Oh My Candy

Oh My Candy episode 13 – 14


♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

♥️Episode 13💋

♥️ SEAN💋

” Is everything alright?” I asked on the phone. Of course she’s mad at you for accidentally pushing her to the floor.

I feel like a douche right now. I can’t stand her hating me even before I tell her the truth about me.

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” No. I need to see you right now.” Holy shit!

I knew it. She’s mad and probably pissed.

” Candice…” Damn, she already hung up.

I called Diego at once.

” Sir.” He picked up at once.

” Is something wrong with candy? Is she alright?”

” Yeah, she’s fine sir. Something wrong?”

” Have you checked on her today?”

” Yes. She woke up a little late. I brought food to her according to your orders and aspirin. She’s in her room right now, probably taking a shower.” Diego explained.

” She called just few seconds ago. She doesn’t sound fine. She wants to see me.”

” Maybe to thank you.”

” Thank me for what?” I huffed. I’m a little stressed out. Due to stress at work and thinking too much about Candice. This is more fvcked up than I imagined.

” Sir, I think you should come over to come see her since she wished for your presence.”

” Thanks Diego, I’ll be home soon. You should keep an eye on her before I arrive.”

” Sure thing, sir. ” I hung up. I ran my hands down my hair and grabbed my suit jacket as I left.


I took several deep breath as i pace around my bedroom, hoping Sean would barge through that door any moment from now. He’s yet to show up and I’m worried. Did I scare him with the way I sounded on the phone? This is so messed up.

” Oh Candy. The poor boy might think you wanna yell at him.” I mutter to myself.

I stand next to my window that viewed the mansion, a car drove in and I recognized it to be one of Sean’s expensive cars. I took a deep breath and rushed to the full length mirror to look at my reflection.

“I don’t look bad I guess.” I gave myself a pep talk.

Shortly, a knock came on the door. I took one last breath and gently opened the door. I don’t want him to think I’ve been waiting for his arrival.

” Hey.” He greeted at once. I’m struck with the way he looked. Despite his crazy looks, he looked good. He was holding a bouquet of flowers. Lilies for that matter. How did he know I kinda liked flowers. I don’t even remember when last someone gave me flowers.

” Hi.” I said. For once I was nervous to meet him. Why’s this even happening. Candy breathe.

” Look, candy I’m really sorry. Yesterday was crazy, I admit it. I was really angry that Tony had to lay his filthy hands on you and I guess I wasn’t really watching and I had to push you to the ground. That wasn’t really a smart move…” He gibbered as I kissed him at once.

With my arms around his neck I kissed him like I’ve never kissed anyone before. It took him time to return the kiss. For once I saw another part of Sean that’s really cute. He’s nervous too. The flowers slipped out of his hands as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back.

He walked me backwards and shut the door. He spined us around so that I’m pressed against the door as he kissed me with his full will. Suddenly he stopped kissing me and gently pushed me backwards.

” What’s wrong?” I inquired.

You’re a good kisser Candy, I just need to tell you something.” He admitted.

” Does it have to be now?” I asked. He nodded.

” Look, I don’t blame you alright. I was happy someone stood up for me for once. I don’t really get someone who always stood up for me. I don’t really care that you pushed me. It was an accident, please don’t blame yourself.” I told him.

He smiled and tucked my loose strands of hair behind my ear.

” You’re so beautiful than I remembered.” What the hell his he talking about.

” If you don’t want the dance, it’s fine by me. I won’t force you anymore, I just wanna thank you properly.” I pulled him to me but he resisted.

” I need to say something first. If you turned out hating me then it’s okay though. I just want you to know that I’m happy to give that piece of shit called Tony a beating of his life. You don’t have to thank me properly. Your presence is enough.” He smiled at me.

” Are you okay?” I asked, he shook his head sideways.

” Do you remember that fat kid you saved from bullies seventeen years ago?” He asked.

I tried to think, nothing.

” Why are you asking me about a kid I don’t even remember saving. Is this really important right now?”

” Yes. I want you to remember.”

I sighed. I tried to think about any kid I saved seventeen years ago. That’s a really long time ago. How am I supposed to remember saving any kid when I was barely a child.

And then it clicked. I remembered I had a dream when I first got here. A dream that looked like a vision. I dreamt I was in my highschool , walking about and then I saw this fat kid that was being bullied by this crazy kid. If course that wasn’t a dream, that was real.

I remembered that day. He said thank you and I never really saw him again.

” Yeah, I remembered. Why?”

He took a deep breath as he took my hands in his.

“I’m that fat kid.”

♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋💋

♥️Episode 14💋


” I’M THAT FAT KID.” Is he fvcking kidding me? I’m that fat kid, really?

Is this April’s fool’s day cause we’re barely in April. What’s this sick joke.

” What are you talking about? Did you drink something?”

” No, of course I didn’t. I’m saying the truth. After that day that you saved me, a part of me was redeemed. I grew into someone I never thought I would be on my own. And then I looked for you, I couldn’t find you. I guess you left the school and since then I’ve been searching for you. I promised myself I was gonna find you and make you mine again.” He narrated. What the fvck!

I slapped his hands away from me.

” What are you saying? What’s going on here? What’s all this? I don’t get it.”

” I’m sorry. I’ve been searching for you my whole life. I made sure I find you and bring you back into my life.”

” We were never together. Is that why you hired me to give you a private dance?”

He sighed and shoved his hands inside his pocket.

” Yes. I got news that you work as a stripper. I thought the best thing to do was hired you to give me a private dance and maybe afterwards, I was gonna tell you who I really am and my motives.”

” Holy shit!” I pace around the room and stood next to the window as I crossed my arms.

” I wished I was early enough. Maybe I could have had you before Tony did.”

