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💋💋Oh My Candy♥️♥️

💋Episode 20♥️



With a huge smile on my face, I entered my car and drove to one place I’m supposed to be. I turn on the radio and one of my favorite songs pop up on the radio. I sped into the night never for once looking back at the place that drained a lot from me.

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I honked my car horn as I wait for someone, anyone at all to come open the gate.

” Who please?” Someone spoke through the buzzer.

” Candy.” I said.

It took a few seconds before the gates opened on its own. I drove down the estate, looking at this familiar place. I parked my car in the driveway and stepped out. I felt so nervous as I stepped on the porch. What if he hates me now? What if he wants nothing to do with me anymore. What if he’s already tired of me. All this strange thoughts ran through my head as I walked into the living room. The first person I saw was Peter. He smiled at me.

” Hi Candy. Welcome back.”

” Thanks. Where’s he?”

” In his bedroom. He barely comes out and he’s deprived himself food.” Diego said from the staircase.

I looked up at him as he walked into the living room.

” Why?”

” You should know right?” I sighed. I should feel guilty right now. I deserved it.

” Where’s his food?” I asked Diego.

” In the kitchen.” He answered. I nodded and followed him to the kitchen.

Diego handed me a platter of covered food and I took it.

” That’s the third food he has rejected today. I guess he would be happy that you’re here to feed him.” Diego smiled at me.

I shrugged and climbed upstairs with the food. I feel anxious. This house reminds me of my stay in here. How he messed with my head and how I almost kissed him before he dropped the big bomb. I arrived in this familiar bedroom and knocked.

” Diego go away, I told you I’m not hungry.” His voice called out. That same voice that drove chill down my spine. I swallowed and twisted the doorknob.

” What the hell Diego, I told you…” He stopped when he saw me. He was dumbfounded as he stared at me.

I was dumbstruck too. It was obvious Sean hasn’t left this bedroom for a long time now. He wore sweatpants and Black t-shirt with messy bed hair. I wanna run my hands down that hair.

” Hey, you’re hungry?” I asked as I walked in, shutting the door behind me.

” Why are you here?” He asked. His voice sounded weak.

” Ouch. That hurts.” I smiled at him and dropped the platter of food on the dresser. He didn’t say a word but watched me. I slowly approached his bed.

” I’m sorry.” I breathed out.

” Why?”

” Don’t be silly. You know why. I was an asshole and I treated you bad, that wasn’t really cool. I’m really sorry for being such a d!ck. I freaked out, I didn’t plan to fall in love after…” I sighed before continuing. ” … Tony. He was insane and treated me like I was nothing. I selfish to have passed the grievance on you. You didn’t deserve any of that. You deserved better. All the time I was acting crazy, you were always good to me. I didn’t think about that at all.” I said as I finally approached the foot of his bed.

He didn’t say a word to me. He watched me closely.

” Please say something.” I whispered. He sighed.

” I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry I lied though. For bringing you in the name of private dancing. I just wanted to keep you close to me.” He admitted. I bit my lip and smiled.

” I quitted you know.”

” What?”

” I quitted. Stripping and all that crazy stuff. I wanna be better.” I whispered. ” And I…” I decipher on what to say to him. ” I’m in love with you too. I was afraid because of my past. I’ve always wanted you but I thought I didn’t deserve you.”

I guess we didn’t deserve each other.” He whispered. I looked up at him with teary eyes.

I climbed on his lap and kissed him at once. His arms went round my waist as he kissed me with desperation. It’s like he has always wanted to kiss me and I’ve always wanted to do the same.

I ran my hands down his messy hair as we kissed. He kissed down my neck to my chest. I m0aned and ran my fingers down his skin through his t-shirt. But then he stopped.

” Why did you stop?”

” I think this too fast.”

I cupped his face in my hand and looked into his eyes.

” It’s not.” I said to him.

” Are you sure?”

” Yes.” I said.

He kissed me again as I kissed him back. I let him undress me as we fell under the covers. My fingers pinched on his back as he made love to me. I m0aned his name not even a care in this world that his workers are just few rooms away from us. Sean kissed my neck, marking me in every corner with his teeth. I loved every bit of it as we made love. It’s the best s£x I’ve ever had.


