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Oh My Candy Episode 17


♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

♥️ Episode 17💋

♥️♥️ SEAN💋💋

God she looked so beautiful in that simple outfit. Red always brings out her skin and it makes her look prettier. I looked at the frail guy that sat at a corner. It’s like he wanted to jump on me but just waiting for permission from Candice.

” What the hell do you want?” She asked. I swallowed as I looked at the beautiful baby behind her. Thank God she doesn’t look a bit like that bastard father of hers.

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” Candy, are you okay? Is he harrassing you?” Just like I figured, the punk who sat at a corner jumped into our conversation. He walked to stand next to her.

” Thanks Justin I’m fine. You might wanna give us some privacy.” She said. For some awkward reasons, he was hurt. What the fvck! Is he her new boyfriend?

The Justin guy nodded and walked away.

” What the hell are you doing here Sean?”

” So that’s the new boyfriend, huh?” I teased her. A part of me wishes she said no. I mean she’s too pretty to settle for a clown like that Justin.

” Yes. What, you got issues with that?” Great, another heartbreak.

” Candice, why are you doing this? What about us?”

” What do you mean us? There was no us. This whole thing was just one sided.”

” Really?” fvck this, why’s she hurting me? One sided, are you for real? The other day she was kissing me passionately and now she’s acting weird. What’s wrong with women.

“Yes, really. What makes you think I have feelings for you?”

” What’s this for? Because I didn’t tell you I happened to be that guy you saved from bullies. I see no reasons why you’re acting this way. The other day you wanted to kiss me and if I don’t have self control, we would have had s£x with each other. For once Candice, think outside the box for once. Move out of your comfort zone and give love a chance.”

” Oh you mean you? I should give you a chance?” This time I think I should be offended.

” You think every guy is like Tony? You get hurt once doesn’t mean you just have rule out love and block people from coming into your life. I must say this, that’s totally childish.” I said to her.

I could see the anger lines in her face and she did the unexpected. She slapped me, real hard.

” fvck you, you the douchebag.” She yelled.

The people and children at the park turned to look at the scenario.

” Mommy.” The little girl whom I assumed is her daughter, ran to her.

Candice looked up at me with disappointed. She looked caught off guard because I just discovered she has a baby. She couldn’t meet my eyes as she looked at her little daughter.

” I think you should let her be.” Justin douche said. I glared at him.

” You should leave Sean.” Candice said.

” Alright.” Candice and I meet eyes as I walked away.

Why’s this harder than I imagined. But why’s she acting like I broke her heart. Like she saw me with a girl and she’s totally disappointed. Maybe she’s disappointed. She never for once imagined s life with that fat kid. I guess when I was thinking of her and how I could make her mine , she was busy living her life. So crazy. I might be rich but sometimes I don’t always get what I want. Is this bad luck or what? Diego opened the car door for me when he saw me coming.

I slid inside the backseat of the car and he shut.

” Take me to Mark’s.” I said as I loose the top two buttons on my shirt.

Sure thing sir.”


” She’s been avoiding you, for real? But why?”

” fvck this, I’ve already told you everything mark.”

” It’s crazy. She doesn’t have to hurt because Tony hurt her. That doesn’t make any sense.”

” I think she really liked him and all and then he broke her heart. Whatever thing she expected from Tony went down the drain. And then he got her pregnant and asked her to get rid of the baby. fvcking bastard.”

” That doesn’t explain the reason behind her harsh treatment toward you. She’s mean and she even slapped you.”

” Yeah.” I sighed. Mark’s maid walked in as she handed me a glass of wine.

” Thanks.” I said to her. She smiled politely and left.

” What are you gonna do, man? What’s your plan?”

” Give it a last shot. I don’t wanna look like a nuisance. The guy who goes around trying to explain to a girl he likes her and all that shit. Maybe she’s not really into me. I don’t wanna look like a pest.”

” But why did she try to kiss you?” Mark asked.

