On My Master's Bed

On my master’s bed episode 84 – 85




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 84.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Authoress’ pov 👠

LA city hospital…

Two female nurses rushed towards the paramedics, when they saw them pushing Claudia in.. on a stretcher.

“We can take it from here, thank you!” One of the nurses said.

They took over and pushed Claudia towards the ICU, Rose ran behind them.. crying and begging them to save her daughter.

While running after them, she bumped into Rhoda but muttered a sorry without looking at her.

Rhoda simply watched as she runs off, she frown slightly.

“Isn’t that Mrs Ben?” She asked herself.

She wanted to go after her, but something else caught her attention..

Her eyes bulges out at the sight of her brother, soaked in blood.. Marcus is supporting him.

“Nicklaus!” She gasped out.

Rhoda rushed towards him, she stared at him from head to toe.. trying to find the source of the blood.

“Jesus! Nicklaus what happened?! Why are you bleeding so much?!” She asked.

“It’s a long story, let’s get him treated first” Marcus said.

Rhoda nodded and showed them to a ward, without wasting time she called for assistant to bring in her medical kit.

“Miss Statham, here!” Her assistant said and handed her the medical kit.

“Er.. Rhoda? What are you doing?” Nicklaus asked.

“I want to clean up your wound” she replied simply.

Rhoda tried to removed Nicklaus’s hand covering the wound, but he wouldn’t allow her.. she glared at him and he quickly removed his hand.

“Oh my God!”

She exclaimed while she examines the wound, she cringe.

“This wound is really deep!” She said still examining it.

Nicklaus is getting irritated by her words, he growled lowly.

“Are you gonna start the treatment now?! Or you want me to bleed to death first, then you’ll attend my burial?!”

She slapped Nicklaus’s mouth lightly and glared at him.

“Don’t speak about death so lightly!” She scolded him but started cleaning his wound.


Rose sat on a bench, though she’s quiet but she’s nervous rack.


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kept glancing at the doors every five minutes!

“God please save my daughter.. she’s done wrong, but forgive her.. please let her survive this!” Rose prayed.

She held her head in her hands, tears runs down her cheeks as she shake her head.

Just then the doors opened and a nurse came out, she rushed to the nurse.


is my daughter doing? Is she okay?” She asked.

“Ma’am, I really love how calm you are…”

Rose shut her eyes briefly, she might seem calm but she’s not calm at all.

“… continue to stay calm, we’re trying to get the bullet out…”

“Why is it taking so long to it out?” Rose cut her off.

The nurse sighed.

“The doctors are handling her carefully, the bullet is inside her heart…”

“Her what?!”

Rose stilled as blood drained off her face, she feel her heart crack as her chest heaved.

“Ma’am, you don’t need to panic, we have very qualified doctors here and they’ll try their best to save your daughter”



“Just pray, believe she’ll be fine” the nurse said and left.

Rose turned towards the doors and take slow steps towards them.. her eyes glisten in tears.

“My daughter.. she…” She choked on her tears.

This is what she was trying to avoid, she knew something like this would happen but she didn’t know it’s gonna be as severe as this.

She didn’t know it’ll demand her daughter’s life…she leaned against the wall and cried.

“God, please, help her… I know ws disobedient, please just give her a second chance.. just one chance and I’ll teach her properly”

Rose continue sobbing.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

Nicklaus’s penthouse… Outside LA city…

“Thank you, Graham!” I thanked Graham when I stepped out of the car.

“It’s my duty, I’d better go meet Mr Statham at the hospital” he said.

I nod and he entered the car and drove off, Matilda wrap an arm around my shoulder and lead towards the front door.

“I can’t believe what happened today.. so, Benjamin could be heartless to the point of killing his own daughter!” Matilda said.

I simply sighed absentmindedly, not that I’m not hearing her but because my thoughts right now are on Dr ghost.

“I wonder who he is?”

“Who?” Matilda asked me.

“What?” I asked her back.

“You said you wonder who he is… Who are you referring to?”

We arrived at the front door, she grabbed the handle and pushed it open.. then we stepped in.

“Welcome, Anna” Jerry greeted me the moment I stepped in.

Is this guy on standby?! Why is he always at my beck and call?

“Thank you!” I replied him.

Matilda and I walked towards the living room, I heard his footsteps behind.

I sat on a sofa…or should I say I laid on it… I sighed deeply. I turned to Jerry.

“Please, water!” I told him.


smiled. “Coming right up!” He left towards the kitchen.

I sighed again, it’s high time I recalled my past… I need to know who Dr ghost is.

Why is he also a Lopez? And why do I feel a sense of familiarity with him?

“That was a very dangerous game” Matilda said, pulling me back to reality.

