On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 32 – 33




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 32

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“Anastasia, I think it’s time I let you know!”

“Let me know what?”

“It’s time I tell you the truth!”

Truth?! What truth?! I stare at him curiously, waiting for him to tell me the truth.

He takes my hands in his and squeezes them softly, he stare in my eyes and inhale deeply.

“Anastasia, you once asked me who Nina was… correct?”

I nod, I asked him that day when he m0aned her name but he didn’t give me an answer.

He stare at me doubtfully, as if he’s battling with himself…w€ther he should say it or not.

Which makes me frown, what is so big that the great Nicklaus is finding it hard to say?

“Klaus, what do you wanna tell me?” I asked him.

He closes his eyes and take a deep breath.

“Well, Nina is…” His phone suddenly starts ringing, cutting him off.

He reaches for his phone and ends the call, then turns to me.

“Nina was my childhood sweetheart….”

His childhood sweetheart?! He has a childhood sweetheart?! My heart starts pounding…I start feeling a kind of tighten in my chest.

Making it hard for me to breath, I feel like someone just dip his hand in my chest and is about to rip my heart out…why am I feeling this way?!

Why does the thought of him having a childhood sweetheart hurts me so much?!

“… She’s my fiancee and she’s…”

His phone starts ringing again, he wanted to end the call but I stop him.

“T-take your calls, it might be something important!” I said in a short stutter.. my voice sound broken than I thought.

He shakes his head and end the call again, by now I have withdraw my hands from his.

“Anastasia, you are Ni…. ”

His phone interrupts him for the third time, he clenched his jaw before receiving the call.

“Marcus! Wrong timing!” He growls into the phone.


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take a few steps away from him, giving him some privacy.. I tone his conversation off since it has nothing to do with me.

I take a deep, shaky breath as my mind races back to Nicklaus’s words… He’s already got a fiancee!

And here I am, fooling myself with him… what was I thinking? That he’ll love me?


why do I want him to love me? Could it be that I’ve caught some feelings for him too?

I mentally facepalm myself, I’m so confused! What are my feelings for him… Love or appreciation?!

Something w€t drop on my cheek, at first I thought it was my tears.. but then more w€t liquid starts dropping on me.

I look around and realize it’s rain, I frown, wasn’t it just sunny? Why the sudden rain?

Darn you, month of July! Darn me too, for not reading the climate today!

“Anastasia, let’s head back to the car, it’s about to rai…”


swallowed his words as the rain gets heavier, he grab my hand and we starts running towards the direction his car is parked.

We made it back to the car, but our clothes is already drenched in the rain.

“Here, cover yourself up and don’t catch a cold!” Klaus said, offering me his jacket.

I smiled and wanted to take it, my smile falters and I withdraw my hand when I remembered he’s someone’s fiancee.

“No, thank you… You wear it, you need it too!” I said, looking away from him.

“What do you mean?” He asked with a frown.

“Nothing, I just feel like… you’re drenched too, you will catch a cold if you don’t wear it”

“No, I’m not!”

“But I don’t need your jacket, I’m not cold!” I lied.

I can feel myself shaking slightly from the cold..I guess he saw this.

“Baby, I can’t afford it if you fall sick…so shut up and listen to me!” He said.

Baby…but sadly, I’m not his baby… Nina is!

He dumps jacket on my shoulder, then pulled me onto his lap and hugs me, resting his head on my chest…his hair tickling my bre@sts.

Sending shivers down my spine, he sighs in contentment.

“Now I’m not cold!” He said.

“Klaus, isn’t this inappropriate?”

“No! You’re my girlfriend and I love you… it’s quite appropriate to me!”

“But we… ”

“Nina! That’s enough! Just stay here and keep me warm!”

Nina?! Do i look like Nina?! So… I’m just her replacement to him?!

I didn’t ask him about it, I just let him rest his head… After all, he’s Denzel’s saviour!


“Are you trying to catch a cold on purpose?” Klaus asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him back, frowning slightly.

He didn’t reply me, he simply walked into his bathroom and comes back with a towel in his hands.

We’re currently back and we’re in Klaus’ room… I’m still in my towel since I’m just coming out of the bathroom.


stops in front of me and starts wiping my hair… I stop him with a grunt.

“Klaus, you’re scraping off my scalp!”

“Oh!” He replies.

I slapped his hands off and starts wiping it myself, eyeing him secretly.

“Er…. I should go check what Jerry’s making for dinner!” I said.

Wrapping the towel on my head, I pick up my phone and head towards the door.

