On My Master's Bed

On My Master’s Bed episode 38 – 39


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Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 38

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

All through the ride, Klaus has been pulling a long face and he’s got this angry scowl on his face.

I dared not speak to him.

It’s been almost 50minutes since we arrived home, Graham already took my luggage to Klaus’s room and has left too.

Now it’s just me and Klaus, he still wouldn’t talk to me.

“Master, the food is getting cold” Jerry said.

Klaus ignores him and continue scrolling through his phone, Jerry squirm on his spot nervously.

“Klaus, let’s go have breakfast, Jerry…..”

He didn’t let me fish before he got up and head upstairs, towards his room…I sigh.

I don’t know if he’s acting jealous, or if he’s actually angry.

“Anna?” Jerry called me.

I turn to him.

“What happened? Who got master angry?” He asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Oh! So..this is Klaus being angry!

“I did!” I replied him.

“Please go calm him down, or this mansion is gonna turn upside down in a few minutes!”


He sighs. “You wouldn’t wanna know what master would do when he’s angry” he said and runs off.

What exactly does Jerry mean? Does Klaus always destroy things when he’s angry?

I better steer clear of him if that’s the case! My gaze move towards his room, I wonder what he’s doing in there!

Puffing out some air, I decided to go check on him.

“Jesus!” I gasped out as I step into Klaus’s room.

Klaus is sitting on his bed with his hands fisted by his side, his eyebrows knit together…anger is clearly written all over him.

He gets up and takes slow predatory step towards me, I, on the other hand, I cowardly step back.

Seeing him in this state makes me recalls Jerry’s warning..is this what he meant?

What is he gonna do? Is he planning on straggling me to death?

“K-klaus..I..I.. didn’t mean to offend you…” I cut myself off as I feel my back hits the wall


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stops in front of me and puts his hands on the wall, caging me.

He stares directly in my eyes with his dark ones, my heart beating fast…scared of what he’s about to do.

He leans down, his hot breath fanning my face, making me perceive his minty breath.


wonder which paste he’s using…I feel my cheeks heat up at our proximity.

Why am I blushing at this moment? I should be scared…right?

“You defiled my order….” He spoke.

His order? What’s his order?!

“…, aren’t you getting bold?” He asked.

He moves one hand from the wall and brings it closer to my face….brushes his finger along my jawline.

“How about I punish you?!” He asked again.

I gulp at his question, I’m kinda reading too much into his question.

The interpretation of his question in my head, is making me feel some kind of inner heat…you can say I have a dirty mind.


me, how do I punish you?” He asked again.

His eyes focusing on my lips, which makes my lips suddenly runs dry and I couldn’t help but lick them.

“Pu-punish me as you deem fit!” I replied.

He smirks and steps away from me, I feel somehow disappointed when his warmth left.

“I’m horny and I need a blowjob!” He said vulgarly.

I understand what he wants but I pretend to be clueless, I’m not the typical church girl type.

Beside, is this the punishment he’s referring to?!

“What is a blowjob?” I asked innocently.

Instead of replying me, Klaus starts removing his belt..his eyes not leaving mine as he removes it.

“Knee down and don’t look away from my eyes!” He said.

I nod and kneels down, I continue looking in his eyes…he smirks at me.

“Now look down!”

My eyes leaves his and look down, I gasped loudly..not because his d**k is extra big but because..this is the first time I’m seeing am actual d**k in real life.

I mean, I do sneakily watch porn and I see different sizes of d**ks but I didn’t think I’ll see one in real life so soon!

“I see you know what to do?”

I shake my head.

“I’m new to this but I’ll try!” I said.

Wait, I should be shy? And I know you’re wondering why I’m not shy…well, that’s because I’m curious.

I want to find out my own abilities, I wanna know what I’m capable of!

Also, I don’t think I can escape from this..if we don’t do it today, we’ll do it another day. So….

“I’ve never done this before, so pardon my sloppy work!”

“I’m new to this too but let’s just follow our instincts, we’ll learn from each other!” Klaus said.