” Yeah, that’s crazy right? I guess that’s her own way of saying she’s grateful that I stood up for her. I guess the reason she’s acting this way is because Tony lied to her and used her and I did the same thing too. Oh God, I’m such a d!ck.” I said.

” You didn’t really lie. You just kept the truth from her.”

” Jesus, Mark, that’s like lying to her. What’s the difference.”

” Well…, Yeah, but I don’t think you used her. You just wanted to keep her after searching for her over seventeen years.”

I rolled my eyes and gulped the drink in one goal.

” I’m going home. I need to think about my life. I’m so fvcked up right now.”

You should stop blaming yourself. You’re in love man, she should see that in you and not treating you like garbage.”

” Thanks Mark.”


” Mommy, who was that man?” Candice asked for the millionth time as we drive back home. Justin is on the wheel since it’s his car. I sat at the passenger seat while Arabel sat at the back.

” He’s no one honey.” I replied and flashed her a small smile. She doesn’t look satisfied.

I’ve been trying to block anything in my heart in the name of feelings for Sean. He doesn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated him. I felt guilty. It’s just kinda hurt to see someone fall in love with you.

He’s a good man but I’m not sure I deserve anyone. I don’t even want anyone. That’s the lie I kept telling myself, I don’t want anyone and at the end I found myself thinking about Sean sometimes. Everytime. Who spent all their lives looking for a girl they met seventeen years ago. This is so crazy. It’s so hard to believe he’s the kid from junior school. This is insane.

” You seemed like you knew him.” Justin complimented. He’s another thorn in my flesh that I really wish to get rid of.

” Stop being nosy, Justin.” I whispered yelled at him.

He threw his hands up in surrender.

” Jesus, put your hands back on the wheel.”

” Yeah, I will.” He placed his hands back on the wheel.

” Did you hurt that man mommy?” Arabel asked again. Oh God I’m fed up.

” No honey, I didn’t. You don’t have to worry about him alright.”

” Okay. You know my birthday is close right?”

” Yeah, I didn’t forget that. You and I are gonna go to the grocery store to buy what we’re gonna bake your cake with.” I smiled at her. She giggled and clapped her hands. Thank God, her mood is restored.

” Can I come?”

” No Justin, you can’t home. Just me and my daughter.” I said. At that moment I don’t really care if he’s offended or not.

I might be pretty occupied tomorrow so I decided we could just go to the grocery store and visit the mall today.

Why can’t Justin come?” Arabel asked. I internally groaned.

” Because he doesn’t have to come. I need an alone time with you honey.” I said to her.

” Okay.” Arabel said. Justin turned to look at me. I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

We pulled into my grandma’s driveway and I stepped out of the car. I opened the backseat for Arabel and helped her out.

” Thanks Justin.”

” Bye Justin.” Arabel waved at him.

” Bye Ara. Becareful.” He smiled at her. So creepy.

” Why don’t we go to the mall now? What do you think?”

” Sure.”


I drive down the street as Arabel sing along the kids songs blaring from the radio. This is what I want. A free time with my daughter, just the two of us. We can wherever we want and don’t have to worry about anyone. But then Sean, I guess he’s a little disappointed when he heard Arabel called me ‘Mommy.’ that was the least thing he expected. A baby. I sighed.

I guess he wouldn’t worry about making me his girlfriend anymore. Cause he looked disappointed today. And when he finds out she belongs to Tony, a man he doesn’t like, he’s going to hate me forever.

Well played Candice. This is harder than I thought. I parked my car in the parking lot as we get out of the car. With Arabel’s little hand in mine, we strode inside the mall. It’s not weekends so it’s not really occupied.

Arabel pushed a cart even when I volunteered to do it. She said no. She pushed the cart as I threw in random items in which I can bake a cake with.

” Look who we got here.” I heard that evil voice.

The hair on my back rose at once. I couldn’t look at him. What’s he even doing here?

” Candice, Candy.” I looked up at him. I don’t want him to see how he terrified me every single time.

” Yes, Tony.”

His eyes fell on my little girl as my heart skipped a beat. Oh no, she can’t know this monster is her father.

” And who’s the little girl?”


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