“Stop there!” Klaus stops me.

I stop and turn to him, his eyes trails down my body.. they settle on my exposed legs.. the towel stops at mid-thigh.

“Are you going to Jerry in these towels?” He asked, he glare at my towel.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”

“What’s wrong? Do you know when you’re in these towels, you’re indirectly seducing a man?”

I frown then laugh at his logic, he’s sounding like a jealous boyfriend now.

“I can barely control myself seeing you in these towels…now you’re going to another man in them?!”

His eyes narrowing as he speaks.

“Not every guy have a dirty mind like you!”

“Change!” He said.

I rolled my eyes and rushed out before he could stop me.

“You’ll regret going down in those towels!” I hear him threatening me.

I paid him no attention and head down… I met Jerry just as I step into the living room.

His eyes settles on my chest and he quickly look away, I smiled, what a true gentleman!

“Good evening, Anna!” He greets me.

“Yeah, good evening!” I replied and slump onto a nearby sofa.

He heads towards the kitchen but my question stops him.

“What do we have for dinner?”

“Oh, it’s eggs and bacon!” He replies.

I hum in reply and he left, I reach for the tv remote and turn on the tv.

While flipping through channels, my phone starts ringing… Matilda’s name flashes on the screen.

“Hey, Tilda!” I said into the phone.

“Don’t hey me! I thought you’re dead, I was gonna come find you to claim your body!” She yells at me.

I laughed, her way of checking on me is very unique.

“Where have you been?! Did you see my message?! Did you see how many missed calls I gave you?! What’s the meaning of your post?! Why are you not saying anything?! Say something!”

I rolled my eyeballs.

“You haven’t given me any chance to say a word.. now which question should I answer first?”

“I don’t care, just answer all of them!” She said.

I sigh and throw my head back on the sofa.

“Well, that post was just to send Jack a message.. I told him I have a boyfriend and he didn’t believe me, so.. I had to do that!”

She scoffed, I can imagine her rolling her eyeballs right now.

“Your words were so delicate and affectionate.. you sounded like you’re both so much in love with each other… ”

In love with each other?!

“… or is something going on already and you’re hiding it from me?”

I scoff.

“What can happen? Nothing can ever happen between us!” I said…my voice a little sad.

“What do you mean nothing can ever happen between you?”

“He doesn’t love me, I’m just a replacement to him!”

“Huh?! What do you mean by that?”

I lick my dry lower lip.

“Well, he…. ”

“Wait, switch, video call” she said.

We both quickly switch to video call, she frowns as she stares at me… she’s wearing a facial mask, so I can’t really tell if she’s frowning or not.

“Why do you look like a girl whose heart is broken?”

I didn’t reply, I simply sigh.

“Clarify, what do you mean by saying you’re a replacement?” She asked.

“He has a childhood sweetheart, a fiancee… He already have someone he loves!”

“What?!” She exclaims.

Matilda removes her facial mask and frowns at me deeply, her brows knit together.

“But on your photo, he was staring at you with so much love!”

I smile sadly.

“That’s because I look like his fiancee, he even called me her name once… Nina!”


“If he have a fiancee, why did he suggested you to be his fake girlfriend?”

Right, I have not thought of this. Since he has someone he loves, why did he want this fake relationship with me?

“Could it be that his fiancee is dead?” Matilda guess.

“Ah! Can you stop thinking about death for everyone?”

She shakes her head and rolled her eyes.

“That’s the only explanation to this, if she’s still alive, he wouldn’t have you by his side pretending to be his girlfriend!”

I nod, her words does make sense.. or maybe he’s mistaking me for his fiancee.

“What’s her name?”

“Whose name?”

“His fiancee, maybe I can find somethings about her” she said.

“Her name is Nina!” I replied.

“Nina… what’s her surname?”

I shake my head.

“That, I don’t know!”

She sighs and thinks briefly, then nods her head.

“I’ll get back to you tomorrow!”

“Thank you….” I trail off.

She studies my expression and burst into laughter, feeling confused by her sudden outburst.. I frown.

“Wittle Tasia is feeling jealous!” She said.

“No, I’m not!”

She points at my cheeks.

“You’re blushing!”

Am I? I touch my cheeks as if I’ll actually see the blush in my hand.

“I think you’ve fallen for him!”

“What?!” I scream, but quickly slap my hand over my mouth.

I look upstairs to see if Klaus is coming and gladly he’s not…I turned to her with a glare.