Bloody virgin Mary! Klaus is a virgin?! Right, he’s allergic to women!

“Now, suck it!” He commands.


eyes lit up in excitement as I grab his d**k in my hand, sparks runs through my veins as I feel him pumping in my hsnd.

I first stroke it slowly before wrapping my mouth around him.

He did a sharp intake of breath, my mouth moves on his d**k, licking and biting him teasingly as best as I could.

Now I know why those female pornstars enjoy sucking d**ks.. it’s so soft..no, it’s hard but soft..like bread.

After a few minutes, it feels as if I’m possessed, I don’t know what came over me…

I started sucking him hard, spitting on him..m0aning along.

Maybe I wasn’t fast enough, Klaus grabs my head and starts mouth-f**king me..going deep in my throat.

I cough and gag, spit running from my mouth down to my chest but Klaus didn’t stop.

“Open your mouth wider!” He said.

I did, his d**k thrusting in and out of my mouth, going deeper and deeper down my throat.

“Yeah…” He m0ans.

He continues thrusting into my mouth, hard….soon he stops and jerks as I feel something warm pour in my mouth.

Pulling out of my mouth, he lift my head and stare in my eyes.

“Swallow it!” He commands.

Without asking questions, I swallowed.

He helps me up and crashes his lips on mine, his hands grab my blouse and rips it.

Buttons flying everywhere, his hands locates my bra hook and unhooks it…he slides my bra down.

He breaks the kiss and stare at my [email protected], he smiles.

“Beautiful” he said.

Trailing kisses down my neck and collarbone, he stopped at my chest…his mouth grabs one of my [email protected] and his hand gropes the other.

He sucks, nibs and bites my n!pole teasingly…his other hand fondles with my free [email protected]

I suck in some air and throw my head back on the wall.

“Hmmm….” I m0an.

He leaves my [email protected] and attacks my lips again, his tongue asked for permission and I let him.

He lift my legs and wrap them around his waist, then he starts walking towards his bed…not breaking the kiss.

Laying me on the bed, he breaks the kiss and takes off my pants and panties.

He carelessly throws it across the room, he stares at my p*s*y briefly before he delves in.

“Klaus….” I call his name as I feel him sucking all my juice.

Klaus makes slurring sounds, making it seem as if this is one of the best food he’s had.

While his tongue is doing wonders in my p*s*y, his hands moves up and grabs my [email protected]

I can’t seem to get enough his skilled tongue, so, I grab his head and shove him in… wishing his tongue could go deeper than it already has.

After eating me for a few minutes, he lifts his head and stare at me.

“Taste yourself!” He said and crash his lips on mine.

Truly, I tasted myself but I don’t like the taste… I thought it’d be sweet, like sugar.. but unfortunately it’s not!

I wonder what Klaus enjoyed there!

Then I feel two of his fingers slip into me.

“F**k!” I exclaimed, biting Klaus’ lower lip accidentally.

His fingers starts going in and out of me, he was going in a slow pace at first, soon, he increased his pace.

Faster..faster…faster..his fingers goes, to the extent that I couldn’t hold it in…I feel myself squirting so hard.

It’s just as if me squirting is giving Klaus high morale, his pace increases a great deal.

By now, I’m a m0aning mess, my breath fastens and I gasp for air.

I want him…I want to feel him now!

Like seriously, I have abandoned myself to him.. soon he stops.

He pulls me towards the edge of the bed and positions himself in front of me and kisses my lips softly.

“Should I?”

Is that a question he’s asking? I gave him a quick nod and he slides into me…I bite my lower lip as I feel slight pains.

He waits a few seconds before he starts moving slowly…at the first thrust, I screamed loudly.

But he crashes his lips on mine, he kisses me softly, still not pulling out of me.

“Klaus… it’s hurts…” I told him, I feel a lone tear drop.

“I know, I’m gonna go easy on you…I know it’s your first time”

“D-don’t..can you make the pain go away?”

He kisses my forehead and shake his head.

