November 29, 2021

On My Master’s Bed episode 88 – 89




Nicklaus’s Addiction 🔥

Chapter 88.

Written by: Racheal Dennis


Rhoda’s pov 👠

Ding ding!

I heard the doorbell ring as I pressed it, but the door still remained shut.. I looked at my wristwatch and groan.

Currently, I’m standing outside Raymond’s apartment and I have been standing here for almost 20minutes already.

Could it be he’s sleeping? Or could it be that something has happened to him?

No! Why am I getting negative thoughts in my head?

My hands frantically pressed the doorbell again, but there’s still no answer.

How I wish I knew where he puts his spare key.

If was years ago when we were still dating, he’d keep his spare key under a flower pot…in case I forgot to bring mine along.

Maybe he’s still doing that! My eyes quickly scan the place, thankfully, there’s a small flower pot in a corner.

I rushed towards it and lifted it up, but I’m disappointed, there’s no key… I groan.

Feeling kinda frustrated, I marched back to the door and grabbed the handle.. I twisted it and pushed the door as if that would open it.

Surprisingly, it did! I stared at it feeling perplexed.. so it was not locked all these while?!

I glared at the door a few moments, then hurried in.. I threw my purse on the sofa.. though it’s dark but i know it’s a sofa since I kicked it.

“Raymond! Raymond!” I called.

My voice echoed back to me in the living room, making it looked like a creepy, empty apartment in those horror movies.

To make things worst, the living room is dark…shafts of fear ran through me at once.


hand searched the wall until I locate the light switch, I quickly flicked the lights on.

A gasped left my mouth when I saw Raymond laying on the floor, passed out.

“Raymond!” I called him.

I dropped to my knees and shake him vehemently, he didn’t respond.. i continued shaking him.

“Raymond, open your eyes!”

My voice is shaking in fear, which is kinda surprising. I’m a doctor and I know he must have passed out, because of a very high fever.

“Can you hear me, Raymond?” I called again.

This time he responded with a short groan, I rest his head on my laps and checked his temperature with my palm.

His eyes opened slowly, frown lines appeared on his face.

“W-what are you..” he paused. “.. doing here?” He asked me in a weak voice.

“Can you walk?” I asked him, ignoring his question.

He nod.

I helped him up and put his arm around my shoulder, then I wrapped my hand tightly around his waist.


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me the way to your room” I told him.

He nod and began to show me direction, soon we arrived at his room.. I led him to his bed and helped him laid down.

“You’re sick, I didn’t you come to the hospital for treatment?”

“I.. I didn’t think it’s gonna be.. this serious” he replied.

I glared at him, he still haven’t change this bad habit.. Raymond hates going to the hospital whenever he’s sick.

“You’re a doctor, you should know the consequences of being this stubborn!”

His paled lips simply twitched into a smile.

“Where’s the medicine chest?” I asked.

He point towards it and I quickly go get it, I opened it and take out a thermometer.

“Open your mouth” I said.

He opened his mouth and I shoved it in, he kept smiling at me as I moved onto pulling the blanket over him.

After a few minutes, I took out the thermometer and frowned.

I turned to him and my frown turned to a very harsh glare.. I showed it to him.

“Can you see how high your fever is?!”

He nod.

“Then why haven’t you being treating yourself?! Are you trying to make my son fatherless at this young age?!”

He smiled more at my words, I wiped the smile off with an even harsher glare.

“Bill should at least know you’re his father before you get yourself killed!” I snapped at him and got off the bed.

“I’m not gonna die, it’s just a little fever”

“Well you can tell that to the thermometer… I’ll be right back” I said and head out of his room.


I stepped out, my eyes caught something on the wall in the hallway.. a picture.

A small smile tugged the corner of my lips as I stared at it.. it’s a picture of Raymond and I when he was celebrating his birthday for the first time ever.

I’m shocked to know he still have this picture with him, I have burned most of our pictures already… Though I didn’t plan on coming back to him.

Eish! I better go make some soup for him.

Anastasia’s pov 👠

Nicklaus’s penthouse.. outside LA.. the next morning..

“Anastasia, come on, go freshen up let’s go to the hospital” Klaus said.

“No” I grumbled.

I’m still sick, in fact, it’s safe to say my fever worsened overnight.

