November 29, 2021

Oh My Candy episode 4 – 5


❤❤Oh My Candy💋💋

Episode 4



“Welcome sir,” Diego greeted as I walked in.
“Oh my gawd! What happened to your hand sir, are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine. How’s she?” I asked.
“She’s been in her room, sleeping I guess,” he said.
“Okay… Get me coffee, bring it to my room,” I said.
“Yes sir,” he said and went for it.

I ascended upstairs, got to the corridor, but I passed my room and stood by her door.
Slowly, I grabbed the doorknob and…..

‘No, I can’t do this… I can’t let my anger make me do something I’m gonna regret later.. I have to take this slowly. Just slowly’

I withdrew my hand from the doorknob, turned and entered my room.
A knock sounded on the door, the door opened to and Diego walked in with the coffee.

“Here’s your coffee sir,” he said.
I took the cup. “You can leave.”
“How did you get hurt sir?” he asked.

I looked at my bandaged hand and recalled how I got it.

“I hit the wine glass and it pierced my hand,” I told him.
“What? Why sir?” he asked.
“Anger. Leave Diego, I need my privacy,” I said.
“I should call Doctor Richard,” he said.
“Check your watch Diego, it’s past twelve. Just Leave,” I said.
“Okay sir. Then I will call him to be here in the morning,” Diego said, turned and left.

I gulped down the coffee.

Few minutes later, I was in the shower, lost in thought.


has a daughter for Tony Adonis’

I pushed back my hair as the cold water ran down my body.

I spent seven hours of my night searching about Candice relationship with Tony Adonis but all I found was just a few information which Mark had told me already.

There was no picture of them together.
None of it.



I opened my eyes, yawned and stretched myself.
It was morning and the sun ray from the window found it’s way to my face.

I closed my eyes and smiled at the happiness of sleeping all night long and waking up to a beautiful morning sun on my face.

“Good morning Lord,” I said, opened my eyes and stretched myself one more time then got off the bed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth, washed my face and repacked my hair in a ponytail.


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returned to the bedroom and my phone began ringing.
An unsaved number was calling.

“Hello?” I spoke first after picking up the call.
“Good morning Candy. Breakfast is ready, you should come downstairs.”
“Mr Smith?” I asked with raised brows.
“Yes. Hurry up before it gets cold,” he said.
“Oh..okay,” I said.

The call ended and I tilted my head.

I grabbed a Pajamas jacket and wore over the singlet and pajamas pants, grabbed my phone, slide my feet into my slippers and walked out.

Soon, I was walking to the dinning where he was.

“Good morning ma’am,” the servants who were around greeted.
“Good morning.. Please call me Candy, Candy,” I told them.
“Good morning Candy,” Diego greeted.
“Good morning Diego,” I responded.

I got to the dinning table and sat at the opposite seat.

“Good morning Mr Smith,” I greeted with a glance at him before my eyes bellowed to the meal on the table.
It was then I saw his bandaged hand.

‘Geez…What happened to him?’

“Good morning Candy. How was your night?” he asked.
With my eyes still on his bandaged hand, I answered. “It was fine, how was yours?”
“It was fine.”
“No, I don’t think it was fine,” I said.
“What happened to your hand?” I asked.

He looked at it and smiled. “Oh, it’s nothing serious. I just got hurt a little.”

“A little? But it doesn’t seem like something little,” I said.
“Candy, don’t worry about my hand okay? Let’s eat before it gets cold,” he said.


eat? Why must we eat together?’

I glanced at him before facing my food.

“Do you love strawberry?” he asked.
“Yeah, I do,” I answered.
“Are you allergic to anything?” he asked.
“Uhm nothing, I’m allergic to nothing,” I said.
He looked at me and I returned the look.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yeah, are you?” I asked him.
“Chocolate and eggs…” he said.
“I love chocolates and eggs,” I said.
“Well I used to love the two but due to a reason, I stopped eating chocolates and eggs and surprisingly, I became allergic..” he said.

I was curious to know the reason and I think it showed on my face cos he went on to say it.

“Actually, you might not have seen any throwback information of me when I was a kid.. I was really fat,” he said.

“Oh… Then you went under the knife?” I asked.
He smiled. “No I didn’t,” he said.