“No, darling…but I promise the pain will go away soon, ok?”

I simply nod, then he move again and I groan in pain…he keeps muttering sorry as he thrust into me slowly.

A few more thrusts later, I don’t feel anymore pain and I want him to go faster.

“Faster please!”

“Are you sure?” He asked me.


That’s all he needed, he started thrusting faster… pleasure rushes through my veins, I feel as if they wanna explode.

Faster… deeper…faster… deeper

Yet I couldn’t get enough, I want him to go deeper but no matter how much signs I show him, he wouldn’t do it.

I guess he’s scared of hurting me since it’s my first time.

“F**k! You feel so good, Nina!” He m0ans.

All his veins are bulging out, his muscles flexing as he move against me.

I can’t believe I’m having s£x with a s£x god!

He stops and pulls out of me, he leans down and spits on my p*s*y.

His fingers slides in and he thrusts in a few seconds before pulling it out…he walks towards the only recliner in the room and sits down.

I quickly sit up with a frown.

“Are we done?”

“Shh!” He shushed me.

He adjusts the recliner and lays back on it, with his d**k standing proudly.

“Come ride me!” He said.

“I..I don’t know how”

“Do your best!” He said.

I climb down the bed and walk towards him…or should I say I leap towards him since I’m feeling slight pains down there.

He help me climb onto him, I slowly slides his d**k into my tight p*s*y.

“That’s so tight!” He hisses out in pleasure.

Then I start moving slowly on him, he grabs my ass cheeks and supports me… helping me go faster.

Faster….faster…faster… faster…until I feel a tight knot forming in my stomach, my p*s*y wrap tight around Klaus’ d**k.


“Oh no, you’re not gonna!” He said.

He slaps my ass hard but instead of feeling pain, I feel a gush of pleasure.

“Ahh!” I yelled out.

I grab my [email protected] and squeeze them hard…now I know what those girls feel when they receive a slap on their ass during s£x.

It’s s£xually pleasurable!

He slaps my ass again, he stands up with my legs wrap around his waist…he lays me on the recliner instead and starts f**king the hell out of me.

He leans down and crash his lips on mine, as he thrusts faster into me…he pulls out and thrusts in without warning.

I bite his tongue and m0an out his name loudly…he continues thrusting in.

Faster…harder… deeper…harder…faster…deeper…


“Nina!” We both screamed each other’s name.

Klaus quickly pulls out of me and pours his sperm all over my chest…he lifts my head up and shoves his d**k in my mouth.

I suck every single drop of his sperm and swallow it!

He groans breathlessly falls next to me on the recliner and smiles at me…he place a soft kiss on my head.

“I say our first time was amazing, you did great!” He tells me.

I blush and hide my face on his chest.

“Oh? Is someone shy now?” He tease me, I hit his chest playfully not raising my head.

“Just pray you didn’t damage something in me!”

He laughs.

“No, I didn’t, I was easy on you because this is our first time…next time, I won’t go easy on you!” He said.

I simply laugh, I’m too tired to speak…he caresses my hair as a comfortable silence engulf us.

“Your punishment is one sweet punishment…I guess I’ll always be a naughty girl, I want you to punish me always!” I said.

He chuckles lightly.

“Well, I won’t get tired of punishing you!” He replies.

I’m no longer that innocent girl, Klaus has tainted me and I’m happy to be tainted by him.

“Let’s go freshen up!” He gets up and carries me in his arms…then head towards the bathroom.


Authoress’ pov 👠

“Are we done yet?” Marcus grumbles.

Matilda smirks, she ignores him and hops towards a shop, humming a happy tone along.

“We’ve being going round this mall for 4hours now!” He complains.

“Yeah, going around but haven’t buy anything.. stop complaining since your money is safe!” She scolds him.

Marcus groans loudly and releases a fake cry, he stomps his feet like a cry baby.

“At least buy something, to make our trip here worthwhile!”

Matilda sends him a glare and he shuts up immediately, he exhale slowly.

Not watching where she’s going, Matilda bumps into someone.