Klaus couldn’t sleep, he was scared something would happen to me if he closed his eyes..

He stayed up all night, making sure I was comfortable.

He’d hold me when I’m cold.. get water for me when I’m thirsty.. hold up my hair whenever I vomited.

I really made the night a sleepless night for him.

“Baby, let’s go check what’s wrong with you and get you treated” he said in a soft voice.

“I wanna sleep”

“I know, I’ll let you sleep when we get back”

I muttered some words coherently, I don’t even understand what I muttered.

“Five minutes more” I said.

“No, you’ve been saying five minutes since thirty minutes ago”

I didn’t reply him, I just stayed silent with my eyes tightly shut.

“Come on, freshen up, please”

“I don’t wanna”

“You don’t wanna?” He asked.

I shake my head. “I don’t think I have any strength left” I said.

I heard him sighed deeply, he hopped off the bed and carried me in his arms.. on instincts, my arms quickly go around his neck.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Taking you to the bathroom” he answered.

“But I just told you I don’t have any strength left, I can’t even scrub my skin” I whined.

He smiled and looked down at me.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bath you” he simply said.

I wanted to argue and tell him to put me down, but then I remembered he’s already seen all of me.

There’s no need to be shy in front of the man, whose child I’m carrying..right.


“Good morning, Mr Statham, Miss Lopez!” Graham greeted us immediately we stepped out.

“Good morning” I answered him quietly.

He opened the backseat door for us, Nicklaus helped me in before sliding in himself.. Graham closed the door and rushed to the driver’s seat.

“Where are we going, Mr Statham?”

“To the hospital” Klaus replied.

“Yes, sir!” Graham said and started the car.. he drove off.

Klaus looked down at me, he uses his palm to feel my temperature.. he frowned.

“I don’t understand why your fever is increasing” he said.

“Klaus, I thought we both agreed to visit aunt today and tell her about the baby”

He nod. “Yes, we’ll visit her after visiting the hospital” he replied.

His phone rings and he reached for it, he checked the caller’s ID before receiving the call.

“Marcus!” He said.

I guess they’re gonna talk about work.

Klaus set his lips on thin lines as he listened to what Marcus is telling him.

I took this time to study him, I noticed dark circles under his eyes.. I believe he got that from last night’s restlessness.

“Ok, I’ll come to your place this evening” Klaus square.

He frowned and shook his head. “I can’t make it now, I’m taking my woman to the hospital.. she’s being feeling sick since yesterday”

I rest my head on his chest and hugged him sideways, he wrapped his free arms around me.

“Good! I’ll let you know later” he said and hanged up.

He shoved his phone back in his pocket and pulled me onto his laps..he wrapped both his arms around me.


did Marcus tell you?” I asked.

“It’s nothing of your interest” he answered.

I simply nod and closed my eyes, I’m getting really cold from the breeze blowing in.. though the glasses are all up.

“Graham, turn on the heater!” Klaus ordered Graham.

“Yes, Mr Statham” Graham replied and quickly turned it on.

“Are you still cold?” Klaus asked me.

My mouth is quivering but I didn’t want him to worry, so I shook my head.

“We’ll soon get to the hospital, ok?”

I nod, he raised his head. “Graham, speed up!”


“We’re here!” Graham said.

His voice woke me up from my short sleep, he’s already standing outside.. holding our door open.

“You’re awake, let’s go in” Klaus said.

He alight with me in his arms, he took long strides towards the hospital building.

“Klaus, put me down, I can walk” I told him.

“No!” He replied.

I rolled my eyeballs. “You’re making it seem like a big deal, I’m not that sick”

Which is a big lie, I’m literally shaking in Klaus’ arms.

“My pregnant wife is sick.. that’s a big deal” he said.

Soon he stopped at the reception table, we met two female nurses there.

“Good morning, Mr Statham” they greeted him.

I guess they knew him already, because Rhoda works here.

“I made an appointment with doctor Grace yesterday” he said.

“Oh, yes, yes, she’s waiting for you.. please come with me” one of the nurses said.

She walked in front of us, because she’s the one leading us..

*What a lovely couple!*
*They’re so cute together!*
*How I wish I’m the one he’s holding!*

I heard some girls wowing at Klaus and I as he walked past with me in his arms… I rolled my eyes at their ignorance.

