On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 59




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 59.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Anastasia’s pov 👠

My mouth falls open as my eyes scan the table, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

Everything on the table look so delicious and beautiful, aunt usually tells me that every food has its beauty…but I didn’t understand then.

I used to ask myself, how can food be beautiful?

But Klaus just proved aunt’s words! The food on the table are beautifully arranged and they look so delicious.. that I can feel my mouth already watering.

Klaus dropped the last dish on the table, he walked to my side and pulled out a chair for me… I sat down and he sat next to me.

He reached for my plate and serve some food in it, then placed it back in my front.

“Bon appetit!” He said and smiled at me.

Man… Klaus just made me realize something, I’m a disgrace to womanhood… I can’t believe my husband is a far better cook than me!

“Baby, eat!” Klaus said, gesturing to my plate.. I pass him a smile and pick my spoon.

I dip my spoon into the pudding and taste it, my eyes bulge out at the sweetness that fills my taste buds… My eyes closed on their own as I savour it.

“How does it taste?” Klaus asked as if he’s nervous.

I give him a thumbs up.

“Delicious! Very delicious!” I said.

Then I started stuffing my face with all the different types of food Klaus cooked.. he chuckles lightly.

“Ok… I didn’t cook this food to make you choke, I cooked it to feed you…”

He stops me and reaches for a tissue, he wipes the corner of my mouth.

“… eat slowly, no one’s taking the food from you!”

I simply nod and starts chewing the food in my mouth. He smiles, turns away from me and faces his food.

Marcus who’s been standing in a corner, suddenly clears his throat.


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can’t just stand and watch you guys finish all these foods alone…”

“Well, you can always leave!” Klaus cuts him off bluntly.

I scowl at him for speaking to his friend in such manner..so rude.

Marcus ignores him, he pulled out a chair.. the legs of the making chair screeching sound.


even though someone didn’t invite me, I’m gonna invite myself for the sake of our friendship!” He said and grins.

I glance at Klaus, he’s keeping a grumpy face but Marcus is happily heaping his plate with foods!

I wonder how they both ended up becoming friends, one is jovial and the other is an iceberg!

“Who~oa!” Marcus exclaimed loudly. “Nicky, when did you learn to cook?!”

Klaus scoffs and silently mimics him, now I’m seeing the clown side of Klaus… I laugh silently and starts eating too.

“Here!” Klaus adds a fish on my plate.

“Thank you!” I told him.. wondering why he’s being extra sweet to me this morning.


you’re already engaged.. but no worries, I can snatch you from Anna!” Marcus said.

I know I’m a big eater, but Marcus is the biggest eater I’ve never seen.. God! I can’t finish that mountain on his plate.

“Sorry, darling…” Klaus said facing Marcus. “… I don’t do boys!”

“Awwwn!” Marcus exclaims and makes a sad puppy face. “But I love, love you!”

Klaus dropped his spoon and leans towards Marcus, he cups Marcus’s face in his hands and caresses it softly.. but suddenly pulls his right cheek.

“Now eat quietly, before I throw you out!” Klaus growls in his face.

He sounded very serious, but I can still hear the playfulness in his voice.

“Humph!” Marcus slaps away Klaus’ hands. “I pity you!” He tells me and starts eating.

I laugh, he really does understand his friend.

We continue eating in silence until a question strikes my mind, I reach for my glass of orange juice and take a gulp.

“Right… Marcus, have you get in touch with Tilda lately?”

“Yeah, she’s fine…she just left for work before I came here!” He replied.

At first, I didn’t read into his statement and I nod.. but I replayed his statement in my head and narrowed my eyes at him.

“How did you know she just left for work?”

I bang on the table, making Klaus stop eating and glares at me with a frown.. which I don’t even mind.

“Don’t tell me she spent the night at your place!”

He gives me a *do~oh* look, my mouth falls open.

“Of course, she left my place this morning” he said.

“Why did she pass the night at your place?” I asked.

It better don’t be what I’m thinking, she wouldn’t ever have a one night stand.. right?

“Wait.. I don’t get it, isn’t it normal for her to spend the night at my place?”


what ground would she spend the night at your place?!” I asked him back.

“On the ground that she’s my girlfriend!” He shrugs and continues eating.

