November 29, 2021

On my master’s bed episode 103 – finale




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 103… #_FINAL

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

The next morning…

I felt someone kissing me on the forehead, I smiled because I knew it’s Klaus.. I opened my eyes and met his eyes staring at me.

“You’re awake” he said.

I nod, he leaned to kiss my lips but I turned away, I don’t want him to perceive my bad breath.

He understood why I turned away and laughed.

“I’m going to the office now. Are you sure you don’t wanna come with me?” He asked.

I sat up and rest my back against the headboard, I reached for my phone and checked the time.. it’s almost 8am.

“I’m not coming, I’ll hang out with Matilda and Jack later” I replied.

He frowned when I mentioned Jack’s name, but didn’t say anything.

“Ok, I’ll leave Graham to drive you there”

“No, I will board a taxi… also, Graham needs to be with you in case Anthony tries anything funny” I said.

He scoffed. “Anthony can’t try anything funny, I’ll have the whole place surrounded by the police…”

Surround the place? Doesn’t that mean they’re gonna be outside the company? What if something is happening inside?

“None of the police will come with you and stay behind the door?”

“Of course, officer Brain and some of his men will be on standby.. behind the door”

I nod and jumped off the bed, I grabbed Klaus’ briefcase and linked our arms.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to the door!” I said.

He nodded and followed me out. We made it to the door and I handed his briefcase back to him.

“Your guards are hanging around, they’ll follow you when you leave to meet with your friends” he said.

I simply nod.


care of yourself and our baby.. I’ll come home very early today” he kissed my forehead and walked towards his car.

Graham’s already holding the door open for him, he saw me and acknowledged me with a respectful bow… I returned it with a wave and a smile.

Klaus got into the car, Graham also got in and they drove off.

Now… I should get ready to go visit Tilda and Jack.

Authoress’ pov 👠

Statham enterprise…

“Mr Statham, we’ve managed to rescue Jerry’s family last night.. although, we lost two of our men in a gun fight”

Graham reported as he parked the car in a space at the parking lot…he quickly jumped out and rushed to get the door for Nicklaus.

“That’s good, get Marcus on the phone.. ask him if everything is in place” Nicklaus ordered.

He took long strides towards the tall building of Statham enterprise…a few workers greeted him with a bow as he walked past them.


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be no need for that, sir” Graham said.

Nicklaus stopped walking and turned to face him with a frown.

“Why is that?”

“Mr Aurelius is already here” Graham replied and pointed at Marcus who’s discussing with officer Brain.

Nicklaus nodded and walked towards Marcus, Marcus stopped talking when he saw Nicklaus.

“Hey, Nicky! You’re late!” He said.

Nicklaus rolled his eyeballs.

“I’m the boss, I can’t be late”

“Right.. that’s why you got me out of my house by 6am! So early.. I didn’t even get to do my morning exercise!” Marcus grumbled.

Nicklaus simply dipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out his wallet, he opened it and take out his credit card… And gave it to Marcus.

“$3,000,000… can you stop whining now?”

Marcus snatched it and laughed widely, shoving the card in his pocket.

“Now, let’s talk about today’s business”

Nicklaus turned to Brain. “Officer, I hope your boys are on standby. I don’t want any mistakes today”

“Yes, Mr Statham, we’re ready”

He turned back to Marcus who’s busy laughing to himself.. he’s thinking of how to spend the money Nicklaus just gifted him.


He jerked and stopped laughing, he’s sober at once.

“what?” He asked.

“When will you be serious in your life?”

Marcus frown and does a very quick thought. “I think when pigs fly” was his reply.

“I guess it’s never… I’m going in now, you should take care of the rest!” Nicklaus said and walked in.

Officer Brain called two of his men and they quickly followed Nicklaus.


Graham pushed the door open and Nicklaus entered his office, officer Brain and two of his men stayed outside.


already sitting on Nicklaus’s chair when Nicklaus stepped in… Anthony smirked when he saw him walked in.

“Son!” He called Nicklaus.

Nicklaus grimace at that but quickly put on a fake smile, he rushed to Anthony and shook hands with him.