If only they knew this guy is great work!

“We’re here, Mr Statham, please go in!” The nurse said.

She pushed the door open and Klaus walked in.

“Nicklaus, you’re here!” An elderly woman said.

She seem to be the same age as aunt, she wore a pair of specs.

“Good morning, aunt Grace” Nicklaus greeted.

Nicklaus greet?! When did he become a good boy?! Wait.. aunt Grace?!

No wonder he greeted, she’s someone he knows.

“Good morning, aunt” I greet quickly, lest she call me a mannerless girl.

“Good morning, darling” she replied.

She gestured at the chair next to Klaus. “Please sit down!” She said.

Klaus sat me on the chair and turned to doctor Grace.

“So.. you said she’s being vomiting and…” She trailed off looking at Klaus expectantly.

“She’s cold too and barely eat anything” Klaus said.

She nod.

“Let’s do some test, then we’ll know what is actually wrong” she said.

Doctor Grace walked towards a table in her office, she called me over and started doing her thing.. she took some of blood and ran a few test for me.

When she’s done, she said I should go back to my seat.. I went back and left her there.

She stayed there for some minutes, before she came back to us.

“Well…” she typed on her computer for a moment.

“Aunt Grace, is she ok?” Klaus asked anxiously.

“Yes, she is just suffering from measles”

“Measles? What’s measles?” He asked.

I looked at him with my mouth slightly open, I’m surprised he doesn’t know what measles is.

Even aunt Grace has the same expression as me.. where on earth did this boy go to school?

“Measles is common among pregnant women and babies.. though it’s not a deadly disease but it’s gonna make her feel uncomfortable”


Doctor Grace nod, she picked up her pen and started to jot down some things.

“You’ll go to our pharmacy and get these drugs, she’ll be fine after taking them”

She handed Klaus the note she just wrote, Klaus took it and studied it.

“You can come back tomorrow to get the results… ” She trailed off and turned to me. “.. I know you don’t feel like eating much, but try to eat something.. you’re pregnant, don’t neglect your health!”

I nod.

“Alright, you can go get the drugs now”

Klaus got up and swooped me in his arms again, he thanked doctor Grace and head out.

“You see, I told you it wasn’t a big deal” I said.

He scoffed. “It’s a big deal to me”

I shake my head, he’s turning into a drama king slowly.

“After we get the drugs, we’ll go to aunt Bell’s place… If we’re lucky you won’t get to call for an ambulance” he said.

I laughed at his expression, he looked so scared right now.

Chapter 89

Anastasia’s pov 👠

Aunt’s residence…

“Are you sure aunt’s not gonna cut off my head?” Klaus asked.

I shook my head.

If not that I’m quite nervous myself, I would have burst into laughter at how scared he looks right now.

We’re currently in Klaus’ car, that’s parked right outside aunt’s apartment.

“Let’s just go in there and calmly tell her everything, besides before she’ll scold you… she’ll kill me first!” I said.

“Thanks, that helped a lot” he said sarcastically.

I chuckled, I grabbed the door handle and pushed it open… I stepped out and Klaus followed.

He grabbed my hand and stopped me, I turned to him.

“What? Why are you stopping me?” I asked.

“You’re not strong, I’ll carry you”

He made to swoop me in his arms, but I quickly took two steps away from him and flicked his nose.

“Are you dumb or something? We’re going into the lion’s den and you’re thinking of carrying me?” I queried him.

“But you’re not too strong”

“Well, I’m not so weak that I can’t walk.. let’s walk in, no carrying in!” I said firmly.

Then I marched towards the front door, I pressed the doorbell and heard aunt’s voice from inside.

“Hold on!” She said.

I turned to take a peek at Klaus, I don’t know if he’s taking deep breaths to calm himself down.. but his chest kept rising and falling.

“Klaus, aunt’s just gonna scold us for a few minutes” I told him.

“Hmm” he hummed.

“We’ll go to Dr ghost’s after… ”

“Let’s survive this first, baby” he said.

I rolled my eyeballs and laughed, I didn’t know my man is such a scaredy cat!

The door flung opened, I turned back to face the door, expecting to see aunt.. but I saw Denzel instead.


He jumped into my arms, though I staggered back slightly but Klaus put his hand on my back to support me.

