On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 30 – 31




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 30

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Matilda opens the door of her apartment and steps in, she pause when she sees Jack sitting on a couch.

“Jesus! Jack, don’t tell me you spent the whole night waiting for Tasia!” She said.

Jack gets up with a sad expression, holding his phone in his hand as if he just finished making a call.

“I.. Tasia… I just wanna speak to her face to face” he stutters.

Matilda walks towards a couch and drops her purse.. she sits down and takes off her boot.

“Jack, you should stop trying to see Tasia for now… she can’t just forget about what you did.. she can’t pretend like it never happened!”

Her gaze falls on the phone in his hand.. she release a long sigh.

“I guess you just called her!”

“Hmm” he hums in agreement.

“Just give up already, you’ve ruined your chances with her… ”

Jack shakes his head.

“We just spoke, she said she ain’t mad at me… ”

“Then give her time to get over it, don’t keep bugging her with calls and think she might change her mind to see you… you know her temperament!”

Jack nods, he shoves his phone back in his pocket and suck in a shaky breath.

“I should get going, the shop won’t run itself!”

Matilda nods in support.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!”

Jack turns to leave, but pause when he remembers Matilda just came back.

He clears his throat.

“Where were you last night? And why are you just coming back?” He asked her.

She furrows her eyebrows questioningly.

“What are you now? My dad?”

“Yeah… kinda!”

She eyes him but he didn’t look away, he continues looking back at her, waiting for her reply.

Seeing how he’s not ready to leave without an answer, she decides to tell him.

“I went to a nightclub and couldn’t come back at that late hour… so I spent the night at my friend’s!”


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have another friend? Isn’t Tasia your only friend?”

Matilda look away from Jack, Marcus’s words replays in her mind and her cheeks goes red in embarrassment.

“Hmm.. your so called friend is a male species, right?”

She sprints up and pushes him towards the door.

“Out! Out! Out!”

“You are avoiding the question!” Jack said.


finally pushed him out, she slams the door shut and walks back to the couch..

Using her palms to wipe her face, she slumps onto the couch.. she throws her head back and groans.

“I can’t believe i have a one nightstand… God!”


Statham enterprise….

A group of male and female workers gather around.. discussing or rather gossiping…

*Mr Statham openly introduced his girlfriend to Miss Claudia today!*

*Yeah, did you see the look on Miss Claudia’s face? she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak!*

They laughed briefly at that comment… one of the female workers clears her throat.

She steps forward and pretends to be Claudia, she flips her hair.



She mimicks Claudia’s expression when she heard Nicklaus introduced Anastasia as his girlfriend.

They laughed loudly, meanwhile, Claudia has been listening all these while…

She was just coming back from Nicklaus’s office and heading to the meeting room when she heard them.

“Ahem!” Claudia clears her throat and shows herself.

Series of gasps are heard as they all stared at her.. eyes wide open.

“What was so funny that you’re all laughing about?” She asked.

Nobody dared to say anything, they all take slow steps backwards.. slightly shaking in fear.


She points at the lady that was just pretending to be her, the lady takes a step back.. looking for where to hide.

“Report to HR office with your resignation letter on Monday morning!”


Claudia scoffs and walks away majestically…the lady glare at her as she walks away.

“She carries herself like Miss world!” Someone said.

“Thankfully, she’s not the future Mrs Statham!” Another said.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“What were you dreaming about.. that you even had to whisper my name?” He heard that?!

I blink my eyes innocently, why did I have a w€t dream of us? how do I answer him now?


I clear my throat and lick my automatically dry lips.

“Nothing… I just dreamt that I…”

His eyebrows raises up, waiting for my answer, but what should I tell him?

I can’t tell him that I dreamt about us, kissing…then an idea comes to my mind.

“I dreamt that I killed you!”

I hear a sharp intake of breath from him, his raised eyebrows furrowed instantly.

“Tell me you made that up!” He said.

“Nope! I didn’t!”

He eyes me before handing a cup of ice cream to me, I takes it and starts eating.

“Thank you!” I muffled out.

He smiles at me…he checks his wrist watch and sighs.

“It’s time, let’s go to the hospital” he said.

