On My Master's Bed

On My Master’s Bed episode 53 – 54


On My Master’s Bed

Chapter 53.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Nicklaus steps out of the tall building of Statham enterprise.. his haste steps falters when he sees Graham leaning on his car.

“Graham!” He called and walked closer to him.

Graham quickly stands upright and adjust his shirt… He’s on plain blue t-shirt today.

“Mr Statham, are you going out?”

Instead of replying him, Nicklaus glared at him.

“What are you doing here? Why are you not with Anastasia?” Nicklaus growled at him.

“Oh… Miss Lopez insisted on going in a cab” Graham replied.

Nicklaus narrowed his eyes.

“She insisted on going in a cab and you let her? Without informing me about it first?!”

“Mr Statham…”

Graham tried to explain himself, but he swallowed his words when he sees Nicklaus’s harsh glare on him.

“It seems you’re tired of this job!”

Graham shakes his head in disapproval.

“No, sir, I’m not tired!”

Nicklaus eyed him for a few more minutes, before he moves his gaze to the door handle… Graham notices this and quickly opens the door.

Nicklaus got in the car and Graham rushed into the driver’s seat.. he starts the car and turns to Nicklaus.

“Where are we headed, sir?”

“Marcus!” Nicklaus replied.

Graham nods and drives into the road, Nicklaus reaches for his phone in his pocket.

He dials Matilda’s number, the phone keep on ringing but there was no answer.

“Have you get in touch with her guards? Do you know where she went?” Nicklaus asked Graham.

“Yes, her guards said she went to a drugstore, Mr Statham”

Nicklaus stopped typing on his phone and lifts his head up, a small frown on his forehead.

“A drugstore? Is she sick?” He asked rhetorically.

He turns back to his phone dials Matilda’s number again, it keep ringing but there was still no answer.

“Did some happen to her?”

“Miss Lopez is fine, Mr Statham.. her guards said she and her friend are having ice cream in an ice cream parlor!”


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nods and sends Matilda a quick message, telling her in the message to call him soon.

“After you drop me off at Marcus, go get a new phone for Anastasia!”

“Yes, Mr Statham!” Graham replied and stepped on the gas.

Nicklaus shoves his phone back in his pocket and stares out the window.



pov 👠

“Hahahaha… that’s so funny!” I said.

“Yeah, right…I was like, grandma you don’t use your brush to wash toilet!”

Matilda has been making me laugh out all my guts, I can feel a tear falling from my eyes now.

My eyes wanders to the glass window again, that car is still there…

I tried to look for the driver but I couldn’t find him, since it’s having tinted windows.

“Tilda, did you noticed that car?” I asked her.

Matilda turn towards the window, she frowns slightly.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”

“Did you notice it followed us here?”

She scoffs and turns away from the window, she grabs her ice cream cone.


takes a bite.

“I don’t think it followed us, it might just be we were headed the same direction!”


“Yes. What else would it be?”

But I didn’t see anyone come out from that car.. I wanted to say.

Well, I might be wrong, maybe I’m just being paranoid… since we left that Dr ghost’s pharmacy, I have being having a weird feeling.

“Tasia, I think we should head home… I’m feeling kinda sleepy, I didn’t have enough sleep because of Denzel”

“Hmm, thanks Tilda, I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

She laughs and get up, she picked her purse.

“We’re sisters, sisters always have each other’s back” she said.

She helped me up, the pills fell off my pocket and I quickly bend down to pick them up.

“I’m so gonna hide this pills from Klaus!” I said.


“I have a feeling Klaus wants to get me pregnant… but I’m not ready for that yet”

I keep the pills in my bag and hear Matilda chuckles lightly.

“Why don’t you wanna get pregnant, it’s not as if Mr Statham is gonna deny it”

“Yeah, Klaus won’t deny the baby but I’m just not ready… it was just recently I got to know Klaus and I have been engaged since childhood… ”

We both head towards the exit door, we’ve already paid for our ice creams before.

“… There are still a lot of things that I don’t know about my past, like what happened to my real parents.. who’s behind their deaths.. I don’t seem to remember any of it, I want to remember everything first and set some things right before I think of having a baby!”

