Oh My Candy

Oh My Candy episode 15 – 16


♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

♥️Episode 15💋


” Hi I’m Justin.” He said and I nodded as I took his hand for a handshake.

” Candice.”

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” Yeah, I know you. I mean I’ve heard a lot about you from Ellie. She’s told me a lot of wonderful things about you. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

” Oh. Sure. The pleasure is mine.”

” You don’t mind joining us for lunch, do you?” Grandma Ellie asked Justin.

” Of course not.” Justin sat down. Arabel smiles at him, he smiled back. Great! She likes him which isn’t nice at all.

I glared at Grandma Ellie from under my lashes. She smirked at me. I can’t believe she’s trying to hook us together which is never gonna happen. I’m barely recovering from Sean’s illness and now it’s Justin.

” So Justin, how was work? How are you doing?” Grandma asked.

” Work’s good. I’ve been good.” Justin replied as we start eating.

” Justin works as an accountant in Pierce and Pierce. It’s a really great company actually. They are gradually moving to the wall street market.” Grandma narrated. Like I give a fvck. Justin seemed shy which it’s an annoying trait in men and I don’t fancy it.

” Nice.”

” Actually it’s not as awesome as your grandma put it. It’s actually cool though. What do you do Candice?” Justin asked.

I swallowed and cleared my throat as I looked around the table. Everyone’s eyes are on me. Grandma Ellie knew I wasn’t comfortable with the choice of topic. She caused this. Bringing in a stranger who’s now so interested in my work.

” I’m a dancer.” I said, rather too quietly to avoid Arabel from hearing a thing.

” You dance Mommy?” Arabel asked. Oh fvck this.

” Yes.” I answered nervously.

” What type of dance? Where do you dance?” Justin asked innocently. He doesn’t know what he’s trying to do and he doesn’t have the slightest idea of it. Grandma cleared her throat.

I wanna tell him I’m a stripper so he would leave me the fvck alone. But I don’t wanna flip in front of my daughter. I always wanna be the perfect mother for her.

” Can we stop talking about my work?”

” Oh, sure, I’m really sorry for stepping boundaries.” Justin apologized with a nervous smile. ” I hope you’re not offended?” He asked. I noticed he had an accent.

” Where are you from?” I asked him.

” Italy actually. My mom’s an American. She was a nurse in a military camp in Mexico. That was where she met my dad, then my dad was in the army. They fell in love and all that…” I cleared my throat as Justin stopped talking.

Why’s he always rambling? Like someone who doesn’t get the chance to talk with people.

” I’m sorry.” Justin apologized.

” No it’s okay.” I waved him off. No it’s not okay. Justin is just too weird. Infact I think all Justin’s are kinda weird.


” So that’s your Justin?” I asked as I helped grandma with the dishes.

” He’s not really bad.”

” Yeah? I don’t really see why you’re trying to hook me up with Justin. Seriously grandma? My daughter don’t even know her mom is a dancer and now what, I just threw out the truth on the table for her to know. Which I don’t even want her to know.”

” Yeah? How was he supposed to know you’re a stripper?”

I crossed my arms and glared at her. Is she for real? I rolled my eyes and ignored her as I dry off the plates.

” I’m sorry I tried to hook you both together. He’s a good guy.”

” Yeah?” I asked sarcastically.

” Candice, I’m trying to look out for you. I want you to build a future and quit all of this. Don’t you think it’s time you face reality and stop all of this.”

I just wanna get something straight, so getting married is the most important thing in the world right now. Look granny, I don’t need a man. I’m trying to save up enough for me and Arabel. She’s what that matters to me right now and not all this boy shit.” I’m trying so hard not yell.

Justin is in the living room playing with Arabel which I’m not even comfortable with. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I dropped the napkin on the counter and pulled out my phone. Same phone number I’ve been avoiding for the past two days.

God I can’t handle any of this right now. I just want him to leave me alone. I don’t want a man, I don’t even see reasons why I should want a man.