Just when she’s about to fall, Marcus catches her.. but he somehow lost his balance and they both feel down.

With Matilda laying on Marcus, their lips glue together.. their eyes grows wide in surprise.

Matilda quickly pulls herself up, Marcus follows shortly.. her hand moves to her lips as she replays what just happened in her head.

“Are you ok, Matilda?” Marcus asked.

She turns away from him and nods… she look around and luckily, no one was watching.

“I.. I didn’t mean that” she stutters.

Marcus smiles, she comes in front of her and tries to look in her eyes but she keeps avoiding his gaze.

“I know you did mean that, but it has happened so….”

He trails off and runs his fingers through his hair, he bites his lower lip.

“.. since you’ve stole a kiss from me, I suppose you must take responsibility for it!”

This statement angered Matilda, she raised her head, forgetting about how embarrassed she was few seconds ago.

She glares at Marcus and grab him by his collar, she pulls him down to her level… he’s a few inches taller than her.

“Take responsibility for what? I believe that wasn’t your first kiss!”

Marcus does a little thinking, like he’s making some calculations in his head.

“It’s not my first kiss but I think it’s my 288th kiss…”

Matilda’s eyes grows wide, she grits her teeth and steps on Marcus’s feet.

“Ow!” He winces painfully and jumps.

Matilda lets go of his collar and push him away from her.

“F**king Manwhore!” She curse him and walks away angrily.

Marcus frowns, then he realizes what he just said and hits his head.

“Why did I say that?” He blames himself and slaps his mouth.

He notices Matilda has gone a little far from him, so he quickly chase after her.

“Hey! I’m sorry, I made a mistake with the numbers!” He yells after her.

Chapter 39

Matilda’s pov 👠

Marcus stands outside our door, he knocks on it just like he’s been knocking for the past 20minutes.

“Go away!” I yells from inside her living room.

After that incident at the mall, I gave him his card back and board a taxi home…I wasn’t expecting him to follow me but he did.

“Please open the door, I made a mistake…”

I scoffs loudly, he made a mistake… really? Who would believe that?

“Do I look like a kid to you?”

I sits on an armchair, a bowl of popcorn on my laps while I watch “The Notebook!”

I watch movies when I’m feeling upset, and right now I’m feeling quite upset…ask me why, I, myself don’t know!

“Matilda, I swear, I made a mistake… I’ve only ever kissed two women in my life!”

“Two women!” I scoffs. “Then go court them, I bet they are still waiting for your kiss!”

I’m not angry or jealous.. no, I’m not.

But he shouldn’t have told me about the number of women he’s kissed, he should have respected the fact that he’s asking me out and shut his mouth!

“I’m really sorry, I won’t repeat that mistake ever again!” He said.

I ignore him, he continues knocking on the door… which is really becoming annoying now.

“I said you should go away, I don’t wanna see you!”

288th! What a playboy he is.. my phone beeps, I reach for it and sees a message from Anastasia.

I quickly open it with a smile, but my smile falters in no time as I read the message.

*Hey Tilda, I know it’s sudden but Klaus wanted me to move in with me.. so I did! I’m sorry for leaving suddenly!*

“What?! She moved out?!” I exclaimed and jumps up, knocking off her popcorn.

My eyes glance through the message again.

“Matilda, what’s wrong? I heard you scream!” He said from outside.

I rolled my eyeballs.

“It’s none of your business! I’m fine!” I snap at him.

She didn’t even think of calling me before moving out, no heads up!

My legs move me towards her room, I open her wardrobe and notice it’s empty.

I quickly dialed her number to give her some scolding but she didn’t pick up… Hmm, she better call me back when she sees my missed calls!

Wait…her phone was broken this morning.

Taking a deep breath, I head back to the living room… Now it’s just me alone in this apartment.

“Matilda, it’s gonna rain soon, please let me in!”

My eyes move to the window, it’s truly getting cloudy outside and I can feel the cold breeze blowing in.