Matilda nods.

“Now I understand, but having a baby won’t stop you from remembering”

“Yeah, it won’t stop me, but it’ll be chaotic.. I mean, the baby will go through a lot of stress and injuries!”


stopped at a main road and wait for a cab or taxi.

“Ok.. I’ll zip my mouth about the pills stuff!” She said.

Just then we see a taxi, coming up ahead… Matilda reaches out and stopped it.

We gave him our direction and got in, then he drove off.

“Matilda, look, that car is still following us!” I said.

Matilda turns back and saw that car from the ice cream parlor behind us, it’s following very closely.

“Why is it following us? We didn’t offend anyone.. right?”


She falls back on her seat and gasp loudly.

“This reminds me of those scenes in the movies, where the female leads are being chased by some assassins!” She said.

I slump back on my seat and rolled my eyeballs, I’m being serious here and she’s being dramatic.

But her illustration seem to be right.

“Do you think they are after us? To kill us?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I pray it’s not that!”

I peek back, the car is still following us.. we’re just a few meters away from Matilda’s apartment.

“I wish I have bodyguards, I wouldn’t be worrying about someone following me” I said.

“Don’t worry yourself, darling, we didn’t offend anybody!”

Yeah… I didn’t offend anyone now, but what about in the past.. I don’t know what my parents did!

Soon, the car jerks and stopped.. I lift my head and realized we’re at Matilda’s apartment already.

“Ok, this is where I say goodbye!” She said.

I nod, I look back and didn’t see that car, I breathe out in relief.. I’m just being paranoid.

“I’ll call to let you know when I get home!” I told her.

She opens the door and step out, she waves at me as the driver drives away… she waves until we’re out of sight.

Few minutes later, I turn back just to check if the car is really gone.. but I’m surprised it’s still following me.

“Excuse me, sir, can you please drive faster?” I asked.

“Yes, ma’am!” He replied and stepped on the gas.

“Thank you, sir!” I said after paying the driver his money.

I stepped out of the cab and turn, that car is parked a few meters away from me.

Without waiting to see who’s driving the car, I ran into the mansion and slam the door shut.

I look through the window, a man stepped out of the car, he turns towards me and my mouth falls open… Dr ghost?!

Why was he following me? Is he someone from my past? Was he a bad man or good man?

“Anna, what are you looking at?”

A shocked gasp leaves my mouth as I jumped in fright…I turn and see Jerry standing behind me.

My hand flies to my chest as I gasp for air.

“Jerry! You scared me!” I scold him.

“Sorry to scare you, I saw the way you were cautiously looking out the window.. I thought you’re hiding away from someone or something”

I clear my throat and walk away from the window, I walk towards a sofa and sit down.. reaching for a cushion and place it on my lap.

“I was just making sure the cab driver is gone”

“Cab driver?”

“Yeah… Can I borrow your phone? I wanna make a phone call”


He reaches for his phone in his pocket and hands it to me, instead of calling Matilda like we agreed… I sent her a message.

“I’m starving, what do we have for lunch?”

Jerry chuckles lightly.

“Lunch? It’s almost dinner!” He said pointing to the wall clock.

I turn towards it and realized it’s 4:59pm.. I got up and head towards our room.

“Then start making dinner, Klaus will be home soon!” I said.

“Er.. can I have my phone back?” He asked.

I looked at my hand, his phone is still with me.. I laugh at my forgetfulness.

“Thank you!” I said as I hands it back to him.

“It’s nothing” he replied.

I take long strides towards our room, I step in and strips off my clothes before dashing into the bathroom.

I turn on the tap and lets

What happened in my past? Why can’t I seem to remember anything?


Authoress’ pov 👠

“Marc!” Nicklaus called when he steps into Marcus’s mansion.

There’s no response, but he knew Marcus is around since his home is open.

“Marcus!” He called again, his voice echoes in the living room.

With a frown on his forehead, he walks closer to a sofa.. his hands tucked in his pockets.

Marcus’s laptop is on, he leans down and turns it towards himself… his eyes lands on a name.

He tensed before turning his gaze to the picture, he studies the picture with a very deep frown.