“Don’t glare at me, you’ve fallen for him.. it’s written all over you, Tasia!” She said.

“I’ve fallen for him? How?”

“I don’t know how, but with your expression, I can clearly see that you’ve fallen for him”

I’m in love with Klaus? How is that possible?! I haven’t known him for a long time… how can I fall in love with him within a short period of time?

“You’re jealous and heartbroken that he has a fiancee, if that’s not love then I don’t know what it is!”

I can’t let her words get in my head, I don’t love Klaus… I just admire him for his good deeds.

“If you love him, just let him know because I can tell from that photo that he loves you too… ”

“Matilda, that’s enough, don’t try to make me believe what’s not real… We can’t love each other, we just met!”

She chuckles lightly.

“Love does care how long you’ve known each other, you can fall in love with someone you just met.. the heart wants what it wants!”

I groan and bared my teeth at her.

“Just find out who Nina is and what happened to her!” I said and hang up.

I throw my head back on the sofa and take deep breaths.. I don’t love Klaus and he doesn’t love me too.. I chant in my head.

“Anna, dinner is ready.. if you’d please inform Mr Statham!” Jerry said behind me.

“Ok!” I replied him.

I got up and head upstairs, I open the door and steps into the room.

Klaus is standing in front of a dressing table, in his sweatpants..oh, I forgot to tell you guys, he made Jerry arrange some female stuffs here while we were touring around.

“Klaus?” I called him.

He turns to me, a soft gasp leaves my mouth.

It’s just like in the movies, where the male lead turns to the female lead and she’ll see him in a different light…

Klaus’ damp hair falls on his face, his bare chest in display as little water droplets stay on it.. his abs look so strong.

He raises his hand up and moves those fallen strands of hair away from his face..his muscles flexing as well.

Making me feel like I should lick ’em! He sends me a boyish smile and those butterflies in my stomach jumps up excitedly.

I grip on my towel as if feel it getting ready to slide down, he takes slow steps towards me and I take slow steps backwards.

Until my back hits the door, he stops in front of me and places his hand on the door.. caging me there.

His body being so close to me is making me feel an undescribable heat.

“You called me?” He asked.

My lips suddenly runs dry and I lick them.

“Y-yes.. dinner…” I trail off leaving my words unfinished.

I mean I couldn’t speak.

His dark eyes stares right at mine, searching for something.. his gaze moves to my lips and lingers there.

He leans down to my level.

“What’s wrong with dinner?” He asked.

His minty breath on my face sends me on overdrive… I bite on my lower lip as I stare in his eyes.

I see lust and desire in them, I don’t know if what I’m seeing is a reflection of my eyes…

His hand moves up and he removes my lower lip from my teeth.

“I should bite it instead!” He said.

Not giving me any chance to think… not that I have much to think… he crashes his lips on mine.

He pull my body away from the door and encircle his arms around my waist, pushing me closer to him.

He started out slowly, but soon starts kissing me roughly, biting on my lower lip softly.

His kiss is passionate.. urgent and full of dominance!

Not wanting to be a novice, I started kissing him back, trying to catch up with his pace.

The towel I wrapped around my head fall off, my hair fall back with a few strands falling on my face.

He turns and walk towards his bed, not breaking the kiss though.. I wrap arms around his neck.

It feels as if we’ve both been craving each other’s kiss, we’re battling for dominance.. who’s gonna dominate the other!

Klaus finally gets the upper hand, I open my mouth and let him explore every inch of it…his tongue scraping every corner of my mouth.

He throws me on the bed and I land in a soft thud, my towel loose on its own… exposing my body to Klaus.

I quickly use my hands as a cover since I wasn’t wearing any bra or panties… Klaus’ eyes trail along my body ravishingly.

His eyes grows darker than before…the desire in his eyes increased.

He leans down and gently slaps my hands away, he bites on my earlobe softly.

“Don’t cover your gorgeous body!” He whisper in my ear.


“Shhhh!” He hushed me. “Let me worship you!”

He trails soft kisses along my collarbone to my chest, one of his hands cups one of my bre@sts… playing with it and nibbling my n!pole.

“D-do you know…”

I cut myself off and suck in air as his warm tongue licks my bre@sts… sending a gush of pleasure into me.

“Klaus…” I m0an his name.

His teeth holds my n!pole and bites on it slowly, then he starts sucking on it… the way he sucks it makes me think if it’s actually sweet.

After sucking.. bitting my n!pole, he moves back to my lips and kisses me roughly.. soon he stops.

He trails kisses down to my lower body, he stops at my waistline.

