On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 60 – 61




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 60.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

“Greg?!” Aunt Bell exclaims in great shock.

“Don’t scream so loudly, Bell” Greg said.

Even though they are in a secluded part of the hospital, Greg still look around as if someone’s listening.

“Am I dreaming right now? Or I’m dead?” Aunt Bell asked.

She looked so astonished, she doesn’t seem to believe her eyes.. she kept rubbing her eyes.

“Bell, it’s really me, Greg, standing in front of you!” He said.

Aunt Bell stared at him a few minutes, before she engulfed him in a very tight hug.

“Oh! My God! Greg!”

Greg wrapped his arms around her too, he pats her back as tears of joy runs down her cheeks.

“It’s really you! I can’t believe you’re alive!” she said as she sobs softly.

“It’s really me, I’m alive!”

Aunt Bell pulled away from him, she stared at him a few more minutes, with her mouth quivering slightly.

Greg wipes her tears and leads her to an old, abandoned bench.. he takes out a handkerchief and spreads it on the bench.


Aunt Bell nods and sit down, Greg sits next to her… He dips his hand in his pocket and brings out a credit card.

“Bell, I take this!”

Instead of collecting it, aunt Bell simply stares at it and shakes her head in refusal.

“I have a lot of questions now that I see you! What happened after the accident?!”

Greg sighed deeply. “It’s a long story, Bell, there won’t be any time to talk right now… ”

“You can make the story short, I have time.. I thought you’re dead, I saw you die and you were buried!”

Greg shake his head, he takes aunt Bell’s hand and shoves the credit card in.

“I can’t answer all your questions right now, there are a lot of things I have to do first…but first of all, I wanna thank you”

“Thank me?”

“Yes, for taking care of Nina all these years.. I saw her recently, she’s grown so much… ”


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laughs softly as he recalls something.

“… I wouldn’t have recognized her had she not look so much after her mom! You did a great job and I owe you too much… ”

Aunt Bell cuts him off as she shakes her head.


my niece, I can’t just let her suffer… but why are you in hiding all these years?”

“if I come out, those people will come for me again.. don’t tell Nina I’m alive, it’s not yet time.. after all I don’t think she knows I’m her father… ”

He cuts himself off as he remembers that day at the drugstore… He was standing face to face with her but she didn’t recognize him.

“… she was too small to even recognize me. Well.. ”

He got up.

“… I can’t stay out for too long, I should get going. Inside that card, there’s some money.. use it for some necessities!”


I… ”

“Shhh!” Greg hushed her. “It’s a gift from your big brother! I’ll see you so other time!”

With that he left, leaving aunt Bell gaping at his back until he’s out of sight.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

I sighed tiredly and check the time on my phone, it’s been almost an hour since aunt left to get what.

I wonder what’s keeping her, Denzel’s fallen asleep already.

My phone suddenly starts ringing, I checked the caller and see it’s Klaus calling.

My body tensed and I paled instantly as a warning flashes in my head… Klaus’s words replayed in my head.

*Call me when you get there!*

I forgot to call him and he even reminded me repeatedly, now I’m scared to receive his call.

Denzel turn and wince in his sleep, I guess my ringtone is disturbing him.

Just when I was about to receive the call, it ended… I quickly put my phone on silent mode.

“Anna, I wanted to ask you!” I heard aunt asked as she walks in.

She dropped the thermo on the table and I see something fall off her hand, I bend down and pick it up.. it’s a credit card?!


Aunt turns to me and sees the card in my hand, she quickly snatch it from me.

“Whose card is that?” I asked.

“Er… I don’t know…” She trails off.

I narrowed my eyes and stare at the card in her hand, it’s a black card…

“.. I saw it on the floor!”

She saw it on the floor?! A black card?! My eyes narrowed more, she’s lying.. but I’m not gonna push it further.

“Maybe it belongs to one of the doctors here” I conclude for her.

She nods in support of my words, she dropped the card on the table and turn back to me.

“I wanna ask you and I need you to tell me the truth!” Aunt said.


nod, she take my hands and stare directly in my eyes.. she searches it for a few seconds.

“How is your school?”