“Uncle, you came earlier than I thought” Nicklaus said.

Anthony chuckled. “Yes. You said you’d hand over the company to me today.. I have to come early”

Nicklaus nodded, he sat on the chair in front of his table and crossed his legs.

Anthony reached for his own briefcase and brought out some papers.. he pushed them towards Nicklaus.

“What are these, uncle?” Nicklaus asked him.

“Well, since we both know why we are here.. there’s no need beating around the bush..”

Nicklaus quietly watch him, he opened the papers and glances through them.. all the terms and conditions are all in favor of Anthony.

Which made Nicklaus smirked inwardly.. what a foolish man, he thought.

“…those are the papers you’re gonna sign, so, kindly put your signature in the areas that need your signature” he said.

Nicklaus pushed the papers back to Anthony and leaned back on the chair….he sighed.

“What if I don’t kindly sign them?”

Anthony paused and stared at Nicklaus with narrowed eyes for a brief moment.. then laughed.

“You wouldn’t want to go back on your words.. you won’t like the outcome!” He growled, his demeanour slowly changing.

“I wouldn’t like the outcome? What are you gonna do? Kill me like just like you killed my father?”

Anthony’s eyes narrowed even more, he looked surprised like he wasn’t expecting Nicklaus would know about it.

“Since you already know about it, there’s no need to play nice with you anymore!”

He got up and pulled out a gun from his back pocket, he aimed it at Nicklaus..

Graham who’s also standing behind Nicklaus, also pulled out a gun from his back pocket.. Anthony glared at him.

“Oh? Your little guard have a gun too?” He asked.

Nicklaus scoffed and pretended like he’s picking his nails, he smirked.

“Don’t call him little, he’s not so little when someone threatens my life”

Anthony chuckled.

“Nice.. you’ve been playing weak, but sorry to burst your bubble.. you’ll soon join your father and this company will be mine”

“Be yours?! Why should it be yours?!”

“Because I’m a Statham and you’re not.. you’re just a rape result!”

This word got to Nicklaus, he balled his fist and clenched his jaw.. he felt anger grow in him and moving him to land a punch on Anthony’s face.

But he decided against it. A simple punch won’t do anything.. Anthony deserve to rot in jail.

Nicklaus sighed deeply, to swallow his anger.. he got up and opened his briefcase.

“For one, Statham enterprise is not grandfather’s company that you would claim ownership of.. it’s my father’s hard work.. it’s Richard Statham’s hard work.. you have no rights of inheritance because you’re not Richard’s son!”

He pulled out some papers and dumped them on the table.

“Secondly, one of these papers prove that I’m Richard’s biological son.. and the other is his will, it’s clearly stated that after the demise of Richard Statham.. Nicklaus Wilhelm Statham will take over Statham enterprise”

Anthony glared at Nicklaus as he said these words, his hand tightly holding the gun..

He’d have shot Nicklaus if it wasn’t for Graham pointing a gun at him too.

“Also, I found something quite interesting.. you’re an adopted child and not a blood related Statham.. uncle do you know about that?”

Anthony gritted his teeth.

“Yes! I know that and that’s why I had to kill your father.. to get this company”

“You’re heartless! You killed your brother for his company?! Someone whose family took you in and gave you a home.. you repay him by killing him to get his company?!”


loud wicked laugh left Anthony’s mouth.

“Yes! I killed him because he didn’t wanna help me build my own company.. so I killed him to get his and that’s not the only thing I did” he paused.

Nicklaus’s eyes moved to the pen on the table, there’s a very small microphone attached.. which makes it possible for the police to hear his confession.

Nicklaus smirked and shook his head.. as smart as Anthony, he didn’t even notice what’s happening!

“I have done so many things to get this company.. I can’t give it up now!”

“So many things?!”

“First, I wanted to separate your parents, because your mother was your father’s backbone.. so, I arranged Benjamin to rape her.. I thought your father would loose his focus but that bast*Rd father of yours.. he just accepted her and behaved as if nothing happened!”