I nod and got up, I pick my phone from the table and we both head out.



city hospital…

“Anna!” Denzel exclaims happily when he sees me walk into his ward.

Aunt drops the book she was reading and welcomes me with a smile… Denzel jumps off the bed, wrapping his tiny arms around my waist.

“Aunt Bell”

Nicklaus greets aunt with a nod. Aunt smiles at him, but doesn’t make any move to embrace him… which is strange.

Aunt is a hugger.. unless she knows Klaus is allergic to women!

“Ow! Aunt!” I exclaimed as aunt engulfs me in a very tight hug.

I guess I was so engross in my thoughts that I didn’t take note of her coming for me.

“Anna, there’s good news!” She said and releases me from her tight hug.

“Good news?!” I asked.

She nods happily, she takes my hands and leads me to a couch next to the bed… we both sit down.

“Hey! Anna said you’re not her boyfriend.. what are you doing here?!” I hear Denzel ask Klaus.

I frown and turns to them, Klaus passes me a look that says, really?

I laugh lightly and calls Denzel, he turns to me.. he’s got a stern expression.

Wait.. is he trying to intimidate Klaus? Boy, you’ve got a long way if that’s what you’re tryna do!

“Anna, you told me he’s not your boyfriend.. what is he doing here now?” He asked me.

“Denzel, er.. Klaus is…”

“Denzel” A little boy called from behind Denzel.. cutting me off.

Which I’m thankful for, because I don’t know how to explain our contract relationship to him.

“Bill?” Denzel turns to him.

The little boy frowns as he stares at Klaus, he’s looking at Klaus as if they know each other.

“Uncle?” He calls.

“Uncle?!” I whisper.

The little boy rushes to Klaus and hugs him, Klaus raffles his hair fondly.

I look between Klaus and the kid, they both look alike.. kinda.

“Bill, what are you doing here?” Klaus asked him.

“I came to play with Denzel” Bill replies.

I wonder if Bill is his sister’s son or brother’s son.

“Did you tell your mom about our meeting last time?” He asked Bill.

Bill shakes his head with a smile, his missing front tooth in display.

“Then I’m lucky I saw you here myself!” A lady said, standing by the door.

My aunt and I exchange looks, I’m surprised but aunt doesn’t seem to be… In fact, she looked like she just saw a ghost!

Klaus shuts his eyes and mutters something under his breath.

“Are you avoiding me?” She asked.

Klaus keeps quiet and turn away from her.. ok, I’m confused, who is she?

“Fine, avoid me if you want.. but just know, mom is missing you.. she wants you to come home for dinner!”

Mom? She must be his sister then…she must be Bill’s mother!

“I’m not coming!” Klaus replies.

She frowns deeply, I can feel her getting angry, like the anger has always being in her… but tries to hide it.

“She’s not blaming you, she just wants you home.. do you plan on pushing us away forever?”

She waits for Klaus’ reply, even I am also waiting for his reply…why is he being cold to his sister?

What happened between them? What grudge could he have against his mother?

She nods when she doesn’t get any reply from Klaus, taking a deep breath she said.

“Fine! We’ll let you be!” Then she storms out in anger.

The tension that lingers in the air after she left is so suffocating, Klaus is scowling and gritting his teeth.

Even Bill and Denzel could feel the tension.. such a thick air in here.

Bill and Denzel quietly retreats out.. to play I guess. To ease the tension, I clear my throat and turn to aunt.

“Aunt, you wanted to tell me about a good news?”

Aunt quickly understand what I’m trying to do, she nods and smiles.

“Doctor Hemsworth came yesterday.. he said Denzel’s operation will commence on Monday!”

“Wow! Really?!”


“Oh my God! Oh my God! Thank you Jesus!” I shout.

A bolt of joy burst within me, I’m so happy that I don’t even know how to express my happiness.

Tears brim in my eyes, I pull my aunt into a hug and let my tears flow and I cry on her shoulder.

“Aunt, it’s happening… it’s really happening!” I chant.

“Yes, sweetie.. the day we’ve been praying for is finally here!”

I didn’t know this day is gonna come so soon, I’m just a broke girl and I didn’t know where I could get such a huge amount of money from.

