On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 28 – 29




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 28

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Marcus’s mansion… 1:30am…

Marcus opens his door, he steps in with Matilda firmly held in his arms.

He bumps her head on the wall mistakenly, but instead of wincing in pain… Matilda starts laughing.

She woke up when they were already in the car….

Marcus was just a few poles away from his mansion then.

♪ I believe I can fly…….♪
♪ I be-lie-ve tou-ch the sky…..♪

Marcus winces at her loud voice, he dumps her on a sofa and slumps onto another…he pants heavily.

He never knew a drunken lady will be as heavy as she is..or maybe she is naturally heavy.

♪ I think about it eve-ery ni-night and day…..♪
♪ Spread..my wi-ings and…fly…a-away….♪

He uses his hands to cover his ears and glares at her.

“Will please shut up!” He yelled at her.

Her singing is so annoying, she’s been singing all the way here.

Matilda pause and sits up, she stares at him with a sad puppy eyes..before she burst into laughter.

She stands on the sofa, she uses her hands to brush off some hair strands from her face.

“I am Be-beyonce, will you be my Jay-Z?” She asked pointing at Marcus.

“I’m not fan of Beyonce!” He replies in frustration.

Matilda pouts her mouth and blinks rapidly.

“Why?! Why?! Why?!” She asked stomping her feet on the sofa.

“Get down or you’ll damage my sofa!”

He gets up and tries to bring her down, but she pushes him away.

“I..I..I..wanna make you..like…be.. Be-beyonce!”

Marcus just stare at her wondering what he would do to make her shut up.

“One Beyonce’s song will change your mind….” She slurs.

She racks her fingers through her hair, trying to recall something. After few minutes, she breaks into a smile.

She clears her voice.

♪ You’re bad for meeeeee ♪
♪ I cle-clearly get ittttt ♪

Marcus covers his ears at her horrible singing…her pitch is too high…she doesn’t pronounce the words clearly.

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You’re just like poison ♪

He rushes towards and slaps his hand on her mouth, muffling her words.

“Please, keep quiet, your singing is poisoning me!”

Matilda removes his hand from her mouth and jumps off the sofa…she sits on the floor and sighs loudly.

“Mr Au-aurelius…he..he is soooo arrogant!”


draws his eyebrows together in a frown.

“I thought he was an angel….”

She huffed disgustingly.

“.. but he’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”


She cuts him off by placing a finger on his lips, she looks in his eyes with a confused expression.

“Why do you look like him?”

She blink her eyes and shake her head…she rubs her eyes.

“You shouldn’t look like him..he.. he’s wicked! He refused to give me that job…I.. feel like… strangling him!”

She squeezes her hands to illustrate her words… Marcus slowly moves away from her.

“I’m sad..so sad…” She sighs.

Marcus simply stare at her with a frown.

“…I should be like my mom, I should sing to God when I’m sad….”


no, no, no please don’t si…..”

It’s too late, she’s already singing again.

♪ and now…let the weak say…I am strong….♪
♪ let the poor say…I am rich…♪

Holy shit! What did I get myself into?!


Statham Villa… 7:11am…

Mrs Statham scowl and sighed in frustration, this is the sixth time she been calling Nicklaus but it still wasn’t connecting.

She glare at the phone in her hand before redialing the number again.

Like always, it till went to voicemail.

“Why isn’t Nicklaus line reachable?” She wondered out loud.

Rhoda, who’s in the kitchen making breakfast hummed in response.

She swatts Bill’s hand from picking the carrots she’s dicing.

“Do you think he has black listed my number on his phone?” Mrs Statham reason.

Even though she isn’t going to admit it, the thought of her son blocking her number hurts her.

Like no mother would be ok with it, and even if Nicklaus is allergic to women his Mom should be exceptional.

But unfortunately for her she is included.

All these things are hurting too much than she can admit.

“Mom I don’t think he’ll do that, perhaps, it might just be poor signal” Rhoda assured her.

Knowing clearly how much their Mom is hurting.

“You think so?” Mrs Statham asked still finding it hard to believe.

