Oh My Candy

Oh My Candy Episode 18 – 19


♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

Episode 18

♥️♥️CANDY 💋💋

” And who’s the little girl?” Tony asked.

I looked down at little Arabel who hid behind me. She held tight to my leg, it’s obvious she doesn’t like Tony. Who would even like him?

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” She’s none of your business. I think you should stop stalking me and stay the hell away from me. Just leave me the hell alone.”

He laughed. An evil sinister laugh.

” I bet that’s not from me right? She’s not mine, is she?”

” What makes you think she would someone like you as a father.” I whispered through gritted teeth.

” Oh, I thought as much. Why the fvck did you keep it? I told you to get rid of this shit.” He said as he pointed to Arabel.

I badly wanted to punch him. Grab a bottle and smash it on his head, but I can’t . I don’t want my daughter to see me as a violent person.

” fvck off. She doesn’t want you. She doesn’t even know and she wants nothing to do with you.”

” And who I said I want something to do with that thing.”

” Don’t you dare call my daughter a thing.”

” And what will you do? Call Sean to fight for you? You’re so fvcking pathetic.” He said.

With anger, I punched Tony on the face. Arabel winced.

” You fvcking bitch.” He roared as he tries to hit me.

” Honey.” A lady called out to Tony. I noticed her to be the same woman he brought to that charity event where he had a fight with Tony.

Few customers already turned to look at Tony and I.

” What are you doing?”

” Tell this son of a bitch you called a boyfriend to stop harrassing me and stalking me. He’s a creep.” I take Arabel’s hand and walked her out of the mall.

I didn’t bother to shop for things for her birthday anymore and I blamed myself for it. The ride to Grandma’s house was crazy. She would look at me and like she wants to say something.

” Honey, are you okay?” I asked Arabel.

She shook her head sideways. God, please tell me she didn’t understand a thing Tony said.

” What’s it?” I asked as I briefly turned to look at her.

” That man. Who was he? He doesn’t seem nice.”

” Yeah, he’s no one. Forget about him. He’s a creep and a bully.”

” He bullies you mommy?”

” Well, sometimes and that’s a long time ago. Don’t worry about him.” She nodded.

” I’m sorry I didn’t get to buy your birthday stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll get them tomorrow alright.”

Arabel smiled and nodded.

” That’s my good girl.”

I parked my car in Grandma’s driveway as Arabel raced out of the car.

” Race you inside mommy.” She called out as I raced after her.

” Ooh. What got my girl giggling like that?” Grandma asked as I stepped inside the house.

” Playing with mommy.” Arabel said. Grandma Ellie looked up at me.

I smiled and kissed Arabel on the cheek.

” Go on, go and change your dress while I talk to grandma.”

” Okay.” Arabel nodded as she rushed upstairs.

” You didn’t get to buy her birthday stuff. You know we planned to bake her birthday cake for.”

I sighed.

” I saw Tony. I was with her.” I said.

” What?”

” Hmm… It’s crazy. We had issues and as usual he told me a lot of shit.” I said and ran my hands down my hair.

” And what did he say?”

” He called her a thing and said he wants nothing to do with her and I would have aborted Arabel in the first place.”

I think Tony needs a restraining order. This is too much. He’s being abusive and intolerant.” Grandma Ellie sighed.

” I’m okay, I punched him though.” I chuckled. She smiled proudly at me.

” I think next time you should go for the balls.”

” That’s sad.” I chuckled as we laughed.

I bit my tongue and started assisting her in the kitchen.

” I know something is bothering you. I can tell.” Grandma said. I sighed.

” I’m fine, granny. It’s nothing.”

” It’s a boy right?”

” Grandma…” I laughed.

” Who’s he?”

” He’s no one. I don’t have anyone okay. Look I don’t want a man, I can’t handle a man right now.”

” Are you sure?”

” I’m sure granny, I don’t have a man in my life. I’m serious.” My phone rang in my pocket.

” I gotta go take this.” I waved my phone at my grandma as I went to the living room.

” Hey Ms Jackie.”

” Where are you?” She asked on the phone.

” I’m in my grandma’s house.”

” We need to talk.”

” Why? Something wrong? I told you I needed a break.”

” I know. We need to talk right now.” She hung up at once.

What the hell?

” Something wrong, Candice?”

” No granny, I’m heading out. Keep an eye on Arabel, I’ll be back soon.” I called out to my grandma.

” Alright, becareful.”

I grabbed my car keys and walked out of my grandma’s house.

♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋

💋Episode 19♥️

💋 SEAN♥️

Since my last conversation with Candy, I barely could do anything. I was thinking of any possible means to make her change her mind about me. It’s just crazy. I looked at her number on my phone countless times as I decipher on whether to call her or not.

Sir.” Diego knocked on my door.

” Yeah?” I called out to him.

” I brought you dinner.”

” I’m not hungry Diego.”