Then Klaus’s injury came back to my mind, I wince.

“I wonder how Klaus is doing.. I hope he didn’t loose too much blood” I said.

“He’ll be fine!”

At that moment, I saw Jerry pass me a bottle of water, I took it from him and thanked him.. I pop up the cover a gulps it down.

I dropped the almost empty bottle on the table, I wiped my mouth with the back of my palm.

“Tilda, I should go wash up.. I wanna go visit aunt” I said getting up.

“Shouldn’t we be visiting Mr Statham at the hospital to see how he’s faring?” She asked.

I shaked my head.

“No! Klaus is mad at me for some unknown reasons, I bet I’m the last person he’d wanna see right now”

If I go the hospital he’ll just scold me and order me to come back home… I really blame myself for being concerned about him.

“I should just go to aunt’s, at least she have the answer to a question that’s being bugging me” I said and head to my room.

I stepped into my room and quickly stripped off my clothes, then I dashed into the bathroom.. I’m feeling an inner heat!


“Anna!” Aunt exclaimed happily when she saw me.

She opened the door wider and gave way for Matilda and I to come in… We both entered.

“Aunt, good afternoon!” Tilda and I greeted her.

“Good afternoon…what brought you kids to my place?” She asked.

I wanted to reply her, but tiny arms suddenly encircle my waist.

“Anna!” Denzel called.

I looked down at him with a smile, I ruffled his hair.

“Denzel, how are doing?”

“I’m good… Aunt said I’ll resume school on Monday!” He said happily.

You can hear the joy and pride in his voice, he looks livelier than ever.

“Wow! That’s good.. that’s very good!”

“Are you gonna come see me off to school on Monday?” He asked.

“I’ll try”

“Ahem!” Matilda’s cleared her throat.

She’s sitting on a sofa with her legs crossed, she glared at me jealousy.

“I guess I’m invisible now.. well, this is the end of our relationship! It’s over!” She said to Denzel.

Denzel smiled and let go of me, he rushed to Matilda and started massaging her legs.

“I’m sorry, Mat!” He apologised to her.

Matilda scoffed and looked away, he continued apologizing.. I chuckled at Matilda’s childish behavior.

She always behave childishly everytime she’s around Denzel.

“Aren’t you supposed to stay in hiding?” Aunt asked me.

“No, Klaus already sort everything out” I replied.

Aunt nod, then she head towards the kitchen.. I think she was cooking when we came, I followed her.

“Aunt, I wanted to ask you a question”


I cleared my throat softly and took a deep breath, I hope she’s gonna tell me the truth.

“What’s the question?” She asked.

“Who is Gregory Lopez?”

Aunt stopped walking abruptly, she turned to face me with a frown.

“I hope you’d be honest with me aunt, I really wanna know, please”

She stared at me for brief moment, then sighed and turned.. then continue her journey to the kitchen.

“I think you’re a grown up now.. I’ll tell you the truth, after all, it won’t be long before you find out yourself”

She paused, she grab her cabbage and knife.

“Gregory Lopez is your father!” She said.

“My father?!”

“Yes!” She replied.

Dr ghost is my father?!

Authoress’ pov 👠

“Sir, Benjamin has been arrested by the police!” A teenage boy (about 18 or 19 years of age) report.

A man sat on a chair in a big office, he’s playing with a bird inside its cage.. it seems like he’s not listening but in fact he is.

“Sir, Benjamin was arrested today at his daughter’s wedding” the boy repeat his words.

The man laughed.

“That’s good for him, he acted on impose” the man said.

“So what should we do now, sir?”

“There’s no rush, Benjamin was caught in his own trap because he was striving for quick success…”

He got up and carried the cage, he handed it to one of his men and walked towards the big glass window.

With his hands behind him, he looked out the window.

“…we have all the time in the world, also, Nicklaus is not alone…”

He clenched his jaw and glared at the outer space ahead of him.

“… Gregory Lopez is his greatest support and we can’t underestimate Gregory…that man is too smart”

“So… what are we going to do now?” The boy asked.

The man turned to him and smirked, he tapped the boy’s shoulder.

“We wait!” Was his reply.

Chapter 85

Authoress’ pov 👠

LA city hospital….

“Nicky, she’s still in the ICU!” Marcus said as he strode into Rhoda’s office.

Rhoda is done wrapping up Nicklaus’s wound, he’s just resting there for a while… since he can’t walk about.

“Did you check if they’ve pulled out the bullet?” Nicklaus asked.

“Yeah, according to her mother, the doctors are trying to pull out the bullet… it’s stuck in her heart!”

“Jesus!” Rhoda exclaimed.

She raised her head from the file she’s signing, she frowned deeply.

“A bullet in her heart?” She asked, she looked so shock.

