, that bastard is her baby’s biological father. That prick hurt her and treated her like she was nothing.

I wrapped my arms around her waist. ” Are you okay?”

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” Yes. Thanks I’m fine.” I turned to look at Tony and he’s staring right back at me with that shit eating grin of his.

I so much hate that fvcker. For some reasons he always wanna see me hurt. I get it, we’re rivals.

” What’s he doing here?” Candy asked.

” Who?” I asked. I don’t want her to know I knew Tony had something with her.

” Tony Adonis.”

” I don’t know. I’m as surprised as you’re.” I answered. ” You know him?” I asked.

She looked at me. For once I saw the real Candy she’s trying so hard to mask.

” He’s from my past and that’s none of your business though.” Great she’s back to the other Candice.

” You don’t have to been mean.”

” What do you mean by being mean? You wanted me to be your escort to some event tonight and then someone from my past just magically showed up. Someone I never wanna see.”

” First, you’re not my escort and second I didn’t know Tony would be here. You don’t have to make a fuse out of it. Look I don’t know what you two had together but like you called it, it’s in the past now. It should stay that way, you don’t have to let him burn your night.” I said. For once that calms her mood swings down.

She’s crazy. Who knew she would grow into a hothead woman. Or maybe she’s not really hotheaded. I guess her job or her past made her this way .

” When am I giving you your dance and when are you supposed to tell me the exact reason you hired me.” She said.

God damnit. I can’t believe I forgot that already.

” Let’s go home first , alright?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes and gulp her wine.


Can today get any worse? What the hell is Tony Adonis doing here? If I was told he was gonna be here I would never show up. I look at this wealthy men in Italian suits and tuxedos sipping expensive wines. Is this really a charity event or probably a Mafia party.

My eyes fell on Tony and he smirked at me. Ew. I hated him with every blood in me. Bloody irritating bastard with no heart. My hands clenched tightly around my glass as I looked away. I took a deep breath and turned to look at Sean. He’s having a conversation with a lady. She’s tall , blonde and really beautiful.

” Who’s she ?” The woman asked as she smiled at me. I didn’t notice they’ve been talking about me.

” Oh this is Candice. Candice meet Mariam. She’s in charge of the charity organization.”

” Hello.”

” Hi.” We exchanged handshakes.

” Nice to meet you.” Mariam said.

” The pleasure is mine.” I forced a smile at her.

” She’s pretty.” Mariam giggled. I smiled.

” Thank you.”

” Come on Sean, let me show you to the other sponsors.” Mariam said as she started walking.

Sean wrapped his arms around my waist and we followed her. I need to get used to his hand around my waist and sometimes on my hips today. It’s uncomfortable and I don’t like the way I’m feeling.

My stomach churned each time his hands absently caressed my hips, like he’s doing now. I barely could concentrate on the conversation between Sean, Mariam and these sponsors. I was fighting so hard to get rid of this weird feelings at the bottom of my belly. This isn’t good.

A waiter passed and I grabbed a wine from his platter. Without caring these ‘Sponsors’ was looking at me, I drowned the wine. I blinked my eyes at them and forced a smile. Sean faked a cough.

” Sorry about that. A little thirsty.” I apologised. It’s not like I really care, I just don’t wanna burn the night.


“What’s wrong with you? You’ve been drinking since we arrived. Do you know what that’s to my image?” Sean asked. Earlier, he dragged me to the restroom to scold me like I was his girlfriend.

” First, I’m not your girlfriend, you have no right to scold me.”

” I’m not scolding you. I’m telling you all of these shouldn’t be happening. Drinking too much and getting drunk. Is it because of Tony?”

My heart clenched at the mention of Tony. That fvcking bastard.

” This isn’t about Tony alright.”

” Then what’s this all about? Why are you getting drunk and acting like a child.”

” Don’t talk to me like that.” I yelled at him. ” I am not drunk alright. I’m just stressed because I’m not used to parties like this.”

He sighed. ” I get it. You’re gonna be okay.” He assured me.

I’m drunk and I know it. And the reason behind my drunken state it’s because of Tony. I hate that he’s around me. He reminds me of the time I wasted with him.

With Sean’s arms around me, he walked me out of the restroom. I looked like shit and it’s crazy. The first person I set my eyes on was Tony with his shit eating grin. Oh God please kill him already.

Will you be staying longer, I’m having a headache.” I asked Sean. He shook his head sideways.

” We’ll be leaving anytime soon.” He whispered and walked over to Mariam.

A waiter passed with a platter and I collected a glass of wine from his platter. I’m tipsy and another wine, I’ll be ruining this dress with puke. But I didn’t care about anything right now, the sight of Tony makes me wanna jump off the bridge.

He came with a girl. A brunette with extra tight red dress. Finally, I took my eyes off of Tony as I turned to look at the man I came with. He’s the other reason I decided to get drunk. How can he look so good. I’ve been trying not to look at him , but I just can’t. This isn’t right. I’m supposed to come strip for him and leave but this isn’t happening as I expected.

” Hey baby.” A familiar voiced whispered next to me. I turned to look at this monster.

” What are you doing here?”

” I should be asking you that. Really? I left you and you decided to date my rival, Sean. Someone I’m better than, don’t you even have class.”

How dare he?

” Don’t talk to me like that.”

” Or what?” He smirked.

My lips quivered. ” How dare you? You’re a monster. You don’t even deserve to live. Why don’t you just stay the fvck away from me. Haven’t you ruined my life enough!” I yelled even when I don’t even know I’m yelling. I’m drunk out of my mind.

” You’re a hoe. What makes you think I would wanna have anything to do with you?”

With anger and irritation, I threw the glass of wine at his face. Everyone gasped. And that was when it came to my notice they’ve been watching us.

Tony proceed to aggressively grab my arm but someone stepped in the way. Sean!

” Stay the hell away from her you swine.” Sean yelled.

” And why are you defending this slut? I always know you settle for lesser things but I didn’t expect you to settle for things like her.”

” Call her more names ago and I’ll make sure you regret the day you were born.” Sean threatened. I’d never seen him get angry before.

Infact, I never for once thought he would defend me. But why?

” Are you threatening me Sean?”

” Sean, please don’t.” Mariam said.

” Call her more names again, I dare you.”

” Slu…” Before Tony could complete his sentence, all hell broke loose.

Sean punched Tony on his nose as people tried to seperate them.

” Sean please stop.” I pleaded. As much as I wanted someone to teach Tony a lesson, I didn’t want Sean to go jail for assault.

Tony is already bleeding and he looks like he’s out of breath already. With the little strength in me, I rushed to Sean and grabbed his arm, he snatches his hand away and pushed me away. I fall on the floor as my head slam against the floor.

” Oh my God.” Sean muttered.

The vision is blurry but I saw someone quickly lifted me off the ground before I blacked out.


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