But Klaus.. God sent him to us, to help us! I release my aunt and got up, I turn to Klaus and pulled him into a hug.

He tensed and was surprised for a minute, before he wraps his arm around me… patting my back.

“Thank you, thank you so much.. I wouldn’t have done this without you.. thank you!”

He chuckles lightly.

“Don’t thank me, this is something I should do!” He replies.

He’s making it sound as if this was his responsibility.. he might be a straight face man, but he’s kind.. he’s got a heart of gold!

“Thank you so much!”

He leans closer to my ear.

“How about you be my contract wife and all my money will be yours?”

I pulled away from him and hit his chest, he laughs at my expression.

“In your dreams!”

“Oh, in my dream we already have two kids!” He said.

I stomp on his feet and he winces painfully… I glare at him.

“Don’t make such jokes with me!”

He nods quickly.. I noticed something, Klaus is kinda free and gentle with me.

Yeah, he’s sometimes strict and I’m a little scared of him sometimes, but…

“Anna, now that Denzel’s operation will commence soon.. when are you gonna resume education?” Aunt asked.

I turn to her with a smile…aunt, this is not the right time to talk about school..I wanted to tell her.

“Er.. I just got a job and I’ll resume working on monday… I think I’ll resume when I have enough money!”

She frowns but nods.

“I’ll start working too after Denzel’s operation, then you’ll return to school”

“Aunt, you don’t have to work because of my…. ”

“Ok, that’s final” aunt cuts me off.

I know she won’t listen to me if I try to talk her out of working.. so I decided to let her be for now.

She turns to Klaus with a smile.


“Yes, Aunt”

“She’s your girlfriend, watch her… please advise her to go back to school for me, ok?”

Klaus gives me a side glance before turning back to aunt.

He nods. I rolled my eyes, birds of a feather flock together!


2 hours later…

“Alright, aunt, please take care of yourself and Denzel” I said.

We’re currently outside the hospital, where Graham parks Klaus’ car.

“I will…” She pause and caress my hair. “… you should also take care of yourself, make sure you eat and sleep early!”

I hum and nod, she stares at me a few more minutes before she lets me enter the car.

She says something to Klaus, he nods at her repeatedly before aunt lets him into the car.

Graham starts the car, we wave at aunt until she’s out of sight… I sigh and fall back onto my seat.

“Anastasia, why isn’t your seatbelt on?” Nicklaus asked.

“I’m too tired to put it on!” I replied.

He leans forward and helps me with it, he fasten his too after.

A comfortable silence engulf us, until my phone starts vibrating in my pocket.. I reach for it and see it’s a message from Jack.

I opens the conversation.

*I realize you need some time to fully forgive me, I’ll wait!*

I roll my eyes and shove my phone back in my pocket.

“So… You’re still a student, huh?” Klaus asked while checking his phone.

“Yeah.. you can say that!” I replied.

“When you do you plan to go back?” He asked again.

I thinks about it and shake my head.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll go back once I have a reasonable amount in my account”

He stays silent.

I don’t know why… but staring at him makes my mind race back to the heated argument he had with his sister.

“Continue staring at me like that and I’ll take it that you’re falling in love with me!” He said.

I rolled my eyes, falling in love with him indeed!

“Mr Statham, where are we headed?” Graham asked from the driver’s seat.

Klaus turns to me, redirecting the question to me.

“Well, I wanna tour around LA city with my boyfriend!” I said.

He stares at me with a frown.

“Your what?”

“My boyfriend!” I replied.

“Who’s your boyfriend?”

“You of course!” I answered quickly without giving it much thoughts.

He stares in my eyes, as if he’s looking for something.. making me frown.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanna see if you’re being serious”

“Serious about what?”

His lips curves into a smile.

“You called me your boyfriend!” He said.

I did? Then what I said settle in my head.. I look away from him as my cheeks heat up.

“I mean, my contract boyfriend!” I said.

“You can’t just take back what you said”

I ignore him and continue looking outside the window…



Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 31

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

We’ve been touring every fun place in LA city, places like the Chinese theater…the Griffith observatory… madame Tussauds Hollywood!

Right now, we’re at Malibu beach getting ready to head to our final stop…the zoo!