Marcus nod, Nicklaus signal him to come closer and help him up..he helped Nicklaus up.

“God.. it’s soon gonna be a devastating moment for Mrs Ben” she said.

“What do you mean?” Marcus asked.

Rhoda got up and sighed.

“Even if they pull the bullet out, I don’t think she’ll make it… it’s gonna take a miracle for her to survive” she said.

There’s a brief moment of silence, Rhoda kept sighing as she looked so deeply in thoughts.

“Marc, let’s go and keep Mrs Ben company” Nicklaus said and head out.

Marcus and Rhoda followed him, though they walked slowly since Nicklaus is injured.


Mrs Ben (Rose), held her head in her hands and focused her gaze on the doors…

All her hope is to see her daughter come out of the ICU alive!

“Mrs Ben!” Nicklaus called her.

She turned to Nicklaus with her teary eyes, she got up and hugged him…though she hit his wound, he didn’t complain.

“Nicklaus, my daughter… Claudia…”

“It’s… it’s gonna be alright” Nicklaus said.

He doesn’t know how to comfort a crying woman, he recently just learnt how to comfort his fiancee.

Rose pulled away from the hug and wiped her tears, but they won’t stop pouring.

“They said..t-they said she might..she might not….”

She couldn’t say the word, she choked on her tears and shake her head…she don’t wanna say the word.

But even though she didn’t say it, everyone seem to understand what she wanted to say… Rhoda already said it earlier in her office.

Marcus stepped forward and placed a comforting hand on Rose’s shoulder.

“Mrs Ben, don’t worry, Claudia is a strong lady… she’ll make it alive” he said.

Rhoda nod in support.

“Yes, death is too weak and won’t be able to put up with her bi*chy character and smart mouth…death will be forced to throw her back”

Rose simply nod, right now she’s not in her right senses..all she can think about is Claudia.

Seeing how Rhoda and Marcus are comforting Rose, Nicklaus then decided to say something too.

“Let’s forget about all negativity, let’s sit down and talk about Claudia….”

He didn’t finish his words, before Rhoda and Marcus turned to him with a *what the heck?!* look.

He ignored them and continue his words.

“… let’s talk about what Claudia would do if she comes out and sees everyone’s sad faces”

Rose stopped sobbing and turned to Nicklaus, she stared at Nicklaus for a brief minute and burst into laughter.

Rhoda, Marcus and Nicklaus exchange looks, they all have the same thoughts running through their minds right now…. what’s going on?

Rose sat back on the bench, she called them to sit down too…they slowly sat down.

She inhaled.

“If Claudia sees me crying here, she’ll say…*are you gonna stop crying?! You’re disturbing my work!*..then she’ll walk away” Rose said.

She chuckled lightly as if she just recalled something “She’s such a brat!”

Rhoda secretly gave Nicklaus a thumbs up.

“Yes, Mrs Ben, you should teach her some manners later” Marcus said.

Then they continued talking about Claudia..to while away time.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

Matilda and I are in a taxi, on our way going back to the penthouse.

I have been extremely quiet all through the ride, because I kinda find it hard to digest what aunt told me.

Dr ghost is my dad? Why didn’t I recall him all these while that I have been seeing him? Why didn’t he tell me?

No! I need to speak with him, I should hear what he has to say.

“… buy this shoe!” Matilda’s words pulled me back to the present.

She turned to me expectantly, like she’s waiting for my opinion about something.

“What?” I asked.

“I said which of these shoes should I buy?” She asked me back.

I looked at her shoe and saw different types and colors of sneakers… they’re all beautiful but I prefer the white sneakers.

“Buy this white one” I replied and pointed at a white pair.

She sighed and rolled her eyeballs, she leaned back on the seat.

“You always say that, can you choose something different?”

“What? You asked for my opinion.. white is my choice” I replied.

She groan and focus on her phone.

“I really don’t know what to do with you!”

I ignored her comment and looked out the window, we’ll soon arrive at the penthouse.

Thankfully, Benjamin is put behind bars.. I wonder how Claudia is doing right now.

She doesn’t seem like she was breathing when the paramedics carried her away… Will she be able to survive it?

Maybe we should just go to the hospital to check, but then again, Klaus instructed I go home.. it’s best I listen to him this time.

I can visit Claudia tomorrow, I’ll just pray she survive!

“We’re here!” The driver said.

I opened the door and stepped out, I reached for my purse and paid the driver.

“Keep the change!” I told him.

“Thank you, ma’am” he said.

I simply smiled and nod. Matilda and I head inside.


“Want some eggs?” Matilda asked me as she walked out from the kitchen.

I shake my head and focused on the TV, she sat next to me and begin to peel off the shell.

We’ve gotten home for some minutes already.