Sean and I hold hands as we walked into the diner on Saturday evening. I told him about Arabel and he confessed to me that he knew I had a daughter for Tony all this while and he didn’t care. I scolded him and we laughed to it. I told him about her birthday and how I wanted to make it a big party for her. She deserved it. Sean bought Arabel’s birthday cake even after I scolded him not to. I was really occupied with my life and I forgot I was supposed to buy a cake few days prior to her birthday. Internally I was happy Sean saved my ass.

We’re officially in a relationship and he didn’t care about Arabel being Tony’s daughter at all. Sean took her out in the morning and they had nice time. Luckily for me, Arabel liked him, so that’s not an issue for the both of us.

” You look so beautiful.” Sean complimented me. I blushed.

” And you look handsome.”

” Yeah?” He smiled as he tried not to blush.

” Yup.”

He chuckled.

” I love your daughter, she’s amazing.” He said.

” I’m happy you do. She means a lot to me.”

” I know. And I’m happy you let me into your world. It means a lot to me too.” Sean said. I smiled as I avoided his gaze.

The waiter came into my rescue with our meal. I ogled at the lobster in front of me with macaroni and cheese. This smelled so good.

” Go on.” Sean said as we started to eat.


” Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday Dear Ara… Happy birthday to you…” We all sang for Arabel on her birthday.

My baby just turned five and she’s so adorable in her pink dress. Sean stood next to me and every other kid in Grandma’s house. Sean wanted us to throw her an expensive birthday in an event, I said no. I didn’t want him to spend that amount of money on Arabel.

” Make a wish baby and blow out your candles.” I told Arabel.

Arabel blew out her candles as we applauded her. I took every single gift a lot of parents and kids brought. Many of which I don’t even know. I think they’re grandma’s friends. She knew a lot of people actually.

I squat next to Arabel and carry her as I kissed her on her cheek.

” You’re so adorable honey.” I said.

” You too. Thank you Uncle Sean for the presents, I love them all.” Arabel said.

I’m glad you do. Don’t worry we’ll get you more.”

” That’s my favorite uncle.” She squealed in Joy as she giggled.

I put her down as she ran to her other friends. I smiled and waved at Justin who stood at a corner with Maria. She stayed in the neighborhood too and we barely even talk because I’m always in and out.

” Hey…” Sean whispered against my neck and I’m almost caught off guard.

” I need to tell you something.” He said.

” What’s it?”

He swallowed, like he’s anxious and nervous.

” Candice, will you marry me?”

♥️♥️Oh My Candy💋💋


Well Sean and I got married. At first I didn’t expect he was gonna give me a ring on Arabel’s birthday. It was the biggest surprise of my life. The diamond ring was the talk of the city for a whole week. It was beautiful and so expensive. I screamed on top of my voice when he asked me to marry me and we kissed. I didn’t even care my daughter was watching.

Three months later we got married. Sean couldn’t wait for the both of us to live together. He wanted to be close to Arabel. Our wedding was so incredible. It was crowded with lots of guests I don’t really know of. Ms. Jackie was there. She hugged me, congratulated me and sob. Partially because she didn’t expect I was gonna get married this soon. I didn’t expect I was gonna get married this soon either. It was all like a dream for me.

Sean and I travelled to LA for our honeymoon. We stayed in his penthouse. I didn’t even know he had a penthouse in LA. After our honeymoon, we moved into another home. Quite different from Sean’s house and this was way expensive. Arabel get to have her own bedroom and she loved it. She now attends school too with her own personal driver which is Diego. I got a job with Vince. A corporative company and that was with Sean’s influence. I worked the desk and I loved it.

Tony tried to abuse me after my wedding but he was dealt with mercilessly by the police. His fiancee left him because he was violent to her. Tony was sent to prison after he was given a restraining order against me and Arabel.

I guess I’m living the life I’ve always wanted with my dream man. He means everything to me and he’s always there to give me anything I want.

♥️The End.💋

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