“How do you love the sun on your skin?” I asked Klaus excitedly.

He looks up at the sky, blocking his eyes from the sun.. I turn away from him and pack the beach sand in my hand… watching as it blows away in the breeze.

“I’m not enjoying this sun on my skin, Anastasia” he replies.

“You’re no fun at all, look at other girls and their boyfriends.. they’re enjoying the sun together!”

He raises an eyebrow at me as I gesture at other couples, his eyes settles on a girl.. she’s wearing a two piece bikini.

She sits under an umbrella, sucking on a coconut…even though she’s not under the sun…her tan skin sparkles.

She turns and locked gaze with Klaus, she smiles and waves at him.

Klaus doesn’t wave or smile back, he simply looks away from her back to me.

“What now? Do you like her?” I asked.



He takes a side glance at her and shudders…he shakes his head and shoves his hands in his pants pockets.

“I have good taste!” He replies.

He have good taste? Isn’t she good enough?

Nonetheless, I smiled at his answer, I thought he was lusting after her. But….

“If you weren’t crushing on her, then why were you staring at her?”

“I was just imagining you on those…er… ”

“Bikini?” I helped him out, he nods.

“Yeah… I can’t imagine what I’ll do if all these boys are staring at you, just as they are staring at her!” He said in a possessive tone.

A cute scowl on his face, his lips set on thin lines and his eyes narrowed.. God, how I wish our relationship is real.

Wait.. what am I saying?!

“I wouldn’t want someone like her!”

“Hmm?” I hum in a doubting tone.

He looks at me with a frown and notice I don’t believe him, he sighs.

“She’s every man’s wife, I want only mine!”

“Awwwn! Your wife would be one lucky creature!” I gush.

He pulls out his hands and wrap them around my waist, pulling me close to himself.

“Yes, you’re one lucky creature!” He said, looking straight in my eyes.

I look away from him when I feel my cheeks heating up, I hit his chest gently.

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean, you’re the only one I see.. I can’t get my eyes off of you!”

Darn those butterflies, I can feel them jumping around in my stomach already.

“You’re making our relationship look like a real one.. be careful or I might really fall in love with you!” I warned him.

He smiles, his eyes shinning at my statement.

“Oh, baby, that’s exactly my plan.. to make you fall for me!”

I let out a nervous laugh and move away from him, I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

I cleared my throat.

“Ok, that’s enough, we shouldn’t joke with stuffs like this!”

“I’m not joking…. ”

I tone him off and look around, my eyes lands on a heap of sand… I see some kids trying to make a sand castle.

Then an idea pops into my head.

“Klaus, look, do you know how to do that?”

He looks at them and blinks a few times, he scratches the back of his neck.

“Y-yeah.. that’s.. that’s nothing!”

I bite back a laugh.

“It’s nothing, then why are you stuttering?”

“Did I stutter?”

I shake my head, but laughs quietly…his face is so red.

“Let’s build a sand castle too!”

He looks at the sky and shake his head.

“No, the sun is too hot for that!”

“It’s not!” I said.

I grab his hand and start pulling him towards the kids, but I guess I’m wasting my strength… He’s not moving an inch.

“It’s too hot, let’s just go home.. you’ve have enough fun today!” He said.

I let go of his hand and scoff, folding my arms on my chest.

“Just say you don’t know how!” I spoke his mind.

“I know how, it’s just…too much sun ages the skin!”

I scoffed.


Coming to the beach with him is so boring, he deserves places like the zoo… since he likes keeping a straight face like the lion!

Hmm… I guess, we should just snap some pictures instead, before leaving.

I throw my arm around his shoulders, tiptoeing a little bit.. I pull out my phone from my pocket.

“Let’s snap a few pictures!” I said.

I smile at the camera but notice Klaus isn’t, he’s just staring at me instead of the camera.

“Klaus, look at the camera and say cheese!”

He snatches the phone from me, he encircles his arm around my waist.. making me stand in front of him.

He stares at me an snaps the picture, I snatch my phone back from him and glare at him.

“You’re supposed to stare at the camera, not me!” I scold him.

“But it’s perfect that way!” He said with a smirk.

I glare at him, but let him be.. there’s nothing I can do about it.