Whenever he talks about the rape incident, it makes Nicklaus angry.

“So, I had no choice but to kill him.. and now you wanna stand in my way.. never! I’ll kill you too and send you to him! Your little guard can’t save you cause he’s going first!”

Anthony cocked his gun, but before he could pull the trigger.. Graham already shot his right shoulder.

He groaned and his hand quickly moved to his shoulder.. he still wanted to shoot again but Graham gave him another shot on his left shoulder.

The gun fell off his hand, just then the door burst open and officer Brain rushed in with his boys.

“You.. you set me up!” Anthony said.

Nicklaus smirked. “You taught this game of hide and seek!”

Brain’s boys rushed to Anthony and grabbed his hands, he continued glaring at Nicklaus.

“Anthony, you’ll pay for your crimes.. you’ll rot in jail”

Anthony smirked.

“That’s fine by me, I have nothing to lose.. but you, think about your fiancee and her unborn child!”

Nicklaus’s blood ran cold at once, his eyes grew wide but before he could ask Anthony what he meant.

Anthony snatched one of the policemen’s gun and shot himself.. on his head.

His body fell down.

“Mr Statham, we’re gonna be taking his body to the station” Brain said.

Nicklaus isn’t listening to what Brain’s saying, Anthony’s words just kept replaying in his head.

“Graham, quick! Come with me!”

He and Graham rushed out, he even rushed past Marcus but didn’t stop to exchange words with him.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

The cab driver stopped the cab, I got out and paid him.. I saw my guards in their black car.

They’ve been following me since I left the house, I shook my head.. I hope Klaus is doing well.

“Tasia!” Matilda waved me at the other side of the road.

She and Jack are sitting at a table outside the restaurant on the other side of the road.. I rolled my eyes.

Of all restaurant, they choose this one..

My eye caught an old woman walking into the road, without watching out for oncoming vehicle.

She seem to be blind, she’s holding a walking stick… My eyes grew wide when I saw an oncoming vehicle.

The vehicle is coming in great speed, the old woman isn’t ready to run out of the road.. without thinking too much, I rushed to save her.

“Tasiaaaaa!” I heard Matilda screamed my name.

Just then someone pushed me and the old woman away from the road.. we landed on the other side of the road, where Jack and Matilda were sitting.

I groaned as my head hit something hard, but I still managed to get up and rushed to the old woman.

“Grandma, grandma” I called her.

She answered me with a weak groan.. her head’s bleeding.

“Grandma, can you hear me?” I asked, but she kept groaning weakly.

At that moment, I heard Matilda’s loud cry “Jack!”

I left the old woman and quickly rushed to Matilda, she’s holding Jack in her arms.. tears is furiously running down her cheeks.

“Jack.. what happened to Jack?” I asked and knelt beside him.

I’m feeling pains around my abdomen, but I ignored it when I saw Jack’s legs.. totally condemned!

His head divided into two parts and we can see his brain… I shut my eyes as cold run through my veins.. I didn’t realize when I started crying.

“Jack! Jack what did you do?!” I cried.

He coughed out blood, he slowly reached out his hand and touched my face.. he used to thumb to wipe my tears slowly.

His palm is so cold, very cold.

“W-why…” He choked on his blood.

He smiled as he continued coughing out blood.

“.. t-this.. this is.. a retri-bution.. fo-for.. my.. sin.. ”

He coughed again.

If not for Claudia holding his head together, it would have fallen apart and he’d be dead already.

“.. d-don’t.. cry…I’m.. sorry..”

That’s the last words he said, Matilda and I started crying uncontrollably.

People have crowded the scene by now, but they’re all just staring at us.. no one want to help us.

“Let’s take him to the hospital, we can still save him.. someone call an ambulance.. quickly!” I said to no one in particular.

My bag.. maybe I should call the ambulance instead, since no one is willing.

I got up and look around for my bag, but I started feeling dizzy.

“Tasia, stop! You’re bleeding!” Matilda said pointing at my legs.

“Huh?!” I looked down and saw blood.

My baby! That dream!

Soon, I felt myself falling to the ground.. and darkness enveloped me!