I just gave a smile.

“Uhm let’s just eat. We’re gonna be late for service,” he said.

“What service?” I asked.
“Church service,” he said.

I raised my brows “What?”
“Today is Sunday, remember,” he said.
“You go to church every Sunday?” I asked him.
“Yes of course. I miss church service only if I went on a business trip,” he said.
“Wow, good for you but I’m not going anywhere,” I said.
“What’s wrong with visiting God’s presence?” he asked.
“I don’t go to church okay,” I said and went on eating.

“Come on Candy….but I would really love you to go with me,” he said.

I got pissed off and hit the fork on the table thus causing a sound.
“Goodness I just made it clear to you that I don’t go to Church, don’t you get it? You know why I’m here and that is why I’m here, I’m not here to eat with you on the dinning table and go to church with you, I’m here to strip, dance and get the fvck out of here okay?”

“Okay, fine.. Calm down Candy, I’ve heard you,” he said.

“You know what? I think I’m filled up. Thanks for the meal. Just get ready tonight, I’m dancing tonight,” I said, stood up, pushed the chair back and got out.

“Candy, come on… You’ve not even touched the food..”
“I told you I’m filled,” I said and ascended upstairs, entered my room and banged the door shut!

“What the fvck is wrong with him!! Is he out of his freaking mind? Go to church with him? That asshole must be kidding me..”

“Damn… This is so freaking annoying!”



‘Damn..I shouldn’t have talked about going to church.. Damn she’s angry.. What do I do?’

“Should I clear this up sir?” Diego asked.

“Yeah, just clear it up and make you tell the cook to take food to her later. She ate nothing,” I said.

“Okay sir. What about you sir?” he asked.

“I’m filled. I gotta prepare for church. Get prepared too,” I said and stood up.

“What about Doctor Richard?”

“We are stopping by his office after church service,” I said.

“Okay sir.”

I ascended upstairs, took a brief stare at Candy’s door before entering into my room.

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❤❤Oh My Candy💋💋

Written by Quinn Blessing

Episode 5


Thirty minutes later, I was in my room and on the bed watching a reality show on the television when a knock came on the door.


course I was sure it wouldn’t be Sean because I saw him leave in his car with Diego.
It must he one of the servants.

“Come in,” I said but the knock was still coming again and again.

“Come in, I said.”

But the door wasn’t getting opened, so I got up, walked to the door and opened it.

“Hello Miss Candy..” Peter said, he was carrying a tray of food, juice and fruits.
“Hey Peter. I was telling you to come in,” I said.
“Sorry I didn’t hear that ’cause the room is soundproofed just like every room here is,” he said.
“Oh now I get it, come in.. You’re bringing this to me?” I asked.
“Yes. Mr Smith ordered that these is brought to you because you haven’t heard breakfast,” he said as he entered and dropped the large rectangular shape tray on the table beside the bed.
“Mr Smith? Why would he tell you that, I had breakfast with him,” I said.
“Miss Candy, I saw you leave the dinning angrily without eating enough from your food. I think you need to eat another breakfast,” he said.
“It’s fine. I will eat it, thank you. You can leave. Thank you,” I told him.
“Okay.. If you feel bored in here, you should come out, stay in the living room or get a stroll outside,” he said.
I smiled. “It’s fine. Thanks for that.”
“Alright..” he said and left.

I opened the meal and the aroma went through my nostril and my stomach laughed happily.

“Smells even better than the first breakfast, sure I’m gonna eat you,” I said and pulled a chair closer.

After the meal, I had a bath, watched some movies and fell into a long sleep that when I woke up hours later, I was surprised that Sean wasn’t back yet.

It was two ‘o’clock in the afternoon.

My phone began ringing, I left the window and took my phone which lay on the bed.

Ms Jackie was calling.
I picked up.

“Hello Ms Jackie,” I spoke first.
“Candy, how are you?” she asked.
“I’m fine Ms Jackie,” I answered.
“How’s it going? I trust that you’re doing a good job.”

I scoffed within.
“Well yes,” I said.
“That’s really nice. I told you that it’s not so hard to do. It’s really cool and you get to feel really comfortable,” she said.
“Yes indeed,” I said.
“Alright sweetie, take care of yourself. Redstripp club loves you and I love you more,” she said.
I scoffed within. “Thank you Ms Jackie.”

