November 29, 2021

On the fence episode 11 – 12


🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀

🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃

💞Love Story💞

🐾🐾Episode Eleven🐾🐾

Written By Chris Val 💎

**not edited**

=====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation '1-0' '2-0' 'accept the challenge' that was the only thing that was flashing into Mark's mind He had to make a plan quickly at that moment and smiled to his plan In the other hand, James thought that Mark must be very angry, so he shifted a bit, letting Lucy to see him Lucy's gaze changed its direction to the door 🚪, James turned as well hoping to see the angry Mark but was surprised when he saw him smiling James turned and Lucy was already smiling The package was still on the desk, Mark walked in and brought out a hand for shake which James took as they smiled Lucy smiled as well thinking that through her, they were brought together "take a look at the package he brought for me, can I accept it?" Lucy asked raising the package up Mark turned to face her He dropped his bag and collected the package smiling James face changed instantly but had to maintain since Mark was also maintaining "so it's left for me to make the decision?" Mark returned the question still smiling just to be sure as he kept his face straight looking at Lucy who smiled "yes of course" Lucy replied making Mark to smile the more Mark looked at the package again then looked at James who was just faking a smile "he asked me to wear it on my birthday, and he even made it two but the same design" Lucy added On hearing of 'birthday', his mind flew up He couldn't believe that he forgot about her birthday But he also wondered on how he got to know about her birthday "oh you have already told him your birthday?" Mark asked to be sure "of course not, I don't know how he got to know" Lucy replied "interesting, that means this one must be mine" Mark said as he collected the other package from James James wanted to hold it back but he had to pretend for Lucy not to know that they were still not in good terms as he forced out a smile "Thanks for the gift" Mark said smiling James know already that he was mocking at him James was lost but he had to maintain the fake smile and returned to his seat ++ During break period, Mark and Mikhail was in their normal hall as usual, chatting and laughing "remember it's still 2-0" Mikhail said as Mark looked at him "it can't be, she asked me to be the one that made the decision for her" Mark tried protesting "don't even go there, making the decision for her doesn't have anything to do with the game" Mikhail paused while Mark was looking at him to continue "she did that just because you two are the one dating, so she wouldn't want to make you feel bad, if you don't know, James is getting a room" Mikhail said "still 2-0" Mikhail added "remember, we haven't started our own bet" Mikhail said again "you're just trying to scatter my brain" Mark said scratching his head as he faced a pillar thinking and hitting on it When James walked in "and we have a company" Mikhail said making Mark to turn "am still winning remember" James said walking closer Mark had to do the same "already done twice" James added "how can you think of that, even after that, she still asked me to make the decision for her and I also collected the other package from you" Mark said almost laughing "don't even think of it, she was only giving you benefit of doubt" James responded Just then, there was a sound that came from a corner making James to smile James and Mikhail was just confused James walked closer to Mark "hope you saw exactly what happened yesterday? Am not going to quit, am just going to have my way on her" James said as he laughed provoking Mark "fool, you can't even stop me" James added Mark couldn't control himself anymore as he angrily folded his arms and punched James on his stomach as he shouted in pain Mark then felt a shadow standing at the door post He checked well and saw Lucy standing there His face changed instantly James didn't turn because he knew who that must be "you really have a hot temper bro" James holding his stomach "but please don't use it on my Miss Beauty, I can't stand it" James added as he patted Mark on his shoulder and turned but pretended to be shocked when he saw Lucy standing there He just looked back at Mark then smirked at him before turning and left "that dude is crazy" Mikhail said immediately he left Lucy didn't say a word rather she kept looking at Mark and Mark was doing the same Lucy turned left "This is getting me crazy" Mark said as the sound flashed back in his mind He remembered Phillip hitting his hand on his desk earlier that day when he arrived in the class Then the same sound was what they heard before James decided to rant that nonsense "seems like he knows that she was coming?" Mark added "maybe" Mikhail replied as he adjusted himself on where he sat ++++ Lucy walked into the classroom scratching her head as she sat Becky saw that and smiled before going to meet her "what's the problem?" Becky asked "Mark is changing a little, am just confused" Lucy