My breath fastens.

He takes my right leg and raise it up, he stares at my p*s*y and smirks. He nods.

“You’re already w€t, seems like you want me too, baby!” He said.

“Klaus, I….”

He didn’t let me speak before he delves in, sucking out all my juice.

His teeth grabs my p*s*y lips teasingly, he bites and sucks on it hungrily.. making growling sound as he does.

A gush of pleasure rushes through my veins as I grab the sheets.

I close my eyes and sucks in a sharp breath.

His tongue thrusts into my opening and I gasp, my hands leaves the sheet and grabs Klaus’ hair.

His tongue continues thrusting in and out of my opening.. it’s making my body tingling and I couldn’t get enough.

I push his head into my p*s*y as if….

“Oh! Klaus!”

I screamed his name loudly as I feel him burying his tongue in deeply into me.

This is so sweet.. this is heaven.. I wish he won’t have to pull out his tongue ever again.

“Just go deeper… Please!” I m0an out.

He did just what I wanted, he goes deeper.. as deep as he can.

But then an intruder comes, there’s a loud bang on the door. Klaus pulled his tongue out of me and turns to the door.

“Nicky?! I can hear a female voice… are you fvcking in there?” Marcus?

I frown… What is he doing here?
Klaus turns back to me, my juice all over his face.

“Let’s ignore him!” He said.

I nod, he leans down but before he could delves in, Marcus starts banging on the door again.

“Nicky! I swear I’ll open this door and take a picture of your n@ked body.. I’ll show it to Nina and tell her what you’re doing behind her back!”

Nina?! Nina again?! Marcus knows her?!

Then it dawned on me, Klaus is not mine, he’s someone’s fiance and I shouldn’t be doing this with him.

“I’m opening the door now, Nicky!”

I kick Klaus off me and snatch a blanket, covering every part of me.. including my head.

I hear a thud and I know it’s Klaus that fell down, but I didn’t look.. I’m too embarrassed to look!

“You punk! You scvmbag, Marcus!” I heard him growls.

Then I hear his footsteps marching towards the door, then a loud bang.

“You came exactly at the right time, Marcus!” Klaus said, sarcasm clearly coaxed in his words.

I tone him off as I mentally facepalm myself.

How could I let this happen between us? He’s someone else’s property.. why didn’t I control myself?!

I groan… but his skills were not bad, I mean he’s better than me.

Wait.. how did he know how to do this.. how can he be so good at romance? I thought he’s allergic to women.

Or did his allergy started after Nina left?!

Hmm, that sound reasonable, he must have done this with Nina before his allergy started.

The tightness in my chest returns as I think of Klaus and Nina’s bodies grind against each other.

Hold on…what am I thinking?!

“Ahhh!” I groan loudly.

Chapter 33

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Marcus quickly run down the stairs when he sees Nicklaus coming to him, with a very harsh glare.

His eyes have nothing but a mission in them… to kill Marcus.

“It’s goddamn 7:21pm already, what are you doing here?!” Nicklaus growls at Marcus.

Marcus stops behind a sofa, before that he gathers all the cushions in his arms…so Nicklaus wouldn’t have something to hit him with.

“I called you earlier and told you about my problem but you didn’t listen…you shut me up!” Marcus said.

He scoffs, eyeing Nicklaus “If it’s your problem, I’ll think of ways to help me..but now it’s mine and you don’t wanna help”

Nicklaus groans and facepalm himself, he growls into his palm..he sits on a sofa nearest to him.

“How is that a problem, Marcus?!”

“Of course it’s a problem…” Marcus said.

He keeps the cushions all in one sofa, then sits on an empty sofa.

“She’s all I can think of now, I can’t seem to get her off my mind…”

He groans and racks his fingers through his hair, scattering his well gel hair.

“…since she left this morning, I can’t seem to focus…if I close my eyes to sleep, she’ll appear…her cute drunken face can’t stop appearing…I have been hearing her horrible singing in my head… it’s as if she’s imprinted in my mind…I think I’m going crazy!”

Nicklaus throws his head back and fold his arms on his chest, his eyes shut but he’s listening to Marcus.

“What do you say, Nicky, I’m going crazy…right?”

Nicklaus sighs.

“I thought you’re the love expert, you should know you are in love with her!”

“What?!” Marcus shouts.

Nicklaus sends him a glare before taking a glance upstairs, towards his room.

“Keep your voice down, Nina must be sleeping already!” He scolds Marcus.