I frown slightly, why is she suddenly asking me this? Did she find out I’m not going to school?


“Yes, aunt.. school, my school is fine!” I replied.

She paused.

“Tell me the truth, did you stop school?”

I opened my mouth to speak but she placed her finger on my lips and shakes her head.

“Don’t lie to me, I’m not a bad person, I’m your aunt and I have very good intentions for you and your brother… So, tell me honestly, did you stop schooling?” She asked again.

I took a deep breath and sighed.

“Fine… I stopped school”

Aunt gasped loudly and withdraw her hands from mine, her hands flies to her mouth.



“Why did you do that?! I told you not to stop school because of Denzel’s bills… I told you to focus in your education!” She scolds me.

I can see care and love in her eyes, her care and love for Denzel and I is genuine.. she really do love us unconditionally!

Taking her hands in mine, I gave her a soft squeeze.

“Aunt, I’m gonna go back to school.. I’m just on suspension, I can go back whenever I want!” I explained to her calmly.

“You can go back and continue from where you stopped?”

I nod.

“Yes, I’m just trying to save enough money to cover my school fees.. and also buy some books”

She nods in understanding, I see her take a deep breath.

“Then when are you gonna go back?” She asked.

“Soon.. maybe next week I’ll go to school and talk to my dean, I have some money now!” I said.

I’m referring to the $700,000,000 Klaus gave me, I can use it and pay him later!

“That’s good, very good!” Aunt smiled.

Just then my phone starts ringing again, I ignore it because I know it’s Klaus calling again.

I thought I just set it on silence mode!

But it didn’t stop ringing, it continues ringing and ringing.

“Are you gonna pick it up?” Aunt asked.

I shake my head.

“No, it’s Klaus, he’s just gonna scold me”

“Nicklaus? Pick it up, who knows if he just wanna check up on you”

I sighed and press the answer button without bothering to check the caller’s ID.

“Hello?” I said.


Jack?! I frown and fold my lips in my mouth.

“Tasia.. can you.. can you come over to.. my apartment?” He grunts out in pain.

“Jack, are you ok?” I asked.

There’s silence from his side, I heard some shuffling sound.

“I’m.. dying..” he grunts out and I hear a thud.

“Jack?! Jack?! Jack!!” There’s no reply.

I sprint up and aunt also sprint up too, I reach for my bag on the table and my eyes lands on a name in that credit card… Gregory Lopez!

Who’s Gregory Lopez?! I wonder.

“Anna, what’s going on?” Aunt asked me.. interrupting my thoughts.

“I don’t know.. but I think something’s wrong with Jack!”

“Jack? What happened to him?”

“I don’t know, I’m gonna go over to his place and check!”

“But you….”

I didn’t heard what aunt said cause I was already out the door.. I hurried out of the hospital and board the first taxi I saw.

Authoress’ pov 👠

Nicklaus groaned and throw his head back on his chair, he’s just done drawing the sketch of their new project.

He massages his forehead gently, he reach for a drug in his drawer and realized it’s finished.

*Why haven’t Anastasia called me yet?!* He thought.

Graham already called and reported about Anastasia getting to the hospital…but he still wanted to hear from Anastasia to be sure.

He reaches for his phone and dialed Anastasia’s number again, but just like the other times.. she didn’t pick up.

*F**k! Why does she likes getting on my nerves?!*

He decided to call Graham, he picked on the first ring.

“Hello, Mr Statham?”

“Call Anastasia’s guards, I wanna know what she’s doing right now!”

“Yes, sir!” He replied.

Nicklaus hangs up and tossed his phone on the table, he leans back on the chair and closed his eyes.

Few minutes later, his phone rings and he answers it.


“Mr Statham, she’s gone to her friend’s place!” Graham reports.

Her friend?! Nicklaus recalls Marcus saying Matilda already gone to work.. then which of her friend is she visiting this morning?

“Which of her friend?”

“I think it’s.. Jack”

“Jack?!” Nicklaus growled.

After that incident with Jack, Anastasia promised she wouldn’t meet him.. then why is she meeting him secretly now?! He thought.