Marcus shouts as he jumps out of his kitchen, in hopes of scaring Nicklaus… but to his deepest disappointment, Nicklaus remain unmoved.

“Are you a stone! At least show me some reaction!” He winces and sits down.

Nicklaus grabs his collar and pulls him closer to the center table.. he points at the picture.

“Who is this?!” He asked with all seriousness.

Marcus frowns too and leans on the table.

“I don’t know, that’s why I called you.. I thought he might be someone related to your past, my boys sent me this picture” Marcus explained.

Nicklaus balled his fist tightly and grits his teeth, he drives his fist into the glass table.. making it crack from the hard impact.

Marcus clears his throat and moves away from Nicklaus a little bit.

“Ok… from your expression, I can tell you recognize him!” He said.

Nicklaus grabs the laptop and made to throw it across the living room, Marcus quickly dives it and shake his head.

“We can talk about this calmly!”

He drops the laptop back on the table and turns to Nicklaus, Nicklaus’s eyes held anger as he pace about.

“Let’s start with… Who’s this man?” Marcus asked.

“Impossible! Impossible!” Nicklaus chants.

His eyes moves to the picture again and he sends it a killer’s glare, wishing in his heart this man would just go to hell.

“Nicky, who’s the man?” Marcus asked again.

Nicklaus stays silent for a brief moment, before speaking.

“That was Claudia’s father!” He said in a gruff voice.

Marcus turns to the picture again, he studies it closely and nods.

“Now I can see the resemblance, they do look alike!” He said.

“But he’s supposed to be dead! I saw him die! He died in my arms.. how is that possible?!” Nicklaus wonders.

He sits down, move the laptop to his side and glares at the picture.

“Are you sure you boys gave you the right information?” He asked.

Marcus scoffs and leans back on the sofa.

“My boys never gives me fake information.. this man is still alive, they must have sight him somewhere!”

Nicklaus frowns even more as a thought strikes him, he rest his chin on his finger.

“If he’s alive, then who’s that man that in the hospital?”

“That is nothing you should worry about, they might have done face surgery for him and paid him to say those heart felt words to you!” Marcus said.

Letting Marcus’s words sink in his head, he nods slowly.

“We’re not sure yet if this is really Claudia’s father or her uncle…tell your boys to follow Claudia up, they should report back to you who she meets and where she goes… ”

Marcus nods and carries his laptop on his lap, he starts typing.

“… we don’t know what is actually going on, if her father is involved in what happened 13years ago.. then this case isn’t as simple as we thought, it only means one thing…. ”

Nicklaus paused, making Marcus paused his typing too and wait for him to continue.

“… We’re fighting with enemies from within… And I promise I’ll make them suffer!” He promised.

“Copied, boss!” Marcus said.

Nicklaus pats his back, before getting up.. he adjusts his suit and wrist watch, he glance at the wall clock.

“It’s almost 6pm, I should go get Anastasia from her friend’s place!”

“Hoo-ha! Someone’s lovesick!” Marcus exclaims.

Nicklaus slaps the back of his head gently, and head towards the door.

“Just do your f**king job!”

“Of course, I will.. just see yourself out, I won’t see you out because….”

“The door is too far!”

“The door is too far!” They both said.

That’s Marcus’s favorite words, so Nicklaus already have it stuck in his head.

“That’s nice, safe ride home!” Marcus said.

Nicklaus simply nods and heads out, Graham rushes towards him the minute he steps out.

“Mr Statham, were are we headed this time?” He asked.

“Anastasia’s friend’s place!” Nicklaus replies simply.

Graham’s eyes drifts to Nicklaus hand, he reaches for it.

“Mr Statham, you’re bleeding!”

Nicklaus looked down and sees the blood pouring out of his wound, he didn’t realized he was injured until Graham mentioned it.

“Don’t worry about it, Anastasia will take care of it when I get home!”

Nicklaus walks towards his car and got into the back seat, Graham quickly got into the driver’s seat and starts the car.. they drive into the road.

Graham stopped outside Matilda’s apartment, Nicklaus quickly steps out of the car and head towards the door.

He pressed the doorbell.

“Hold on!” Matilda’s voice speaks from inside.

