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Oh My Candy Episode 8 – 9

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♥️♥️Oh my Candy💋💋

Episode 8


“What the hell did you do ?? You’re amazing..”
I got confused I was expecting a tongue lashing, but instead she was happy.

“I’m confused Miss Julia…” I muttered clenching tight to my phone waiting for an explanation. “Mr Smith paid the for your services and a bonus of $150,000…”

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“But 1 week isn’t over yet, I haven’t even..” my tongue froze, I couldn’t tell Ms Julia about Sean not even requesting for a dance it would be too suspicious and I know Ms Julia when she hears gossip she’ll likely have rumors spreading around that I slept with Sean to get the money or something.

“You haven’t what??” She pester curiously.

“I haven’t even given him, my best moves yet.” I chimed, I haven’t even given him anything.

“What ever you did it’s working, I’m planning on extending it for more than one week, do you think you can convince him to take you for more than one week..” Ms Julia joked, I felt a sudden discomfort.

“Hell no..” I hissed, I’ll be stuck here doing nothing, it’s suspicious he’s not even letting me give him a dance, why the hell did he request him, he might be one of those mischievous billionaire mafia using the company to hide my name, he probably paid in advance to get Ms Julia to trust her it won’t be too long before he sells me overseas trafficking.

“Why, don’t you like him, you’re not even giving him your best and he’s spending so much on you…” Ms Julia gloated. “I have a job, I don’t care if he’s goes bankrupt if he decides to spend millions of dollars so I’ll dance for him.” I hissed still pissed on the conversation we had earlier.

“This is so like you Candy, anyways I’ll give him a call take care of yourself..” she hangs up while I laid back trying to figure out this Sean Smith.

He won’t take a lap dance, he’s always busy with work but decides to get a private stripper when he’s free he doesn’t even use his privilege, he’s annoying as hell and now I’m dreaming about him that is so fvck up in so many levels it’s like he’s slowly driving me crazy.

I heave a deep breath. “What the hell are you planning Sean Smith..” I hiss racking my brain, my head face the ceiling.

Why does the name sound familiar. “Sean… Sean…” I breathe giving up on my thought on finding it familiar and result in getting up to eat something.

Later that day I was going through my phone a knock came on my door, I knew who it was so I didn’t bother to answer.

The knock came again.

“d!cks are not welcomed..” I hissed. “d!cks don’t knock and talk do they ??” I got a brief reply.

“Then be a good d!ck and bounce..” I growled.

The door unlocked revealing Sean, he works sweats and a normal t shirt, I quickly looked away before he caught me staring too long.

“Did you get my apology ?” He asked.

“Yes, Ms Julia called that you paid, do you see me as someone unfortunate so bad ?” I looked back at him with a judgemental look, he looked so confused at my reply, he wasn’t expecting it he was probably high in hopes I’ll kiss his feet and worship him.

“Just because you paid and even added a bonus doesn’t make a proper apology, it won’t make me feel any better it will make me feel worse..” I muttered not even looking at him anymore.

“I didn’t pay because I think you’re unfortunate…” He pulled off a wide grin. “Of course you didn’t…” I scoffed.

“You were told I rejected the other strippers but I picked you weren’t you even curious why I wanted only you..” he grinned wider which got me stunned, I was curious but I didn’t think too much about it.

“And when I finally got you, I don’t want a dance and then I pay in advance, you’re suspicious of my actions right ? ” I quiver in fear but didn’t show it. “You’re wasting your money that’s all I’m sure of..” I said.


comes and go on a daily basis, what I spent on you I make double in an hour, bit you’re right I’m wasting my money, it’s foolish but it’s worth it..” he said which got me more confused.

“What do you want from me ?” I asked, I’m sure as hell he doesn’t want me a strip dance, he wants something else and I’m sure I don’t own some family heirloom that cost millions for him to pull this crap.

“There’s another charity tommorow, I want you to go with me as my plus one, then I’ll reveal to you my intention..” he said.