“Then go back home or you’ll be drenched in the rain!” I told him.

“I’m not going, let me in!”

“Don’t be stubborn! Go home now!”

“No!” He replies.

I narrowed my eyes and nod my head.

“Fine! Let’s see who’s more stubborn!” I told him.

I reach for the TV remote control, I increased the volume of the TV and smirks.

Let’s how you’re gonna disturb me now!

A few minutes later, I was already dozing off to sleep when it started thundering..

I shake off some sleep off my eyes and rushed to the window.. to close it.

After closing it, I walk back to my chair and turn off the TV.. soon, it started raining heavily.

Then my mind flashes back to Marcus who was standing outside my door… I wonder if he’s still there.

If he’s still standing there, he’ll really get drenched… groaning quietly, I head towards the door…I open it and behold Marcus is still there.

He’s already shaking from cold.

“Why haven’t you left?” I asked him.

He smiles at me.

“I know you wouldn’t be heartless to leave me here and watch me get drenched in the rain”

I glared at him but make way for him to come in anyway, he quickly step in and I shut the door.

“Does this mean you forgive me?” He asked.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Wanna know why.. my cousin didn’t end up with Anastasia who’s been crushing on him since forever?”

He nods quickly with a smile, his lips quivering from the cold.

“Because he lied!” I growled in his face.

He frowns and blinks his eyes rapidly.

“But I wasn’t lying, I made mistake with the numbers…. ”

“I don’t care!” I glared at him. “Come with me, I’ll show you to a bathroom… you should get yourself dried up or you’ll fall sick!”

He grins boyishly, I led him to Anastasia’s room… I guess it’s kinda a good thing she moved out already.

“There’s a new towel in there, I’ll get your clothes dried and you can leave when the rain stops!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I huffed and left him in the room.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

Nicklaus’s mansion… 7:32pm…

I open my eyes, I realized I’m still cuddling with Klaus.

We decided to cuddle after bath but I didn’t know when I fell asleep!

“You’re awake!” Klaus states, I nod.

My stomach growls loudly and I feel Klaus’ body vibrate, he’s chuckling…he hugs me closer than before.

He placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Is my baby hungry?” He asked.

“I guess!”

“Wait for me here, I’ll go get you something from the kitchen!” He said.

He lays me back on the bed and get out of bed, he’s in his boxers only.

My eyes meets his lower body and my mind races back to our wild s£x few hours ago… if we could go wild for the first time, I wonder how wilder it would be later.

“Are you lusting after me?” He asked.

I rolled my eyeballs and scoff, I pulled the blanket up to my chest.

“There’s nothing to see there!” I said.

He moves his hand to his heart and feigns being in pain.

“I’m hurt!” He pouts his lips, which makes him look like a cute five years old!

“I’m hungry!” I cried.

“Fine! Fine! I’ll go get dinner!”

He head towards the door, I stop him and he turns to face me.

“Can I borrow your phone?”

“Sure!” He points at it on the bedside table.


He grins widely and scratches the back of his neck nervously.

“Niklaus!” He said.

I furrow my brows.

“Nicklaus? You used your name?”

“No, it’s a combination of our names!” He said.

Combination of our names?! Isn’t his name Nicklaus?! How can it be a combination of our names?

He must have noticed my confused expression, so he started to explain.

“Ni from Nina… Klaus from Nicklaus, which is niklaus!”

Oh, now I understand him.

“But it still sounds like your name to me!”

“It’s not, my name is Nicklaus.. but my password is niklaus!”

Well, I guess he’s ready to argue with me till dawn.. I won’t be able to keep up with him.

“Fine, fine, it’s a combination of our names!” I agreed with him.

He nods and step out, I reach for his phone and first dialed aunt’s number.. she picks up after a few ring.

“Hello?” Aunt’s voice comes from the other side.

“Aunt, it’s me Anna!” I introduced myself.

“Anna? It’s late, why aren’t you sleeping yet?” She asked.

I smile, aunt is truly like a mother to us, she worries over everything.