She dropped the call and I dropped the back on the bed and returned to the window.

The place where I had dinner with him on the first night was just right at my window. The beautiful swimming pool too but the table wasn’t there anymore.
Also from the window, I could see a part of the driveway so I’m able to see a car drive in or drive out just like I saw Sean drive off in the morning with Diego.

My stomach grumbled and I felt my stomach with my hand.

“Damn I’m hungry again,”

The landline began beeping and I went for it.
“Hello?” I spoke first.
“Miss Candy, lunch is ready, please come to the dinning or do you prefer it being brought to your room?” Peter’s voice.

‘Oh, that’s great’

“No, it’s fine. I will be downstairs in a moment,” I said.

Soon, I was on my way downstairs.



I dropped the flowers 💐 on my father and my mother’s grave.

“..Out of my sixty remaining wishes, one came through. I’m so happy mom, I’m so happy dad. She’s turned really beautiful.. I’m so happy right now…”

I breathed out a smile as I stared at my parents grave.

“Thank you dad, thank you mom for putting this smiles on my face everyday. I would forever love you..”

“Sir,” Diego called walking up to me.
“Tony Adonis and his father is here,” he said.

I turned and saw them walking into the cemetery with flowers in their hands.
Tony’s eyes and mine met and he let out a lopsided smile.

I inhaled back my fury as I flashed back to what Mark told me.

*She has a daughter for Tony Adonis, your rival*

“Why are they here?” I asked Diego.
“I just checked the internet now. His mother’s memorial is today,” Diego said.

I did my best to take in my anger so I turned back to my parents grave.

“Dad, mom… It was nice speaking with you today. I will come around soon again. I love you so much dad, I love you so much mom.. Thank you for watching over me everyday.. I’m doing really great,” I said with a smile.

“Let’s go” I said to Diego.
“Yes sir.”

We hit the walkway, the same walkway Tony Adonis and his father were. They were coming towards while we were going towards.

Of course we were going to cross each other and that happened but just like I expected, he spoke.
I sure wanted him to.

“Hello Sean Smith, I thought you are here for my mother’s memorial but I guess I forgot that your father and your mother are both lying here too.”

I halted and slowly turned, facing him.

He and his father, John Adonis wore their stupid smile.

“You just be coming here often,” Tony said.
“Sean, today’s my wife’s memorial, do you have a word to say to me?” John Adonis said.

I held my anger.
“Happy memorial to her then,” I said.

“Thank you,” he said.
“You look really busy.. You must be working hard, you know what I mean,” Tony said.

I knew what he mean.

“Yes I am. I hope you are too,” I said.
He smiled. “No, I don’t need to work hard. I’m always at the top. You’ll always be behind me, always,” he said.
I smiled. “Then you should try to work hard this time.”
“Really? You think so?” he asked.

I gave him no answer but turned and walked away and all I could hear was his laughter.

“Sir are you okay?” Diego asked as he opened the car door.
“I’m fine,” I said and entered.
He closed the door and hurried into the driver’s seat.

“Drive to the company,” I told him.
“Yes sir.”

I spent about three and thirty minutes in the office, going through the project files, and thinking my head out..

Remembering Tony’s words hours ago, I clenched my fist angrily

‘I want to hit him in so many ways!’

Few minutes later, I was on my way home, to be with Candy.

The car drove in and I got out and went straight upstairs to Candy’s door.

‘It’s been hours without her and it’s been hell..
I missed her. I missed her face and her eyes.
I missed every thing about her.

I have to apologize for upsetting her in the morning and then request if she is doing fine and how her day was.

I knocked on the door and it only took few seconds for the door to he opened and she showed up.

She was wearing a white bum short and red jersey polo.
Her shape is something to die for.
Her hair was packed in a ponytail and she had no makeup on her face but she still looked damn beautiful.

This is the girl I fell in love with seventeen years ago.

“Hey, welcome back,” she spoke first.

I mean, I got lost admiring her goddess figure and her princess look.

“Hi Candy, thank you.. How are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m good.”
“Candy, I wanna apologize for upsetting you in the morning, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have,” I said.
“It’s okay. I’m fine now. Since you are back, I’m going to address up for the dance. Just give me two hours to do that.. Get ready too,” she said.