She knows her Nicklaus is capable of anything, so he might really have blocked her.

“Yes, I know so.” Rhoda replies.

“Why can’t I reach him?” Mrs Statham continue grumbling to herself.

Rhoda sighed slightly annoyed, she drops the knife in her hand and turn to face her Mom.

“I don’t understand something, why do you suddenly wanna call Nicklaus” She frown.

“Mom, can I take some of the carrots?” Bill ask innocently.

But Rhoda simply sends him a glare… he shrinks back onto the stool he’s sitting.

“I just want to invite him home, it’s been a year since I last spoke to him face to face” Mrs Statham groan dramatically.


shook her turning back to her previous activity, knowing something must be cooking in her mother’s head.

“Can you call him for me, please.” Mrs Statham pouts.

“Even if I do call him, I can’t force him to come if he doesn’t want to” Rhoda rolled her eyes.

“Just try, maybe just maybe…..” Mrs Statham trails off leaving the sentence hanging.

Why is her life different, she wonders to herself.

Most mothers have better relationship with their sons, then why is hers different.

She shrugs disheartened.


Anastasia’s pov 👠



What’s that annoying sound? I grumble and snuggles more into my warm blanket…

I sleepily reach for a pillow and cover my ear, trying to get rid of that sound… but it just keeps getting louder.

Feeling frustrated, I sit up and trace the sound, then I realized it’s my phone beeping.

Darn it! Last night I forgot to turn off my alarm, I quickly reach for it on the bedside table and turn it off.

I throws it back on the table and facepalm myself, groaning… I was just having the most peaceful sleep of my life.

Now it’s interrupted!

A gasp leaves my mouth when Klaus’ face comes to sight, he sits up from the floor he slept last night.

“G-good morning….”

He narrows his eyes at me and I swallow my greeting, his look right now is so terrifying.

He’s got dark circles under his eyes… his hair is all over the place… his face pale and his lips are kinda purplish.

What happened to him overnight?

“Klaus are you ok?” I asked quietly.

He sets his lips on thin line and grimace, he push back some strands of hair that was drape over his arched eyebrows giving him a stern and focus look.

“I’m fine! I’m ok!” He replies.

“But your face….”

“My face is fine!” He cuts me off grumpily.

He got up and grumpily walk towards his bathroom.. he slams the door loudly, making me jump slightly on the bed.

I frown, it’s so early in the morning.. why is he so grumpy already?

Just then my phone starts ringing, I reach for it and see Jack’s name flashing on the screen.

Why is he calling me? What does he want?

Deciding to ignore his call, I keep the phone back on the table and climbs down the bed.

I rearranged it and head downstairs, Klaus said he’s going to work today.. I better prepare breakfast for him.

Hold on, I sound like Klaus’ wife saying that… butterflies dance in my stomach at the thought of I being Klaus’ wife.

I rushed down the stairs, sweet aroma of mashed potatoes fills my nostrils.. I follow the aroma and it leads me to the dinning area.

My eyes scan around the table… my mouth watered at the quantity of food I’m seeing.

“What a feast!” I exclaimed.

Jerry who’s arranging the dishes laughs.

“Is Klaus expecting anyone?” I asked.


“Then why did you prepare so much food?”

He pulls out a chair for me and gestures me to sit down…he pours me a cup of tea.

“All these are what Master eats for breakfast!” He said.

My eyes bulges out in horror!

“Klaus eats all these?!”

Is he trying to get himself killed? How can he eat all these enormous food?

Jerry laughs at my expression, he gives me a few slices of bread.

“I don’t mean he eats everything” he said.

My stomach growls lowly, reminding that I’m hungry… I take a bite from the bread.

“Then what do you mean?” I muffled out.

“I mean.. he eats a little of everything here!”


I nod and continue chewing the bread in my mouth. I sip a little tea and gulp it down.

“Since he won’t be able to finish everything, why cook so much? What do you do with the leftovers?”

“We feed them to our dog!”

I drop my bread and gulps down my tea in a hurry.. my eyes lit up.