Before he revealed his intention he would have already boot me overseas as a trafficker.
I’m still curious if he’s genuine he could tell me why he’s doing all this shit.

“Is it wise to take a stripper to an important event ? It’s best you take a model or something to entertain you tommorow I’m leaving.” I hissed.

“You can’t…” He chuckled. “I will…” I snarled.

“If you do I’ll report Redstripp for scam of $150,000, the initial price agreed when I requested for you was $300,000 right ??” He said while my eyes widened in shock.

“You did not claim if the 150,000 was a bonus or not so you can easily write that as a scam..” I said hating the bastard right in front of me.

“I don’t want a dance but I do want you going to that event with me and do as I say till the week ends, if you won’t I’ll make sure your club goes bankrupt..” he smirked as I nodded, he’s not only handsome but he’s also smart, it’s so freaking annoying.

“By the way dinner is ready, come eat soon..” he turned his back on me while I tossed my pillow against the door after he left.



know it was wrong manipulating Candice like that but she’s so stubborn, though she hates me but now she’s agreed to go that event with me I’ll tell her everything tommorow, at this rate I hope she doesn’t despise me after my explanation.

The next day passed and i went to the dinning room to see Candice eating breakfast while going through her phone, I walk up to her with a smuggish grin.

“You’re up…” I said, she didn’t bother looking back at me, she was definitely pissed and it looks adorable.

“Won’t you tell me good morning ?” I asked.

“Go to hell..” she hiss at me, I scoffed understanding her mood.

“Sir Diego is here..” Peter alerted and greeted Candice who replied, it was upsetting.

“Well in off..” unconsciously I bent down a little a plant a kiss on Candice cheek, she went stiff so did I the moment I realize what I did.
Candice immediately got up wide-eyed trying to process the entire thing, I quickly apologize blaming it on unconscious habit and left.

💋💋Oh my Candy♥️♥️

Episode 9


Why I quickly finished breakfast, I ran upstairs. Every single day, Sean is always acting weird. From wanting me to be his plus one on this mysterious event slash party to accidentally kiss me like he put it.

What type of man pays a stripper to be his private stripper to strip for him and not want a strip dance and now this, an event and even kissing me. Who the hell does that?

I shut my door, leaned my back against the door and take in deep breath. The worst part is how he makes me feel when he looks at me. I need to make him get his dance and get the hell out of here.

I picked up my phone and dialed grandma Ellie’s number. It’s been almost four days since I last heard from my daughter Arabell. She’s the most important thing in my whole messed up life. She’s the light in my darkness, the calm beneath my storm and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Sometimes I think about how I got involved with that bastard who’s the seed donor slash father of Arabell. That bastard don’t even deserve anything good in his life.

The worst thing I expected from him is paying me off and asking me to get rid of my baby. I couldn’t do it. I knew I shouldn’t do it. She was gonna be a light in my darkness. I kept her and made sure she doesn’t even know who her father is.

I’m glad she doesn’t really ask because I wasn’t ready to say anything. He was dead to me and final.

” Candice?” Grandma Ellie called once she picked up the call.

” Hey granny. How are you doing?”

” I’m fine. How are you doing?”

” Fine, I guess. I’m good, you shouldn’t worry about me. How’s Arabell? Is she okay?”

” Yeah, Arabell is great. You wanna talk to her?”

” Yeah, put her on the phone.”

” Hold on a second. Arabell honey.” I heard grandma Ellie called out to Arabell.

” Your mommy wants to talk to you.”

” Mommy!” I heard running footsteps. I smiled when I tried to imagine what my little baby have turned to.

” Mommy?”

” Ara, how are you?”

” I’m fine. How are you mommy? Grandma says you work a lot. Are you okay?” I chuckled at her caring act.

” Yeah, I’m fine. You don’t have to listen to everything your grandma says.”

” She cares a lot about you. We all do. How’s work mommy?” Arabell asked.

