On My Master's Bed

On my Master’s bed episode 26 – 27




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 26

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“What do you mean? Can you say it clearly?”

“Listen, I don’t wanna force you into anything… but you must sleep with me tonight!”

My mouth slowly drops open as I wonder what kind of sleeping together he’s talking about.

It better don’t be what I’m thinking.

“Are you kidding me?!” I asked.

His eyebrows knit together, he folds his arms on his chest and leans back on his chair.

“Why do you sound so surprised?” He asked.

I scoffed.

“You’re asking me to sleep with you because I saw you [email protected]?!”

“Yeah…we both agreed before that you’re gonna sleep beside me on my bed..until I fall asleep!” He said looking at me seriously.

I frown.

“Wait…you were asking me to sleep beside you?”

“Yes! What were you thinking?”

My cheeks suddenly heat up at his reply.

“But you said I should sleep with you, so I was thinking you mean we should….”

I swallow my words and my cheeks heat up more, making my cheeks go red.

My dirty mind was thinking of something else…why did I even think he was referring to s£x?!

“What do you think I mean? What came to your mind?” Klaus asked me.

I shake my head and slaps my cheeks softly to make my blush go away.

“It was among the conditions I gave you, that you’re gonna sleep beside me until I’m deep in slumber….”

He pause and stares at me with a frown.

“…did you forget?”

“No! No! No!” I chuckle. “I didn’t forget!”

He nods, he drops the glass of water on the table and gestures at the chair next to him…where I was sitting.

I sit down and wait for him to speak…he clears his throat.

“I did some thinking..I don’t know if you’ll think I’m being too strict with you…”

I did a mental eye roll, thank God he knows about his pompous behavior!

“…you may be wondering, why I always need you on my bed before I fall asleep…I wanna tell you why, then it’ll be your choice…w€ther to sleep on my bed or not!”


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he’s gonna tell me why he’s paying me to sleep on his bed.. I’ll know why he’s addicted to my scent.

“I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you into doing things for me…”


what’s come over him? Why is he suddenly speaking to me in such a calm tone?

“…I was kidnapped when I was twelve years old, no, I wasn’t kidnapped…I was sold out to a human trafficker by our housemaid…”

He pause and stares at me as if he’s expecting to get some reaction from me, actually, I’m shocked to hear this.

But I simply stare back at him to continue, because I wanna listen quietly till the end before making any comments.

“I spent seven months with the human trafficker.. everyday, she’d try to give me a drug, but I always end up throwing it away somehow”


frown but still doesn’t make any comments, like I said, I’ll listen to the end before saying something.

“Everyday, I pray for my mom and dad to come find me, but they didn’t come…right in front of me I see other kids taking the drug and pass out before they’re taken out…”

I can picture the kids being carried out by some muscle men, their limp bodies dangling over the men’s shoulders.

“Then one faithful day, a little girl who was passing by heard me crying for help…she walk closer to the door and listened closely… luckily, she knew me..she called my name and I answered…”

He trails off and smiles, my eyes grows wide. OMG! The arrogant and gruffy Mr Statham do smile?

“I told her to go get help, she said I should wait..then she ran off, few minutes after she’s gone, that female human trafficker came back with another bowl of medicine…”

I cringe while picturing the woman coming towards him with the bowl of medicine…she must look like Cinderella wicked step mother.

No! Snow white’s evil stepmother!

“I was so scared, I’m too weak to fight her now… because of my stubbornness, she had starved me for days… I thought I was gonna drink that medicine and pass out like the other…”

His sad expression makes me sad too.. I don’t understand why I’m mirroring his expression.

“…I had lost all hope, but at the last minute..the door burst open and that little girl ran in to play the hero…she pushed the bowl of medicine away and stood in front of me in a protective stance….”

He smirks and shakes his head, he stares at his food blankly…as if he’s reminiscing a past.

“…she puts her hands on her waist and beats her chest! She said… don’t be afraid, Klaus, I’ll protect you!”


almost laughed at that statement, if not for the circvmstances Klaus is telling me…imagine that little girl trying to save Klaus…how brave!