I stare at him like, what the hell is he saying?

“Wh-what did you just say?” I asked.

“He said she is his girlfriend!” Klaus said.

I rolled my eyes at his way of referring to Matilda.

“She, is Matilda!” I barked at him.. then turn to face Marcus. “When did that happen? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“Ah.. she’s kinda your bestie and I think you tell each other anything and everything.. ” he slaps Klaus’ left shoulder. “… Just like Nicky and I.. we’re besties for life!”

His words touched the deepest part of my heart and my shoulders slumps down…right, I haven’t been caring about Matilda the way she cares about me.

Wait…why am I feeling guilty? We are besties, I should be the first person she called to share this news with!

Now, I’m just like a stranger in my bestie’s life… She better pray I don’t catch her in this LA!

My eyes meets the wall clock and I gasp…9:21am!

“Klaus, when are we resuming work today?” I asked.

Thankfully, I had already taken my bath when Klaus was still busy in the kitchen.

“We aren’t going to work, I’m gonna be working from home!” He replied.

“Oh! so I don’t get to go to work at all?”


I nod, I guess I’ll just visit aunt and Denzel after breakfast then.. I haven’t seen them since two days ago and tomorrow they’re leaving the hospital.

“….Graham, will drop you off and don’t forget to call me when you arrive!”

I nod continuously as Klaus speaks, he’s making it seem as if I’m traveling out of the country.. or as if I’m going to space.

Wait.. are there any phone signals in space?

“… Anastasia Lopez! Did you heard me?!” He snaps his fingers in my face.

“Yeah, yeah.. I heard you!”

He sets his lips on thin lines and opens the car the door for me, I slide into the backseat.. he leans forward and kisses my forehead.

“Alright, Graham, drive safely!” He tells Graham.

“Yes, Mr Statham!” Graham replies.

“Ok, see you later bae!” I blow him a kiss as Graham drives off.

I see Klaus catch it and shoots it straight in his heart, then he winks at me… I laughed and wave him… until we’re out of sight.

“You’ve changed Mr Statham a lot, Miss Lopez!” Graham speaks from the driver’s seat.

“I changed him?”

“Yeah… I have been working for Mr Statham since he was 17, I haven’t seen him smile or say more than two or three words… ”

Yeah, I can testify to that.. when he caught me on his bed, he was like *WHAT THE HELL!!* *GET OUT!!* *YOU’RE FIRED!!*

I laugh mentally as I remembered that scene.

“… he’s always been a sad and grumpy kid!”

“I didn’t change him, let’s just say he’s got pass adolescence!” I said and Graham laughed.

“You’re one hell of a character, you’re both a pair.. one completes the other!”



Then the rest of the ride is in silence.

LA city hospital…

I hop out of the car and wait until Graham drives out of the parking lot, before I head towards the hospital building.

“Good morning, ma’am!”

I cheerfully greet an elderly woman walking past me in crutches.

“Good morning, my dear… do you mind helping me down these steps?” She asked… pointing at the two steps ahead of her.

“Sure!” I replied.

I put my arm around her waist and helped her walk down the steps slowly… I made sure she’s balance before unwrapping my arms around her.

“Thank you, my dear, may God bless you!”

“Thank you, ma’am!” I replied and turn to go my way.

Just a few steps away from Denzel’s ward, I heard Rhoda’s voice calling my name.


I turned around, she’s walking towards me with a smile.. I take in her outfit and wags my eyebrows teasingly at her.

“Wo~o~w! Someone is looking a little different today!”

She stops in front of me, she look down at herself and pass me a nervous look.

“I look different? Like bad different or good different?” She asked.

I take a dramatic step back and studied her again, I walk round her slowly with my hands folded behind me.. like those Kung Fu masters.

“Hmm… ”

I stop in front of her and tap my feet on the ground, using a forefinger to tap my chin.

“…you are dressed like someone going on a date.. your lipstick perfectly applied.. your eyebrows perfectly arched and your dress.. ”

Hold on, is she trying to impress doctor Hemsworth? Does that mean she’s still in love with him?

“.. you’re beautiful, very beautiful”

She lets out a long breath and release a nervous laugh.

“Ray and I are having dinner together later… ”

“Dinner?” I interrupt her.