“You have a dog?!”

“Yes, but Master doesn’t let it out!”

My face falls.


“He said it belongs to someone very special”

“Someone special?”

He nods.

Who could be that someone special? His ex?!

“Don’t ask Master about the dog, he gets angry when asked about it!” Jerry warns.

I nod, I mean, I don’t need him to tell me twice… I’d anything to make sure I avoid getting Klaus angry.

“Good morning, Master!” I hear Jerry greets.

I lift my head and sees Klaus walking towards us, he’s looking fresh.. way fresher than when he woke up.

He must have taken his bath, he’s dressed in casuals.

He ignores Jerry’s greetings and walk straight to the head chair, Jerry pulls the chair for him and he sits down.

His eyes scan the table and he nods in satisfaction, he picks his fork and stabs a steak, he take a bite and nods.

I roll my eyeballs, rich men!

I clear my throat to get his attention, he gives me a side glance… indicating he’s listening.

“Now that you’re going to your office, can I go back home?” I asked.

He stops chewing and turns to me with a frown.

“Why?” He asked me back.

“Well, I wanna pay Denzel a visit and check how things are going.. you know, how far they’ve gone!”

Now that the money is available, I should urge doctor Hemsworth.. I need Denzel healthy again.

He stares at me silently.

“We’ll go together!” He said.

“We’ll go together?”

I frown.

“Yes, remember your aunt thinks our relationship is real.. it wouldn’t look good if I don’t come with you!” He explained.

We continue eating in silence.. his phone suddenly starts ringing.

He dips his hand in his pocket and brings it out, he stares at the screen briefly before receiving it.

“Claudia!” He called.

I raised an arch at him questioningly, he glance at me and look away.

I frown and stops eating, I fold my arms on my chest and leans been on the chair.

He said he’s allergic to women, how come he’s having a female friend now?

Humph! Men! They’re all liars!

“I’ll be there right now!” He said and hangs up.

He keeps his phone back in his pocket and turns to me, his eyes scan my outfit… I’m just in his big t-shirt and sweatpants.

He had insisted I wore them last night.

“Go freshen, you’re coming with me to the office”

I scoff.

“Come with you to the office to do what? To see your Claudia?”

I quickly slap my mouth, why did I just say that?!

“My Claudia?”

I didn’t reply him, he sighs and signal Jerry to pour him some water.

“Anastasia, go freshen up quick, we’re going to the office together”


“Here, Master!” Jerry said as he hands Klaus a glass of water.

Klaus gulps down the water and drops the glass on the table.

“We’ll go to the hospital from there, you won’t have to pay for a cab!”

My scowling face turns into a smiling face, I quickly get up and rushed upstairs.

Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 29

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

Statham enterprise… this was where led me to Klaus, I smile as I stare at the tall building.

My mind flashes back to the day I met Graham, his broken bumper was what connected me to Klaus.. my helper!

I have being here a few times but it was trouble that always brought me back… Unlike today, I’ll briskly walk in with all confidence.

“Miss Lopez?” Graham calls.

“Huh?” I answer in a questioning tone.

From the way he’s staring at me, it seems like he’s been talking to me or he’s waiting for me to say or do something!

“Mr Statham he is waiting for you” he nods at Klaus.

I turn to Klaus and sees him holding the door for me, that’s when I realized I’m still in the car.

He raises his curvy eyebrow, making step out of the car quickly.

“What were you thinking about?” He asked me.

About how I was kicked out of your company for being dishonest! I replied him mentally.

I shake my head and simply smile at him. He walks closer to me and snakes his arm around my waist.. I blink at him.

“You’re my girlfriend, I believe it’s normal for me to hold you!” He said.

“Correction, I’m your contract girlfriend!”

I try to move away from him but he didn’t let me, he tightens his grip on my waist.

“I don’t care if it’s a contract, you’re my girlfriend and that’s final”

“No, it’s not final.. what if my future husband is around and he hears you saying this?”

It would just ruin my chances with him and I would remain single until I die.