I felt myself slipping in and out of darkness.. and I can hear people saying.

*The blood is too much!*

*We can’t save both of them!*

*Let’s try to save the mother!*

That’s all I heard and slipped into darkness again.


My eyes slowly opened, but I shut them again when I was almost blinded by the brightness surrounding me.

I reopen them slowly until my eyes adjust to the light, I felt a slight pain on my head and hissed quietly.

“Baby, baby are you ok?” Klaus asked and rushed to me.

I nod. He pulled me into a hug, he hugged me tightly for a few moments.. before pulling away from the hug.

“Are you really ok? Are you having pains anywhere?” He asked.

“I’m fine” I said.

I look around, I’m in a hospital, I frowned.

“Why are we in a hospital?” I asked.

He took my hands in his and kissed my knuckles.

“You were involved in accident” he said.

“Accident?” I asked and he nodded.

I looked around again, this time, I noticed all my family members here.. including Klaus’ mom.

I was involved in an accident?! I think deeply, then it all came back to me.

The old woman.. Jack.. and my baby!

My hand flew to my stomach, I rubbed my stomach as if I can feel it my baby is still there.

“Klaus, our baby! Our baby! What happened to our baby?!” I asked.

But Klaus isn’t saying anything, they’re all just facing downwards and they look sad.

It can’t be… It just can’t be…

“Klaus, our baby is fine.. right? Tell me our baby is fine.. tell me our baby is fine!” I hit his chest.

He grabbed my hands and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m sorry, baby.. I’m sorry” he whispered in my ear.

“But our baby… ”

“We will make another baby.. and this time we’ll gonna keep it safe” he said.

He doesn’t wanna tell me directly that our baby is gone, but from his words and everyone’s expression.. I can already tell I’ve lost the baby.

I cried hard on his shoulder, I let my tears flow freely as I mourn my baby.

“Tasiaaaaa!” I heard Matilda called me.

I pulled away from Klaus and faced her, Klaus got up and she sat in his place… I hugged her as we both cried on each other’s shoulders.

“Jack is gone!” She cried.

“My baby is gone too!” I cried out too.

I can’t believe I’m mourning for two people that meant so much to me.. I can’t believe I lost two of them in a day.

Jack.. even those he went astray for a while.. he was still a good friend to me.

And my baby.. I lost him even before I could hold him in my arms.

Thinking about all these is making me cry even more.

Two months later…

*Mr Benjamin is found guilty of the stated crimes, he’s hereby sentence to death by hanging!* The judge said.

Klaus hugged me tighter and kissed my forehead.. we’re currently in the court for Benjamin hearing.

“Finally, justice is served!” Klaus’s mom said.

Mom nodded in agreement.

I turned to Claudia, she’s sitting next to her mother and grandmother.. I thought they’d be sad, but they’re not.

Claudia’s boyfriend is rubbing her shoulder in a comforting manner.. I guess they’ve long expected something like this.

“Hey, Tasia.. let’s go, we’ll be late for school” Matilda said.

Klaus and I got up, Marcus is standing behind Matilda typing on his phone.. I guess he’s chatting with one of his clients.

“Marcus, you did a good job!” Klaus compliment him.

Marcus is Klaus’s lawyer and he helped us get justice.

“Of course, I’m the one number barrister in LA!”

Matilda and I rolled our eyes, we’re already used to this speech.

“Let’s go get some drinks after dropping these ladies off at school” Klaus suggest and Marcus nodded quickly.

“But we’re going in your Lamborghini” Marcus said.

Klaus simply nod in agreement.

We turned to our parents and bide them goodbyes, we didn’t wait for their answer before we rushed out.

“It feels so good to be a student once again!” I said and Matilda hummed in agreement.

So… Jack’s buried…the day Jack was getting buried, I cried out my eyes…I really do miss him.

Klaus and I decided, I’ll graduate first then have our wedding.. before we think of having another baby.

Our lives is filled with memories.. bitter and sweet memories… We lost and we gained.

I know now that these dark and sad days are gone.. brighter and happy days awaits us!



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