“Graham, come pick me up now!” He growled into the phone and hangs up angrily.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

I rushed into Jack’s apartment without collecting my change from the taxi driver… thankfully, I know the password to his apartment.

“Jack! Jack?!” I called in a very panicked voice.

There wasn’t any response, I rushed towards his room but he isn’t there either… I rushed back to the living room.

“Jack! Where are you? Please say something!”

“I’m right here!” His voice whispers in my ear.. as he hugs me tightly from behind.

I pushed him away from me, and turn to him with a frown.. he’s standing in front of me, very much healthy.

On the phone, he sounded like he’s dying.. but he doesn’t look like he’s sick now.

“I thought something happened to you!” I said.

He laughed.

“I’m fine, I just wanna know how important I am in your life.. seems like, I’m still quite important!”

I frown more and gape at him, then shake my head.

“I thought something bad happened to you.. I rushed here with so much fear and worry just to find out it’s a joke?!”

“It’s not a joke, I also wanna talk to you about something!” He said.

My frown turns into a glare, I glared at him harshly and turn to the door… I grab the handle.

“There’s nothing to talk about!” I pulled the handle but the door wouldn’t open.

I tried again but it still wouldn’t open, I turned to him.

“Why is the door not opening?!”

He dips his hand in his pocket and pulls out a key, he smirks at me.

“What’s this meaning of this, jack?”

He scoffed, shove the key back in his pocket and take slow predatory step towards me.

“You’ll listen to everything I have to say today.. you’ll do whatever I want you to do today!”


My heart is beating fast now, I look into his eyes and I flinch back.. they’re black and unrecognizable.

Like seriously, I don’t know who’s this now.. this is not Jack!

Chapter 61

Anastasia’s pov 👠

This isn’t the Jack I knew, he’s not the jack I grew up with.. why is he acting like a villain now?

“… Tasia, I have to do this, else you wouldn’t…”


“Don’t cut me off when I’m speaking!” He growls and I flinch.

He stopped at a few inches away from me, he’s dragging a wooden armchair along with him..

“Jack, if you want us to talk, we can talk somewhere else.. somewhere like.. a cafe!”

He slams the chair on the ground and narrowed his eyes at me.

“Didn’t I tried that? Did you show up?!”

He sits on the chair and fold his arms on his chest, the ways he’s staring at me is sending shivers down my spine.. bad shivers.

I continue taking slow steps backwards, my eyes not leaving him in case he makes any move.

“Why are you always turning a blind eye towards my feelings, Tasia?”

My back hits the door, there’s no space for me to go back.. my hand secretly finds the door handle and I grabbed it.

“I have showed you in many ways how much I love you, I have been with you all these years.. helping and supporting you, what do you think I was doing all that for?”

“Jack, you don’t love me, you just think you’re in love with me.. you’re not…”

“In what way did you see that I don’t love you?!” He cuts me off.

He gets up and walk closer to me, he stopped right in front of me… He grab my chin and lift my head, he look in my eyes.

“Look into my eyes and tell me if what you see isn’t love!”

I stare in his eyes but I don’t even know what I’m seeing, all I know is I wanna get out of here before things gets ugly.

“I love you, Tasia, why is it so hard for you to get that into your head?!”

“Jack, you…”

He crashes his lips on mine, cutting me off and he starts kissing me sloppily.

I bite his lips randomly and pushed him away from me, I raised my hand and lands it on his cheek.

“What is wrong with you, Jack?”

He wipes his lips and stares at the blood on his hand, I guess he got that small injury from my bite.

“If this is your definition of love then you’re wrong!”

I paused and watch his expression, he’s touching his wounded lips.. as if he’s not listening to me but I know he’s listening.

“Jack, calm down and think about your feelings, it’s not love, you only think you love me.. but deep in your heart you regard me as a little sister, the love you have for me is the same as the love you have for Matilda…”

“Shut up! It’s not the same kind of love!” He cuts me off with a growl.

He snaps his head up, my heart ripped off my chest when I saw the look in his eyes…his already dark eyes is now ten times darker than before.

My heart starts racing, I twist the door handle but it’s not working.

