Olamma – episode 6


Episode 6.

By Amah

The journey to Ozulu kingdom continued, Olamma was already getting bored with the wh0le long journey.

It had been from one bush path to another, she has not seen a village or any human and she did not really give it a deep thought because the only thing in her mind was how to arrive at Ozulu kingdom.

She asked Onrah few hours ago after they passed one big sea, a mountain and a tallest palm tree. She has not been taking note of anything around but she couldn’t help but wonder at how big the water run.

Onrah told her that it was the sixth sea and they will soon get to their seventh.

Olamma became happy and more eager.

She could have allowed her friend Oby to come along with her but she turned the offer down.

She doesn’t want any maiden poking around her handsome husband.

Oby has wanted to esc-rt her to Ozulu Kingdom but she was not ready for such. Even Onrah did not want anybody to come along with her.

Olamma started wondering within herself as the journey proceed.

“…We are no more in the same level, Oby should go and marry her own husband. I don’t trust that girl or anyone else. Prince Onrah belongs to me and only me. I am the next queen of Ozulu kingdom and I can’t wait to rule. No maiden can compete with me in anything. They are always happy to be acknowledged as my friend. I’m always ahead of everyone, even ahead of Adaugo. She married an ordinary prince who is not even as handsome or wealthy as my Onrah. I needed a real prince and I got exactly what I wanted. I have always gotten what I wanted and everybody else is below me. I was born to be a queen and not to be married to some prince from a small kingdom, trader or a farmer. May the gods forbids such. A wh0le me, Olamma can never settle for less. When I get to Ozulu kingdom, I will be received with a grand welcome. Servants will line up to greet me, women will throw their wrappers for me to step on, the men will sing about me and marvel at my great beauty. People will stop whatever they are doing and prostrate whenever I walk pass. Anybody that fails will be severely punished. I will not take nonsense from anybody or tolerate any lazy subject. I am a queen and I will…

The horses suddenly stopped. Everyone else did the same as they got to a great river.

Olamma was not happy that they interrupted her beautiful thought.

She spoke out immediately.

“Why are we stopping again? We just rested few hours ago. What sort of nonsense is this? When are we getting to Ozulu kingdom because my patients is running out? I just can’t wait to get there and receive my grand welcome from the people. We shouldn’t be stopping again. We need to keep going. Since I’m the future queen, I should be treated as such and everyone here should be more concern about my welfare and how to get me safely to my awaited kingdom. This stopping is not necessary, anybody that wants to drink water at the river should do at his own risk not making everybody else to stop beside this big river….what sort of disrespect is this?

Onrah came down from his horse and walked up to her before saying.

“Patient my bride….patient. Our dear friends needs to go. They have gotten to their destination. Let’s bid them farewell.

Olamma was confused. She looked round the wh0le place trying to see if there was a nearby village that Onrah’s friends came from but the only thing she saw was thick bushes and a big river.

 She was about to ask Onrah what he meant but kept mute instead.

 She watch him approach the three men who were coming behind them

He stopped right in front of the three men and said

“My great friends, thank you for agreeing to journey with me. I know your journey ends here, your home calls out to you in chorus. You have all done well my friends. Farwell and May there always be water to nourish your lives. Farwell my friends.

He touched each of them and moved back.

Olamma watched and wondered what sort of childish play prince Onrah is playing with the three men.

She was about to rant out her displeasure when Onrah clapped his two hands together and the three hefty men who has journeyed with them for days suddenly turned into fishes. A live big fish.

Olamma blink her eyes severally to make sure she was not having a nightmare. Three men who has become three big fishes jumped into the river and disappeared.

Olamma was about to scre-med out in shock but realized that she wasn’t making any sound. Cold from nowhere gripped her.

She couldn’t get over what she witnessed. She tried to speak but no sensible words came out.

It appears her tongue had been tied.

Onrah climbed his horse and the journey continued. It was now Onrah, his remaining friend on a horse and Olamma who rode quietly.

After sometimes again they stopped close to a big three.

Onrah came down from his horse again. Olamma realized that she can now speak.

She began to voice out angrily.