“The lady pushed her aside and glares at me, she pours another medicine on another bowl…but before she could force me to drink it, the little girl bites the lady’s hand very hard…the lady pushed her to the ground…just then the police came and arrested the lady….”

That lady was so horrible, how can she do that to kids?

“Then my parents took me home, later I found out that where the lady kept us wasn’t that far from my home!”

Oh no! Poor Klaus!

He’s been so much…I have always thought he’s an arrogant b*stard that doesn’t have respect for humanity.

“Since then, I became allergic to women..I don’t let them touch me because I always see them as that human trafficker!”

But what about his PA? Isn’t she a woman too?

“I have been allergic to women except you, rather, I love your scent and I can also touch you!”

What am I now? His master? His God??

“I don’t wanna force you into anything or make you feel like I’m forcing you…so, now that I have told you my story…what do you say.. are you gonna sleep with me or not?”

I blush and wave him off.

“Can you stop putting it that way?”

“Anastasia, answer me…are you gonna or nah?”

I sigh, well after hearing his story, I feel sorry for him. I mean, locking up a kid up for seven months is so unfair.

“Fine, I’ll sleep beside you!” I said.

“Really?! I’m not forcing you, right?!” He asked in a somewhat eager tone.

I nod. He smiles..or smirks, I can’t tell his smiles and smirks..they both look the same!

“Well, I guess I created a bad image of myself in our first meeting…how about we get to know each other again?” He said.

I frown.

“Get to know each other again?”

He nods.

“I figured..since we’re both benefitting from each other, why not just be friends?”

Thinking about it, he’s right… it’s only right if I’m in his good book, I don’t know where I’ll get 12million to pay if he withdraws his donation.

“Also..I have forgiven you for blaspheming me yesterday!” He said.

“So… you’re not gonna withdraw your donation?”

He shakes his head.



The happiness in me is too much when he said that…I didn’t realize when I jumped into his arms…though he’s still sitting down.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Klaus!” I chant and kissed his cheek.

I feel him tensed before his arm wrap around my waist, that’s when I notice our position…my [email protected] are pressed against his head.

I quickly move away from him and clears my throat.

“I’m..I’m sorry about that…I was just too excited!”

He nods, he doesn’t look angry as I expected, he’s not glaring at me too…what on earth happened?

Why is he being so gentle and calm right now? Is he planning to make me fall in love with him?

I swear it’s working…bah! bah! I was just kidding!

He bangs the table gently to get my attention, I turn to him.

“Our agreement still stand though, you’re gonna continuing being my contract girlfriend!” He said.

“Fine by me!”

He nods and picks his spoon.

“Sit down let’s eat, I’ll go to bed early, I have stuff to do in the office!”


He nods.

“Tomorrow is Saturday!”

“I know…oh, you’re bringing lunch over!”

Humph! What a workaholic! I mean, who goes to work on Saturdays?!

Wait…why do I sound like I’m already missing him?!

Eww! Gross!


Authoress’ pov 👠

Matilda was surprised to see the lights in her apartment on, she frowns and wonders who’s inside.

She had just finished speaking with Anastasia and she’s with Nicklaus.. then who could have access to their apartment?

She quickly steps into the porch, not wasting any time, she grabs the door handle and opens.

There’s a baseball bat resting by the door side, she grabs it and take cautious steps inside.

Eyes in wide circles, glancing around not focusing on anything… her eyes are widen in alarm as she grips on the bat tighter.

She steps into the living room, she sees someone sitting on a couch.. seems like guy, his back facing her.

Matilda gulps slowly, her breath becomes ragged.

“H-hey, who are you?! What are you doing in my apartment?!” She asked.

Although, she tries to make her voice sound bold.. but it’s obvious, her voice is shaky.

The guy turns to face her and the bat falls off her hand as she takes a deep breath.

Her hand flies to her chest.

“God! Jack! You scared me!” She said.