I view the photo, it’s beautiful but it look so lovey dovey… Yeah, I know I wanna send a message but this photo is just too cheesy.

“Can we snap another picture, Klaus?” I asked.

He leans down and views the photo too, he grin at me and shake his head.

“No, milady!” He replies.

He grabs my hand and starts dragging me towards his car, I frown in dissatisfaction.

“Can we stay a few more minutes?”

“Not under this scorching sun, darling!” He said giving no room for arguments.

He stops in front of his car, he opens the door and I got in, he got in after me.

“Where to, Mr Statham?” Graham asked.

“Where to, Miss Lopez?” Klaus asked turning to me.

I glare at him before turning to Graham… I smile at him politely.

“To the nearest zoo, please!”

“On it!” He replies and start the car.

He reaches for my hand but I snatch it back, I glare at our photo on my phone… if it wasn’t because of Jack I wouldn’t post this rubbish.

“Are you mad at me?”

I ignore him and continue glaring at the photo.

“If you’re mad at me, we can snap another picture right here!”

I ignore, I login to my Instagram account and make a post with the photo.

*Malibu beach was so fun today, having someone’s love is all that matters…. Hashtag, beach day with my sweet boyfriend!*

I smiled at the post, this will perfectly fool Jack.

Klaus takes a peek at my post, he frowns.

“Tag me!” He said.

“Tag you where?”

“Tag me on this post!” He said.

My eyebrows raised at his words, I scan him clearly.

“You’re on Instagram too?”


Someone like him is on Instagram? I wonder if he’s got any followers… my followers will so gonna beat his.

He reaches for his phone and types something, soon, I received a notification… Nicklaus Statham started following you.

He gestures towards my phone.

“Tag me now!” I nod and tags him.

I immediately I did, series of love pops up… Before I knew it, I’ve got 697k love reactions in less than 10minutes.

My jaw drops to the ground as my fingers stay frozen, my eyes just keep staring at my phone screen without blinking.

“H-how many followers do you have on Instagram?” I asked without moving my head.

“About 5million or so!” He said casually.

“5 million followers?!” I exclaimed.

And here I was boasting that my followers are more than his, I quickly keep my phone back in my bag.

My 20 followers can’t compare to 5 million followers!

People that I’m following are even way more than people following me…I’m following 553 people.

“How did you manage to get so many followers?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a little popular!”

I rolled my eyeballs, what a show off! Rich people are so proud!

“I can make you popular too!”


“Marry me!”

“F**k off!” I said and throw my head back on the seat.


Authoress’ pov 👠

“Mom! Mom! Come quick!” Rhoda yells for her mother who’s in the kitchen.

She had come back home after her argument with Klaus at the hospital.

“Rhoda, is everything ok?”

Mrs Statham asked as she rushes over, a knife in her hand, she seem to be cooking.

“Mom! Your son has got himself a girlfriend!” Rhoda said.

She stretches her phone at her mother, Mrs Statham stares at the phone’s screen with a shocked expression.

“How is this possible?” She asked.

“I don’t know, mom” Rhoda replies.

Mrs Statham stares at the picture clearly.. as if to confirm something.

“How is he able to touch her.. isn’t he allergic to women? Is he finally cured?”

Rhoda drinks water from her glass.

“He’s not cured… ”

“Then why… how… He..?”

Mrs Statham cuts herself off when she felt her eyes twitching, Rhoda gets up and takes the phone from her.

She rests her mother’s head on her shoulder, then rubs her back.

“It’s fine, mom, I’ll go see him tomorrow and find out what’s going on!” She said.

Mrs Statham couldn’t reply she simply sob on Rhoda’s shoulder.



Matilda exclaims as she burns her hand in the pan, she quickly blows air in her hand to cool the hotness.

She reaches for her phone and check Anastasia’s post again.

“Anastasia Lopez! What in God’s name are you doing?!”

She quickly dials Anastasia’s number, but her line wasn’t connecting…it keeps going into voicemail.

Then she decides to send her a voice message instead…

*Tasia get your butts back home and explain your post to me!*

She looks at the picture again and frowns, then smile and shakes her head.

This girl is going extreme.. she thought to herself.