“Don’t try to brainwash me! I know what I’m feeling for you! It’s love! I love you!” He growls in a strange voice.

My eyes follow his hand as he dips it in his pocket and pulls out a dagger…I shake my head.

Don’t tell me he’s gonna kill me here! My whole body starts shaking as I feel an unknown fear grip me.. my breath starts wavering.

“Jack.. wh-what are you doing with a dagger?” I asked slowly.

He points it at me, my eyes grow wider and I gulp nervously.

“To test you!”

I grip my phone tighter, slowly I move away from the door and run towards his sofas.. I turn on my phone and quickly scroll through numbers.

Who should I call for help now? Klaus? No! He can’t find out what happened here.. he’ll just scold me.

Matilda! Yes, I should call her… I dialed her number and waits for her to pick up as it starts ringing.

“You have two options, either you agree to be my girlfriend and break up with that fool…”

He turns towards me, his eyes meets my phone and he glares at it.

“… are you calling him?!”

“No, no, no!” I quickly move my phone away from my ear.

“You’re calling him to come here?! To do what?!”

“I’m not calling him…”

“Give me the phone!” He said, opening his hand.

I put my phone behind me and shake my head.

“I’m not calling him, I swear…. ”

“Then smash the phone!”

I should smash the phone? Klaus just bought me this phone, what if…

“I said smash the phone!” He growled and points the dagger at me.

I gently dropped the phone on the table and raised my hands up in surrender.

“I have dropped it, put down the dagger let’s talk normally!” I said.

It’s just the two of us here, behind locked door, it’s best I talk to him calmly until I can get the key.

“Be my girlfriend, Tasia, I will protect you.. I promise you will never regret it, just agree to be with me!”

“I can’t be with you, Jack…. ”


“Because I don’t love you… ”

He cuts me off with a growl, he storms towards me and I steps backwards until I hit a sofa and falls on it.

“Then who do you love, that nincompoop?!”

He stopped in front of me, placing his hands on both sides of the sofa.. he leans down.

“Tell me, why did you choose him over me?! In what way am I lacking or losing to him?!”

“You’re not losing to him, I just love him…”

“Don’t say you love him! Is it because he’s rich?! I can be rich for you too…I have a restaurant, I can make it bigger and known all over the world… I can earn more money and be ten times richer than him!”

In his eyes I’m a gold digger.

“Jack, I’m not with Klaus because of his money…”

“Then why are you with him?! Is he a better lover?! I can be better than him, just give me a chance…”

He’s cut off by a banging sound on the door, my head turns towards the door and I smile.. maybe Matilda heard me on the phone and she’s here to help me.

“…did you called him?!”

“No! I didn’t….”

*Anastasia! Anastasia are you in there?!* Klaus’ voice yells from outside.

Jack turned to me with a very harsh glare.

“You called him!” He growled.

“I didn’t…”

“Shut up!!”

I didn’t want Klaus to find out, but since he’s already here, I better make my presence known.. else Jack would do something to me.

*Anastasia Lopez! Anastasia!*

Jack’s glaring at me, daring me to speak.

“Don’t think he’s gonna come take you away.. the door is locked, it’s just you and me today.. nobody is gonna disturb us!”

My eyes move towards the door, I can see it shaking.

*Mr Statham, she’s inside!* I heard Graham say to Klaus.

Then they starts banging on the door, if only I can get the key now.

“See?” He gestures towards the door. “He’s just gonna keep banging on the door, he can’t come in!”

“Jack, let me go, there’s a perfect girl out there for you”

He grab my chin.

“I don’t need a perfect girl, all I want is you!”

Then he crash his lips on mine again, I struggle under his hold.. I manage to break the kiss and try to push him off me but to no avail.

“Jack, wake up! Let me go!”

“Love me, love me, just love me.. I love you, why won’t you love me back?!”

He grab the top of my gown and tears it, exposing my bra, he grab my right [email protected] and squeezes it painfully.

“Let me go! Let me go, you bast*rd!”

“No, I love you, just love me back.. that’s all I want!”

His hand goes under my gown and his fingers gropes my p*s*y, I squirm and slam my legs together to stop his fingers from moving, but…

“Jack, you’re sick! Stop now!”