” Sir, I know you’re hungry and you need to eat something, please.”

” I’m not hungry Diego. I’m not in the mood to eat anything. I told you already.”

” Is it because of Candy?” He asked. I sighed deeply.

He wouldn’t let it go.

” I don’t know Diego. You know what happened. All of this was just a waste of time. She doesn’t want me. She feels I’m not good enough for her.” I lamented.

I hated she had to make me feel this way. You know all my life, I might always have what I want, but I don’t always get what I liked. It’s so ironic. Through out this past years, I skipped being committed to anyone. I never really get involved with anything called relationship, it’s just crazy.

I guess I’m always too busy with work or I was busy finding Candice to the extend I deprived myself of falling in love with anyone. And now I finally found her, it’s not just worth it. She hates me because of her own reason. And then she had to lie she’s in a relationship which I’m pretty sure she made that up just to make me stay away from her.

” I can talk to her if you want.” Diego said.

” Don’t bother about it. I think she doesn’t want me.”

” But I saw you two. She looked like she was into you before she left. What happened that she had to change her mind?”

” She thought I lied to her. She said she didn’t expect I was the kid from seventeen years ago.” I sighed. ” Just take the food away, Diego. I’ll be fine, I just need to lay my head. And if anyone asked after me, tell them I left the country.”

” Okay sir.” I heard his fading footsteps from my door.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Candice’s number. Sadly it went straight to voicemail. I decided to drop one final text, if she doesn’t bother to call back or text back, I’m just gonna move on.


‘I’m sorry I lied to you. Maybe you’re right, I don’t deserve you but I want you to remember I’ve always loved you.’ I read the text from Sean for the millionth time.

My conscience pricked me terribly. I felt bad. I made him think he doesn’t deserve me, but why would I do that. I throw my phone on the passenger seat and drive to RedStripp. I needed to tell Ms Jackie what I have in my mind.

I parked my car amongst other expensive cars as I get out of my car. The parking lot is pretty occupied. I mean it’s Friday what should I expect. With thoughts of Arabel ramming through my brain, I took the back door inside RedStripp. It’s easier and I wouldn’t be spotted.

I wanted to give my daughter a good life. Something I was deprived of. I needed to to make her happy. I was lagging behind in the responsibilities of a mother and I totally owe her the world.

” Hey Candy.” A stripper waved at me. I smiled at her.

Two weeks ago, this was like a home for me. I was the legendary stripper here. And most men who always visited RedStripp was because of me. To watch me dance around that familiar silver pole. Coming here today, it felt like I’ve not been here for a year now. The few weeks I spent at Sean’s house, influenced me in different ways I don’t like admitting. I loved the freedom, the choice of doing what you’ve always wanted. RedStripp would never give you that freedom, but all is about to change now, for good.

I knocked on Ms. Jackie’s office door and wait for her response.

” Come in.” I took a deep breath and walked in.

She looked up from whatever thing she’s doing as she smiled at me.

” Candy darling.” She said cockily. She barely praises me , except when I shut the whole club down.

” Hello Ms. Jackie. You asked for me.”

” Yes.” She cleared her throat and handed me a magazine.

” LA?”

” Yes, LA. It’s a strip show and every amazing stripper In the country will be there to amaze the audience with their dance move.”

” So?”

” You’re invited. You’re making RedStripp proud and I’m so happy.”

” We’re talking about a million box. Billionaire playboy and a son Senator Jefferson is also a host. The stripper with the best move is going home with a million dollars. Trust me you don’t wanna say no to this.” Ms. Jackie smiled at me.

Shit, this is too good to be true. I barely leave the state and now I’m going to LA to perform. That’s like being a star. A million dollars will change a lot of things around my life. It will give Arabel an awesome birthday.

” And what’s your take in this?”

” If you agree to go, they’re paying the club 300 dollars. Ours is a guarantee. The one million dollars is yours.”

Seriously Candice, what about the decisions you wanted to make.

” And when’s this show?”

” On Sunday, this weekend.”

Great! On Arabel’s birthday.

” I’m sorry Jackie, but I can’t.” I gave her the magazine back.

” What do you mean you can’t? We’re talking about a million dollars, which is all yours?”

” This isn’t about the money. It’s about what I want. I’m giving up this life. I want to be with my family again. I missed going out with my daughter for a walk. I missed having a family dinner with my grandma and daughter. I missed reading a bedtime story to her and singing her a lullaby. And I missed falling in love and giving love a chance. This is all I’ve missed because of my job. I can’t do this anymore Jackie. I’m sorry.”

” What do you mean?” She stuttered.

” I’m quiting.”

” No you can’t quit. You’re like the best stripper we have.”

” I know and I can’t do this anymore. I quit.” I smiled apologetically at her and stood up. She’s frozen and dumbstruck.

I took a deep breath and exit her office. This is the best decision I’ve made since I was born. And it feels good.


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