“whaaat….what rubbish was that Onrah. Are you also a magician aside being a prince? Why did you turn those men into fishes? Is not like I even care if they are alive or dead. They are not useful to me in anyway but how did you do that? I almost fell from the horse in shock and why was my tongue tied. Why couldn’t I speak for sometimes? Onrah answer me now. Nobody ignores me. Back in my father’s house I’m treated like a princess. I’m also very stubborn and nobody dares me too. You wanted to get me scared? That is totally rubbish because nothing scares me. All I care about is when we will get to Ozulu kingdom so that I can take a proper rest. Don’t ever pull such tricks again on me. If is a joke, end it because is not funny. Are you even hearing everything I have been saying to you?

Olamma blabs on and on. She was talking none stop but prince Onrah totally ignored her.

He wasn’t smiling, his face was plain as he stopped in front of Olamma and said.

“Get down from the horse this minute, we need to bid farewell to our dear friends, they have reached their destination and won’t be able to go further. Our journey will continue by foot after now.

Olamma felt insulted as she heard that their journey will continue by foot. She has planned on how she will ride on the horse back into Ozulu kingdom and they will give her a great reception.

She will not allow anybody to spoil her plans, not even prince Onrah.

The only human with them is the one Prince Onrah addressed as a great friend back in the village. And he was standing beside his own horse. The horse are animals and she will not come down from her own. She will prove to him that she is really stubborn and nobody tells her what to do. She is going to be a queen and her words should also matters to everyone.

Olamma started her usual talk, ignoring Prince Onrah who asked her to get down.

Onrah stepped aside and raised his hand to the sky. The sky changed and everything became still. Even the grasshopper and crickets did not make any sound.

Olamma also became quiet as she watched what was going on.

“My dear friends, thank you all for journeying with me to the other world. I couldn’t have done it all without your help. I appreciate you all and in due time I will return the favour. I will send in your shares when the fat is melted. Your home beckons on you….they have perceived of your presence, they have heard you and seen your sign in the sky and they jubilate. Welcome back to your home my friends. Farewell to you all and May your wings takes you beyond the sky….

The horse suddenly went on one knee. Olamma almost fell off when the horse she was sitting on went on one knee and bow its head to the ground.

 They began to transform into a large hawk. Olamma fell with a heavy thud to the ground and held her wa-ist in pain. She clashed heavily as the horse transformed into a bird.

She was in shock, and has to pinch herself to make sure she was still alive.

The first one happened, when the men turned into fishes and it was like a joke to her but there was no denying that this was beyond her comprehension.

Suddenly the horse carrying her which was now a bird spoke out to Olamma’s clear understanding as it flap its big wing around.

“Onrah, it was indeed a journey to the great beyond. We are pleased to help in our own way. Your bride will make a good meal for your wands. Aside watching her running mouth, she should also watch her weight. She almost broke my back bone. We will take off now Onrah. Farewell dear friend….

Onrah replied them with a nod and three of the birds flew into the big tree and disappeared like a thin air.

It quickly dawn on Olamma that she has being on a journey with strange animals or even with a ghost.

Fear quickly gripped her and she began to shake in terror.

Her fear increased when she began to wonder who prince Onrah truly is.

She looked around her, trying to see if there was a way of escape but she saw nothing. Maybe their journey has taking them beyond human legs can go. into another world.

Olamma was scared as she sat like a child on the ground and began to cry.

Onrah came to her and said.

“Get up from the ground my bride. Our journey continues by foot. Few feet from now and we will get to our destination, Ozulu calls out to you already dear one. You have looked forward to it and soon you will get there. But first we have one more stop to make. My dear remaining friend needs to go. We will bid him farewell and the journey will be just me and you to the great Ozulu.

Olamma cried out in terror as she got up from the ground and obeyed Onrah’s instruction.

She followed him in tears as she continued to cry out that she want to return back to her father’s house.

“I want to go home. Onrah….please. I beg you. I want to go back to my father’s house ooo! I want to go home please ooo.

She kept crying as she marched along Onrah and his remaining friend.

Onrah replied her.

“Dry your tears my bride or save it for later. There is no need for it at the moment. Your home is with me now. We are going home and Ozulu is our home. But like I said we will have to bid farewell to my friend before we get to Ozulu. Very soon we will get home my bride.

Olamma’s leg shake as she walks. She was took scared to even scre-m or speak. All she did was to plead to Onrah to take her back to her father’s house.

But the journey is almost finished and there will be no going back now.

Olamma began to wish she has listened to Adaugo who saw what even her parents cannot see and warned her but she was too engraved with pride and thought Adaugo was  only jealous of her. She wish she can undo what have been done.

Her bitter cry continued, tears run down her face as she kept pleading to go home.

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