“…no, no, not the kind of dinner you’re thinking!”

She quickly clarifies, she puts a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I just wanted to give him a chance to explain things.. I just want to know if he’s really innocent and maybe we could… ” She trails off.

I smile.

Rhoda is still in love with doctor Hemsworth, though she’s trying to hide it but it’s pretty much obvious.

Her nervousness… and the way her eyes lit up when she speaks his name, tells it all.

“Trust me, Rhoda, doctor Hemsworth is a good guy.. he wouldn’t cheat on you!”

“I hope so!”

“I know so!”

Actually, I hope so too, I just don’t want Rhoda to be in low spirit.. just then, she frozen and stares at something behind me.

I turn and see doctor Hemsworth coming out from Denzel’s ward, he’s looking at something on his chart.

“Er… Anastasia, I have to go to my office now.. bye!” She said quickly and runs off.

“Ah… ”

But she’s gone already, I laugh and shake my head.. she does love him.


“Yes?” I turned to doctor Hemsworth.

He tilts his head and look towards the direction Rhoda just ran off.

“Was that Rhoda with you just now?” He asked.

I guess he saw us before Rhoda saw him.


He smiled and keeps his pen in his pocket, he puts his hands behind him.. still holding his chart.

“I wanna thank you, Anna!”

“Thank me? For what?”

“For making Rhoda give me another chance to explain things.. to clear the misunderstanding between us” he said.

I shake my head.

“I didn’t do anything, she would have given you a chance without me in the picture”

“No, I know Rhoda, once her mind is made up.. it’s always very hard to convince her.. so thank you very much!”

I nod and stylishly take in his outfit, I smirk… I guess it takes two to tango!

They’re both still very much in love with each other, I just hope they clear this misunderstanding and start afresh.

“So… I saw you coming from Denzel’s ward, how’s my brother?” I asked trying to change the topic.

“Oh, Denzel’s fine, very fine and he can be discharged tomorrow!” He replied.

I nod.

“Thanks, I believe you have works to do, I shouldn’t hold you up!”

“Hmm, yeah, I should get going!” He said and walk towards where Rhoda took off to.

Lovebirds! I shake my head and walk towards Denzel’s ward, before I step in.. something or rather, someone catches my attention.

I frown… Did I just saw Dr ghost?!

My eyes scan around but I didn’t see him, I guess I’m just seeing things..

“Anna!” Tiny arms wrap around my waist.

I look down and see Denzel, I quickly squat to his level and hug him to myself.

“Hey, Denzel, why are you out of bed?” I scold him.

“Doctor Hemsworth said I can walk around now!”

I carry him, grunting quietly and walk towards his bed… aunt is dressing his bed.

“Aunt!” I called her.

She turns to me with a smile, she drops the sheet in her hands and puts her hands on her waist.. tiredness written all over her.

“Anna, you’re finally here…” She yawns. “… I can catch some sleep now!”

I sit Denzel on his bed and walk to aunt’s side, I helped her to a couch and sit next to her.

“You’ve tried enough for Denzel and I, aunt.. I wouldn’t know where we’ve been if not for you!”

She frowns and flicks my forehead.

“What are you talking about?” She eyed me, while I rub my forehead with a small frown. “You’re the only family I have left, am I supposed to disown you?”


“Oh!” She mocks me.

I see Denzel trying to reach for an orange on the side table, I picked it and hands it to him.

“I saw doctor Hemsworth outside, he said Denzel’s good to go!”

I had expected Aunt to reply but she didn’t, I lift my head and saw her looking at something behind with a surprise expression…like she just saw something she wasn’t supposed to.

“Greg?” She whispers but I heard her clearly.

“Huh?” I turned and see nothing. “What’s that, aunt?” I asked.

“I..I thought I saw someone!”

She saw someone? Who did she see?

“B-but… it’s not possible…” She trails off.

Ok…aunt is kinda scaring me, why is she leaving her words unfinished?!

“What’s not possible?”

“Your dad….”

“My dad?”

She nods and her frown deepens, a frown also appears on my forehead.

“You saw my dad? Is it my dead dad you saw?” I asked.

Both of my dads are dead, or did they come back to life? Or worse is aunt having a high fever and she’s starting to see dead people?