“What are you watching?” She asked me.

“Just some random program” I replied.

She nod, I dropped the remote control in my hand and pulled up the blanket to my chest.

“Are you still cold?” She asked.

I nod. I don’t know what happened, but immediately we stepped in.. I started catching cold.

“Should we go to the hospital?” She asked again.

“No, I’ll be fine.. beside Klaus said I shouldn’t go to the hospital” I answered.

My nose twitches and I let out a sneeze, I rub my nose and let out another sneeze again.

“Sorry, dear” she comforted me.

Then she took a bite from an egg, the smell hits me and I started feeling nauseous.

“Move that smelling thing away from me” I said pointing at the egg in her hand.

“Huh? Smelling thing? Don’t you normally eating eggs?”

“Yeah, but not right now”

She’s right, I never joke with eggs but right now I find it’s aroma quite irritating.


“I don’t know, I just….”

I couldn’t stand the smell anymore, I felt something rushing up my throat.. then I dashed towards my room.

In an instant, I found myself in the bathroom… I bend over in the toilet and started vomiting my guts out.

“Tasia, are you ok?” Matilda asked as she held my hair up.

My body jerked forward and my mouth opened very wide, it felt as if there’s a pipe in my mouth bringing out everything in my stomach.

“Sorry, Tasia!” She said.

After some time, I’m done vomiting… I got up and wash my mouth, then I head out of the bathroom back to my room.

I walked towards my bed and fell on it.. my chest heaved as I breath heavily.

“Tasia, let’s go to the hospital and check what’s wrong”

I shake my head.

“We’ll go tomorrow, if I go now I’ll just offend Klaus!”

She wanted to speak but I stopped her, I pulled the duvet over me and closed my eyes.

“Let me rest for a while” I said.

Authoress’ pov 👠

LA city hospital…

8 hours later… 6pm…

Mrs Ben rushed towards the doctors as they stepped out of the ICU.

“Doctors, how’s my daughter?” She asked anxiously.

One of the doctors removed his mask, and exhaled.

“She’s stable now…”

Mrs Ben smiled at that word, this is exactly what she wanna hear.

“… we’ve managed to remove the bullet but… ” He trailed off.

The smile slowly falters from Mrs Ben’s face, she blinked rapidly as if she’s preparing herself for the worse.

“But what doctor?” she asked.

By now, Marcus, Rhoda and Nicklaus are standing behind her, they also wait eagerly for the doctor’s reply.

“But her heart is a little bit damage…”

“Da-damage?” Mrs Ben cuts him off.

“Yes, she’ll have to undergo a heart transplant… but it’s not something urgent, we’ll have to wait until she’s awake before we’ll know what step to take next!”

Mrs Ben staggers back, but Rhoda and Marcus quickly catches her.. and support her.

“She’s still in a short coma, but I believe she will wake up tonight or tomorrow… when she wakes up, she’ll tell us how she’s feeling” the doctor said.

“You said the heart transplant is not urgent?” Nicklaus asked.

“It doesn’t seem urgent but we will have to wait until she wakes up.. that’s when we can know if it’s actually urgent or not.. only she can tell how she’s feeling” the doctor explained.

Nicklaus nod, Mrs Ben pulled away from Rhoda and Marcus’s grip.

“Where’s my daughter? Can I see her now?” She asked.


The doctor paused and turned, he saw two nurses pushing Claudia out in a stretcher.

“… they’re transferring her to a ward right now, you can go see her!”

Mrs Ben nod. “Thank you, doctor” she didn’t even wait for the doctor reply before she rushed after the nurse.

Nicklaus turned to the doctor.

“Thank you, doctor”

“It’s my job” the doctor replied.

He look around them and cleared his throat.

“So.. who’s gonna do the paper works?”

Nicklaus wanted to speak but Rhoda was quick, she spoke before him.

“I’ll do it” she said.

“Alright, Miss Statham.. please come with me” the doctor said and head towards a hallway.

Rhoda turned to Nicklaus.

“You need rest, Marcus will take you home.. leave Claudia and Mrs Ben to me” she said and rushed after the doctor.

When she’s gone, Marcus sighed heavily.

“Who would have thought Benjamin would be as heartless as shooting his own daughter!” He said.

Nicklaus glared at him accusingly.

“You are to blame for this, where were you when all this happened?”

Marcus opened his mouth to speak but Nicklaus didn’t give him the chance to.

“Our agreement was to apprehend Benjamin immediately he entered the chapel…where were you?”

“Yeah, that was kinda my fault.. it’s just I haven’t had enough rest all lately, so I kinda left off in my car!”

Nicklaus simply intensified his glared and head towards the exit.

“Just take me home!” He said.

To be continue

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