She walks closer to a couch and sits down, Jack looks at the door, hoping he’d see Anastasia coming in too.

“How did you get in?” Matilda asked.

Jack points at a key on the table.

“I saw this spare key under the doormat!” He said.

Matilda nods, she kept this key there in case of emergency.

Jack glances at the door again and meets with another disappointment.. Matilda notice this and shakes her head.

“Jack, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“I came to see Tasia….”

“Why?” She cuts him off.

Jack looks down at his fingers in shame.

“I just wanna tell her sorry, I just wanna apologize!”

Matilda scoffs.

“Hm! Tasia isn’t here and she’s not coming back tonight… Besides, if she’s here, she wouldn’t listen to you.. neither will she forgive you!”

“Where did she go?”

Matilda stares at Jack, she shakes her head at his pitiful expression.

“She’s with her boyfriend!”

“Boyfriend?!” He exclaimed.

Matilda gets up.

“Yes, boyfriend.. just give up Jack.. you’ve already lost your chance!”

“But…. ”

Matilda places a finger in her lips, shushing him.

“Shh, I wanna go get ready for some clubbing… You can see yourself out when you’re done waiting!”

Without saying another word, Matilda flips her hair and head for her room.

Jack pulls his hair angrily, he sighs deeply..his eyes red as if he’d burst into tears soon.


Nicklaus’s mansion… 9:17pm….

Nicklaus groans and snaps his eyes open, as he feels Anastasia drops her leg on him.

He gently removes her leg and lays on his part of the bed.. he turns and notice the pillows dividing the bed are gone.

His mind flashes back to the conversation he had with Anastasia, before they went to bed.


“What are you doing?!” Nicklaus asked.

Anastasia ignores him…. continue arranging the pillows in the middle of the bed while humming a tone.

“Anastasia Lopez, what in goddamn name are you doing?!”

She stops and turns to him with a smile.

“I’m making a pillow wall”

Nicklaus frowns at the strange word.

“A pillow wall?!”

“Yeah, this part is mine….”

She points at the side she’s kneeling on.

“.. that part is yours…”

She points at the side Nicklaus is and smile.

“You’re not allowed to cross the boundary!”

“Is there really any need for this?” Nicklaus asked.

Anastasia gasp dramatically and hugs herself, as if shielding herself from him.

“There are needs for this… what if you try something later at night?”

“Try something? What do you think I’ll try?”

She stays silent, just opening and closing her mouth as no words comes out.

“Well… All I know is, you shouldn’t cross the boundary!”

Nicklaus looks at the pillow wall and back to Anastasia, he finds this childish and ridiculous.

“What if you are the one that cross the boundary?”

Anastasia scoffs and laughs.

“I won’t, I don’t toss around in my sleep.. I have a very decent sleeping posture!”

Nicklaus didn’t say anything more, he simply nods.. he sighs and went to sleep.


Nicklaus covers himself with the duvet and closes his eyes..

Just when he’s about to sleep off, Anastasia’s hand lands on his face… slapping his cheek.

He removes her hand, she turns and takes Nicklaus’s duvet with her.

Nicklaus sits up, he turns to straighten her and make her lay properly… but before he could.

Anastasia throws her leg kicking him off the bed, he lands on the floor in a loud thud!

“Nina!!” He growls lowly.

He gets up, rubbing his butts.. he glares at her sleeping form.

She spreads on the bed, throwing her arms and legs everywhere.. Nicklaus couldn’t help but laugh.

“Who said she have a very decent sleeping posture?!” He mutters to himself.

He combs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

“I should go drink some water!”

Chapter 27

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

With a satisfied smile, Matilda stares at her outfit in the mirror.

She wears a crop top and a cargo pants, she compliments it with a black pair of boots.. she turns to check out her butts.

“I’m so-o-o ready to boogie all night long!” She said.

She picks her purse and steps into the living room, Jack has fallen asleep on the couch.

He’s holding a small pillow in his hands, Matilda sighs and shakes her head.

“He’s really waiting for Tasia?”