” Shut the fvck up.” I yelled at him. ” What was I to you? A fvcking game. You can’t just bring me to your house in the name of bringing me to give you a goddamn private dance. All of this was just to make me fall in love with you? Who even does that? For fvck’s sake I was barely 12. What makes you think I would wanna have a future with you.” Alright that hurts. I just hit the wrong button.

I’m sorry…” I stopped him at once.

” You need to call Ms. Jackie and tell her I’m done with my job. You don’t have to pay any money. I’m leaving.” I said as I walked to the closet.

” Candice, you don’t have to leave.”

” And why not? I don’t even belong here. My job here is done Sean and I would advise you not to stop me from leaving.” I said as I began throwing my stuff inside my bag. This is crazy. Why didn’t I even think about this?

Who would even think about this. This was the least thing I expected from him.

” Candice, I’m sorry.”

” I know Sean, I’m i’m leaving. Like I said don’t try to stop me.” I zipped my bag and turned around to look at him.

” Thank you for wasting my time.” I walked past him and surprisingly he didn’t stop me.

♥️ SEAN💋

” fvck.” I groaned as I punched the mirror in my bedroom.

” Sir.” Diego called out.

” Leave Diego. Don’t bother me, please.” I said without looking at Diego who stood next to my door.

” It’s been two days since she left sir. You haven’t eaten anything yet and we’re all worried.”

” I already told you, I don’t want anything.” I yelled at Diego.

This past few days Diego suffered from my anger issues. I missed her so much it hurts. She’s not picking my calls and she had been avoiding me like the plague. So fvcking crazy. I didn’t see reasons for eating anything. This was exactly what I was avoiding. I didn’t want to tell because I was scared of her hating me.

I would have listened to my first instinct. Approached her properly, make her like me while we turn friends then tell her I was the kid she saved from bullies seventeen years ago. But then she’s always busy. She barely give boys a chance, not even one after what Tony did to her. She hates men and to what I noticed she doesn’t wanna date anyone. The only man she ever let into her life was Tony. And that douche used her. Who would even give men a chance after Tony treated her like she was nothing.

I stared at my ringing phone. Mark’s calling.

” Hey man.” He said on the phone once I picked up.

” I’m good I think.”

” You think, it’s Candy right?” He asked and I sighed.

” I guess. She left when I told her the truth two days ago. And now she’s avoiding me like the plague. I even called her work place they said Candice took a break from the strip club.

” Whoa. Why don’t you go ahead and pay her a visit.” fvck, why didn’t I think of this in the first place.

” Thanks man, that escaped my mind.”

” You should. Explain to her you still care about her and make her see that you really care about her.”

” Yeah, thanks. I’ll go there right away. I don’t even know where she lives.”

” I can run that up for you.”

” Please do.”

” Alright, I’ll text you the address right away. Just give me a moment.”

” Thanks, Mark, I’ll be waiting.”


” I can never forget how your food taste, grandma.” I said as Grandma giggles. ” You’ve always been a great cook. It’s fantastic.”

” I’m glad you like it my child.” She smiled at me.

” So how’s work Candice?”

” Work’s good. I’m on break actually. I decided to come around and spend more time together with family.” I smiled at Arabel.

” You don’t usually have a break. Is everything alright?”

Grandma Ellie is right. I don’t usually get breaks because according to Ms. Jackie, I’m everyone’s favorite. So I’m always busy trying to please the crowd. The only reason they let me out on this shirt break, some overly generous man AKA Sean decided to pay Jackie for nothing. He lied I did a great job with the private dance thing. He even sent me some money but I returned it to him instantly and warned never to send me money without my permission or I’ll file a report.

So here I am enjoying the short time I could come up with with my family.

” Thanks grandma,I’m fine. I deserve the break remember. I’m always working.” I said.

” And I miss you so much mom. I’m glad you came.” Arabel said. I leaned over to her and kiss her cheek.

” So let’s eat please.” I forced a smile at my grandma who’s been watching me. God I hate the fact that she notices every single problem in my life.

” I am fine.” I mouthed at Grandma.

” You know you’re not.” She mouthed back. I rolled my eyes.

” So have you thought about what we discussed the last time?” Grandma asked.

” I don’t remember.”

” Of course you do. Thought about settling down? Finding someone and making a family for her.”

” Grandma stop. Please don’t start, it’s too early for that.”

” Yeah right.” She huffed.

” Mom, I think you should meet Justin, he’s a good guy. He always stops by at Grandma’s with cookies. He’s my friend.”

” Ooh.” I looked up at Grandma. She smirked at me.

” Yeah, you should meet him. Infact he should be here any minute. I invited him over for lunch.”

” What? Grandma, really?” I eyed her.

” He’s a good guy and handsome too. Right Arabel?”

” Yeah.” Arabel said.

” Grandma don’t do that. Don’t get her involve with this.” I said and sighed.

The door bell rang.

” Oh that must be him. The fine gentle man.” Grandma Ellie said as she stood up and hurried to the door. Oh God this isn’t good. Why’s she doing all of this?

” Oh come Justin. I’m glad you could make it.” Grandma said to someone at the door.

” It’s my pleasure Ellie. We’re like family now.” A deep voice answered. Well his voice doesn’t sound bad.

I heard approaching footsteps as Grandma Ellie showed up with a guy. Well, he’s not bad. He’s good looking. Nice t-shirt, dark jeans and a jacket. He’s cool but not my type of man. Sean is the type of man I want. Oh quit it Candy.

He turned to look at me with a big smile as he stretched his hand out for a handshake.

” Hi. I’m Justin.”


Who come be this Justin again 😂😂

Abeg make una leave my candy for Sean 🙏🙏

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