“I’ll go to bed soon, I just wanted to confirm the time for Denzel’s operation tomorrow”

She sighs *get back in bed!* I her scold someone in the background… that must be Denzel.

“It’s 3pm, aren’t you coming to be here for your brother?”

“I will”

“That’s good, I’m so nervous right now.. I can already picture tomorrow, is it the same for you?” She asked me.

I understand aunt’s nervousness, this is the day we’ve all been praying and waiting for.. it’s finally happening.

Even I don’t know what to feel.

“Aunt, it’s gonna be fine, there’ll be no complications tomorrow” I told her encouragingly.

“I pray so!”

Me too, I pray everything go smoothly tomorrow.

“Alright, hang up and go to bed young missy!”

“Good night, aunt”

“Good night my little angel”

Little angel? I shake my head, if only she knows this angel is tainted and no longer pure.

My aunt is one traditional woman, she doesn’t believe in premarital s£x…if she finds out Klaus and I did it before our wedding.

I swear, she’d kill me and send me to my parents in heaven.. to see what they gave birth to!

It’s better she doesn’t finds out, thankfully, Klaus didn’t pour his seed in me… There’ll be no fear for pregnancy!

I hear a beep, that’s when I realized aunt just hang up. I rest my head against the headboard and think of who to call again.

Tilda! I quickly dialed her number, first ring, second ring, third ring.. she finally picks up.


I’m scared she’ll break Klaus’ phone from yelling, so I decided to change my voice.. I cleared my throat.

“Tilda!” I called her in a bold voice.

She paused, I guess she’s processing my voice… I hear her gasp.

“Anastasia Lopez! How dare you leave without a heads up?!” She growls into the phone.

I moved it away from my ear and let her finish her ranting, before bringing it back to my ear.

I laugh lightly.

“Tilda, it’s.. it’s…”

“It’s what?! Speak up!!”

Then I spoke the first word that comes to my mind.

“It’s.. Klaus! That bastard! He forcefully brought me to his house, he tied me up, carried me on his shoulder and brought me here…”

She didn’t speak so I continue.

“… I screamed but nobody dared to help me, his eyes were red like fire and his expression was so deadly that even satan would be scared of him…”

“Stop, stop your drama!” She cuts me off.

I laugh and shut up.

“I understand that he’s your fiance, but you shouldn’t abandon your friend because of him… What happened to sisters before dudes?”

“I’m sorry, Tilda, I promise I’ll be coming for sleepovers!”

She sighs.

“Fine, you….” A crash cuts her off. “… I have something to do, I’ll call you back tomorrow!”

“Tomo….” She hangs up.

Why call me back tomorrow? Why not today?!

Just then Klaus comes in with a tray of food, I perceives steaks and my mouth watered.

I open my arms with a smile.

“Come to mama!”


Authoress’ pov 👠


Claudia enters the club and walk straight to a table in a secluded spot, a man is already seated on that table.

“What took you so long?” He asked her.

“Sneaking out of the house is not easy, I almost woke my mom up!”

The man frowns.

“I’m paying you enough, why can’t you get your own apartment?”

“That’s none of your business, get down to business… Why did you call me out?”

The man look around the club, to be sure no one’s listening to their conversation.

“How is it going with that boy? Have succeeded in getting him?”

“No! He is one of the most difficult man I’ve seen, I’ve been by his side for many years.. but he’s still indifferent towards me!”

He glares at her as she speak those words, he grits his teeth.

“That’s because you haven’t applied your charm, make him notice your good features and beauty!”

“And you think I’m not trying? I’m trying ok?”

He gets up, he dips his hand in his pocket and pulls out an envelope, he drops it in front of her.

“You have one week to make him fall for you.. or else, you know the consequences!”

“I can’t make him fall for me when there’s an obstacle!”


Claudia scoffs and stares at him with a smirk.

“I guess you haven’t done your research!”

She gets up and stare directly in his eyes.

“One week? I’ll get the job done!” She snatches the envelope from the table and storms out of the club.

To be continued.

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