He didn’t wait for five minutes before Matilda slams the door open, she smiles when she sees it’s Nicklaus.

“Oh! Mr Statham, you’re here?” She asked.

“Yes! I’m here for my wife!” Nicklaus replied.

Matilda blushed as if she’s the one Nicklaus is referring to, but she quickly wipes the blush off her face.

“She already went home, the cab took her home”

“Ok!” Nicklaus said and turns to leave.

He stopped when he realizes he didn’t say thank you, he turns back to Matilda and put a forced smile on his face.

“Thank you!” He said and walk run back to his car.

He got into the backseat as usual, and Graham got into the driver’s seat.. then they drove off.


Anastasia’s pov 👠

I groan as my eyes leaves the wall clock in our room, I have been waiting for Nicklaus’s return since 5pm.

I’m starving and I didn’t wanna have dinner without him, my stomach growls loudly and I gently kick the table in front of me.

Even the movie I’m watching is now becoming boring! Just then my gaze lands on the pills still laying on the table, I quickly reach for it and goes to hide it.

It wasn’t long since I took two pills from it, I snatched my bag from the bedside table and throws the pills in my bag.

Just then I heard the honking sound of Nicklaus’s car as it drives into the compound… I tossed my bag back on the table and rushed down the stairs to welcome him in the living room.

He stepped into the living room the minute I reached there, I reach for his briefcase that Graham was holding.

I contemplate w€ther to tell him about that Dr ghost..but then he’ll ask me what I went to do at Dr ghost’s pharmacy.

Maybe I should just talk him into buying me a new phone, after all, my phone is badly broken and can’t be repaired.

“Hi.. honey, welcome home!” I greet him with a kiss.

He gives me a surprise look, a small frown on his face.

“Er… Anastasia? Am I safe?” He asked.

“Of course you are!” I replied.

I reached for his right hand, i wanted to clasp his hand with mine.. but I feel something cold.

My eyes travels down and I noticed his hand is pouring out blood like a tap.

“Oh my goodness! Klaus! What happened to your hand?!” I gasp out.

He stares at it and chuckles lightly.

“It’s nothing serious, it’s just a little scratch”

“A little scratch? A little scratch can pour so much blood?” I asked.

From the look of this injury, it was sustained from a very hard impact on a very hard surface.

“Did you have a fight with anyone?”

He shakes his head, of course he wouldn’t tell me if he had a fight with someone.

“Come with me, I’ll clean up your wound!” I said.

He nods and turns to Graham.

“Did you put that stuff in my briefcase?”

“Yes, sir!”

“You’re dismissed then!” He said.

Graham bows slightly and left, I drag him with me towards our room to treat his wound.

Chapter 54.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

Graham stepped out of Nicklaus’s mansion, he walked towards his sports bike parked outside.

Just when he lifts his head, he saw Anastasia’s guards murmuring among themselves.. he get on his bike and rides towards them.

“What are you murmuring about here?”

The four of them tensed and avoids his eyes, he grits his teeth and asked again in a very low growl.

“What are you murmuring about here?!”

They pushes each other to speak, none of them want to narrate what just happened.

“Seems you want Mr Statham to ask you himself…”

He reaches for his phone inside his jacket’s pocket.. and pretends like he’s dialing a number.

“… I can always call him to come here!”

“No! No! No! Please!” They all chorused.

Graham reluctantly moved the phone away from his ear, the phone’s light wasn’t even on.. but he was quick in throwing it into his pocket, so they didn’t see it.

“Now, speak! What happened?!” Graham asked again.

After silent deliberations, one of them finally decided to speak…his name is Jimmy.

“We noticed a black car following Miss Lopez this afternoon…”

He trails off and glances at his colleagues, as if asking them if he should continue.. but Graham’s growl made him continue.

“… we would have stopped him, but we didn’t wanna frighten Miss Lopez, so we decided to follow the car quietly…”

He keeps quiet again, Graham growls again and he continues.

“… we don’t know what happened, we lost both his car and Miss Lopez’s car” Jimmy finished his words.

Graham raised his fist and was ready to land it on his face, but he held himself.

“You’re useless! How can you lost their cars?! What were you thinking?!”