“Candy I..”

She cut me short. “Then see you then.”

She closed the door to my face.

‘Damn! How do I escape this?’


“Just let her dance, it’s not like she’s going to f**k you. It’s just a dance,” Mark said.

I made a call to him immediately I returned to my room.

“Strip dancing is not just a dance..” I said.
“Are you afraid you night get a boner watching her?”
“Shut the f**k up.. Letting her dance is disrespecting her. I can’t let her strip dance for me but she’s really wanting to do this..”

“It feels like she’s missing her talent a lot. It’s been a whole days you know..” Mark said.

“Mark, what I’m I gonna do? I need something to do or something to say to make stop her from that tonight,” I said.

“Okay, fine…if you stop her tonight, what about tomorrow and next and the next and the next one?” he asked.
“Let’s solve tonight’s first,” I said.

“Uhmm an idea… Why don’t you use that you are busy tryna organize some files for tomorrow’s work?” Mark suggested.

I tilted back my head in thought.

“Lame. That would sound offensive to her I think. She might just start dancing without minding,” I said.

“Another idea then… What if you use a stomach upset.. Like you’re really having a stomach upset and you stay in the toilet for a long time,” he suggested again.

I thought about that one too then declined it.

“No, I don’t like that idea. She might decide to dance saying it would relieve the upset. I think I have can idea.”

“What idea?”


(Two hours later)

A knock came on my door.

I knew it was Candy knocking.

I stood up from the sofa, looked around my room and nodded in affirmation.

‘It’s just the way it should. Nothing would make her dance while I’m searching for a very important file but can’t find it.’

I smiled in satisfaction and then went to to the door.
I opened it and she smiled.

“May I come in?” she asked.

She had applied makeover on her face and applied a full red lipstick.
She wore a black net crop top which made her red bra visible. I could even see her cleavage but I took my eyes off immediately.

She wore a very short blue jean bum short which made her lower butts visible and then red heels.

‘Shit, she shouldn’t wear this’

“Of course Candy, come in,” I said. I think I took a little time before responding.

She walked in stylishly and I tried my best not to fix my eyes on her back.

I closed the door.

“What’s happening here?” she asked with her back on me as she saw how scattered my room was.

“Uhmm… There’s an important file I have to find. It’s very important that I find it for an important meeting at the office tomorrow and that meeting can’t be rescheduled,” I said.

“An important file. You haven’t found it yet?” she asked.

“Yes, I haven’t and I really need to. I thought I kept it right in this drawer but I can’t find it right now…. It’s really frustrating me right now,” I said and returned to searching the fake file in the drawer.

She turned to me. “Mr Smith, I think you were really careless with the file. How could you forget where you dropped an important file for an important meeting? Are you always like this?”

‘Damn I’m just trying to stop you for dancing for me’

“No I’m not.. Whatever I just have to keep searching. I’m sure it’s somewhere in this room,” I said.

“You should search the bathroom too,” she said.
“No, I don’t ever such to the bathroom,” I said.
“Okay. Then I think I should excuse you. You should call one of your workers to come help you, Diego.” she said.
“No, I can’t tell him to. You should give me a little more time to find it then I will get back to you,” I said.
“Okay then,” she said and headed to the door.

‘Yes! I did it…’

She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door but then closed it back and turned.

‘what’s that?’

“What if I help you find it?” she asked.


“No, I’m fine. I would find it myself, really,” I said.
“No, I would help you find it. I’m really good at that….but for me to do that, I have to take these heels off first,” she said and went ahead to take them off.
She dropped them by the door and came back to the drawer.

I sighed

“Let’s find the important file then,” she said.

I exhaled.


“What’s the file like?”


I don’t know if I was supposed to help him find his important file but I couldn’t just get out of his room while he stay in here looking for his file all by himself.
For all I know, he needed help and it’s been a really long while that I helped someone so I volunteered to help him find the file.

Most times, we got so closer and I find it really uncomfortable and shift away.

‘He’s a hot guy, really hot and I don’t want myself getting so very close to him. I don’t wanna have anything to do with any man, ever. I just wanna love my daughter and my grandmother, no man.