“Nicky, I can’t be in love with her.. that’s not possible!”

“Why is it not possible?”

Marcus didn’t reply, his mind races to Matilda’s actions from last night.. how cute she looked when she was singing.

How she wasn’t trying to convince him to like Beyonce and be her fan.

He also recalls the first day they bumped into each other, she looked so awestruck and keep repeating *me too!*

Thinking about all these, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“See? You’re laughing, you must have recalled something! You love her!” Nicklaus said.

Marcus’s smile falters.

“Yeah, I kinda agree that I love her now… But there’s still another problem…. ”

“What problem?!”

Marcus stares at Nicklaus and chuckles nervously, he takes a cushion and hugs it.

“I don’t know where she lives!”

Nicklaus gives him a look that says really?!

Then he remembers something Marcus told him earlier this afternoon, when he called at the zoo.

“You said she came for an interview at your law firm, why don’t you get her contact from her CV?”

“Yeah… why didn’t I think of that?” Marcus wonders.

Nicklaus scoffs.

“That is because you’re dumb!”

Marcus nods in agreement, he perceives a sweet aroma and his eyes lands on the dinning table.

“Dinner is ready?” He asked.

Nicklaus turns to the dinning table and throws Marcus a glare.

“I was having dinner before you interrupted… what an unwanted guest!” He said, muttering the last words under his breath.

But Marcus seems to hear him, he bites his inner cheek to stop himself from laughing at Nicklaus’s expression.

He looked towards Nicklaus’s room with a knowing smirk.

“I heard m0aning from your room earlier.. I thought you’re allergic to women…”

He swallows his words as Nicklaus’s glares intensifies… without Nicklaus saying anything, Marcus already knows it’s Anastasia inside the room.

“How did you feel after…you know…having a woman’s touch?”

“She didn’t touch me before you came!”

Marcus furrows his eyebrows together.

“Then what’s with those m0aning?”

“It’s just me doing the touching, since I initiated it”

Marcus nods in understanding, a thought suddenly strikes him.

“That’s not right… I thought you’re allergic to women and you haven’t touch any woman in your 27 years, correct?”

Nicklaus nods wondering what Marcus is driving at.

“Then how did you get experience… Because that m0an I heard is so loud, it seems like the female was in there with an expert!”

Red! Nicklaus’s neck and ears goes red at Marcus’s question.. he wasn’t expecting this question from him.

“Mr Statham, are you gonna say something?”

Nicklaus clears his throat.

“Em.. I.. I.. er.. do watch porn films sometimes… ”

“So.. you often jerk off?!” Marcus shouts again with his eyes widen.

Nicklaus lungs at him and slaps his hand over Marcus’s mouth, his eyes moved towards his room… he turns back to Marcus.

“I. Don’t. Often. Jerk. Off!” He growls lowly at him.

He lets go of Marcus and returns to his sofa, Marcus nods but still looks at Nicklaus teasingly.

“So… does she knows she’s Nina now?”


“You still haven’t tell her? What are you waiting for? For her to find out herself?”

Nicklaus sighs.

“What should I tell her? That she’s Nina and we got engaged since we were kids? Will she believe it?”


Nicklaus shakes his head, he takes a deep breath.

“If I tell her that she’ll wanna look into her past, she’ll force herself to remember and that will cause harm to her body.. that’s what the doctor said!” Nicklaus said with a frown.

“You’re getting it wrong, just tell her she’s Nina and you’re already engaged.. if she doubts you, refer her to her aunt.. her aunt will know what to tell her and she wouldn’t even think of looking into any past!”

Nicklaus thinks about Marcus’s words, he nods in agreement when he notice they make sense.

“Telling her she’s your fiancee doesn’t mean you’re forcing her to remember… you’re just doing it to secure what’s yours… it’s better than having a contract relationship with her… she’ll find it hard to love you and your love will just remain one sided.. unrequited love!”

Marcus stomach rumbles loudly, he rubs his stomach and gets up.

“I’m starving, I should get some dinner!” He said walking towards the dinning table.

“Stop there!”

Nicklaus stops him, he gets up too and walk towards Marcus.

“Jerry!” Nicklaus called.

Jerry quickly runs towards them, as if he’s being waiting for Nicklaus’s call.

“Good evening, Master!” He greets Nicklaus.

Nicklaus simply nods at him, he turns to Marcus.

“Good evening, Mr Aurelius!”

“Jerry, good evening… what did you make for dinner?”

“Eggs and bacon, sir!” Jerry replies.