“Aunt, it’s Anna and Nicklaus!” He shouted excitedly.

“They should come in, then” aunt answered.

I walked inside with Denzel in my arms, Klaus closed the door behind him and we walked towards the living room.

“Kids, I wasn’t expecting your visit today” aunt said as she walked into the living room.

“Good morning, aunt” Klaus and I greeted at once.

“Good morning” aunt answered.

She sat down on a sofa opposite us, her eyes moved between Klaus and I… I guess she knew something brought us here.

“I believe you didn’t come because you want to check on me… correct?” She asked.

Klaus nod his head stiffly, aunt huffed.

“But before then… how are you doing, aunt?” I asked quickly.

“I’m fine, very fine!” She answered with a tight smile.

Can my aunt be less strict.. it would make it easier for me to tell her about my pregnancy.

“How is Denzel doing lately?” Klaus asked.

“He’s fine.. but you can ask him directly, he’s on your fiancee’s lap” aunt answered with an even tighter smile.

Then a very awkward silence swallowed us, well, let’s just say the awkward silence only swallowed Klaus and I.

Aunt was just staring at us with those inquisitive eyes of hers, I feel as if they’re staring in my soul.. trying to find out what Klaus and I came here for.

Denzel cleared his throat, he called Klaus and I closer to him.. he took a glance at aunt before speaking.

“You should say something now.. aunt’s gonna blow up anytime” he said.

I avert my gaze to aunt, it’s true, she’s gonna burst into series of questions any moment.

“A-are you sure?” Klaus asked.

As if it was planned, Denzel and I scoffed… He doesn’t understand aunt.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” Denzel told Klaus.

I turned to him to tell aunt about it as we had agreed, but he’s tensed and his mouth was quivering.

“Are you gonna tell me what brought you here?!” Aunt banged on the table.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I heard Klaus clearing his throat.

“A-aunt, it’s… Anastasia.. I…”

“Nicklaus you are a man, speak like one!” Aunt said.

Klaus nod, I reached for his hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze.

*Just tell her* I mouthed at him.

He nodded. He took a deep breath and sighed.

“Aunt.. it’s Anastasia, she’s pregnant!” Klaus dropped the bomb.

Aunt tensed, her mouth shaped into an O.. and her eyes fixed on my stomach.

I exchange looks with Klaus, nervously, I moistened my lips as they immediately ran dry…

I nervously wait for her reaction, but there’s none..she simply sat still and her eyes never move away from my stomach.

This only make my heart beat faster in fear.

Right now, I’m wishing aunt will just start one of her sermons.. or beat me.. or scold me.. but she’s not doing any of that.

“Are you really pregnant, Anna?” Denzel asked me.

I didn’t answer him since my eyes are on aunt, waiting for her next action.

“Or you’re pranking aunt?” He asked again.

“Den, not now” I snapped at him quietly but harshly.


“Go to your room and play with your toys” I told him.

He rolled his eyeballs. “Fine!” Then he hopped off my laps and ran towards his room.

I moved closer to Klaus, he grabbed my hands and squeeze them.

“I’m here, don’t be scared” he said.

“You’re pregnant?” Aunt asked.

“Y-yes, aunt” Klaus and I replied at once.

“How long? Since when?” She asked again.

I did a quick calculation in my head, counting from the day aunt and Denzel left the hospital..when Klaus was rubbing my stomach.

But I still couldn’t get an answer.

“I don’t know how far I’ve gone..but I only discovered I’m pregnant two days ago” I said.

She stared at me for a few moments, then got up and sighed.

“Anna, what did I tell you about premarital s£x?” She asked.

I had expected her to give me a disappointing look, but she didn’t.. rather she wore a neutral expression.

“Answer me, Anna!” She said, her voice a little bit higher than before.

“You said it’s a sin…”

“Then why did you do it?” She cut me off.

She closed her eyes for a very brief moment.

“You promised me you’d keep yourself until you’re married, what made you change your mind?”

Ok.. I don’t know if I’m supposed to change my mind or not, cause seriously, aunt is acting out of character right now.

“Nicklaus, she’s still a kid and she can act on impulse sometimes… couldn’t you get a hold of yourself and wait until you’re married?”


“Shut up and listen to me!” Aunt cut him off.