” Who’s that?” Grandma who noticed my change of mood asked.

” No one important.” I answered as I mute the ringing.

” Are you sure?”

” You care too much about me.” I said.

” Because I care a lot about you. I don’t want you to stress yourself out okay.”

” Yeah, thanks.”

” So… Justin.”

” I don’t like him.” I told her as I playfully glared at her.

She chuckled.” He’s a good man.”

” I can tell.”

♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

♥️Episode 16💋


Grandma chuckled.

” Mommy, are we going to the park today?” Arabel called out.

” You want us to go to the park today?” I asked.

Arabel peeked her head out through the kitchen door with a huge smile on her face. She nodded.

” Yeah?” She’s licking a lollipop. Justin stood next to her. He smiled at me too.

So fvcking weird.

” Alright.” I said.

” Can Justin come?” Arabel asked.

That moment I was dumbfounded.

” Uh?” I asked dumbly.

” Yeah, can he come?” She asked , this time walking into the kitchen. Justin looked at me expectedly.

” I mean it’s okay if you don’t want me to come. I don’t wanna bother your outing.” Justin said. Deeply he wished to come.

My phone rang again, this time accompanied by a text message. I pulled out my phone and read the message.

‘ please answer your phone, I just wanna see you. My life’s been a mess lately without you in it. Please I want you back.’

Isn’t it weird, he’s acting like we were in a relationship?

‘dude, shut up, two days ago you were willing to kiss him.’ my consciousness scolded me.

I shoved my phone back inside my pocket and smiled at Arabel.

” Come on Arabel, go get dressed and let’s take you out.”

” So will Justin come?” Arabel asked.

” Uh, yeah sure. If he likes to.” I said. Justin smiled. I could tell he did a victory dance in his head.

So immature.

” Yaay. Thank you mommy. I’ll go get ready.” Arabel ran out of the kitchen.

” Thanks, Candy, for allowing me to join you guys.”

” It’s okay.”

Justin nodded and left.

” I don’t wanna hear it.” I turned to look at my granny as I playfully glared at her. She threw her hands in surrender.


” So… you know, what do you do when you’re free?” Justin asked as we watched Arabel play around in the park. She giggled at the other kids as she toyed with her cotton candy.

” Well.. you know, I do stuff.” I said. I badly wanna get the fvck out of here. He’s to forward. Always asking unreasonable questions which I despise so much.

” Like what? I’m sorry if I’m being forward you know. I just wanna be a friend.” He smiled at me. That nerdy annoying smile.

” I don’t have free time I always work.”

” Really? Dancing?”

” Yeah.”

” Where do you dance? I would love to watch you someday.”

I turned to glared at Justin. He shrugged.

” I mean no harm for real.”

” Look, stop asking me personal questions. That’s like crossing the line.” I said rather too offensive.

Sorry.” He apologized.

I stood up and walked to Arabel.

” Mommy, I want a puppy.” She said at once.

” Oh honey…” I squat to her height as I ruffled her hair.

” I’m gonna get you a pet alright. You know grandma doesn’t like pets. She’s allergic.”

” What’s allergic?”

” You know… when someone has a reaction to something. Excessively sensitive.” I told Arabel.

” Hmm. So grandma is sensitive to animals? That’s sad.”

” I know. When we finally move to our own dream apartment, i will buy you whatever pet you like.” I said and pecked her cheeks. She giggled.

” I love you Mommy. Justin doesn’t seem happy.”

I stood up and turned to look at Justin.

” Nah, he’s good. Let’s get rid of that cotton Candy, alright?” She nodded as she gave it to me. I threw the cotton candy inside a trashcan.

” Candice.” A familiar voice called my name. I take in a deep breath as I bit my tongue. How on Earth did he find me? What’s he even doing here?

” Arabel, can you go play?” I asked my daughter.

” Okay. But who’s that mommy?” Arabel asked.

” Just someone. Go and play.” She nodded and went back to play with the other kids.

” What do you want Sean?”


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