“We’re sorry, Mr Graham…”

“Don’t say sorry to me!” Graham cuts them off.

He take off his helmet and combs his fingers through his hair, biting his lower lip in frustration.

“What if something had happened to Miss Lopez?! What would you have told Mr Statham?!”

“We later asked Jerry, he said Miss Lopez is fine.. she got home safe!” Another of the guards said.. his name is Nico.

Graham glares at them speechlessly, he doesn’t know what to say to them.. he was the one that introduced them to Nicklaus.

If anything had happened, Nicklaus wouldn’t have be merciful to him and the guards.

“Did you see the car’s plate number?!”

“Yes, Mr Graham!” Jimmy and Nico replied.

“Then what are you waiting for here?! Freaky go look for that bast*rd!” He growls at them.

Without wasting time, they jumps into their car and drove off.. Graham look towards the window and saw Nicklaus standing there.

He quickly wore his helmet and rode off, he knows this isn’t over… Nicklaus will ask him about it tomorrow.

But at least he escaped today’s query!


Anastasia’s pov 👠

“What are you glaring at outside the window?” I asked and tilts my head to take a look.

But he didn’t let me, he blocks my view and drags me towards our room.

“It’s nothing, I was just glaring at Graham… he’s disturbing with his bike!”

I know he’s lying but I let it slide, his hand is the most important right now.

I grab the door handle and open the door, we walked in and I rushed to the medicine chest…I took a cotton wool, disinfectant cleaner and bandage and rushed back to him.

“It’s gonna stink slightly but please bear it!” I told him.

He scoffed loudly.

“Nothing ever hurts me!”

I simply give him a look that say, we’ll see about that. Immediately, I rub the disinfectant cleaner on his wound…he jumped off the couch and snatched his hand from me.

*F**KING HELL!* he exclaimed.

I couldn’t hold back my laugh, I burst into an uncontrollable laughter…my arms clung my stomach as I laugh out my guts.

“Nothing ever hurts me!” I mock him.

He sits down slowly and blows his hand to numb the hotness, I snatched his hand and blows it.

“Did you do that on purpose?” He asked.

“Maybe yes, maybe no!”

He glares at me as if he wants to speak, but I hushed him and continue cleaning his wound gently this time.

After cleaning his wound, I wrapped it up as best as I could…and return the items back to the medicine chest.

I saw Nicklaus holding something in his hands, I walked closer and realized it’s a new phone…an iPhone 11 pro max!

“Klaus, did you buy a new phone?” I asked and sit in front of him.

I’m secretly praying he’d say the phone is mine… God! Just thinking about it, I can’t just seem to contain my joy!

“Yeah, you broke your phone and I can’t reach you whenever I want to, so….”

“So…what?” I cut him off.

He’s taking forever to complete his sentence.

“…I bought this for you!”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed loudly and snatched the phone from him.

I jumped up and kissed the phone, I quickly ripped off the packet and bring the phone out.

My eyes grows wide as the phone sparkles into my eyes, I can’t believe I just got a new phone…and a very expensive one at that.

I gently dropped it on the table and grab Klaus’ face, I begin to shower kisses all over his face.

His lips…nose…eyes… forehead…jaw..chin… everywhere!

Until I’m tired, I picked the phone and rushed to my luggage…I wanna switch my sim.

“Er…I was hoping for a hot make out session but….”

I tone him off, my attention is solely on my new phone now.


Authoress’ pov 👠

Dr ghost parked his car outside his drugstore, he grabs two plates numbers from the passenger’s seat and quickly got off the car.

He looked around to make sure nobody is watching him, not that anyone is gonna watch him in this dark and creepy alley.

He changes the plate numbers of his car and walk into his store with the previous plate numbers in his hands.

“Honey! I’m home!” He called.

But as usual, there’s no reply, only his voice echoing back to hom….he throws the plate numbers on the counter and walks towards the inner room in his store.

He walked straight to the bed and sit on a couch, his eyes travels the body of an unconscious woman.

The woman look so pale, there’s an oxygen mask on her nose supporting her.

He reaches for her left hand, he caresses it softly and stares at her with a smile… a sad smile.

