Olamma – episode 4

Episode 4.
By Amah

Olamma went about her selection with suitors.

While some of the men stopped coming, others still wanted to try their luck with her.

Olamma’s mother who was left with the chores of fetching water, going to the farm for fire wood, cooking, cleaning, washing even both Olamma’s cloth.
She got tired of of the numerous house chores which doesn’t give her time anymore to rest or do anything for herself.

Olamma was trained up without knowing how to pick a pin.
A time came when Olamma’s mother asked her to carry an empty pot of water and follow other maiden of her age to the stream to fetch water but Olamma bluntly refused.
She will rather take a stroll to the stream, have a cool evening bath with her friends and return back empty while her friends Carries their different pots of water to their houses.

Some wanted to start following Olamma’s footsteps but their parents cautioned them.
They warned and even threaten to starve their daughters if they don’t participate in their rightful duty to the house.

Some parents wanted their young daughters to grow into a beautiful maiden just as Olamma so that they can make men’s heads to turn and also to attract different rich suitors just as Olamma does.

Some of this mothers and fathers gave little or no house chores to their daughters just to achieve their aim.
Most of this young girls became lazy and not ready to do anything because they consider themselves more special than others.

While many other parents cautioned their daughters and made sure they grew up into a hærd-working woman like Adaugo.

Olamma’s mother got tired of the house chores and complained to her husband of how she wish Olamma could assist her with some of the house work even if is to be fetching water or fire wood for the house or even washing.

Her husband shut his wife up immediately and asked her never to disturb their beautiful daughter.

“Ogini ka i na e ye Olamma nsogbu mgbe obula? (Why are you disturbing Olamma everytime) she complained to me last week after I came back from my journey that you asked her to sweep the compound in my absence. Why will you even do such? You never thought her how to do any of this things yet you are asking her to do them. Leave her alone… aririo Kam na rio gi biko. ( I’m begging you please) stop disturbing her. Do you want to spoil her skin or let something to bite her? Don’t start troubling her because Adaugo the errands one is gone. Let Olamma enjoy her life While she await the suitor that will suit her and treat as the queen she deserves to be.

Olamma’s mother breathed in and then out as her husband speaks.

“Dim oma (my good husband) I didn’t mean to disturb Olamma. I know the implications of doing such but I’m tired of all this house chores. I don’t know how Adaugo does it without looking stressed out but is never easy. I wish I can get help with few things around this house.

Olamma’s father gave a frustrating sigh before saying.

“, Don’t you know there are alot of young girls who will want to be close to Olamma. Some of this girls adores her and their parents wish their daughters are like Olamma. You can make good use of the opportunity by asking their parents to allow one of their daughters to come and live with us. If you asked like three parents at least one will jump at the offer. With that you will have an errand girl. Olamma is too beautiful to run house errands. Find another, get a maid who can assist you with chores. Don’t trouble Olamma again.”

And that is what they did.
In no time they got a maid who runs errands and assist with house chores.

Olamma kept on with her lifestyle.

After another year past she still haven’t gotten what she wanted.

And she still refused to settle for anything less than her choice husband.

Then a day came like every other day, they received a special suitor.

Just one look at him Olamma knew this was exactly what she has been waiting for.

Her parents were speechless at the glamour and the way this young man glow like the sun.

He came with three horses. One carried him, another carried his wealthy friend while the third horse carried different gifts.
He also came with three hefty men on foot who carried some of the remaining gifts

Olamma was filled with smile as many villagers came to have a peek of the suitor.

Olamma’s latest suitor was extremely handsome, he said his name was prince Onrah from faraway kingdom called Ozulu. He heard about the beauty of Olamma and without wasting time came for her and he is please to know that indeed Olamma was beautiful just as he was told.

He said he was next in line to rule ozulu kingdom and him and Olamma will rule just like a queen and King in his kingdom.

The villagers heard of the great prince Onrah of Ozulu kingdom who rode in a royal horse and his beauty spark like the early morning son.
His skin like that of bronze, he was eloquent and his demeanor speaks of royalty.

Villagers wish to touch him because some thought he was a god.

While others had great fear immediately they set eyes on him.

Some said they have never heard of any ozulu kingdom before.
Others said Onrah maybe a spirit because of the way he makes people feel.

Many others waved off any negative talk as they were happy to welcome such a wealthy prince to their village.

Horses were not common and only few wealthy Kings can afford just a horse but prince Onrah came with three horses which makes the people to be in aww of him.

One of the elders called an excited Olamma’s father aside and asked.

“Have you asked your visitors where exactly is ozulu, which part of the world is it located?

He replied, still excited.

“The prince Onrah himself mentioned that is a faraway kingdom. Is not all the kingdom we know. My daughter can’t even keep calm because is exactly the kind of man she has been waiting for. Did you see that everything about him speaks of wealth. Olamma has brought me great fortune. I always knew that this day will come. Ooh! my beautiful Olamma… she has gotten her heart desires. Me and her mother are the happiest people alive right now. I always knew she will make us proud.

He ignored any other jealous elders as he thought they are and focused on the moment.

Prince Onrah said the wedding party will last for seven days after which him and Olamma will go back to his kingdom.

And the party began with enough to eat and drink.

Many villagers couldn’t miss the party for anything.
Free drinks and food for everyone.

Olamma couldn’t keep calm, she became the talk of town.
And envy of many.

Olamma couldn’t wait for the seven days party to be over so that she can fully be prince Onrah’s wife.
A Queen of ozulu kingdom and she will rule as she was born to rule.

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