“I want to show you how much I love you.. I want you to see and feel my love!”

His fingers succeeded in penetrating my panty and slides into me, I feel tears running down my cheeks now… My eyes move towards the door.

“Klaus! Klaus, I’m in here! Help me….” He crashes his lips on mine.

I bite his lips continuously, hoping he’d break the kiss but he didn’t.. he continued kissing me as his finger forcefully pumps into me.

*Get a f**king hammer!* I heard Klaus yelling outside angrily.

He pulled his fingers out and grab my dress, he tears it effortlessly, not breaking the kiss… exposing all my body.

I’m just in my bra and panty, I’m practically [email protected] since my gown is half torn.

“You’ll love me!” He growls.

From the corner of my eye, I saw his dagger laying a few inches away from me… I grunt and stretch my hand towards it.

Just when I’m about to get it, he grab my hand and hold both my hands above my head.. he breaks the kiss and uses his free hand to fondle with his belt until he unbuckles it.

“Jack stop it, you’re not in your right senses…”

“I’m in my right senses, I want you to feel my love”

“This is not you, I know you’re not a bad person.. you’re my very good friend, stop it now and I’ll pretend like this never happened!”

He ignore me, he pulled his pants down to his knees.. he takes his boxer down too and his d**k sprints out.

I quickly close my eyes and look away from him, hot tears rushed down my cheeks… He wants to rape me.

What is taking Klaus so long? Why haven’t he break down the door yet?

Jack’s gonna rape me, I’m too weak to fight him off!

My eyes snaps open when I feel his d**k in my mouth, I move my head away but he holds it still and shoves his d**k in more.

“Suck it!” He growls.

I glared at him with my teary eyes, then I bite him.. he growled and pulled his d**k out of my mouth.

“If it’s Klaus, would you bite him?!”

“If it’s Klaus he wouldn’t force me!”

He glared at me and slaps me very hard on my cheek, I broke into tears instantly.

“I have been lenient with you, I’ll make you realize how wrong you are!”

His hand grab my panty, he tears it and spreads my legs open.. I sit up and tried to run away but another slap from him made me fall back..

“You’ll love me, you must love me!”

A loud scream leaves my mouth as he forcefully thrusts into me, pain hits my cervix.

“You’re no longer a virgin! You gave yourself to that bast*rd!”

I shake my head, he gaped at me.

*Anastasia! Are you ok?!* Klaus asked from outside. *F**king push it harder!* He growled.

Jack stared in my eyes, though he’s in me but he haven’t started moving yet.

“Jack, don’t do this.. don’t…”

“I have to! I should be the one you love!”

Then he starts thrusting roughly into me, hitting my walls carelessly.

I can’t believe Jack is doing this… I can’t believe he’s raping me… Klaus! What’s gonna happen when he meets this scene?!

I gather all my strength and pushed him away from me, but my strength is nothing compared to his.. he’s too strong.

I just continue crying in pain, letting hot tears run down my cheeks.. my gaze move to the door.

It’s shaking, Klaus is trying to break it but it’s too late.. Jack already have his way!

Soon, he releases a long grunt and I feel him pouring inside me, just then the door falls down and…

“YOU SON OF A B*TCH!” Klaus roared angrily.

He storms towards us and pulled Jack off me, he takes off his jacket and damps it on my [email protected] body… I hug it closer to myself, covering my exposing parts.

Klaus looked in my eyes a few minutes, I looked back in his and I didn’t have to search it.. it’s obvious.

Anger.. disappointment.. hurt.. pain are all obviously seen in his eyes.. he released a very loud, angry groan and turned back to Jack.


Jack chuckles.

“Rant all you want, I already have her… she’s mine now!”

These words seems to provoke Klaus, he balled his fist by his side and breaths heavily.

Without saying another word he pounced at Jack and starts throwing punches at Jack’s face… Jack tries to block Klaus’ punches but failed.

I just fold and hug myself on the sofa, I watch and cry silently.. Klaus is pouring all his anger and frustration into Jack.

He’s kicking and punching him without mercy, Jack is coughing out blood now but Klaus isn’t having any of it.