replied placing her hand on her desk "so what are you planning on doing?" Becky asked "That's why I said am confused, he thought I might fall in love with James making him to be changing but that won't be possible" Lucy replied "I didn't like Mark in the first place, I think his real self is just coming out" Becky said but Lucy turned in disbelief of what she heard from her "why would you think of that, no one can stand a heart break, you know that" Lucy defended "sorry, am just saying" Becky said as she changed her face direction facing the door ++++ The following day, there was announcement brought to the school about the upcoming match that another school would come for them Mark was always perfect in everything he was also a good player as well "The rules is that it will be between final year classes and we all know that we don't have much good players from the final year" The principal said during the announcement "I advise you to check very well within you, maybe there might be some hidden players in your class, even the new comers" the principal said again On hearing that, James smiled He wasn't a player before but he knew a little in dribbling "Mark, this lies on your shoulder, check it out and make out days for training" The principal added as he dismissed the gathering ++ James and Phillip waited outside while others went inside "you were busy smiling, do you have a plan?" Phillip asked "you know already that I have to participate because of Mark" James replied "do you know how to play?" Phillip asked "not really but I will try" "how do you mean? Hope you are not planning on injuring Mark during the match?" Phillip asked "no, injuring him might be a way of putting them together more because Lucy would be close to him and attend to him if he injured 🤕" James replied "so, what's your plan?" Phillip asked "Mark is a hot temper guy, so watch and see my plan" James replied and walked inside the class He saw Mark discussing with Lucy and thought that was the best time "hope am not interrupting?" James asked as he placed his hand on their desk Lucy looked at Mark first but Mark kept a normal face she turned to James "not really" Lucy replied "okay, I wouldn't want to waste much time, but please Lucy will you watch us during the training?" James asked making Mark to look at him in confusion "and who appointed you as one of our players?" Mark returned the question that was not meant for him 'still your nature's Mikhail thought because he was hearing their conversation "I was one of the best player back then in my former school" James lied smiling "I see" Mark said relaxing well on his seat "so will you?" James asked referring to Lucy "no, she won't" Mark replied "she has the right to decide on this one" James said looking at Lucy Mark at the same time turned looking at Lucy Lucy was just lost not looking at any of them 🌀🕋On The Fence🕋🌀 🍃👉 Falling At The Right Path 👈🍃 💞Love Story💞 🐾🐾Episode Twelve🐾🐾 Written By Chris Val 💎 **not edited** =====>>>🌲Switzerland🌲<<<===== Continuation "am not a football fan, but I love footballers, Mark is the only reason why I do watch our school match" Lucy finally replied after waiting for so long "it doesn't make any difference, you can just watch me play for the first time" James said smiling "it's just a training, not yet the main match" Mark interrupted although with a calm tone James wanted to say something when a male teacher came in interrupting the conversation with his greeting He was actually the game master "Not having lesson doesn't mean you shouldn't study" The teacher said He was directing it to Mark, James and Lucy due to her sitting position "transferred student, to your seat" The teacher added referring to James who turned and found his way to his seat "Mark" the teacher called for his attention as he stood up immediately showing respect "yes sir" he replied "for so many times since we have been engaging in matches, we haven't lost for once but am scared this time around because we don't have much players from final year and from look, our opponents are dangerous in football" the teacher paused "Their school first eleven are from the final year and we don't have to give up, this is our last match for this set, and I trust you" the teacher added James frowned on hearing that, he doesn't like seeing Mark being lifted "So do you have a plan?" the teacher asked "actually, am still planning on it, the main thing now is the keeper which we already have, we have two main strikers, four good midfielders but one defender, so what am still calculating is the defenders" Mark paused "our normal formation 4-4-2, so our two strikers are okay, our four midfielder are okay, we only need three more defenders that will assist our only one defender, and that's the most dangerous wing" Mark added James raised up his hand indicating that he wanted to say something The teacher gave him go ahead order while he stood up "I know that Mark is among the strikers and am also a good striker, I will like to replace the other striker, maybe he can try midfielder, just suggesting" James suggested Another guy raised up his hand and the teacher gave him