He growls lowly, clenching his jaw and grips my waist more tighter.

“I dare any b*stard to come ten feet near you!” He said.

I glare at him.

“Are you cursing me?! You don’t want me to be in a relationship?!”

“You are already in a relationship!”

“Fake relationships don’t count!”

He glares at me and I glare right back at him, he doesn’t say anything.. he simply leads us inside.

*Mr Statham!* Workers greets Klaus as we walk in.

They stopped whatever they were doing and look.. no, gaze at Klaus in a surprise expression.

Wait, today is Saturday, why are there so many people here? Don’t they have weekends on their calendar?

“Mr Statham!” A female voice greets Klaus, drawing my attention.

She’s that lady that kicked me out, she looks different today.

s£xy but graceful… her hair wavy hair falls perfectly on her shoulders.

“Claudia!” Klaus said.

Claudia?! She’s the Claudia?! Is she his Claudia?!

My eyes are widely open, my eyebrows raise on their own accord…my jaws drops open.

An audible gasp leaves my mouth.

A warm smile spreads on her beautiful face, but the smile falters when her eyes lands on Klaus’ arm around my waist.

“Mr Statham, you….” She trails off.

A look of recognition flashes across her eyes, when she sees my face.

“Aren’t you the candidate I sent away?” She asked.

I hide my face behind Klaus, praying the ground would open up and swallow me…I close my eyes.

“What are you doing here again?”

I feel Klaus turn to take a look at me, there’s a short moment of silence before he speaks.

“Why was she sent away?”

“She came for an interview and lied!” She replies.

“Oh? She lied?”

“Yes, Mr Statham, she arrived very late but claimed to arrive earlier… According to our company’s policy, I sent her away!”

Well, we can blame that ok the urgency by which I needed the job… I had to lie.

“What is she doing here with you, Mr Statham?”

Klaus pulls me forward, he removes his arm from my waist and damps it on my shoulders.

“This is my girlfriend, Anastasia Lopez!” He said.

“Your what?!” She exclaims loudly.

Making everyone turn towards us, Graham drags their attention away from us.

Now it’s Claudia’s turn to be surprised… she stares at us without blinking, her mouth slowly drops open.

From her expression, I can tell she’s trying to reject the information she’s hearing.. or finding it hard to digest it.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel kinda happy hearing Klaus introduce me as his girlfriend.

Even the look on her face right now is adding to my joy… which is strange.

“You have a girlfriend?” She asked rhetorically.

“Yes! And starting today, she’s my VOPA!”

VOPA?! I turn to him with a confused expression.

“My very own personal assistant!” He explains.

Humph! He obviously made that up, then his words settles on my head… his very own personal assistant?!

“What do you mean, Mr Statham?” Claudia asked.

“Starting Monday, Anastasia will resume working here as my assistant… You can tell her whatever you wanna tell me and she’ll relate them to me!” He tells her.

“What?!” Claudia and I exclaimed.

He ignores our exclamations and turns to Graham.

“Graham, make arrangements for Anastasia… I want her table in my office!”

“Yes, Mr Statham!”

He leads us towards an elevator, it’s a private elevator.. the doors open and we step in.

I frown slightly when I see Claudia taking another elevator.

“Why didn’t she come in with us?” I asked.

“Mr Statham is allergic to women” Graham reminds me.

Then there’s silence, we wait patiently until the elevator stops, then we walk out.

“Mr Statham, the directors are waiting!” Claudia said.

She steps out of her elevator the same time as us.. she gives me a side glare which I don’t understand.

“Graham, take Anastasia to my office!” Klaus tells Graham.

“Yes, sir!”

Klaus looks down at me, he smiles.

“I’ll try to finish in time and come to you!” He said softly.

I simply nod, he follows Claudia off somewhere, to a meeting room I guess.

“Miss Lopez, this way!” Graham said.

I sigh and followed him.


Matilda’s pov 👠

“Jesus!” I groan and sit up, pulling my blanket up with me.

My hands locate my head as I feel it getting ready to explode anytime… my mouth felt dry.