“Mr Statham, I have called the cops.. let’s wait for the cops” Graham said.

“I’M NOT DONE WITH HIM YET!” Klaus growled.

He continues throwing punches at Jack, kicking his stomach and stomping on him randomly.

I have never seen him so angry before, he’s like a different person right now… A beast.

Graham look my way and pleaded me with his eyes to stop Klaus, but I shake my head.

I can’t stop him, I’m not safe too.. I don’t know what Klaus’ gonna do to me after we leave here.

“Mr Statham….”

Klaus throws Graham a look and he flinches back, Klaus continue punching him and only let him be at the brink of death!

“Graham stay here until the cops come and get him!”

“Yes, Mr Statham!”

Klaus turned to face me, he glares harshly at me before he rushed to me… He carried me in his arms and head out.

He opened the backseat and throws me in, then he rushed to the driver’s seat and start the car… He drove off in a dangerously high speed.

The drive home was fast.. too fast and dangerous, he opens the door and stepped into the living…with me in his arms.

He sits me on sofa and paced to and fro in front of me.

“Klaus, I’m sorry, I…”

“Do you have a phone?” He cuts me off.

“I’m sorry….”

He throws his car keys on the glass the table loudly and glared at me.

“Answer me, do you have a phone?!”


“It is working?!”

I nod.

“Speak words!” He growled.

“It’s working”

He nod. “I believe you saw my calls, right?”


He grab the table and flips it, I raised my legs as the table crash…shards of glass scatters everywhere.

“Then why didn’t you pick up my calls?! I called you so many times.. why didn’t you pick up?!”

Why didn’t I pick up?! What should I say?! Whatever I say wouldn’t make any sense right now….

“Say something!” He cuts my thoughts short.

“I.. I was scared.. I thought you wanted to scold me for not calling like we discussed.. ”

He scoffed.

“Silly excuse! When have I ever scold you?”

I couldn’t speak, I just sob silently and look down.. I couldn’t look in his eyes.

“You broke your promise, you promised me.. you promised me you’ll never meet with that bast*rd.. but what happened today?!”

He paused, I dared not look up to see his expression cause I already know he’s dead angry.

“You went to meet him behind my back and got.. and got.. and got… f**k! I can’t say it!”

I went to him and got raped! That’s what he wanted to say.. I feel so dirty right now.

“Klaus, I’m sorry, I’m a fool…”

“Of course you’re a fool” he said.

I cry more, he wouldn’t call me a fool but my actions today frustrated him into calling me a fool..

He must hate me, he’s gonna break up with me.. he’s gonna chase me out.

“Anastasia, why are you so difficult?!”

Maybe if I explain what happened he’ll let me stay, maybe then he wouldn’t break up with me.

“It’s not my fault, he called me and told me he’s dying, so I rushed down, I…. ”

“He called you and you rushed to him at once, but I, your fiance called you and you ignored my calls!”

Yeah, I was really wrong there..he stared at me and shake his head.

“You don’t have any respect for me, you keep going back on your words. You know what?”

I shake my head.

“You don’t have any space for me in your heart, I’m just deceiving myself… this relationship is just my wishful thinking!”

“No, I love you, I really do love you!”

“I doubt that, if you love me you wouldn’t be at another man’s beck and call!”

He’s gonna break up with me.

“Please, I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry, don’t break up with me…”

“Break up? Maybe I should consider that…I should have known that after 13years, I won’t be the man in your heart anymore.. not with all the time we’ve spent apart, wait… I was never in your heart”

He lets out a dry laugh and shake his head.

“I was engaged to you when you were eight, you don’t understand what love is then!”

“Klaus don’t speak like that”

He picks his car keys from the ground and head towards the door.

“Where are you going?” I asked.


“Are you just gonna leave me by myself?”

I know he’s mad but he should spend some time comforting me, I’m kinda traumatized right now… I can’t believe my childhood friend would rape me.


“But… ”

“If I stay here, I might do or say something we’ll both regret later!” He said and stormed out.. he closed the door in a very loud bang.

I simply hug my knees to my chest and continue crying.. I got raped today.

To be continued.

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