“Aunt, are you ok? Should we call doctor Hemsworth to do a test for you?”

She eyes me and shake her head.

“Are you saying I’m losing my mind?”

“Nope! I didn’t say that, but you know you’ve been going through so much stress lately….”

“Shut up! Silly girl!” Aunt cuts me off.

I shut up immediately, Denzel picks my phone and asks for my password…which I told him.

“Do you have games on your phone?” He asked.

“Yeah… escape room!”

He scoffed. “Boring but manageable!” He said.

I rolled my eyeballs, so much for being an expert in games.

“Right.. Anna, have you found a house yet?” Aunt asked.

My eyes grow wide, I totally forgot about the apartment.. since I told Matilda to help me find an apartment, we haven’t get in touch.

Hmm, what should I say to aunt now?

“Anastasia Lopez!” Aunt called warningly.

I cleared my throat, to make my lie go smoothly.

“I saw an apartment, but I’m still talking with the landlord!”

Aunt nod and got up, she picked up a thermo and head for the door.

“I’ll go get some water, your brother drinks water a lot!”

“Doctor Hemsworth said I need enough water!” Denzel said, not taking his focus off his game.

Aunt and I laughed, she signals me to stay put and step out.

I lean back on the couch and sighed deeply, I guess I’ll pay Matilda a visit and check out the apartment she found.

Just then my phone starts ringing, Denzel groans and hands it to me.

“Speak of the devil”

I said when I see Matilda’s name flashing on the screen… I quickly press the answer button.

“Howdy, stranger?” I greet like those cowgirls.

There is silence from her side, I can guess what she’s doing right now… she must have moved the phone away from her ear and check if she called the wrong person.

“I’m not gonna ask what’s wrong with you, cause I know you’re cray-cray….”

I laughed at her choice of words.

“… anyways, are you free by lunchtime?”


“Ok, can you come by my workplace… I wanna show you the apartment I found, it’s very beautiful and I know you’re gonna like it…but I still wanna confirm with you!”

I jump up and pump my fist in the air.

“That’s why you’re my bestie, it’s said great minds think alike… I love you, muah!”

I can imagine her rolling her eyeballs right now.

“Whateves! Catch you later, baby!” She said and hang up.

She’s my lifesaver! What can I do without her… practically nothing!

Authoress’ pov 👠

Aunt Bell sneakily follows the guy in black hoodie, she had noticed him spying on them earlier in the ward.

*Who’s he? And why does he look so much like Greg?* She wonders.

Suddenly, someone bumps into her, she looked down and realize it’s a little kid…a girl in ponytails.

“Stop running or you might get yourself injured!” She cautioned her.

“I’m sorry, ma’am!”

“It’s fine, dear!” Aunt Bell tells her and let the little girl run off.

she lift her head and didn’t see the guy in black hoodie again.

*Where did he go?*

She started going down that path, in hopes of finding him.

She continue searching for him…and didn’t realize she’s gotten to a secluded part of the hospital…. someone comes from behind her, covers her mouth and grabs her to a quieter place.

Nicklaus’s mansion….

“So… this guy…”

Marcus turns his laptop towards Nicklaus, he points at the picture on the screen.. which Nicklaus is staring at with a frown.

“… He’s Gregory Lopez, a mysterious businessman who secretly own a drugstore…which according to my boys, your wife visited his drugstore few days ago!”

“Anastasia visited his drugstore?!” Nicklaus asked and Marcus nods.

Then he recalled when Graham told him about Anastasia going to a drugstore.. he realized it’s the same store.

“And the most shocking part is…”

Nicklaus gives him an anxious look, wanting him to say whatever he have to say right away.

“… he’s your father-in-law!” Marcus dropped the bomb.. hoping Nicklaus would be shocked.

But Nicklaus simply lean back onto his chair.

“Of course I know he’s my father-in-law… tell me something I don’t know!”

Marcus hits his head lightly.

“Oh! Right! You must have recognized him that’s why you wanted me to investigate him”


Marcus sighed.

“Well, he’s not a bad person, we didn’t find anything incriminating about him…so, I’d advise you meet with him ASAP.. he will be of great help on this case!”

Nicklaus nods.

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