And I’m feeling a little dizzy, I throw my head back on the headboard.

“Tasia…” I called.

She didn’t respond, I suck in a short breath.

“Tasia.. I need water!” I called loudly this time.

She still didn’t respond, then my mind flashes back.. she was with Mr Statham last night.

My eyes move to the nightstand, I see an aspirin and a glass of water… not even thinking about how the water and aspirin got there.

I quickly swallow the medicine and keep the glass back on the nightstand.

Resting my head against the headboard, I close my eyes for a few minutes and feel myself getting better.

“You’re awake!” A male voice startles me.

I jolted up and stared wide eyed at the man in front of me… Mr Aurelius?!

He drops a tray of tea and bread on the nightstand, he sits on the bed next to me… He reaches out to feel my temperature, but I quickly move away.

“What are you doing in my apartment?” I asked him.

He frowns and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Your apartment?” He asked me back.

I nod, he scoffs.

“You might wanna look around!” He said.

Look around? What does he mean?

With a frown on my forehead, I look around. My jaw drops open and my eyes falls out of their sockets.

This isn’t my room! My eyes move to the bed I’m sitting.. this isn’t my bed!

“Where am I?” I asked.

“My home!”

“Your home??!”

How did I get here? Was he the one that brought me here? It must be… Who would’ve bring me here if not him.

But why? Why can’t I seem to remember anything from last night?

“Mr Aurelius…”

He gives me his attention, not that his attention wasn’t already on me. I clear my throat.

“.. how did I get here?” I asked.

“You don’t remember?” He asked me back.

I shake my head, with a curious glint in my eyes.

“You don’t remember what happened between us last night?”

My eyes grew bigger than before, I can feel it getting ready to burst.

“Something happened between us?”

He nods seriously.

“A lot of fun things happened.. do you wanna know what happened?”

Something happened between us? Does that mean we have s£x last night?

“Last night.. we have a very wild night….”

A very wild night?! How?!

“We did so many things, like….”

“Stop!” I cut him off.

I quickly jump off the bed, luckily I’m already in my clothes, the one I wore to the club… My purse is laying on a small table, I snatch them.

“I don’t wanna hear it, let’s just pretend like nothing happened.. we didn’t see each other yesterday!” I said and head towards the door.

He gets up and turns to me.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

I smile nervously.

“I’m going home”

“Going home…. why not stay for breakfast!”

I quickly shake my head, I smile at him.

“I don’t wanna have breakfast, I’m not hungry!”

“But…. ”

“Thank you for your hospitality!”

I rushed out and slams the door loudly, I run out of his home.

I mean, I can’t believe I have a one nightstand with my almost boss!

God! This is so embarrassing, I hope I never see him again.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

It’s been just a few minutes since Klaus went for his meeting, but it feels like forever to me.

After Graham brought me to Klaus’s office, he said he had to go put something in order with Klaus’ car…so he left.

Now it’s just me and this big office.. and I’m gonna be bored to death if Klaus doesn’t come back now.

Just then my phone rings, reaching for it, I saw it’s Jack.

I glare at my phone screen, finally, I decided to receive the call.. I can’t keep ignoring his call even though he lied to me.. because of old days sake.


I hear a sharp intake of breath from him and a shuffling sound, then he speaks.

“Tasia…” He called my name in a broken voice.

I didn’t speak, I wait for him to continue.

“… I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…I shouldn’t have lied to you, I was just being selfish.. I.. I.. can I see you please?”

I sucks in a large amount of breath before speaking.

“Jack, I’m not mad at you. Yes, I am disappointed at your behavior.. but I’m not mad, there’s no need for apologizing!”

“Then can I see you?” He asked quickly.

I frown, why does he wants to see me urgently.

“I’m afraid not!”

“Why? You said you’re not mad at me, right?”

I open my mouth to speak but he didn’t let, he continues.

“I just want you to tell me face to face, that you’ve forgiven me!”

“Jack…. ”

“Please, Tasia, let’s meet!”

Ok, I don’t understand why he’s insisting on meeting with me…does he have a selfish motive?