Okay what about getting laid?
I mean, Candy is a human and she gets horny and all that.

I’ve been celibate for five years now. I know sometimes I get the urge so badly but when I remember I’ve been hurt by a lot of men but hurt most by the last man, the man I regret to call the father of Arabel, the urge just disappear immediately.

It’s been that way for five years.

I know with my kind of job, a lot of men come to me but tch! Never again will I ever let a man hurt me’

I got jolted back from my thoughts when I felt something on my hair.
I checked and it was Sean’s hand.

He was again too close to me.

“What are you doing?” I snapped at him.
“Sorry, there’s a dirt on your hair. I had to take it off,” he said and showed me the dirt.

I heaved a relief sigh.
“Okay, thank you,” I said and shifted away from him.

“I don’t think this file is here,” I said.

“You can take a rest while I continue,” he said.

I exhaled and went on looking for the file.

“Don’t you wanna know more about me?” he asked.
“Like?” I asked.
“My job..what I do and how I got to this far?” he said.

“Why should I know that.. I’m not here to do my job and leave, I can’t get into your privacy,” I said.

“That’s not getting into my privacy, my work life can’t be a privacy. People have to know my work so it can progress the more,” he said.

“Fine. You can tell me. At least the silence is enough for now,” I said.

‘That seem like a good idea. I won’t have to be lost in thought about urges and how I got hurt by a lot of men if we start a conversation’

“Well, I’m the CEO of MerryMan wears. If you know the company then you should know it’s number two on the list of 10 top men wears company in this country. My father started the company but I manage it now,” he said.

“Okay.. What about your father?” I asked.

“Died seven years ago and my mom too. They both died in a car crash,” he said.

‘God…I got hurt by that instantly. It made me remember that I lost my parents too’

“I’m so sorry to hear that. It must have been really hard for you,” I said.
“Yeah most times but they’ve always protected and stood by me even in death,” he said.

I sighed. “It’s so unfair to loose both parents. I almost took my life when I lost my father. My mother died when I was five so it didn’t hurt that much because I was still little but my father’s death killed a great part of me but I’m glad that I still have two family who love me so much and promise to live and never leave,” I said.

“I’m sorry a bout your lost Candy… It just seem like we’ve experienced the same story,” he said.

“It’s fine. Let’s not forget we are looking for a file. Let’s continue, by the way. It’s nice to meet the CEO of merryman wears. I’ve heard a lot about the company’s success but I never got interested ’cause I’m not a man you know,” I said and he chuckled.

Our search went on until both of us got exhausted and ended up sitting on the floor with our backs against his wardrobe.

“I’m sorry for stressing you this much Candy,” he said.
“It’s fine. I volunteered to do this myself even though it’s unfair that it haven’t been found after all our searching,” I said.
“There’s no need to continue searching for it. I would have to rush to the company early in the morning to look for it in my office,” he said.
“I think that is what you have to do,” I said, exhausted.

“I’m hot. A swim would help right now. Let’s go have a swim at the pool,” he said.

‘No way’

“No, I’m fine. The shower is okay for me,” I said.
“Come on Candy,” he said.
“No, I’m serious,” I said and stood up.
“Okay. Fine. Thank you so much for helping me tonight Candy. You should go take a shower and then take a rest. Thank you,” he said.

“Goodnight then, Mr Smith,” I said.
“Just call me Sean,” he said.

I chuckled. “Goodnight”

“Goodnight Candy.”

I picked my heels and walked out of his room, closing the door.

Once I got out, I exhaled.

It was then it hit me. His room is the second room and mine is the third.

‘My room isn’t a guest room.

Whataaaat ? Really!

A guest room can’t be in the same corridor with the master’s room.

My room isn’t a guest room….but why?’

I entered my room and wondered why I aren’t in a guest room but in the main room.

‘Oh whatever, I’m too exhausted to think about that right now’

I went straight for a shower.
After the shower, I pulled into pajamas and for some reason, I saw myself at the window and watching Sean as he swam in the pool.

I could see him vividly because of the lights.

He had no shirt on.
He looked so hot and cool at the same time.

‘Okay stop it Candy. I think he just saw me..’

I closed the curtains, left the window and jumped back on the bed.

‘Candy you better stop this!’


I think someone is catching feelings 😒

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