She wanted to wake him up, but hesitate…he needs some sleep, maybe he’ll sober up after this sleep..she thinks.

She rushes back to her room and get a blanket, she covers him and head out.


The club is packed, the smell of cigarettes.. and alcohol mixed with sweat fills the air.

Sweaty bodies dances on the dancefloor.. drunk boys and girls grinding against each other as they dance to the beat of the music.

Matilda smiles.

“This is exactly what I want to cool off!” She said to herself.

Her eyes glance around, she sees an empty table. She slides through the sea of people to the table.. she sits down and a bartender walks over to her.

“Hi… Vodka please!” She told him.

“Coming right up!” He replies and walks off.

Matilda looks around, she sees a group of girls dancing in the dancefloor… she smiles.


Another part of the club (VIP section…)

“What’s up, man?” Marcus greets a group of guys.

They turn to him, their eyes lits up when they saw him.

“Yo! Marcus is here!” One of them said.

They all gave Marcus a bro hug each, Marcus sits down and a shot is placed in front of him.

“Yo, where’s Nicky?” A guy asked.

Marcus gulps down his shot and squeeze his eyes shut.. ravishing the taste in his tongue.

“Nicky’s got himself a gorgeous lady, he won’t be joining us!” Marcus replies.

“Oh!!” They all exclaimed.

They stare at Marcus as if he’s gone mad for saying that…since they were kids, they knew Nicklaus never gets close to any lady.

“True, he’s with a lady!” Marcus tries to defend his words.

But they still don’t seem to believe him, he wanted to tell them who the lady is to Nicklaus.

But then he recalls Nicklaus’s words.. “Don’t tell anyone about her identity yet!”

He sighs and decides to let them continue doubting him, he picks his glass and notice it’s empty.

“Where are the shots? More shots, please!”


“Thank you!”

Matilda tells the bartender as he drops her vodka on her table.

“You’re welcome!” He replies and walk off.

She picks her drink up and takes a few gulps, she nods at the strong taste.

“Just how I like it!” She said.

Just then, her phone beeps.. she reaches for it and sees a notification… It’s an email from #Macr_law_firm.

Quickly, she opens it, though her hope wasn’t much but seeing the email totally crushed her.

She didn’t get the job.

“F**k life!” She growls and finishes her vodka in one gulp.

She continues taking shots after shots, until she finally feel the vodka flowing in her veins.. the vodka is finally controlling her mind now.

Her eyes zeroed on those girls who are still dancing on the dancefloor.. she laughs at their moves.

“So lame!” She slurs.

Her ears perks up when she hears her favorite song playing #Shape_of_you by Ed Sheeran!

She sprints up and runs to the dancefloor like a mad woman, staggering slightly as she goes.

“Let me show y’all how it’s done!” She screams… drawing people’s attention.

She starts dancing, she started slowly, tapping on her feet on the ground following the beat.

Then she goes crazy, swaying her hips and bending her flexible body to the beat.

Everyone stops dancing and cheers for her, encouraging her to go even more crazier.

Their cheers get into her head, the vodka controlling her mind and the music directs her moves.

She’s dancing so crazy! She just wants to forget all her disappointments!


“Yo, guys, look down… that girl is wild!” One of Marcus friends said.

They all looked down, Marcus eyes lands on Matilda who’s dancing freely.

“What. Is. She. Doing?” He whispers.

His friends turns to him.

“You know her?” They asked.

“N-no, no! I don’t!” He replies quickly.

They turn away from him back to Matilda, they stare at her lustfully.

“Man, I’d love do her!” One of them say.

Marcus grabs his collar and raised him up, he doesn’t even realize when he grab him.

“Don’t even think of doing her!”

He frowns at his own words, why am I stopping him?

“Marc, are you ok? Do you have any relationship with her?”

Marcus removes his hand from his friend’s collar, he tucks his hands into his pocket.

“No, but I’ve bumped into her before. She’s.. she’s crazy!” He replied and sits back on his chair.

Turning his back against the view, so he won’t see Matilda…he picks his glass and gulps down his shot.