a go ahead order "There's no one that can replace our two strikers, they're just the best, maybe you should try another wing" the guy suggested "you can't just conclude that because never can tell how experienced another is, or better still, let's try another formation where we will have three strikers" James suggested "we are not even talking about strikers here but defenders, does it mean that it's only striking position that you are good in?" Mark asked referring to James "well, you people can discuss within you, just note that the match will be next week" the teacher said and excused himself James rushed back to Mark and Lucy "have you make your decision?" James asked looking at Lucy "this dude is crazy" Mark said and walked out of the class ++++ After the dismissal, Lucy has decided to stay a little watching their training after much persuasion from James Mark and Mikhail went to the dressing room, along with other students who accepted to play James was still outside with Phillip discussing their plans Mark was changing but his mind was where James would be "so who's giving out his striking position to that dude, you or me?" Mikhail asked as they were dressing up He brought out his jersey from the closet in the room, dropping it on a little stool in the dressing room "none of us" Mark replied as he removed his top, reviewing his abs His six pack was killing "so what's the plan?" Mikhail asked in confusion of not understanding what Mark meant "I don't need to make a plan, we are testing him today" Mark replied taking up his own jersey and wore it "if that so" Mikhail simply said as he concentrated on his dressing James walked in after few seconds "wow, our strikers are already dressed up, let me rush for mine" James said smiling as he dropped his bag "oh, please, the training jersey?" James asked looking at Mark of course the school has their training jersey and also their match jersey "over there" Mark replied pointing at the closet "so sweet" James said as he laughed a little James walked up to the closet and unhanged out a jersey smiling Phillip did as well as he rushed to change 'am not a good player but I will try my best, I just need to win this game since Lucy likes footballers' James said to himself smiling 'but I wonder how someone will not be a football fan but still yet likes footballers, proving incredible' James added 'I will just have to provoke Mark so that he would be playing with anger and that would make him not to play well" James concluded as he turned Mark and Mikhail was almost at the door post ready to go when James called for their attention "you know that she will watch us today" James said smiling "so?" "you always like displaying your childish act" Mark said getting pissed off but James didn't seem provoked rather he smiled "let's watch how it will be" James added bending his head one side Mark just ignored him and went out making James to laugh ++++ Everyone was set with their jerseys They were 15 in number including James and Phillip Lucy and Becky in the other hand was sitting with the game master on benches that surrounded the field as they watched them Mark was the captain "I will just serve as a coach now and you will be divided into two groups of seven each" Mark said as they chose their different teams James in the first-seven group while Mikhail in the other group Mark first of all asked their main keeper to be in the normal post as he called out James and Mikhail "let's go with this first, one of you will just be running to the post then I will throw the ball rolling before you, you just have to strike immediately" Mark said He know that Mikhail was good in it but that's the only way to know about James ability in scoring James was just shocked on the plan but had to comply Mikhail was the first to step out Mark threw the ball rolling, Mikhail with a great speed wired a shot The keeper dived it but couldn't hold it back because of the angle he places it Mark clapped for him James stepped out as well Mark threw he's but James placed it higher as it went over the bar He made a sign with his fingers gesturing to throw it again Mark shrugged and gave him a second chance He threw it again, James rushed as he stroked but the keeper caught it, even though it has a great speed James shook his head negatively Mark just smiled inwardly making sure that it doesn't show "it's okay, let the match begin" Mark shouted as everyone took their positions James and Phillip were in the same team Phillip was a defender but he had never for once participate in the school match but James pleaded him to join, so that he would help him They started the match James teams seems stubborn to pass but they couldn't score either Mark was just busy taking notes of that Phillip seek for opportunities to place ball on a chance for James to score as they planned but it always gets interrupted Fortunately, the chance came out but James missed it Out of anger, James got a ball and started dribbling although he wasn't good enough but he has a plan He targeted it on Mark as he released the shot Mark wasn't expecting it and it came fast as it hits him on his