Statham enterprise…

*This is the first time ever!*

*Who would’ve thought Mr Statham is such a cute lover!*

*Awwwn! They look so cute together!*

*They’re making me jealous! I wanna be in a relationship too!*

These are gossips going around in the company right now…. the gossips continues until they finally got to Claudia’s ears.

She quickly logins into her Instagram account, the first post she saw was Nicklaus staring at Anastasia lovingly.

Anger builds up at the bottom of her gut, her grip on her phone tightens… she bangs on the table and angrily throws her phone across her office.

The phone falls down, scattering into pieces.

She growls angrily, glaring at her damage phone imagining it to be Anastasia.

“Where on earth did this b*tch come from?!” She growls.

How can she come from nowhere and take my place?! She growls mentally.

Her chest raising and falling in anger, she wanted to call Mrs Statham but remembers she just destroyed her phone.

“Damnit!” She bangs on her table.

Picking her bag, she storms out in great anger.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“Come on!” I said.

I grab Klaus’ hand when I feel like he’s too slow, I drag him along with me to the lion’s cage.

We’ve arrived at the zoo for quite some time now…and we’ve visit some animals too.. like the giraffes.. hippos.. elephant.

“Wow!” I awed.

Klaus looks at my face amusingly, a small smile tugging his lips…well, staring at me is all he’s been doing all day.

So I just ignore him.

There’s only one lion here and it seem like a male lion, there’s this lonely look in his eyes.

“I usually thought lions are the fiercest of all animals.. but they’re actually lonely and sad!” I sigh sadly.

“No, he’s not lonely” Klaus said.

I turn to him with a slight frown, I walk closer to the cage but Klaus quickly pulls me back.

“Don’t go closer, it’s dangerous!” He scolds me.

“Of course I know that, I just wanted to take a closer look”

He shakes his head.. he’s behaving like a dad who brought his daughter to the zoo now.

“Hmm, you said the lion ain’t lonely.. but it actually look lonely!”

“Look there!”

He points at a direction, my eyes follows his hand and they land on another lion.

“That’s a lioness, his companion… the lioness is there to keep him company, just like how you’re keeping me company now!”

Hmm, I nod.

I reach for my phone and snaps them a few picture… the lioness starts walking towards the lion and I quickly capture that moment.

They start rubbing their nose, I frown.

“What are they doing?”

“They are about to mate!” Klaus replies.

“Oh!” I quickly turn away from them.

I start walking away from there, I hear Klaus footsteps following behind.

“I guess our tour ends here!” I said, sliding through pictures of different animals I took.

“Our tour ends here?” Klaus asked.

I nod.

“Aren’t we supposed to continue touring until we drop?”

I frown.

“What?!” I laugh. “The purpose of this tour was to make my friend believe our relationship is real”

He stays silent for a brief moment, folds his lips in his mouth before speaking.

“Then let’s make it real”


“Let’s make our relationship real, then we won’t have to pretend for anyone!” He said.

Make our relationship real? No! That’s not part of our deal.. we didn’t talk about making it real before!

“Klaus, if you’re joking, please stop.. it’s not funny” I said amidst laughter.

He shakes his head.

“I’m not joking, I’m serious.. let’s make it real” he said seriously.

I look at him, studying him closely if I would see any trace of laughter.. but I didn’t.

“You.. we.. Klaus, we can’t make it real.. we don’t have feelings for each other!”

I mean, he’s my brother’s saviour and I admire him for his kindness…but that’s not love, right?

“You might not have feelings for me, but I do for you… I love you and I can wait until you love me back, just let us make it real”

My mouth opens and close at his statement.. he love me? How? I just got to know about his existence a week and some days ago!

And now he’s loving me?!

“You love me?” I asked feeling so perplexed.

“Yes, I love you, Anastasia Lopez!”

Is he alright?! This is not the Klaus I know.. Klaus wouldn’t tell me he love me!

Klaus wouldn’t tell me to make our fake relationship real.. in fact, he’ll try every and anything to get rid of me!

“Anastasia, I think it’s time I let you know!”

“Let me know what?”

“It’s time I tell you the truth!”

Truth?! What truth?!

To be continued.

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