“I have good news for you, do you know… I saw her today, I saw Nina… she’s such a big girl now…”

He lets out a laugh, a laugh mixed with pain and happiness.

“.. she look so much like you, do you know, when I saw her.. I thought you were the one standing in front of me! She doesn’t seem to recognize me, but I don’t blame.. you know, it’s been long… ”

A lone tear runs down his cheek, he wipes it off and chuckles lightly.

“… I couldn’t hold back, I followed her to her place.. she lives in a mansion, a very big mansion. I just hope she’s fine, I hope she’s not facing any problems… ”

He reaches for his phone and showed the woman, some pictures he had snapped sneakily.

“… look, this is her, our daughter.. see how beautiful she’s grown. Er.. I know you’re wondering why I didn’t show myself to her, that’s because it’s not yet time. I wanna find out who’s behind that conspiracy.. I wanna know who’s bold enough… ”

He heard some honking sound outside, he smirks, he knows it’s those guys following him and Anastasia earlier… He simply shakes his head.

“… Not competent enough! I wonder why Nina would hire them!” He said.

He arranges the blanket on her properly.

“I wonder whose mansion she’s living in, could it be Nicklaus? Do you think it’s him?” He asked.

He knows he’s not gonna receive any reply, but he still ask her anyway.

“When will you wake up and see her for yourself? When will you see your beautiful daughter?”

He paused and stares at the picture again, he studies her features closely.

“She came to my store for after pills, she wants to kill our grandbaby…do you think I did wrong for giving her the wrong pills?”

He laughs as if he just remembered something funny.

“Nina is so cute, she doesn’t even know the pills I gave her will only help her get pregnant quickly! I need to help us too, we need grandkids.. right?!”

He continues laughing and rests his head on her bed, until he doze off.



Claudia walks into the club, she goes straight to her favorite table and sits down.. few minutes later a man in black joins her.

Drinks are already on the table before their arrival, like it was pre-ordered.

“You’re late!” The man states.

Claudia scoffs and reaches for a glass of wine on the table.

“I’m late? You said 9pm, did you check your time?”

The man checks his wrist watch and doesn’t say anything, he stares at Claudia.

“Are you gonna say why you asked me out?”

“I wanna know your progress with Nicklaus!”

Claudia drops her glass on the table and leans on it.

“My progress…how can there be any progress when there’s a little witch by his side?”

“Oh? A little witch? Well, that sounds interesting!”

“Anastasia Lopez! She’s been clinging onto him and wouldn’t let him have five minutes to himself… I walked in on them having….”

She trails off and reach for the glass of wine, she gulps it down in one go.

“… I don’t wanna remember that horrifying scene!”

“Leave her to me… remember what I promised you 13years ago?”


Little Claudia glares at the little girl as she runs about, giggling happily as she runs round the boy laying on a mat in the garden.

Little Claudia balled her fist and chewed her lower lip.. a man squats next to her and follows her glare.

“What are you looking at, Claudia?” He asked her.

“Her!” She responded.

The man frown.


“Yes! She stole my friend, I want him back!” She growls in her babyish voice.

The man laughs lightly, he looks at the girl and boy too.

“Their parents also stole from me, I want to take my stuff back!”

He turns to Claudia and pats her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get him back!”

She turns to him with a bright smile. “Thanks, daddy!”


“I’ll keep my promise, you’ll have Nicklaus and we’ll acquire their company too…”

“But your method is taking too long, should we wait until that slut gets pregnant first?!”

He hushed her, and glance around quickly.. luckily no one’s watching.

“I have a faster way, I’m buying shares with a secret name.. if the share is one percent higher than Nicklaus’s.. I’ll threaten him and make him marry you.. if you can get married to him, acquiring the company won’t be difficult!”

Claudia frowns as she thinks about something.

“If your share is one percent higher than his, why can’t you use it to take over the company?”

“One percent is not enough to take over the company, since Nicklaus is already the CEO!”

Claudia nods, she pours another glass of wine and sips it.

“That’s a good idea, but make sure you take care of Anastasia… I don’t want someone else to snatch Nicklaus from me just like Nina once did!”

“Don’t worry, darling, I’ll take care of everything for you!”

To be continued.

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