forehead making Mark to fell down spitting out bloods Everyone rushed to him He got up immediately as he angrily rushed James giving him a punch pushing him backwards James had to comply because he has a plan He slowly turned around to check if Lucy was watching them but to his greatest surprise, Lucy was gone He couldn't believe it, that he wanted to rush Mark but they held him back They kept struggling until the teacher intervened "That's all for today" the teacher said as everyone started retiring to where they kept their bags except Mark and Mikhail who were busy checking out if the shot damages anything on his face his mouth has already swollen "come to my office now for first aid" the teacher said seeing its condition +++++ The following day, as normal, they arrived as they used to Lucy was just surprised seeing Mark with a swollen mouth when he arrived "oh my God, what happened?" Lucy asked surprisedly as she stood up James in the other hand turned on hearing that, he wasn't checking on Mark as usual for his act that day, that was why he didn't know when he arrived "what happened?" Lucy asked again "it was an accident during our training that yesterday" Mark replied as he dropped his bag "what? But I thought you weren't among those playing, who did this?" Lucy asked but Mark didn't say a word as he just tried smiling "sorry, I mistakenly missed the shot" James said as walked to their desk "and it hits him" James added Lucy just looked at him then back to Mark "hope you treated it? " James asked pretending to be concerned while Mark nodded "don't talk today, I will do the talking for you" James said smiling wickedly but Mark just laughed Just then, a junior student walked into the classroom and greeted them He informed Mark that the game master needed his attention Mark excused himself and went for the call ........^^^In The Office^^^......... Mark knocked as the game master asked him to come in "Good morning sir, you sent for me" Mark greeted "yes, I did, have a seat" the game master said gesturing him to sit while Mark sat "less I forgot, how is the wound?" the game master asked Placing his elbow on his table looking closely at Mark "better sir" Mark replied as he dresses his mouth with his right finger "sorry for that, so have you finished with your planning?" the game master asked raising up his elbow from the table and relaxed well on the chair "yes, here is the strategy" Mark replied stretching out a paper before him and the game master collected it He already know that he would ask for it, that's why he took it along with him while coming "explain better" the game master said after looking at it "From what I saw yesterday, James loosed two chances given to him" Mark paused "I discovered that he's good in clearing ball forward and it's hard for him to score" Mark added pointing at a particular thing in the paper he brought "so who and who do we have in this game?" the game master asked "Still on the same formation, 4-4-2, me and Mikhail in the striking position, James, Jason, Kelly and Kelvin in the midfield, although James supposed to be in the defensive position but my conscience is against it, I don't know why" Mark said He thought maybe after putting James in the defensive position, he would do something that might cause them to loose, that's why he placed him in the middle but he doesn't want to let the game master know about it "then, Phillip, Luke, Paul and Steve will go for defense, while others will be benched" Mark added while the game master just nodded "you did the exact arrangement as mine but I placed James as defense, it's not a problem since you have a reason, so we are using yours" the game master said while Mark smiled "just go and inform others, you guys have be prepared and also be in union because it matters a lot" the game master added as Mark nodded and left smiling +++++ In the class, Mark announced the participants Students who knew how good Mark and Mikhail were, in the striking position were happy to hear that Meanwhile, James and Phillip weren't happy but they couldn't do anything about it Mark winked at him when he was very sure that Lucy wasn't looking at him +++++ The following week, it was the match day There was no school that day because of the match Exactly at 10 am, everyone were at the field even the opponents were early as well Everyone gets dressed up as they walked out to the field "This is when James handsomeness become visible" Becky said touching Lucy "I guess but where's Mark?" Lucy asked looking at the line up "Mark??" Becky returned the question Meanwhile in the other hand, Their opponents were already in the field waiting for Mark's group while they just lined up The game master was confused walking around "where's Mark?" he asked looking around "I have been trying his line but it's not going through, am just confused" Mikhail replied worried James in the other hand smiled and said inwardly 'good job James' he smiled to himself Tbc what do you think that James planned? do you think he will succeed? let's find out in the next episode please like and comment

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