Olamma – episode 2

Episode 2.
By Amah’s Heart.

“Hey…Ada wait! where are you going?

Her mother asked her as she saw her first daughter all dressed and leaving the house for the moonlight celebration.

“Ah mama… I’m going for to the market square for the moonlight celebration. Olamma has gone with her friends since when I was still cooking and now I’m done with everything I’m doing and set for the…

Her mother interrupted.

“I thought you are supposed to take the dirty cloths to the river for washing. Some of Olamma’s used cloths are piled up in her room.

“Mama, the cloths can wait till tomorrow biko. If I don’t attend, the umuala youth will storm our compound to collect fine. You know failure to go will attract a fee. Beside mama, when is Olamma going to start doing things by herself. I can’t be her servant forever… even though I’m used to the house chores and is totally nothing to me but Olamma needs to learn too. I won’t be with her forever…

Her mother laughed sarcastically before replying Adaugo.

“Olamma bu akwa ndu. (Olamma is Uncooked egg) she is very fragile and her skin is nnyo (glass mirror) that can easily be broken. Is not her fault that she is the most beautiful maiden in this village. Mmadu nile mara si na nwam Olamma mara mma nke ukwu u. (Everybody knows that my daughter Olamma is very beautiful) and I know she will attract suitors faster than you. Not ordinary suitors but men from Royal background. Olamma doesn’t suppose to suffer, she is too beautiful for chores. While you on the other hand resemble your father even though your father will always argue with me that you took after me. But is Olamma that took after me. You probably resemble one of your old late grannies…

Adaugo did not feel bad with what her mother was saying.
She was used to it and never allows anything to bother her.

“Mama anugom, Biko Kam ga soro umu agbogo ibem gbara egwu maka mbuta onwa mbu. ( Mama I have heard, please let me go and join other maiden like me and dance for the celebration of the new moon.)

She turned and left her mother.

Olamma was indeed the live of the party as she led other maiden in dance and parade.
So many people marvel at her beauty and the way she move her wa-ist gracefully.
She made many heads to turn and stare.
Some even said that her beauty was from the river, some say she looks like a goddess.

Even as the men admires her none has the courage to approach her, for they have heard and seen she was very arrogant and disrespectful both to the young and old.
The men kept their distance from her.

Olamma, Just as she has wanted won the maiden parade another maiden emerged as the dance winner.

They all received their different gifts just as the igwe promised them.

Olamma was given a decorated bead and expensive wrapper.

After becoming the parade winner her pride was doubled up as many maiden want to associate with her.
Even Nneka wanted to go and make peace with her but changed her mind from doing that because Olamma may end up insulting and embarrassing her.

Adaugo continued in her duties without Olamma’s help.
She had tried to talk to Olamma in helping her out with some of the house chores, like cleaning her room in the morning, fetching water or even assist in making food so that she will learn how to cook but Olamma never pays her attention.
She does whatever pleases her and refused to be cautioned by anyone.

As time flies suitors began to come for her and Adaugo her elder sister.
But Olamma insulted any man that comes to ask her hand in marriage.

If you are not a king or prince she will become very rude and insult who ever comes her way.

While Adaugo was looking out for a hærd-working man, who can cultivate the soil and bring fort farm products.
A man who is kind, humble and who will take care of her and their children when the gods bless them.
 Olamma was busy looking out for a handsome prince charming who will take her to a palace and she will become the queen of a big kingdom.

The two sisters knew what they wanted in a man and silently wish the gods will grant their desires.

And the gods were also busy listening and watching…

TBC (please let’s appreciate this writer)

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