Marcus’s eyes lit up and he licks his lips, Nicklaus looks at him and shake his head.

“Jerry pack a takeaway for Marc!”

“Yes, master!”

Marcus frowns.

“Takeaway?! I don’t want it, I wanna eat here!”

“Not gonna happen, you’ll disturb my wife and I”

“No, I won’t. I’m a very obedient little boy!”

“No. Way!” Nicklaus turns to Jerry. “Pack a takeaway!”

“Yes, master!” Jerry said and rushes off.

Marcus looks at Nicklaus with a frown, he points his finger at Nicklaus speechlessly… Nicklaus grabs his finger and twist it, making Marcus howl in pain.

“See yourself out when you’re done!”


Nicklaus ignores him and head upstairs…though he carried their dinner with him.


He steps into his room and see Anastasia is fully dressed in one of the PJs Jerry bought earlier, she’s already asleep.

He drops their food on the bedside table, he taps her shoulder gently.

“Anastasia, Anastasia!” He calls.

Though Anastasia can hear him, but she didn’t respond.. she pretend like she’s deeply asleep and can’t hear him.

“Anastasia, wake up, let’s have dinner!” He called again.

Anastasia still didn’t wake up, after a few more taps with Anastasia still not waking up…he gives up.

He sighs.

“Let’s go to sleep then!” He said.

He climbs onto the bed, covers himself with the same blanket Anastasia’s using… he wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her closer.

With his nose snuggling her neck, he slowly falls asleep.

*I’ll go back home tomorrow, I can’t keep staying here or I’ll do something against my conscience!* Anastasia thinks to herself.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

Her hair blows in the wind as she runs around in the garden, the sound of her laughter echoes.

“Mom, dad, come on!” She calls.

“Alright, we are coming.. run as fast as you can!” Her dad replies.

Their faces are blur as usual, I can’t see what they look like.. just their figures and joyful laughter.

“Ready or not, here we come!” Her mother said and runs towards her.

She runs very fast with those tiny legs, trying to escape from her parents.. her parents purposely running slow to make her think she’s actually a fast runner.

“Mom! Dad! You’re too slow, come on, catch me!” Said said still running.

“You’re too fast, can you slow down!” Her dad asked.

After running for sometime, she bumps into a boy… as usual I still can’t see his face.

He laughs and pats her hair.

“Running away from your mom and dad again?”

She nods and giggles excitedly.

“Yeah, join me!”

“I… ”

She didn’t let him finish, she grabs his hand and drags him along.. giggling as they run.

Somehow, the boy is gone.. her parents are no longer chasing her.. she’s standing in front of that Villa again.

She looks at what she’s holding before running towards the door, she opens it and rushes in.. slamming it.

I grab the handle and as usual, I still couldn’t open it. I take a step back, I’ll march it down, but….

Ding ding!

Ding ding!


Ding ding!

Ding ding!

My eyes snaps open at the annoying sound, I sit up and look around.

It’s just me in the room, Nicklaus is not on his side of bed. My hand feels his side and I realized it’s warm.. I guess he just woke up.

My eyes locate the wall clock, it’s 6:57am… it’s morning already?!

Ding ding!

I groan, I didn’t find out what’s behind that door because of this sound.. I guess it’s someone ringing the doorbell.

Ding ding!

Where is Klaus? Or Jerry? Shouldn’t one of them get the door already?!

Then I hear water running in the bathroom, I sigh, so Klaus is taking his bath.

Ding ding!

Feeling a bit annoyed, I rip the blanket off me and hop off the bed.. I wear my flip-flops and head towards the door.

I reached the main door in no time and quickly open the door, my mouth drops open.

Standing before me is a very gorgeous woman, she seem to be in her early fifties.. but one can hardly tell.

She look so young, even younger than me. She looks at me, from head to toe with a frown.

“Did I come to the wrong place?” She asked.

“G-good morning, ma’am.. how may I help you?”

Why am I stuttering? She looks like a nice lady!

“Do you live here?” She asked me back, ignoring my question.

I open my mouth to reply her but Klaus speaks from behind me.

“Anastasia? Who’s there?”

I didn’t turn away neither did I answer his question, I hear his footsteps coming towards me.

He holds my waist and tilts his neck.

“Mom?” He called in a questioning tone.

Mom?! This woman is Klaus’s mom?!

“Hi, Nicklaus!” A very familiar voice greets.

I frown, why didn’t I notice her before?

“Claudia?” I whisper.

She winks at me, a smile plastered on her face.

To be continued.

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