Olamma – episode 3

Episode 3.
By Amah

Different men came to seek Olamma’s hand in marriage.
Some traveled far and near to marry the most beautiful girl whom they have heard so much about.

Among the suitors were palm wine tapper, hunters, farmers, traders, fishermen and few others with the same intention.
None of them fit perfectly into the type of man she wanted.

They came with different gifts for Olamma and her father but as expected they were turned down.

The hunter came with his son repeatedly because the hunter’s son has fallen in love with Olamma.
He pleaded with his father to help him out so that he can get his desirable woman.
His father came with different gifts pleading with his son as they asked Olamma’s father to consider them

“Listen to me mazi, how do you think my beautiful daughter will consider your son into marriage? Eeh!…kwamu mazi (tell me mazi) I don’t like you coming here often and on with all this cheap gifts. Respect yourself and remain in your wretched level. Aririo Kam na ario. A biana ulom ozo(I’m begging you, please don’t come to my compound again)

They were still talking when Olamma came out of the house furious.

“Mazi, you heard my father clearly. Never you show your poverty looking face here again. If you have a daughter like me, that is as beautiful as the morning sun will you allow her to marry a son like yours? Mbanu (no) the answer remain clearly no. What can your son offer me? What is the good thing he can do for me?

The hunter’s son spoke out.

” Olamma biko, please. I don’t have many luxury to give to you but I sincerely love you from my heart and I will make sure that you will never lack anything nice. I will take good care of you and make you happy for the rest of my life with you. I promise you Olamma. I’m a hærd-working young man and you really have nothing to worry about. I love you Olamma, please consider my offer…biko.

Olamma suddenly threw a spit in front of them, waving her hand over her head and shouting “,may the gods forbid…”

Such act angered mazi, the young man’s father and he quickly stood up and asked his son to do the same.

Olamma saw her opportunity and started insulting them.
Her father did nothing to stop his daughter abusive words that she was raining on the visitors.
Mazi angrily left with his heart broken son.

More suitors came and Olamma’s father allowed his daughter to insult them all.

A prince came for her but Olamma complained that he was a poor prince because he did not come with enough gifts.
She also complained that the prince was not as handsome as she wanted.

The prince was about going when he saw Adaugo carrying a pot of water on her head and coming back from the stream.

Adaugo greeted the visitors cheerfully before going in to drop her pot of water and prepare for the night food.

The prince watch Adaugo silently as he began walking away from their compound without saying another word.

After two weeks the prince came back again.

“Why are you here again eeh? My most beautiful daughter said she will never marry you. Go back and marry one of the maidens from your village.

Olamma’s father said to the prince.

Olamma came out of the house again and said.

“I guess there is no beautiful maiden…as beautiful as I am in your entire kingdom that was why you came back. You are not even a wealthy prince or even handsome as I want. Take a good look at yourself, looking like a dejected hunter. I will never ever consider you even in my dreams not to talk of physical. You are not worthy to be my husband. Go and look for your type. I, Olamma, akwa mma, achariugo nwanyi, onye olisa bi na elu tere mmanu mma can never consider your offer. (She went on praising herself with different beautiful name)

Her father was feeling proud of his daughter as he watched on.
Olamma’s mother was clapping and supporting her daughter as she disgrace their guest.
Adaugo felt bad as she listened to her sister’s arrogance boast from the backyard house where she was making fire.
She had been warned by her parents to stay away from Olamma’s affairs after she tried to shun her bad behavior to suitors.

Her parents wanted Olamma to marry before her because of the house errands.

If she leaves the house nobody will fetch the fire wood from the farm or water from the stream.
Nobody will wash and tidy up the house.
Nobody will cook the meal or go to the market.
Olamma was out of doing chores, except if her mother decided to help out.
But for now the burden of taking care of chores is wholy on her and she can’t complained over that.

While Olamma talk down on the prince and the people that came with him.

The prince spoke, halting her from her prideful speech.

“Olamma, you are quiet a beauty to behold, no doubt. i heard about you and decides to travel all the way down and I must say I’m more disappointed than what I heard. You are a maiden with no manners at all. No home upbringing, no respect for others. There is nothing about you to take home and I’m glad I found something far more better. I returned back for your sister… I don’t know what she might be in this household but I came back for her. The last time I was here, she was coming back from the stream and greeted us before walking past into the house. So after two weeks of giving this a deep thought I returned for her. If she find me appealing to marry me then I will make her the queen of not only my kingdom but also my heart. And I kindly plead that nobody holds back this big request from me.

Adaugo who was coming out of the backyard over heard everything and
gave a heavy sigh.
She has always wanted a strong humble farmer as a husband and not a prince.

But listening to the prince, she knew deep down that he was sincere.
Maybe her chi (god) decided give her something different for a man.

She can hear her father and mother arguing with the prince and saying their second daughter must marry before the first.
She can also hear Olamma saying that her sister wants to marry a farmer and not a prince.
Olamma asked the prince to leave because Adaugo will never marry him.

The prince insisted on seeing Adaugo but her parents did not call her out.

They were still talking when Adaugo came out unannounced.

She looked from the prince to her father and back at Olamma who was acting like her unsolicited mouth piece.

“Papa, I overheard everything and I should have a say too not just Olamma. Without wasting further time here my answer to his request is Yes. I will marry him. He may not fall in line with the kind of man you want for Olamma and Olamma also made it clear with her numerous insults but he falls into mine. I’m done being a servant to Olamma…mama can take over with the chores until Olamma’s dream man comes along. But just in case he doesn’t come, i suggest Olamma should take a w-t sand and mould him herself. Nobody have ever cared about me or my feelings in this house but that is all changing because I will no longer be your responsibility Papa. I’m going to marry the young man here and I don’t care about anybody’s negative opinion on how I need to wait for Olamma to marry before me. I’m done waiting because all she does is to insult and disgrace the suitors that comes for her. I wonder how long that will last but is no longer my business. Papa, is you and Mama’s business.

Adaugo was determined and did not allow her parents or her younger sister’s insult to deter her.
After a week the prince came with different gifts and with more kinsmen and marry Adaugo.
He was very happy and couldn’t hide his Joy.
Adaugo was also happy as she waved goodbye to her people and follow her husband home.

The new kingdom welcomed her. They celebrated with a great feast. Dancing and making merry.
Adaugo felt at home.
She no longer do the things she used to do before because their were servants at her every needs.

The prince loves her and she also loved the prince and within a year the gods blessed them with a child.
There was another great celebration.

Olamma kept waiting for her own prince charming and she did stop Insulting suitors that comes for her.

Her mother was now the one taking care of the house chores ever since Adaugo Left.


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