His mind flashes back to when he first bumped into her, he kept thinking about her dreamy eyes and how she kept replying “me too!”

He had thought he’s never gonna see her again, until she came for an interview at his firm.

He personally screened her out hoping he’d never see her again.. but here they are.

Maybe it’s destined for us to meet! He thought.

The sound of people cheering for her is seriously disturbing him, he reaches for his phone and puts on his earphone… He increases the music volume.

As if it can block their cheers.

Someone taps Marcus’s shoulder, he turns to the person and takes off his earphone.


“Look, that guy is rocking her!”

Marcus looked and his jaw clenches, he balled his fist and glare at the dancefloor.


Matilda is feeling so high and lost in the song, she feels someone wraps an arm around her waist.

She slows down her moves and tries to push whoever it was..but they wouldn’t let go.

“Hey.. f**k off!” She said.

He laughs.

“Come on, let’s dance!” He holds her waist tightly and pulls her closer to himself.

She struggles in his hold.

“Let go, you freak!” She raises her hand and slaps him across his face.

He held his cheek and glares at Matilda.

“You whore!” He raised his hand to slap her too.

But his hand stops midway as someone arrives and catches his hand.

“What the hell man?!” He exclaims and follows the hand to the person’s face.

Matilda smiles when she sees who her saviour is.

“Mr Aurelius!” She whispers.

“Let go of my hand, man!” The freak yells at Marcus.

Marcus twists his hand and he yells in pain.

“Was that how you treat ladies?” Marcus asked him.

He pushes the freak away from him, the freak staggers back but doesn’t fall.

“She’s no lady, she’s just some random sl*t!” The freak said.

Marcus clenched his jaw, he balled his fist and drives it straight at the freak’s face… Not caring where his fist would land.

“You don’t call MY friend a random sl*t!” He growls at the freak.

He turns to Matilda who’s been gushing over his manliness, he swoops her into his arm and head towards the exit.

Matilda rests her head on his chest, with her hand touching his chest muscles as if she’s trying to feel them.

“What’s your address, I’m sending you home!”

Marcus asked Matilda when he’s walked a few feet away from the club, but Matilda didn’t reply.

He looks down at her and realize she’s sleeping already… He sighs.

“My home then!” He said and walks towards his car.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

I find myself standing in front of that strange Villa again, it’s just me and the Villa as usual.

No buildings.. no other humans.. just me.

I walk closer to it, then that little girl runs past me into the Villa.. as usual, I didn’t see her face.

Just her back and tiny feet running urgently, she’s holding something in her hands.. something I couldn’t see clearly.

I rush after her, she opens the door and slams it shut after she’s inside.

My hand quickly grabs the door handle, I pushes it open but it wouldn’t open.. I keep on trying several times, it still won’t open.

How could she open it and I can’t? I wanna go in and see what’s behind this closed door!

As usual, I heard the girl’s voice scream loudly from inside…as if something happened to her.

I wanna know what happened inside…why did she screamed so loudly?

Her scream sounds so scary, what did she see that scared her so much?

“Who’s there!” I hear a thunderous voice boom… in fright I let go of the door handle.

I turn and run away from there, soon it’s raining but I didn’t stop running….


My eyes snaps open and I sit up, panting heavily as if I have been running.

I rest my head on the headboard and combs my fingers through my hair, moving away some fallen strands of hair from my face.

It’s the same dream as usual…I have been having these dreams since as long as I can remember.

And I don’t know why.

I reaches for my phone and check the time, it’s just 1:02am… it’s too early to wake up!

My eyes move to Klaus side of bed, it’s empty, even the pillow wall is gone…I frown.

I crawl to his side and look down, he’s sleeping on the floor. I smirk.

“I knew you’ll cross the boundary!” I whisper.

Well, at least he’s a gentleman for taking the floor…I better go back to sleep too.

I keep my phone back on the bedside table, I lay back on the bed and cover myself with the duvet…I close my eyes and wait for sleep to take me.

To be continued.

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