“I’m not against Anna getting pregnant for you.. but you should have waited until you’re both married!”

Klaus and I stayed silent, I mean, there’s nothing left for us to say.. we disappointed aunt already.

“Anna is still very young and doesn’t understand life, how can she be a mother.. she’s still a kid of her own.. she can’t even take care of herself.. how can she be able to care for her child?”

Aunt is right.. I’m still a child and I’m already carrying another child inside me!

“Aunt, we’re sorry for not being able to resist this temptation.. you know, sometimes, the spirit is willing.. but the flesh is weak”

Really? Klaus is quoting a bible verse? Now that’s shocking.. what a breaking news!

“You know, I want to scold you two so badly.. I want to blame you for making this mistake…”

Aunt paused, her eyes moved to my stomach and settled there for a brief moment.

“… but I won’t, babies are blessings from God and only he knows why he wants yours to come now!” She said.

“So… you’re not mad at me? Us?” I asked.

She glared at me and I shrink back on my chair.

“I’m mad at you.. but I’m happy and thankful to God for sending a new member to join our family soon”

“Oh!” I exclaimed quietly.

My stomach growled, aunt glared at me.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t had anything to eat yet!”

“I ate this morning before leaving the house” I said.

Aunt eyed me and got up.

“You’re pregnant now, you shouldn’t starve yourself anymore”

I nod.

“I’ll go prepare a quick food for you” she said and head towards the kitchen.

Klaus released a long sigh, he took deep breaths.

“Well, it went better than I expected”

“Yeah… I’m shocked too”

I was just panicking and making it seem like a big deal.. but aunt surprisingly took the news just fine.

Authoress’ pov 👠

He took a club from one of his boys, he did some calculations and stroke the ball…

He watched as the ball roll slowly down the teeing ground, then falls into the cup.

“Nice shot boss!” His boys said in unison, as if they’re programmed robots.

They clapped their hands and keep cheering him on, he snatched a towel and wiped off some sweat from his face.

“Here, boss”

One of his boys passed him a bottle of water, he took it and popped up the cover.. then drank a few gulps and handed the bottle back to him.

“Which of you wanna play with me?” He asked.

They all started shaking their heads quickly, his eyes darts around and he frowned.

“None of you wanna play?!” He growled, getting a bit angry now.

None of them react this time, they simply stared at him with fear in their eyes..

Playing with him is not fun, neither is it fair.

They know the consequences for letting him win deliberately, then also winning over him is a crime.

He stretched his hand and pointed his finger, searching for who to pick.. the boys are all shaking in fear, but don’t show it.

All they wish for right now, is for him not to pick any of them…but it seems like someone is gonna be having a bad luck today.

His eyes landed on a timid boy standing in a corner, a smirked appeared on his face as he walked towards him.

He held the boy’s chin and studied his face, he nod in satisfaction.

“Playing with you would be fun!” He said and walked back to teeing ground.

He looked at one of the boys whose carrying the clubs, he gestured him to go to the timid boy.

“Pass him a club and get him here!” He ordered.

“Yes, boss!”

The boy carrying the clubs walked towards the timid boy, he pulled out a club and handed it to him.. the timid boy shook his head.

“Boss, he said no!”

He turned towards the timid boy, he stared at him a few minutes.

“What’s your name?” He asked the boy.

The boy chewed his lower lip as he’s even scared to speak, the boy avoided his gaze.

“I. Said. What. Is. Your. Name?!” He growled out.

“Jo-jo-joshua” the boy stuttered out in fright.

He smiled or it’s only right if we say *he grimace*

“Joshua…sorry that I might have frightened you” he said in a calmer tone.

Joshua nod slowly.

“Now take the club and come over, let’s play together” he said.

Joshua took the club with a little hesitation, though he’s new here but he’s witnessed this man’s brutality.

“Now come over, let’s play and have fun together” he invited Joshua over.

Joshua nodded and took slow steps forward, soon he’s standing side by side with him.

He tapped Joshua’s shoulder encouragingly. “You can do this!”

Then they started playing, at first the game was fair.

Joshua was winning fairly to which HE was growling at… then moments into the game, Joshua started letting him win.

“STOP!” He growled.

Joshua quickly stopped playing, HE turned to Joshua with his face smoking in anger.