Imagine my daughter finds out about the type of job I do. I can’t let her know. I don’t want her perspective about me to change.

” Work’s good. Have you eaten something?”

” Yeah. I hate an apple pie. Grandma’s great recipe. You should come over to the house to taste more of it. It taste good each passing day. ” Arabell said. I laughed.

” Yeah, I know. They’re one of my favorites from Grandma’s recipes. I miss you so much.”

” Yeah, I miss you too. I can’t wait to spend a lot of time with you. I wish you could take me to the park this weekend, it would have been fun.”

Silence. My heart aches. I so much wished I could spend some time with my daughter. But my nature of job won’t even let me do the things as I want like every other grown ups.

” You know what baby, I’m gonna check my schedule and I’m gonna see what I’m gonna do about it, alright?”

” That will be great, mom.”

” That’s my good girl. I love you so much okay.”

” I love you too Mom.”

” Can you give the phone to grandma now?”

” Okay. Grandma.” I silently wait as Arabell passed the phone to my grandma.

” Candice, are you really gonna take her out?”

” Look, you know I didn’t choose this life.”

” I know you don’t. But you can choose better. You can do better with your life Candice.”

” I hate it when you do this grandma. You keep judging my line of work. Stripping isn’t even prostitution.”

” Well… Yeah. I just want you to get a good man Candice. You’re 28 and you need someone who’s gonna love you for you. Justin is a good boy too you know.”

” Grandma.” I scolded her like a child.

” What? I’m just saying Justin is a good boy. And really he is a good boy and single too.”

” You told me that the last time I visited. Trust me grandma, I’m not interested. I’m gonna check my schedule and see if I’m can skip a day and take Arabell out with me.”

” Okay. I’m hoping you skip a day too. So you could probably see how goodlooking Justin is.”

” Bye grandma, talk later.” I quickly hang up and pressed my palm against my forehead.

She’s worse than my parents. My mom don’t even pressure me about dating boys. But my grandma, she acts like you highschool best friend who wants you to hookup with the hottest boy in school.


I entered my office as I loosened my tie. Candice is fvcking with my head. I don’t even realized leaning close to her and planting a soft kiss on her cheek until it happened.

Why the hell did I do that? I mean why? I hate that I’m trying to make her feel uncomfortable with my creepy attitude. First I paid her to give me a private dance, a dance that I don’t even want and now I’m inviting her to follow me to an event as my plus one. And topping the least of the uncomfortable thing I’ve been doing, I leaned in to give her a kiss. I mean who the fvck does that.

” Sir, are you okay?” Diego asked.

” Yeah. I’m good. I’m just bothered.”

” Candice?”

” Yes Candice. She’s… I don’t know. She wants to know why I’m taking the dance I paid for. I’m finding it so hard to explain why she’s here. I don’t want her to leave again.”

” Sir. I think you should tell her the truth. The sooner the better.”

” Yeah. Try take her out today to get her the dress she needs to wear for the event. I want her to look extraordinary.” I said to Diego.

” Sure thing.” He prostrated and I waved him off.


I watched the entire Mansion from one of my favorite spot. The window that views almost every area . A car drove in. Sean can’t be home until evening since he’s a late worker or maybe he’s just trying to avoid my dance. It’s probably Diego.

I watched as Diego got out of the car. I watched him walk into the mansion. I sighed. I badly wanna get this over with and get the hell out of here. Every single passing day, Sean is acting weirder than the last minute. How am I supposed to act around him on an event as his date for the matter.

I guess I’m supposed to act like something real is going on between us. fvcking rich people. A knock startled me from my thoughts. I walked to the door and opened it. Of course it’s Diego.

” Hey, Diego.”

” Mr. Smith wants me to take you out so that I can get you ready for the charity event tonight.”

” Do I have a choice?”

” I’m sorry you don’t.” Diego flashed me a friendly smile.

” Alright, let’s go.”

Here comes my doom…


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