Hmm, no, I can’t meet with him… I guess it’s time I use my fake relationship with Klaus to my advantage.

I clear my throat.

“Jack, I can’t meet with you.. in fact, we can’t see each other anymore!”


“Because I have a boyfriend now!”

“A boyfriend?!”


There is a long pause from him, I know he wouldn’t believe me but it’s my only way out.

I need to make it clear to him that it’s over between us.. we can’t work.

“I don’t believe you!”

Yeah, I expect that from him.

“If you’re in a relationship your marital status on Facebook wouldn’t be single… why aren’t there any pictures of you and your boyfriend on your social media accounts?”

I rolled my eyes.

“We just got into a relationship besides, I don’t think I owe you any explanation!” I said and hang up.

I lean back on Klaus’ big chair and puffs out some air.. now I regret receiving his call.

But he’s right though, if I want to fool him with this fake relationship.. I must make it a little bit real.

Hmm, it’s time Klaus and I do some couples activity.

We’ll both go grocery shopping today after visiting Denzel.. grocery shopping? No, Jerry must have done that.

Then we’ll go for window shopping or we might just tour around LA city.

The door opens and Claudia walks in, I had expected Klaus but…

She stops in front of Klaus’ table and glares at me, I simply stare at her.

“How did you do it?!” She asked.

“How did I do what?” I asked her back, feeling a little bit confused.

“How did you make him touch you?”

I frown, is this a question I’m supposed to have an answer for?

I simply shrug.

She puts her hands on the table and leans forward in an intimidating position, she narrows her eyes at me.

“Listen, I don’t care where you came from or how you managed to get Nicklaus to touch you…”

Hmm, is must be the assistant having a crush on her boss like in the movies.

I think I can guess her next words now.

“… but know this, he doesn’t love you.. he’s just using you as his cure, he dump you sooner or later!”

“Hmm, I think we should wait until he dumps me!” I replied her.

Her brows knit together in a deep frown.

“Don’t be too comfortable, little girl…”

Little girl?! How old are you exactly, grandma?!

Yeah, she’s a few years older than me but that doesn’t makes me a little girl to her!

“… his family know me too well and I’m the one they choose for him, so you don’t have a chance against me!”

“His family choose you but he didn’t.. don’t get too excited!”

Hold on a sec, why am I talking back at her? Klaus and I aren’t real.. maybe it’s because I like how I’m irritating her with my words.

I love getting under her skin because she humiliated me few days ago!

“You are not….”

Her phone’s ringtone cuts her off, she quickly reach for it.

“Hello, Mr Statham!”

She pass me a smug look as she speaks. I scoff.

“You aren’t even on first name basis and you said his family choose you!” I said a little bit loud so she can hear me.

She heard me but didn’t reply, she only glares at me… glaring must be her specialty!

“I’ll be bring it right away, sir!” She hangs up.

She picks a file from the table and glares at me one last time before heading out… I release a long breath.

Love rivals are always a pain in the neck!


He lays on the bed, staring at me with those eyes hooded in lust.. desire..

His eyes trails over my body, ravishingly… my long legs moves seductively.

Slowly, I unclip my bra and lets it slide down seductively, his eyes follows my movement and he gulps loudly.

His eyes settles on my arching bre@sts as they stand in attention.

My thumb hooks my panties, sliding it down slowly.. I call him over with a finger while biting my lower lip.

“Klaus…” I whisper his name.

He comes at me slowly, he stops in front of me and grabs my head.. he crashes his lips on mine.


“Anastasia Lopez!”

I hear someone call my name loudly and I jolted up, my eyes frantically look around and they land on Klaus.

A fully dressed Klaus! Weren’t we just standing n@ked in front of each other?

“What were you dreaming about?” He asked.


It was a dream?! I look around again, we’re in his office not his bedroom… My shoulders slumps down in disappointment.

“What were you dreaming about.. that you even had to whisper my name?” He heard that?!

I blink my eyes innocently, why did I have a w€t dream of us? how do I answer him now?

To be continued.

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