“Who said you can let me win?! Are you taking a pity at me?! Do you think you’re so good in golf?? Huh??!”

“N-no.. no, you’re the best, boss..”

“Shut up! Don’t call me boss! I don’t have weak and timid boys! I don’t keep them around me!”

Joshua’s shaking in fear now, he knew his end is near..HE pulled out a gun from his waistline and point it towards Joshua.



He cut Joshua off by sending a bullet through his head, Joshua’s body fell down in a loud thud.

“Who recruited this boy?” He asked.

No one answered, he inhaled deeply.

“I asked a damn question!” He said.

A young man stepped forward, he’s shaking slightly but trying to hide it.

“I did, boss”

He raised an eyebrow at the young man, then his eyes glared at the man.

“You are done!” He said.

Without thinking twice, he sent a bullet through the man fell and died.

“Drag them out!” He ordered.

“Yes boss”

He handed the club in his hand back to the boy carrying the clubs, he walked towards an umbrella and sat under the umbrella.

There are drinks and cigarette already prepared for him, he picked the cigarette’s packet and dragged out a stick.

He put it in his mouth and lights it.

“Boss, our spy is here” his right hand man reported.

He smiled (grimace) and nod, he’s finally here…he thought.

“Bring him to me!” He ordered.

“Yes, boss!”

He lighted his cigarette and started smoking. A few minutes later, his right hand man came back with another man.

“Boss, he’s here”

He waved his right hand man off, then turned to the spy.

“You’re here!” The spy nod. “Come on, sit!” He pointed at the empty chair next to him.

The spy sat down, HE offered him a cigarette but the spy rejected it.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” He asked him.

“Benjamin is already arrested and will soon be sent to jail” the spy report.

He nod. “He was too impulsive, he deserved what he got”

There’s a brief silence.

“What about that Liam guy Benjamin introduced to me?” He asked.

“I don’t think he’s of any use, all his shares are gone too.. because Benjamin’s real owner of his shares”

He nod, he got up and walked towards the direction the spy came from… the spy got up and followed him too.

“Now that Benjamin is gone, I’ll be needing you more… can I count on you?”

“Do I have a choice?”

He laughed.

“Yes, you have a choice, you can say no… but remember, your mother and younger brother is with me!”

The spy clenched his jaw and balled his fist, he seemed like he wanted to punch him.. but with all these guards surrounding him, he’s outnumbered.

“Anything can happen to them anytime… I’d advise you watch your actions!”

“I’ll continue working with you, just don’t touch my family” the spy said.

HE smirked cockily.

“You’re a wise man!”

The spy just glare at him secretly, he’s busy thinking of million ways to kill him in his head.

“Now, what’s new in Nicklaus’s life?” He asked.

“Nothing new, he’s always stayed home with his girlfriend”

“Oh..his girlfriend!” HE paused. “Isn’t he allergic to women?”

The spy nodded.

“Yes, but not to her, she seemed to be someone he had known before”

HE drew his eyebrows together, HE turned to the spy.

“Someone Nicklaus’s known before?!”

The spy nod.

“Is she someone I know?” HE asked.

“Maybe…I don’t know”

“What is her name?” HE asked anxiously.

The spy wanted to speak, but he didn’t when he studied HIS body language and expression.

“Don’t think of lying to me!” HE growled.

“Anastasia Lopez”

HIS body tensed and his eyes widened in shock, but he quickly recovered.

“Lopez!! That name shouldn’t be in existence anymore!!” HE murmured to himself.

HE grabbed the spy by his collar and pulled him closer, HE stared in the spy’s eyes.

“Go back and watch that Anastasia Lopez…report her every move to me!”

The spy simply nod. HE patted him on his shoulder, HE inhaled deeply and exhale slowly.

“You can go now!”

“Yes, but don’t touch my family!”

“I call the shots here!” HE said.

The spy doesn’t talk back but left with a clenched fist… HE glared at the direction the spy went.

“Who is this Anastasia Lopez?! Why is there still a Lopez?!”

HE brought his cigarette to his mouth, sucked in a very large amount of smoke…and slowly lets the smoke out of his mouth and nose.

“I think it’s high time I paid my family a visit! It’s been long since I saw my cute nephew… Nicklaus!”

To be continued.

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